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Ah Hu hit Fu Shan on the left side of his face, and the slap was so hard that it almost spun Fu Shan around.

However, as soon as he moved, Zhao Hu grabbed him by the collar and looked at him coldly.

Ah Fu\'s move stunned all the people present, and even those who lived in Shang Jing, like Wei Chao, felt weird.

He dared to hit him! They really came here to cause trouble!

Zhou Fei, however, after witnessing what happened, clenched his fist tightly and almost made a gesture of congratulation and victory.

She was in a good mood!

You deserve it! You deserve to be beaten for the things you\'ve said to us!

Zhou Fei growled inwardly.

Zi Yan, similarly, felt much better when she saw Fu Shan being hit.

As for Fu Shan, he was totally stunned.

He glared at Ah Hu and said angrily, You!


What are you saying Ah Hu raised his left hand and slapped Fu Shan on the right cheek.







After a series of slaps, Fu Shen completely became confused.

However, he knew that if he spoke, he would get hit!

Although he had shut up, Ah Hu did not stop slapping him.


Who are you Ah Hu raised his eyebrows.


I\'m asking you a question!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Stop slapping me, I... Fu Shan was about to say something.


I\'m asking who you are.

I didn\'t hear you clearly just now! Ah Hu said coldly.

I am...


Fu Shan! I am Fu Shan! I\'m Fu Shan!

Fu Shan eventually shouted.

At this point, his cheeks had swollen up and his chubby face was like a pig\'s.

Ah, you should have told me earlier! Ah Hu sighed softly, then loosened his grip on the man\'s collar and clapped his hands several times.

Fu Shan let out a sigh of relief inwardly, but the next words from this man seemed to throw him into freezing pool of water.

So you\'re Fu Shan.

Ha, ha, you\'re the one I need to beat!

Ah Hu put on a playful smile and struck Fu Shan down with his hands and feet.

Ah, stop beating him.

At this moment, Zhou Fei, who was euphoric, ran over with distress on her face.

She crossly glanced at Ah Hu and gently pushed him, then she crouched down, stretched out her hand to pinch Fu Shan\'s face.

She said painfully while pinching,

Why did you take a beating over something that could have been discussed Ah, you look like a pig now.

Director Fu, are you in pain Let me rub your face...

Ah, oh, hiss...

stops doing that... He just felt numb before Zhou Fei rubbed his face, but now he could not help shivering with pain.

Okay, okay.

I\'ll stop immediately. After she finished speaking, Zhou Fei pinched his face twice, and then she stood up, glanced at the two men who followed Fu Shan, and hastily said, You are Director Fu\'s cronies.

Why don\'t you take Director Fu to get some rest Why do you standing there so limply I remember you were arrogant when you were talking to us yesterday.


The two men froze with tearless grief.

They knew that Zhou Fei was reminding these guys of the fact that they ranted and raved against Zi Yan!

After she finished speaking, Zhou Fei looked at Ah Hu with a flicker in her eyes as she said in a reproachful tone, Oh, what\'s wrong with you Why did you beat him...

Oh, I\'ll be gentle this time, Ah Hu responded.

After glancing at the two men, he moved.


After a series of cracking sounds, the two men fell to the ground and groaned.

Hum, hum.

After seeing the pitiful sight, Zhou Fei turned around and returned to Zi Yan with contentment.

You\'re so naughty.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at her, but there was no blame in her eyes.

At this point, there were more than a dozen others present, standing on the other side while holding their breath.

Who\'s Wei Chao

All of a sudden, Zhao Feng glanced around the crowd coldly.

Everyone who received this frigid glance felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave!

Seeing their reaction, Zhao Feng secretly shook his head.

It was like the old saying: The weak are afraid to speak up in the face of the strong.

At this time, no one dared to speak, because the momentum of the men in front of them was too strong.

Furthermore, they thought they must be more powerful than Zhang Long and Lin Jie.

Who\'s Wei Chao If no one admits it, we\'ll beat you all! Elder Meng took a step forward and hooted angrily.

The instant he finished his words, over a dozen people on the right shivered, and the people beside Wei Chao hurried back several meters.

Wei Chao quivered, then said with a woeful look, I, I, I am Wei Chao, but this matter has nothing to do with me.

Nothing to do with you Elder Meng sneered and stepped towards him.

It was this move that frightened Wei Chao and caused him to fall on the ground.

He realized his body was too limp to stand up.

Everyone else also had their hearts in their throats.

Where did these devils come from They were not here to pick someone up, they came to abuse them!

Fortunately, Elder Meng did not take action.

He was over 1.8 meters high, and he was currently looking down at Wei Chao.

At this moment, he narrowed his eyes and said,

Aren\'t you going to sign the contract Where\'s the contract

Here it is. Wei Chao shook as he took out the contract honestly and handed it over.

Ha, ha. Elder Meng chuckled and glanced at Zhou Fei with the contract in his hands, then said, What do you think about this contract Are there any problems with it Are you going to sign it


After hearing what Elder Meng said, Wei Chao\'s heart gradually sank.

I won\'t sign it! Zhou Fei said in a huff, It\'s move like a slave contract.

They are using this contract to stop Elder Sister Yan from going back.

Oh. Elder Meng took the contract and looked at Wei Chao with a cold stare.

Every time he finished a sentence, he hit Wei Chao in the head with the contract.

Director Wei, right


A slave contract


You\'re so awesome.


Wei Chao was hit seven or eight times.

Although he did not feel pain, he was scared to death because of Elder Meng\'s momentum.

Since you like this kind of contract, you can eat it. Elder Meng said at last.

He did not move, but handed over the contract.

What Wei Chao glanced at him in confusion.

Eat this contract! I\'ll count to three.

One, two... Elder Meng\'s face clouded over.

Before he made it to three, Wei Chao grabbed the contract and stuffs it into his mouth as if he was eating a roast duck and trying to swallow it.

While he was chewing it, he whined inwardly,

This is a group of demons! Did I do something wrong It isn\'t my fault at all!

Wei Chao felt a little wronged since the impact of the contract had landed on him.

Fortunately, more than 50 security personnel rushed into the golf course from the entrance right after he had taken two bites.

His eyes lit up and he stopped chewing.

Reinforcements were here!


Wei Chao spat the ball of paper out of his mouth on the grass nearby.

Elder Meng glanced at him and ignored him temporarily.

At this point, there was a sense of hope in Wei Chao\'s mind.

Although you were just formidable, you won\'t be able to act so high and might once the security guards arrive!

Wei Chao thought.

Who are you

Among the security group containing more than 50 people, a man with a cold face walked out and asked in a questioning tone.

We come here to pick someone up. Zhao Feng gave a bland response.

Ha, ha, pick someone up Don\'t you know the consequences for causing trouble here The man laughed scornfully and said, Now, I\'ll give you a choice.

Squat down with your hands on your backs! Or...

Oh. Zhao Feng nodded his head, raised his right hand and waved it gently, then he said, Go ahead, tell him what we are doing here!


As soon as he finished speaking, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and everyone behind him moved and rushed towards the fifty or so people.

The man, who had spoken before, put on a rigid expression.

He had not expected these people to do whatever they wanted!

Don\'t they know where they are

The man felt a little confused.

However, Zhao Feng had already answered this question once when he was at the front gate, so he would not answer it again.

What had happened completely shocked Wei Chao and the others.

They did not think these people would dare to cause trouble in Zhang Long\'s club!

Even Zi Yan was in a trance.

Zhao Feng, who had been gentle and acted as a waiter in the restaurant, became like a new man who was filled with great vigor.

However, she did not know that the Zhao Feng, who failed to show restraint now, was the real him!

In fact, he was even more direct than before at this point! It was all because of Zhang Han, who gave him confidence and helped him improve his strength!

However, Zi Yan had a few questions in her mind.

Who exactly is Zhao Feng

He was hired by Zhang Han, so what\'s the relationship between Zhao Feng and Zhang Han

At this point, Zi Yan inexplicably realized that Zhang Han was mysterious.

He was not the sore loser from five years ago.


Mengmeng change him Hum. At this moment, Zi Yan was absent-minded.

More than 20 guests at the entrance followed behind the security guards, widening their eyes as they started calling out,

Damn it, is this for real They\'re going to fight with each other!

It\'s not a wise choice to cause trouble at Brother Long\'s place.

I fear that these people will find it difficult to get out of this club today.

Not necessarily.

Don\'t you see their suits Honestly speaking, each one of them is tailor-made by Brioni and cost over 100,000 yuan.

Moreover, their shirts, ties, and leather shoes were all made by Versace or Dior, with every three-piece set costing 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Judging by their stance, they\'re similar to bodyguards.

They definitely aren\'t average people since they can all wear matching uniforms that cost 160,000 to 170,000 yuan!

That seems to make sense.

Hiss! What My God, how is that possible

During their discussion, the two sides rushed towards each other.

They had imagined that it would be a melee, but in an instant, those 50 or so people all lay on the ground, groaning, and no one could stand.

My gosh, they\'re so formidable.

It\'s too scary.

Oh, my god.

Even though all the guards in the club are good at fighting, were they all defeated in a single move


Everyone was in shock.

Not only had these people, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei also gradually widened their eyes.

As for Zi Yan, she looked so cute with such an adorkable expression.

As for Zhou Fei, she mumbled excitedly,

Oh, my god.

It\'s so amazing! How awesome!

When Zhou Fei saw all of them walk back with a calm face after beating the opposite side, she thought they were so cool!

However, Wei Chao and the people at the back side became dumbfounded again.

Eat it up, don\'t you understand Elder Meng came over with a sneer on his face.

Ahhh! Wei Chao shook in fright and quickly said, Okay, okay!

After he finished these words, he was going to continue chewing the contract in his hand.

However, Elder Meng pointed at the wad of paper that had been spit out by Wei Chao, Eat this first!


Wei Chao wanted to cry, but he still picked up the wad of paper and stuffed it into his mouth so he could continue eating it.


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