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“Mengmeng, we should go to bed.”

After packing for more than half an hour, Zi Yan came out carrying three suitcases filled with clothes.

“PaPa, sleep with us.” Mengmeng leaned against Zhang Hans arms and said in a childish tone, “I want to sleep in PaPas arms.”

“Come in quickly,” Zi Yan said while glancing at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han, therefore, walked into Zi Yans bedroom with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Ah, it seems that Ill have to watch them display their affection every day in the future.

Take pity on me.

I dont have a boyfriend, even though Im so graceful.” Zhou Fei sighed, then stood up and went back to her bedroom.

It was not the first time for Zhang Han to enter Zi Yans bedroom, which was as neat as usual, with three large suitcases casually placed on one side.

Zhang Han realized that Zi Yan was not the kind of woman who would keep cleaning until the house was spotless and was not an obsessive person who had to have everything in perfect order.

Furthermore, Zhang Han had also learned that Zi Yan was the daughter of a prominent family when they talked with each other while skating, so she did not need to clean the room herself.

Under the persistent urging of his little helper, Mengmeng, Zhang Han laid on the quilt without taking off his clothes, while Zi Yan and Mengmeng were already lying down on the quilt in their pajamas.

“PaPa, tell me a story.”

The soft yellow lighting made Mengmeng sleepy, but she still wanted to hear Zhang Han tell a story.

“The dwarven king took the guards to hunt for treasures.

They marched quickly, riding white horses.

They walked for seven days and had a safe trip, but when they arrived at the jungle, something strange happened…”

Zhang Hans voice was very soft, like a lullaby, so it caused Mengmeng to fall asleep in only a few minutes.

Zhang Ha stopped when he noticed that Mengmeng had fallen asleep.

“Why did you stop”

Zi Yan suddenly whispered, which attracted Zhang Hans attention.

He looked over and burst into laughter.

Zi Yan was lying in bed with her eyes fixed on Zhang Han.

She was also in a daze and put on an adorable look.

“Mengmeng is asleep,” Zhang Han whispered.

“Oh.” Zi Yan smirked slightly, then slowly said, “Take Mengmeng to the cot.”

“Why dont you allow her to sleep here” Zhang Han asked in doubt.

“No, I usually steal the covers when I sleep, so its not safe for Mengmeng.” Zi Yan gently curled her lips and muttered.

Sometimes she was eager to fall asleep while holding Mengmeng, but Mengmengs body was too small.

Zi Yan would often toss and turn while sleeping, so she asked Mengmeng to sleep in the cot at night.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded, got up to pulled off the covers off, and then gently picked Mengmeng up.

After putting Mengmeng on the cot, Zhang Han tucked Mengmeng in bed and bent down to kiss Mengmeng on her tender white face.

Zi Yan, who was lying on the big bed, felt warm when she saw this scene.

When she saw Zhang Han stand up and look over, she couldnt help imagining something.

If Zhang Han lay beside her while she nestled in his arms, she thought she would feel much more at ease.

Sometimes she would feel lonely since she had been sleeping alone for a long time.

However, even though the idea crossed her mind, she would not do it or even mention it to him.

She had not fully accepted Zhang Han yet in her mind.

It was impossible for Zhang Han to be with her with only a bunch of roses.

“I will also go take a rest.” Zhang Han was also aware of Zi Yans thoughts, so he looked at Zi Yan several times before saying that.

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

Zhang Han turned and walked towards the door.

Just as he was about to open the door to go out, Zi Yan said, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Zhang Han turned around with a smile, then opened the door and went to the bedroom downstairs.


Zi Yan pursed her thin lips and stared at the decorations on the ceiling.

She was absent-minded and lost in thought.

Zi Yan had been at ease and sleepy when Zhan Han was been telling the story just now, but after Zhang Han left, she became sober and began to fill her mind with nonsense.

“Its annoying.”

Zi Yan grunted, then stretched out her left hand to pick up her cell phone.

She opened the online shopping mall and started thinking.

She was content with the size of the master bedroom on the second floor of the restaurant, but the ornaments inside did not suit her taste.

Since she decided to move in, she wanted to decorate it meticulously.

“The bed isnt very good.”

Zi Yan searched for beds on the Internet and bought a European-style queen-sized bed, which was 1.88 meters by 2.25 meters, at a price of over 25,000 yuan.

Since she bought a bed, the mattress and the bedclothes would need to be changed as well.

With that in mind, it took Zi Yan ten minutes to pick them out and buy them.

She spent 36,000 yuan on a memory foam latex mattress.

The bedding was not expensive, only costing 3,000 yuan in total.

Besides that, she also spent 2,000 yuan on three sets of silk sheets, one pink, one milky white, and one lavender.

The two pink nightstands only cost about 1,000 yuan, while the square bed curtain over the bed cost 28,000 yuan.

The gauze of the bed curtain was also pink, which looked soft.

Zi Yan also changed the original curtain into a new one with cartoon images.

The curtain fabric was pink, and there were some sheep patterns under the slide way above.

“The pattern inside the wardrobe isnt good either.”

Zi Yan grunted again and directly bought a large wardrobe.

“I also want to buy a dresser.”

While thinking that, she bought a white dresser worth 23,000 yuan.

“Then theres the bed rug, wall stickers, towels, bath towels, and dental apparatuses…”

Zi Yan was busy buying a variety of small items.

When she searched for the dental apparatuses, she suddenly caught sight of a lovely set of couples tooth cups.

Should I buy this set

“No, wont that idiot get wild ideas if I buy this set of tooth cups”

“But this set is really pretty.”

“So… Should I buy this set”

“Ill take this set! It will be a reward for bringing me those flowers.

Hum, no, I should buy a bigger one, so each member of our family can have one.”

After pondering for a while, Zi Yan bought a set that was for a family.

She did not notice that it was so natural for her to say the word “family” this time.

At this point, if Zhang Han had been laying nearby and had seen Zi Yans appearance, he would definitely have been attracted to her, because Zi Yan, who was normally so reserved during the day, was quite lovely and charming at this moment.

Some women were sensitive during the day but sexy at night.

“Im done! Hum, Im moving to a new house tomorrow, so I should go to bed.”

Zi Yan put down her cell phone happily and gradually fell asleep.

Women liked shopping, both online and in real life.

Buying a lot of things always made them feel better.

All the stuff bought by Zi Yan were set to be delivered at 9 oclock the next morning, so she was looking forward to tomorrow.

Meanwhile, on the beach not far from Mount New Moon.

Everyone here was busy competing.

Although there were 50 people in one group and only one in another, more and more people in the group of 50 were struck down.

“Oh, Brother Feng, why are you so formidable” Ah Hu rubbed his arm in pain while asking.

“That right, Brother Feng.

Although we superior numerically, we still couldnt defeat you.” Xu Yong gave a wry smile.

He had not expected the gap to be so great.

As for Zhao Feng, he slightly lifted his chin and spoke with tremendous force.

“The reason you cant beat me is your lack of combat experience, as well as a lack in your control over your speed and strength!”

“What should we do” Elder Meng asked.

“Why are you asking me what to do” Zhao Feng glared at him and said, “Starting tomorrow, you have to practice your movement combat training for at least three hours every day.

Due to your low base, you need to practice harder.

Everyone should have a good rest tonight and Ill teach you some professional knowledge tomorrow.”

“What kind of professional knowledge” Zhao Hu said with excitement.

“Ill teach you how to track, hide your tracks, hide your presence, monitor, and so on.

They arent easy and you have to learn some other difficult skills as well.

I can promise that your relative strength will increase by more than twice if you learn everything I teach you.” Zhao Feng glanced around the crowd.

What he said made everyone become serious and stop grinning.

After that, they washed and went to rest in preparation for the next days training.

Nothing happened during the night.

The next morning, after Zi Yan placed three large suitcases in Zhou Feis Mercedes, Zhang Han drove Zi Yan and Mengmeng without any burdens to the restaurant.

After breakfast, the restaurant quieted down.

However, at nine oclock, plenty of trucks started arriving, one after another.

The wardrobe, bed, and some other furniture on the second floor had all been moved away, including the cot which had been bought a month ago.

They were all exchanged for new ones.

Zhang Han was somewhat stunned.

He had thought that Zi Yan only brought three suitcases, but she actually changed all the furniture and decorations in the room.

Not until everything had been moved in and Zhang Han went on around the room did he realize that it had truly become a girls bedroom now.

The room was pink, with princess-style, which created a warm atmosphere.

“Not bad, is it” Zi Yan said while standing beside Zhang Han with a smile.

“Of course, its great.” Zhang Han smiled.

“But these sheets need to be washed first.” When Zi Yan picked up the three sheets and went to the bathroom, she thought for a moment and said, “When I tidied up the wardrobe I noticed you only have a few sets of clothes.

Theyre not enough, so we need to go to the mall later and have you can get some more.”

“Uh” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

While looking after Zi Yan, Zhang Han smiled.

There was an old saying that a woman was necessary in a family.

And, Mengmeng liked shopping very much.

After hearing what Zi Yan said, she skipped around and said, “Great, great, go to the shopping mall.

Just buy!”

“Ha ha…”

Zhang Han burst out laughing and patted Mengmengs head.

Just then, a loud noise suddenly came from downstairs.

Judging from the movement, Zhang Han knew that at least six or seven people had entered the restaurant.

Zhang Han frowned slightly and then went downstairs.

He caught sight of about 12 or 13 people, who looked like media reporters.

Some of them held microphones, while others held cameras.

Outside of them, there were two men in suits standing behind them with an obvious sneer.

“Were not open right now.” Zhao Feng gave a bland response.

However, these people ignored him and spoke in quick succession.

“Are you the owner of this restaurant I heard that Lv Chao invited you to a cooking competition last time, but you were too afraid to go.

Did you refuse because of your inferior cooking skill”

“Is the man who showed up in your restaurant half a month ago on Tasty Food of World a real Michelin agent After all, the Aslin Restaurant, where Lv Chao works, is a two-star Michelin restaurant.”

“Therere a lot of people who doubt the evaluation of your restaurant and believe its fake.

I wonder…”

After listening to their words, Zhang Han realized what was happening.

He was about to refuse when a louder voice sounded out.

One of the men in a suit, who was standing behind the crowd, chuckled and said,

“Chef Lv Chao will hold an exchange next weekend.

Since you dare not compete in cooking, you can go to the exchange to acquire some knowledge.”

“Who said he didnt dare to compete”

A cold voice suddenly came from the stairs on the second floor.

Under everyones gaze.

a woman with an enchanting figure, wearing sunglasses and a cap, walked down step by step.

Her aura was strong and relaxed, which totally confused everyone!

They looked at her quietly as she walked forward and continued speaking in a cold tone.

“Go back and tell your chef that we will compete with him next weekend.

Dont forget to invite more reporters as witnesses.

Now, you are unwelcome here, so please get out!”

After she finished speaking, more than ten people on the opposite side looked at each other and turned to leave in quick succession, while the man in the suit, who had spoken just now, sneered and said,

“Well then, well look forward to your arrival! I hope you will not embarrass yourself!”

After that, he turned and left.

As for Zhang Han, he was somewhat surprised.

He had not expected Zi Yans aura to be unexpectedly strong! Please go to https://www.novelupdates.cc/Godly-Stay-Home-Dad/ to read the latest chapters for free


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