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Bang, bang, bang!

Everyone who encountered Zhao Feng was instantly sent flying, which completely shocked everyone present.

What\'s happening

Lin Jie\'s pupils suddenly contracted and he thought of a possibility that caused his heart to skip a beat.

He\'s part of that group too!

At this moment, Lin Jie\'s mind was absolutely muddled.

Nan Tian, as his ace bodyguard, was powerful enough to help him become a central person in Shang Jing, even though he was only at the Obvious Strength stage in the martial arts world.

However, he had not expected that the leader of these men, who came out of nowhere, was also a martial artist, and one who could even break Nan Tian\'s leg with one move!

Lin Jie was stunned by his strength, it was completely shocking.

In addition to Lin Jie, Zhang Long, who stood beside him, had a dignified look.

At this moment, he realized these people probably had an impressive background!

Afterall, it was impossible for ordinary people to hire people from the martial arts world!

However, he was not worried.

Although Zhao Feng defeated Nan Tian with one move, he was fully aware of Nan Tian\'s level.

He remembered that Dong Lang once said he could overcome Nan Tian with one move.

However, he did not know one move from a certain person might not be the same as one move from another!

Behind them, in the distance, Wei Chao and the others who stood together with him all trembled with fright.

Oh, my god! Who the hell are they Said Wei Chao while quivering.

They were so powerful that the people brought are Lin Jie and his companions were completely defeated.

How horrifying!

Wei Chao felt shocked, but he also thought about how lucky he was at the same time.

Fortunately, I only had to eat a contract.

If I was beaten a few times, I would be seriously injured...

However, it wasn\'t just them.

Even Zi Yan, who was standing in the middle of Ah Hu and his companions, had slightly opened her mouth in surprise.

She also had not expected Zhao Feng to be so awesome.

As for Zhao Feng, he was really unperturbed and tried to make himself look nonchalant, like his master was under other people\'s gazes.

However, after several failures, Zhao Feng gave up.

He glanced around at Lin Jie and the others.

Then, in a calm manner like his master, he said,

I\'m taking them with me.

Does anyone have something to say about that

You\'re going to take them away Zhang Long shook his head with a smile and said, You\'re really looking down upon me if you think you can leave here unharmed after causing so much trouble!

You\'re in Shang Jing! At this point, Lin Jie also regained his normal demeanor.

He stared at Zhao Feng and slowly said, Even if you\'re good at fighting, don\'t forget where this is.

I\'ll give you a chance to identify yourself and tell me who sent you!

At this moment, Lin Jie\'s tone was filled with hidden threats!

As a top-level wealthy and influential clan, the Lin family hired a large number of experts.

Because of that, he could have a powerful force sent here with one call.

However, in general, the younger generation had to settle their problems on their own.

Anyone who contacted their family for help would lose ground in the confrontation, so they would not contact their elders unless you were forced to do so.

Ha, ha. Zhao Feng sized up the two men and smiled faintly, then he became calm as an extraordinarily refined breath surrounded him and said, It doesn\'t matter who I am.

As for my boss, he is...

At this point, Zhao Feng suddenly became solemn as confidence filled his eyes, then he slowly said two words.

Zhang, Han!


The instant he finishing speaking, Lin Jie, Zhang Long, the and others\' faces all changed!

They weren\'t shocked, but it was unexpected!

Then these people are...

the men of that sore loser

Lin Jie\'s face became rigid.

He had thought that these people were bigwigs, so he had planned to suppress them with his family\'s name, but he never expected them to be Zhang Han\'s men!

These two words were like magic, causing everyone to become silent because they did not know what to say at that time.

Even Zhang Long.

Zhang Han, his cousin who was two years younger than him, had not entered his mind for a long time.


However, whenever he thought of Zhang Han, Zhang Long felt delighted.

In those days, Zhang Han\'s father had surpassed his father in their family for several years.

Both groups had sinister intentions and competed with each other, so he was really happy when Zhang Han was expelled from the family and went missing.

However, there was someone who couldn\'t help shouting out, even though everyone else was silent.

What the **!

With a sneer, Zhang Yuan walked out from behind Zhang Long and moved towards Zhao Feng.

As he walked forward, he swore, I thought you had someone really powerful behind you, but you\'re actually a bunch of stupid **s who follow Zhang Han.

Did he send you here since he, the one who was expelled from the family, did not dare to come You\'re a gang of idiots, you are just....

When Zhang Yuan began to speak, Zhao Feng looked at him, but his mind became blank the moment he heard Zhang Yuan verbally abusing Zhang Han.

He did not know what he was thinking, but he could feel a great wrath rising up in his heart.

The anger increasingly heated and burned all his thoughts.

At this moment, only one thought flashed through his mind,

Beat him!

Before Zhang Yuan could even finish his verbal assault, Zhao Feng\'s nose flared up and a rare look of ferociousness spread across his face, then he stepped forward and rushed towards Zhang Yuan who was only a few meters away from him.

As for Dong Lang, who was standing behind Zhang Yuan, he tightened all his muscles when he saw Zhang Yuan step forward, and as soon as Zhao Feng moved, he immediately stepped forward to fight back.

The moment before Zhao Feng reached Zhang Yuan, Dong Lang appeared in front and instantly launched a punch towards him.

Zhao Feng also threw out his right fist to meet Dong Lang\'s punch.


With a thud, the two fists met each other.

Dong Lang had thought that he would have a slight edge over him or be at the same level of strength, but his whole arm was numb after one move.

Moreover, Zhang Han punched towards him again before he could react, so he panicked and raised his arms to resist, which caused his left arm in front to bare the full weight of the attack.


After this punch, Dong Lang was completely confused.

His numb feeling in his left arm reminded him that his arm would have been broken if the opponent had exerted a little more strength!

What\'s with this power

Dong Lang looked at Zhao Feng with horror!

In fact, he was at the Inward Strength Stage! However, since he was easily knocked back, that meant...

Not good! He\'s an Inward Strength martial artist!

Dong Lang\'s heart skipped a beat as a trace of fear flashed across his face!

He was already stuck between a rock and a hard place, and then he noticed Zhao Feng launching a powerful kick towards him.

At this moment, Dong Lang realized he could no longer resist.

Fortunately, five of his men with Obvious Strength, who were behind him, helped him take the attack.

They attacked Zhao Feng with their fists and legs, which forced Zhao Feng to withdrew his right leg and take a step back to maintain his balance.

At this moment, Zhang Yuan finally reacted.

He was frightened at first, but he became really angry at the same time.

What the **! Kill him! Zhang Yuan yelled out as he stepped backwards.

Kill him

Dong Lang gave a wry smile inwardly.

Even if they worked together to fight against him, they could not defeat the Inward Strength martial artist in front of them! The only way was to wait for reinforcements.

However, would this Inward Strength martial artist, who already seemed angry, give them time to wait

Under everyone\'s gaze, Zhao Feng clenched his right hand into a fist, then coldly said,

Break their legs!


Ah Hu and his companions were waiting for his order.

The instant Zhao Feng finished speaking, the 29 people behind him all rushed forward.

He never does anything useful, but he always manages to cause more trouble!

Lin Jie secretly glared at Zhang Yuan as he quickly stepped back.


Zhang Long directly scolded him in his mind, and then withdrew with several other members.

Originally, the situation was very complicated.

Zhang Long knew that someone protected these people since they dared to make trouble here, so when Nan Tian had been struck down, Zhang Long had already motioned his men to call Captain Liao and have the police take these people away.

After that, the only thing they could do was to declare their background.

If they were just a group of thugs who aimed to take Zi Yan and Zhou Fei away, they would pay a bitter price for coming here!

However, his wish backfired on him.

Zhang Yuan, this defiant and arrogant guy, messed things up!

The remaining seven or eight people retreated while more than a dozen security personnel with higher levels of strength faced off against the incoming enemies.

Under Dong Lang\'s bitter gaze, the opponents rushed over.

Fortunately, the Inward Strength martial artist didn\'t seem to have a grudge against him, which gave him hope that he could escape unharmed, but he was wrong.

As soon as the numbness in Dong Lang\'s arm began to subside, Ah Hu, who ran the fastest, landed an attack.


As the sound of the impact rang out, Dong Lang froze on the spot.


Obvious Strength

He was stunned and his eyes widened.

As looked from the corner of his eyes and gauged the strength of the others who were fighting, he got so angry that his face became pale.

What the **! They\'re all Obvious Strength martial artists.

How can I fight back against all of them

An overwhelming battle began once again.

As for Zhao Feng, he certainly was not idle.

He ignored everyone and stared at Zhang Yuan, who was in the middle of the chaotic battle, then walked towards him one step at a time.

What are you doing

Don\'t come over here!

Dong Lang, help me!


After he called out three times, Zhao Feng raised his leg and kicked Zhang Yuan in the mouth.

This kick caused Zhang Yuan to lose several teeth!

Zhao Feng did not show mercy and directly knocked Zhang Yuan off his feet with this powerful kick.

As Zhang Yuan floated in the air, Zhao Feng\'s right leg kicks upward.

Clatter! Clatter!

Two clear and crisp sounds came from Zhang Yuan\'s legs.

His legs had obviously been broken by Zhao Feng.

After his legs were broken, Zhao Feng kicked Zhang Yuan once more before he fell to the ground.

When Zhang Yuan landed, he was close to Lin Jie and Zhang Long, who were originally ten meters away.


Zhang Yuan spit out a mouthful of blood, mixed with teeth.

He looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief and then fainted.

At this point, Ah Hu and his companions had also defeated Dong Long and a dozen others, all of whom, without exception, had their legs broken.

After finishing the battle, they calmly moved back to Zi Yan without a single change in their expressions.

As for Zhao Feng, he was currently standing at the center of everything, surrounded by enemies who were lying on the ground.

At this point, the entire golf course was wrapped in silence.

It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

I want to take them away now.

Does anyone have something to say about that

While glancing at the people in the surrounding area with cold eyes, Zhao Feng repeated what he had said again!

Everyone involuntarily took a step back when Zhao Feng glanced at him or her, even Lin Jie and Zhang Long.

Because, at this moment, they were scared!


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