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“Hum, this is the first time youve thanked me.

I didnt expect Childe Zhang to be so easily satisfied,” Zi Yan said in a rare mischievous tone.

“Ha, ha.

Dont call me Childe Zhang.

I was young and ignorant in those days.” Zhang Han gave a hearty laugh, then looked at Zi Yan softly and whispered,

“I may not even blink if someone gives me a priceless treasure, but I do like the gifts you give me.

It has nothing to do with the presents but the person who gives them.”

Zi Yans face suddenly turned red when she heard what he said.

When she saw the shopping guide who stood a few meters away smiling out of the corner of her eye, she felt bashful.

She held out her hand to pull Zhang Han by the sleeve and said while walking out,

“All right, all right, lets go upstairs.

The mall is closing soon.”

“Lets go.” Zhang Han smiled.

As his hand moved, he naturally grasped Zi Yans tender palm in his hand.


Zi Yan gently tried to take her hand back but failed, so she let him hold it.

Zi Yan did not talk much, almost to the point of silence.

As they moved along, she looked just like a feminine wife who kept pace with her husband.

It was about 10:30 when they went exited the mall, which was ready to close.

However, there were still quite a lot of people wandering in the square in front of the mall.

“Shall we go and sit for a while” Zhang Han gestured with his lips and motioned for Zi Yan to look at the bench on the side.

He did not gesture with his hand because he did not want to let go.

“Mmm.” Zi Yan slightly nodded her head submissively.

Other people thought they were an affectionate couple because Zi Yan and Zhang Han sat very close to each other on the bench.

Mengmeng, the little princess, was also really glad to be accompanied by PaPa and MaMa.

It was said that only after losing something does a person learn to cherish it.

Mengmeng had not lost Zhang Han but had never had him.

Mengmeng, therefore, subconsciously cherished her PaPa and was exceptionally clingy.

Even while she was in the square with Zi Yan, the little princess was still in Zhang Hans arms.

She would usually hum a song the instant she felt happy, and she was currently singing while shaking her two small arms and head.


Let it go, let it go.

Cant hold it back anymore… Uh-huh, la-la-la, la-la-la… Uh”

As she sang, Mengmeng suddenly saw the vague image of a ferris wheel in the distance.

She knew that the ocean park, which was especially interesting, was here, and she suddenly remembered something.

At this point, she quickly stopped singing, then looked up at Zhang Han while pouting and said,

“PaPa, hey, didnt you promise me that you would take Big Heihei and Little Heihei to the amusement park when MaMa came back”


Just wait for PaPa to make the arrangements and then well go there.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head while smiling.


Lets go to the amusement park!” Mengmeng cheered with great merriment.


Zi Yan said all of a sudden.

She gave Zhang Han a strange look and said, “Im fine with you going to the amusement park, but why are you taking Dahei and Little Hei”

“Hey, MaMa, youre so silly.

Were going to the amusement park with Big Heihei and Little Heihei so they can ride the ferris wheel and play lots of games,” Mengmeng said solemnly.

After hearing what she said, Zi Yan gave Zhang Han an angry stare and reprimanded him, “Why do you promise her everything”

“Let her go if she wants,” Zhang Han casually replied.

“No way.” Zi Yan shook her head and then looked at Mengmeng while speaking with a persuasive tone.

“Mengmeng, do you remember what MaMa said when we were in San Diego at Sea World”

“What” Mengmeng was a little confused.

She was going to pout because she had a vague feeling that her MaMa was likely to refuse.

“MaMa told you the meaning of “rules”.

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, that is to say, you should obey the rules wherever you go.

Only when you become a civilized and sensible child will people truly like you.

Pets arent allowed in the amusement parks, so Dahei and Little Hei cannot go.

Even if your PaPa promises you, the staff will not agree,” Zi Yan said seriously to Mengmeng.

“Uh” Mengmeng knew the meaning of MaMas words, so she felt down and pouted her lips, then said with sadness, “But I have promised Big Heihei and Little Heihei, MaMa.

Theyll be sad if they cant go…”

Tears were about to stream out of Mengmengs eyes as she spoke.


Zhang Han got a fright when he saw her tears were already about to flow.

So he hastily said,

“Theyll go.

They can go.

Who says they cant go Mengmeng, since PaPa promised you, they will definitely be able to go with you.”

“Really” Although Mengmeng did not burst into tears, she looked pitiful as her eyes glistened with tears.

Zhang Han never refused Mengmeng.

When he heard Mengmengs words, he firmly nodded his head and said, “Its true.

They can go.

PaPa will never break his word to you, forever.”

“Thats so nice of you, PaPa.” Mengmeng puckered her lips and kissed Zhang Han on the cheek several times, “Mua, mua, mua.

PaPa, I love you.”

This scene totally stunned Zi Yan.

What do they mean

Am I the bad guy

They, the father and daughter, are of the same mind.

What about me Bastard!

Zi Yan got angry, then she reached out her tender hand and pinched Zhang Hans waist.

“Ouch.” Zhang Han pretended to twist his face with pain.

“Its inadvisable for you to disagree with me!” Zi Yan pinched him again.

“Ah, ah.

MaMa, dont bully PaPa.” Mengmeng said in a worried tone.

“A kid without conscience.” Zi Yan pursed her mouth and said, “Is only your PaPa nice If I dont agree then you cant go anywhere!”

“Uh” Mengmeng froze.

She did not understand what her MaMa meant.

After hearing what she said, Zhang Han smiled while staring at Mengmeng and said, “Hurry up and go to coax your mother so shell promise to let us take Dahei and Little Hei to the amusement park.”

“Really” Mengmengs eyes lit up and she quickly threw herself into Zi Yans arms from Zhang Hans.

“Yum, mua, mua.

MaMa is the best.

MaMa is the most beautiful.

Mua, mua, mua.

MaMa, please allow Big Heihei and Little Heihei to go with us, please, mua.”

After facing Mengmengs persistent requests, Zi Yan finally nodded her head.

“Fine, I agree, but it all depends on this idiot!”

While speaking, she rolled her eyes at Zhang Han, but she was somewhat thankful at this moment!

Fortunately, I came back and moved here.

Otherwise, Mengmeng would have been spoiled by her doting father!

It was his fault for promising Mengmeng such nonsense!

Now that she was here, she would take good care of them in the future.

However, she unavoidably sighed at the same time.

The reasons why Mengmeng was so clingy when it came to Zhang Han was because of all the years of expectation and the fact that blood was thicker than water.

The reasons Zhang Han doted on Mengmeng were the same.

She was very gratified by Zhang Hans love for Mengmeng, and Mengmeng would be very happy with such a father.

After hearing Zi Yans words, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, then said,

“Rules are made to be broken.”

There were a lot of rules in the world, which allowed the world would be at peace, unlike the Cultivation World where there were no rules.

The people with great strength reigned supreme and everyone else was constantly in danger.

But even ordinary people could only live for a few decades, so the rules were not eternal.

Bluntly speaking, ordinary people looked at the sky from the bottom of a well, but cultivators looked at the scenery outside of the well.

What was a cultivator

A person who looked at the world from the top of the mountain was a cultivator.

It was also an artistic concept.

Zhang Han, however, knew that he would travel around the world with his family as he wished and become an immortal cultivator.

However, upon hearing Zhang Hans detached words, she directly rolled her eyes at him.

“What are you talking about” Zi Yan glared at him several times.

But Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and did not give her a response since she would understand sooner or later.

As for Mengmeng, she became happy again at this point, waving small arms and singing while being held by Zi Yan.

“Ha, ha, ha.

Let it go, let it go.

Cant hold it back anymore… La-la-la.

Let it go…”

Mengmengs lovely appearance frequently attracted the attention of the people who passed by.

“What a lovely child.”

The eyes of two ladies in their early twenties who passed by suddenly brightened.

One of them, a girl with a ponytail, came over with love in her eyes.

She handed the balloon in her hand to Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Such a cute girl, I want to give you a small gift.”

“Ah…” Mengmeng suddenly became bashful.

She hid in her MaMas arms, secretly looking at the woman in front of her.

“No, but thanks.” Zi Yan nodded to the woman gently.

“It doesnt matter.

Your daughter is really beautiful.

Shes the most exquisite and beautiful girl I have ever seen.

This balloon is for her,” the woman said with a smile.

Zi Yan did not refuse again this time.

She accepted the string and looked down at Mengmeng to remind her, “Mengmeng, what should you say at times like these”

“Thank you, thank you, elder sister,” Mengmeng looked up and said shyly.

“Youre so cute.

Bye-bye, little one.”

“Bye-bye.” Mengmeng waved her right hand to bid farewell.

The two beauties could not help shaking their heads and chuckling as they left.

They both had not expected that they could meet such a lovely little girl while they were shopping.

As for Zi Yan, she had gotten used to what just happened.

When they had been in San Diego, Mengmeng had attracted some people who came to give gifts every time they went out.

“A balloon!” Mengmeng accepted the balloon from Zi Yan and played with it joyfully.

Zhang Han returned to the restaurant with Mengmeng in his arms at eleven oclock in the evening.

He lay on Zi Yans bed on the second floor to put Mengmeng to sleep first, and then lifted her up and put her on the smaller bed.

After greeting Zi Yan, he returned to the second bedroom.

Zhang Han took his clothes off and lay on the bed.

After that, he took off his watch, cast a glance at it, and then put a happy expression on his face.

After putting the watch on the bedside table, Zhang Han slowly fell asleep.

Nothing happened during the night.

After breakfast the next day, Zi Yan went back to work at the company.

As soon as she arrived, she met Xu Ruoyu, who had been against her the whole time.

“Yo, Zi Yan, you are back.

Ha, ha, ha.

I heard that you found someone to beat Director Fu badly.

Boss Wu mentioned you during the meeting.

Alas, you will be in danger of being fired before you have a chance to return to the entertainment circle.”


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