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Chapter 226 High Intensity

Wolf Head

As soon as they heard what he said, the expectation on their faces changed into doubt.

“What is Wolf Head Why havent I heard of it” Ah Hu said what everyone else was thinking.

Zhao Fengs lips trembled slightly and he became slightly amused at himself.

He was the weakest one on Mount New Moon since he started following his master, so he was eager to see others being surprised at him.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile and said,

“Forget it.

I wont tell you the details.

What you should know is that the Wolf Head Team of Yunhun Special Forces is a really powerful force that fulfills dangerous tasks.

My instructor, as a martial artist, is a more formidable person than me.”

Once he finished speaking, everyone finally understood the approximate position of the Wolf Head Team.

“So the training methods I teach you are very formal, but the intensity of training will be ten times higher than when I first started!” Zhao Feng said gravely, putting on a solemn look.


“Ten times”

Their hearts lurched.

They all knew that the training for the special forces was extremely horrible.

If the intensity of their training was ten times higher than that of the special forces, they would not have a chance to rest for the whole day.

Were they strong enough to undertake it

Zhao Feng also knew what they were thinking.

He shook his head and said,

“Since you havent made up your mind yet, I have to say a few more things.

Our goal isnt to be as strong as special soldiers, but to become martial artists, so the training intensity will be very high.

Its undeniable that you will suffer a lot physically and the whole process will be very hard.

Therefore, now, this is the last time I ask you if you want to quit!”

As he spoke, Zhang Fengs voice became louder.

He glanced around at the multitude of people and shouted again,

“Does anyone want to quit”

“No!” Ah Hu took on a fearsome face and shouted, “Were confident!”

“What Are you the only one whos confident” Zhao Feng asked in a loud voice.

“Were confident!” Everyone present opened their mouths this time.

“Didnt you eat” Zhao Feng snapped again.

“Were confident!” The voices became louder and louder.

Zhao Feng, however, was not satisfied.

He yelled at the top of his voice, “Are you confident”


This time, leaving out Zhao Feng, all fifty of the others cried out hysterically.

“Great!” Zhao Feng stared at the crowd with a kind of glimmer in his eyes, then he clapped his hands hard and said, “Then well start training! Now stand in rows.”

After hearing his order, everyone moved in a hurry to stand in two rows, with twenty-five people in each row.

“Everyone lie flat on the ground.

For the first round, a thousand push-ups.

Get started!” Zhao Feng bellowed.

At this point, everyone was on fire with zeal.

Although it was impossible for them to do one thousand push-ups, they all bent down and began to do them.

As for Zhao Feng, he stood by and shouted out, “One, two, one, two…”

When he shouted “one”, everyone dropped their bodies, and when shouted “two” out two seconds later, everyone raised up.

Zhao Feng walked between the two rows, paying more attention to those six women.

If they did not perform properly, he would quickly remind them.

Zhao Feng knew full well that Zhang Han had only been interested in the six women when he was referred to these fifty people.

That was because master wanted to arrange for them to protect his wife.

However, most of these people led a life of luxury and privilege, without ever having to truly exercise, so their physical quality was still relatively poor.

Most of them could no longer keep up after doing twenty push-ups.

But Xu Yong, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng did not have trouble doing twenty.

There were more than a dozen people, who were not as good as them, that made up the second group.

The rest of them kept breathing really heavily and persisted on by virtue of their willpower.

“Go on! Dont stop! If you want to stand out, you have to bear with the pain.

Ill see who is the first to give up!”

After thirty push-ups, Zhao Feng encouraged them again, which helped plenty of people, who wanted to give up, to continue pressing on steadfastly.

As for the six women, they were obviously weaker after all, so they gradually slowed down.

Although they did one while the men did two or three, Zhao Feng did not say anything like asking them to keep up with the others.

With the exception of Xu Yong, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng, the rest failed to hold on shortly after they finished doing seventy push-ups.

“That number is nowhere near enough.” Zhao Fengs voice cooled down, and then he said loudly, “Do you have the nerve to stop when the six girls are still going Ill see who gives up before these girls!”

Of course, the six women rested for a few seconds before they did one.

Once they reached 150 consecutive push-ups, many of them eventually could not hold on.

Zhao Feng didnt wait for them to stop and shouted out,

“Remain where you are and take a two-minute break.

Then continue.”

“Ouch! My arms are about to fall off.”

“What a pain! My God!”


Everyone sat on the ground while howling.

Almost everyone was covered with sweat.

“Im a little shaky after finishing 150 push-ups since I havent exercised for a long time,” Xu Yong said while relaxing his arms.

“Whoosh…” Ah Hu wiped his sweat and said, “I guess I can do another fifty.

But I might not be able to get up tomorrow since todays training intensity is too high.”

“I dont think so.” Elder Meng shook his head.

He knew that Elder Brother Feng was not a person without a sense of propriety.

Since he dared to train us in this way, he should know when to stop.

“Two minutes passed.

Get up and keep going!” Zhao Feng said ruthlessly.

Afterwards, they were all forced to finish a thousand push-ups within six rounds.

After accomplishing the goal, all the men, including Xu Yong, Ah Hu and Elder Meng, were exhausted, while the six girls almost fainted.

Come on, drink a bottle of water per person.

At this moment, Zhao Feng personally distributed the Yang Qing Water to everyone, which was kept in standard mineral water bottles.

“Gurgle, gurgle…”

At this point, the area was full of the sound of them drinking water.

“This water…” After he finished drinking, Ah Hu gradually widened his eyes.

As the water moved past his throat into his stomach, he felt a cool sensation spreading out, hydrating his whole body and even relieving the pain and numbness instantly.

Everyone was somewhat surprised.

“Elder Brother Feng, what kind of water is this” Xu Yong asked curiously.

“This water should be the best in the world.

Its the foundation of your high-intensity training and is specially made by the boss for the purpose of training martial artists.

So, you can set your mind at rest.

However high the intensity is, you can bear it.” Zhao Feng explained, then grinned wickedly and said,

“So, stay in position and take a five-minute break.

Then well do the second round of 1,000 push-ups!”


“My gosh!”

“You are so cruel, Elder Brother Feng!”

At this point, everyone was screaming and shouting.

After resting for a few minutes, however, they realized that their bodies were full of strength again.

Everyone persisted in doing 200 push-ups at the beginning of the second round.

It was obvious that they had improved by leaps and bounds.

“Start a fire and set up a spit, then Ill give you some delicious dishes for dinner!” When they finished the second round, Zhao Feng smiled and asked them to make a fire.

Then he went to Mount New Moon to take some ducks and geese.

The fragrant aroma of roast ducks and roast geese was well appreciated by everyone in the evening.

After the dinner was over, they felt refreshed

Generally speaking, people would be lazy after dinner, but Zhao Feng had become their nightmare.

“Take a ten-minute break and start the third round of 1,000 push-ups.” Zhao Feng glanced at his watch and said mercilessly.


Moving away from the training which was in full swing here.

At five oclock, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the restaurant.

He cooked cola chicken wings, braised chicken, and cucumber with garlic sauce for dinner.

While they were eating, Zhang Hans mobile phone rang.

He took it out to have a look and discovered that the person calling was Pearson, who had been absent for a long time.

“Boss, I have to ask you for advice.” Pearson said without hesitation, “There are six grown Hungarian sheep-pigs and about thirty piglets.

There is a 20% discount on the price of the piglets.

Boss, do you want to buy some of them”

“Buy them all,” Zhang Han answered casually.

“Buy them all, erm… The money you gave me isnt enough, and I dont have that much money either,” whispered Pearson.

It would require over three million yuan to buy these thirty-six pigs, and it cost more than ten thousand yuan per piglet.

He did not have so much money.

“Send me your bank account number.”

Zhang Han answered and hung up the phone.

A few seconds later, right after Pearson sent him the message, Zhang Han transferred four million directly.

Apparently, the sheep-pigs would be sent to him in a few days.

After dinner, the customers left the restaurant in succession.

Zhang Han had planned to clean up himself, but Zhao Dahu volunteered to help him after realizing that Zhao Feng was not there.

There was no doubt that this guy was very enthusiastic about the restaurant.

After dinner, only Zhang Han and Mengmeng were left in the restaurant.

Zhang Han sat on the sofa, holding Mengmeng in his arms and watching TV with her.

With Mengmeng in his arms, Zhang Han felt warmth in his heart.

Even the boring cartoons became very interesting.

All of these feelings were brought by the lovely little princess— Mengmeng.

“PaPa, uh… Xiong Da and Xiong Er, which one is cuter”

At about 9:30, the cartoon ended.

Mengmeng looked up in Zhang Hans arms and said.

“Mengmeng is the loveliest.

Nobody is cuter than Mengmeng.” Zhang Han answered with a smile.

He picked up Mengmeng and turned her around, then kissed the little princess on her tender face.

“Eh, is Mengmeng so cute”

“Of course.”

“Mua, mua, mua.” Mengmengs face approached Zhang Han, then she kissed him on his cheeks several times.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Zhang Han smiled with happiness, then picked Mengmeng up and said, “Shall we go upstairs to paint”

“Uh-huh, lets go.” Mengmeng said in a childish tone, waving her small hands around.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han turned off the TV and carried Mengmeng to the second floor.

“Uh PaPa, no, no.” Mengmeng suddenly froze.


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