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Under everyone\'s gaze, Zhao Feng and his men went to their cars.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were led by Zhao Feng to the white Bentley.

Before the driver could get out and open the door, Zhao Feng opened the rear door of the car and gestured with his left hand in a very standard posture.

Boss\'s wife, please get in the car! Zhao Feng said with a smile.

Zi Yan glanced at him, then pursed her lips and directly sat down and shifted sideways into the car without saying anything.

You\'re so considerate, brother! Zhou Fei patted him on the shoulder admiringly and said, I appreciate you.

After joking with him, Zhou Fei also got in the car.

Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile and sat in the passenger seat, then the line of cars slowly drove forward.

In front of the entrance of the Fengtai Club stood a group of people.

They all looked at each other in confusion.

Captain Liao, we...

We should leave as well. After glancing at Lin Jie and Zhang Long, Captain Liao sighed gently, then waved his hand and took his men away.

Lin Jie still stood there without even changing his posture.

Seeing that, Zhang Long was a little shocked.

He did not know what Lin Jie had heard on the phone, nor was he aware of Zhao Feng\'s patron, but he knew that Zhao Feng had a powerful patron since Lin Jie had apologized to him.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Long walked over.

He coughed lightly and said,

Childe Lin, what did General Lin say If necessary, I\'ll contact my uncle.

Zhang Long\'s words brought Lin Jie back to reality.

He glanced at Zhang Long and slowly said, Will it make a difference

Of course, since Zhang Yuan was seriously injured.

His father won\'t stand by idly, even if I don\'t ask him, Zhang Long said while waving his hand.

It doesn\'t make sense for him to just stand by and do nothing. Zhang Long, who was acting like he understood everything, upset Lin Jie.

So, Lin Jie waved his hand and replied, I don\'t care what you decide to do since it has nothing to do with me.

After he finished speaking, Lin Jie immediately stepped forward and left.

In truth, he did not want to admit his failure.

All this was because of the phone call he had received from General Lin, in which he had only said a few simple words,

I can\'t restrain them.

How did you get into this trouble Come to me now!

The meaning behind this sentence made Lin Jie feel cold both physically and mentally.

General Lin cannot restrain them!

The trouble he made

Come and talk to him face to face.

What he said showed that the opponents\' background was...

extremely horrifying!

How could he be in the mood to argue with Zhang Long here

Lin Jie went straight to his Hummer, then got in and drove away.

While staring at the car that was driving away, Zhang Long became completely absent-minded.

Who the hell are they

Zhang Long frowned and mumbled,

They came here and destroyed your site, then left unharmed after causing all this trouble.

Their boss is Zhang Han, so where did he find these people Are they really his men How could he still have room left for this kind of move after leaving Shang Jing

It was inconceivable to see how that Inward Strength martial artist treated Zi Yan.

Upon lengthy reflections, he was unable to get any answers and was interrupted by his phone ringing.

After pulling out his mobile phone and taking a look, Zhang Long had a wry smile on his face.

It was Zhang Yuan\'s father.

He would inevitably be blamed since Zhang Yuan was seriously injured inside his club.

However, considering the opponents\' tremendous strength, being blamed by Zhang Yuan\'s father was not something worth worrying about.

But the news of their defeat would spread through the upper-class over the next few days.

After that, he and Lin Jie would both be ridiculed.

Zhang Long felt somewhat wronged while thinking about it.

They could have won, but they had not been prepared for this unexpected incident.

The Zhang family and the wealthy families of Shang Jing which backed Lin Jie definitely fostered many powerful figures.

Even Peak Strength martial artists would be defeated, let alone people who were only at the Inward Strength stage.

However, as the younger generation, they were not able to enter the core circle of the family yet.

The opponents easily left after coming in and attacking them.

During that period of time, they even matched their strength and backgrounds against these scions and surpassed them in both respects.

All this was as Zhao Feng had expected.

He clearly understood that Instructor Liu had an impressive background.

When Instructor Liu was four or five years old, his parents died unexpectedly, so he was raised by his uncle.

That was to say, his uncle was like his father, so he had a deep affection towards him.

And his uncle, Liu Zhenfeng, was the commander of the Hong Kong Military Region!

That was also why Instructor Liu had been able to save Zhao Feng from prison previously!

Because of his relationship with Instructor Liu and the fact that his master lived in Hong Kong, Zhao Feng introduced Instructor Liu to Zhang Han after taking all the factors into consideration.

Having more friends meant having more options.

Going back to the point of all this.

After Zhao Feng and the others got into the cars, they drove to the airport.

Wow! Zhao Feng! Why are you so formidable You\'re really awesome, why didn\'t I realize this before While sitting behind the passager seat, Zhou Fei leaned to the left with both of her hands on her legs and looked at Zhao Feng and while speaking with a voice that was filled with excitement.

Not only her, even Zi Yan was busy sizing up Zhao Feng with curiosity.

Everything is due to the boss teaching me, Zhao Feng replied with a chuckle.

Really Is my brother-in-law so awesome Zhou Fei said with widened eyes.

Of course! You can\'t imagine how formidable the boss is! Zhao Feng said firmly.


Zi Yan blinked her big beautiful eyes and suddenly asked, What\'s the relationship between you and Zhang Han

Zi Yan was really curious about the relationship between the two since Zhan Han had not been living in Hong Kong for very long.

After hearing Zi Yan\'s question, Zhao Feng chose to tell her the truth after thinking for a moment.

He looked at Zi Yan and smiled, then said,

I\'m the boss\'s disciple.


Zi Yan froze, then she suddenly remembered that Zhao Feng had once said: Master!

He had intended to call her master\'s wife at that time

Zi Yan\'s lips twitched, but she didn\'t say anything.

However, Zhou Fei was curious, so she asked, What kind of disciple Are you learning to cook from him


No. Zhao Feng chuckled and shook his head lightly.

A hint of seriousness flashed across his eyes as he said, He who is my teacher for day is my father for a lifetime.

For me, Master is the same as Tang Monk was to Sun Wukong in The Journey to The West, and Master is much more powerful than me.

What Do you mean my brother-in-law is more formidable than you Zhou Fei\'s eyes lit up.

He\'s much more formidable than me. Zhao Feng smiled.

Wow! Zhou Fei cheered all of a sudden and excitedly said, That\'s amazing.

Brother-in-law is so awesome! Now I know another of my brother-in-law\'s strengths.

It\'s so great!


Zi Yan gave Zhou Fei an angry stare.

She hardly opened her mouth without talking about her brother-in-law, but Zhang Han, the jerk, still had an obscure attitude toward their relationship.

Hey, Elder Sister Yan, you should be happy. On seeing Zi Yan\'s gaze, Zhou Fei realized Elder Sister Yan might be a little shy, but she did not care.

At this moment, she looked at Zhao Feng and asked,

Zhao Feng, please tell me a little about Wolf Head.

What is it

At this point, Zi Yan also looked at Zhao Feng with curiosity.

Under their gazes, Zhao Feng smiled and said,

Wolf Head is the first squad of Yunhun Special Forces, which usually carries out various dangerous missions.

Sometimes we\'ll stay abroad for years.

His words even shocked the full-time driver, who regained his calm the next moment as if he had not heard Zhao Feng\'s remark.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei\'s faces changed, and Zi Yan said in doubt,

How do you come to know Zhang Han

It\'s a long story.

Master is the one I look up to in my life, and I would have died without him.

To be precise, when I was performing my undercover task as one of Tang Zhan\'s men in the Forever Harmony Association of the Southern District, I met my master while charging protection fees in New Moon Bay.

After finishing a meal, things went out of control, and...

Zhao Feng briefly described what had happened to him, but he skipped over any strange things involving cultivators and the martial arts world.

Even so, Zhou Fei still marveled at his experience.

But before he finished speaking, Zi Yan suddenly exclaimed, Ah!

What\'s wrong, master\'s wife Zhao Feng got a fright and asked hastily.

My gift! The gift I intended to take back is still in the hotel. Zi Yan suddenly thought about the clay sculpture.

Where\'s the hotel Zhao Feng glanced at his watch and said, We can go there and pick it up.

There\'s still time.

Anfa Road, room number 300, replied Zhou Fei.

Zhao Feng nodded and told the driver beside him, Go there first.

Okay. The driver nodded and took out a small walkie-talkie, then said, All the cars drive to room number 300 on Anfa Road first.

Turn at the next intersection and plan the route.

Roger, roger.

With that, they returned to the hotel.

After Zi Yan got the gift, they headed for the airport and arrived half an hour before the plane took off.

Boss\'s wife, my name is Ah Hu and I\'m one of the strongest among Brother Feng\'s men.

You\'re so beautiful and charming.

Ahem, boss\'s wife, my name is Elder Meng and I\'m also one of Brother Feng\'s strongest men.

Boss\'s wife...

A group of people surrounded Zi Yan and started to introduce themselves, which helped the atmosphere become better.

But Zhao Feng considered a matter when he saw their behaviors.

Ah Hu and the others need to learn etiquette.

However, should they become the kind of bodyguards who are normally grave and comply with strict standards, or the ones who are serious when working but are active at other times

On this point, Zhao Feng could not make a decision, so he planned to either ask his master for advice after going back to Hong Kong or just wait and see what happened.

Half an hour passed by.

As they were about to board the plane, Zhao Feng called Zhang Han to inform him that they were going to get onto the plane and would arrive at Hong Kong International Airport at about 2:30 p.m.

I see. Zhang Han nodded, then hung up the phone.

After a short pause, he turned to look at the little princess who was sitting on the sofa watching TV and said with a chuckle, Mengmeng, your MaMa will be back soon.

Let\'s go to Mount New Moon first and then pick your MaMa up.

Huh after hearing what he said, Mengmeng froze.

Then she stopped watching cartoons, stood up on the sofa, and cheered, Good, good, time to pick up MaMa!

Then let\'s go.

Zhang Han smiled, then walked over and picked Mengmeng up.

After changing Mengmeng\'s clothes on the second floor, he locked the door and drove his panda car to Mount New Moon.

Before going there, Zhang Han went to a flower shop and bought some small tools.

He intended to tie up a bunch of colorful roses together as a welcome home gift for Mengmeng\'s mother!


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