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Zhao Feng drove his Mercedes out of the amusement park.

He neither asked for a contract nor was he worried about whether Zhang Hongbo would be able to arrange everything.

In Zhao Fengs view, Zhang Hongbo obviously knew Gu Chens identity and he would not dare embezzle the money.

Moreover, Zhao Feng was not concerned that he had asked for more money to feather his nest, for twelve million yuan was within his expectation.

No matter how much tips Zhang Hongbo wanted, he would give it to him as long as he complied with the requirements.

After returning to the restaurant and finding that he had nothing to do, Zhao Feng left for the beach.

Assault training was almost done, and it ended in a few days.

Ah, Hu and the other men were nimble.

They acquired knowledge at a fast speed and made remarkable progress while practicing.

In Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Zhang Han began his preparations for cooking, when it was nearly twelve oclock.

The Sun family were sitting at the table for members only, which was in the middle of the restaurant.

Soon, Liang Mengqi and other two people arrived.

“Hey You came so early today.” Liang Mengqi asked curiously.

She was well aware of the members habits since she ate in this restaurant every day.

Generally speaking, the Sun family usually came over after 12:30.

“We came in the morning.” Sun Dongheng turned to answer with a smile.

“Why are you so early” Liang Mengqi grinned.

“Whats for lunch Is there any meat” Yu Qingqing stared in the direction of the kitchen.

“Theres no meat.

We ordered cold noodles for lunch today,” Sun Dongheng shook his head and said.

“What Can you order now” Zhao Dahu was totally shocked.

“Because I planned to go abroad for a period of time, Mr.

Zhang asked us what we would like to eat.” Sun Ming smiled amiably.


Uncle Sun, what are you going to go abroad” Yu Qingqing asked curiously.

“My dad intends to learn about the entertainment business from one of his old friends, as he wants to help me realize my dream of being a superstar.” Sun Dongheng said proudly.

“Yo, were both from the same industry.” Zhao Dahu twisted his body.

“Are you also involved in this industry” Sun Dongheng asked.

“Ha, ha.” Zhao Dahu smiled and held up his pinky.

His face was brimming with confidence and he said, “Have you heard of Yongtai Entertainment Company”


Liu Chuan is an actor from that company.” Sun Dongheng cheered up, as he looked at Zhao Dahu.

Although Yongtai Entertainment Company was not particularly famous, it was still a large-scale entertainment company, which had cultivated many B-list and C-list stars.

“You mean Xiaoliu.” Zhao Dahu pursed his lips and said in a feminine tone, “I cultivated him when I was the music director in that company, but I was transferred to the post of deputy director of the Publicity Department later, as I offended someone.

I resigned not long ago.”

“My gosh! You have such a strong background!” Sun Dongheng answered in astonishment.

“Ah, Im not as awesome as you think.” Zhao Dahu waved his hands repeatedly.

“Do you think I am qualified to be a star” Sun Dongheng said, looking forward to his response.

“Qualified” Zhao Dahu sized him up, then shook his head slightly.

“You dont think I have the necessary qualifications” Sun Dongheng became nervous.

“Its not impossible for you to become a star, but I think theres a better way for you.” When it came to working, Zhao Dahu was serious.

“What is it” Sun Dongheng asked hurriedly.

At that point, Sun Ming, Suns mother, Yu Qingqing, as well as Liang Mengqi, looked at Zhao Dahu with curiosity.

“Dont waste time.

Tell us quickly.” Yu Qingqing rolled her eyes at Zhao Dahu.

“Take it easy, Ill tell you now!” Zhao Dahu snorted, then looked at Sun Dongheng and said,

“Do you remember the first time you came to the restaurant You were a little arrogant at that time.

On account of your personality, you can start with outdoor live video streaming.

Over the past two years, live video streaming has become more and more popular, which will make it easy for you to emerge to fame.

The daily life of the rich second generation is a great crowd puller, and you can become a singer when you have established your popularity.

I am giving you this suggestion, after taking all the factors into account.”

“Live video streaming I had the same idea before.” Sun Donghengs eyes brightened, but then he hesitated and said, “But its too difficult for a host to turn into a star, and nobody has really succeeded, as many people tend to reject these hosts”.

“Thats because they are not doing it the right way,” Zhao Dahu shook his head gently and said, “Since people earn a lot from live video streaming, few of them are willing to give it up after becoming famous.

However, giving up live streaming is only the first step.

Then you have to face problems with resources, like the people who will cultivate you and invest in you.”

“Er…” Sun Dongheng hesitated and looked at Sun Ming.

“You can do whatever you like.

Just follow your heart.” Sun Ming smiled tenderly and said, “But you must become a man of virtue.”

“I see, dad.” Sun Dongheng compressed his lips and nodded his head seriously.

Seeing this scene, Liang Mengqi and others all chuckled, for they could feel the warmth of the family circle.

At noon, Zhang Han made cold noodles, together with cucumbers in garlic sauce and Szechwan style potato strips.

After lunch, Sun Dongheng took his parents to the airport and bid farewell to them reluctantly.

However, when he drove the Audi A8L back to the underground parking lot of the community, he felt a little excited.

After getting out of the car, he took out a brand-new car key and pressed the button.

Suddenly, the light of a sports car next to the Audi A8L, flashed brightly.

“Its really a beauty.”

Sun Dongheng was completely enchanted by the car, as he mumbled this to himself.

He sold the BMW Z4 previously, and bought a yellow McLaren 625C, which cost 3.5 million yuan.

He received the money from Sun Ming, who gave him five million yuan, before going abroad.

He was extremely glad to have this money at his disposal, so he sold off his previous car and bought the McLaren, which he had been looking forward to owning, for a long time.

Although he spent 3.5 million yuan on that car, he still had over two million yuan, including his pocket money and the money from selling his old car.

It was also the most amount of cash he ever had.

After opening the car door and entering the car, Sun Dongheng sized up the interior furnishings for some time.

Then he gently stroked the steering wheel with both hands.

With a satisfied look on his face, he started the car and stepped on the accelerator and left the underground parking lot.

The car naturally attracted the attention of many passers-by when he was driving it on the street, but Sun Dongheng felt a little… unsatisfied.

“Ah, its not as satisfying as a membership card!” His lips curled in a sneer.

He remembered that the people in front of him had repeatedly exclaimed in awe when he walked toward the restaurant with his membership card in his hand.

He drove to the restaurant, parked the car and then hurried in.

“Boss, boss.” Sun Dongheng stepped close to Zhang Han and whispered, “Since my parents have gone abroad, can you allow my friends to use their membership cards”

After speaking, Sun Dongheng looked at Zhang Han intensely.

The bosss decision would influence whether he could show off to his friends!

He would succeed in his pursuit of a girl if he brought her to this restaurant, where ordinary people could still eat wonders, and there were various kinds of delicacies available for members!

Under his gaze, Zhang Han gave him a satisfactory answer,


“Yeah! Thank you, boss! Ha, ha, ha.

Thats great.” Sun Dongheng looked at Mengmeng who was playing with the toys and said with a smile, “Boss, I just bought a new car.

Mengmeng, do you want to go for a ride with me”

“Go for a ride” Mengmeng put down her toys.

Her big eyes lit up and she said in a childish tone, “Well, whats going for a ride”

“It means that well drive around.” Sun Dongheng explained.

“Drive around” Mengmeng pondered for a moment, then looked at Zhang Han and said, “Papa, shall we go”

“Well go if Mengmeng wants to.” Zhang Han said.

At this time, if Zi Yan saw how he acted, she would have rolled her eyes at him!

“What are you doing as a father Giving in to whatever Mengmeng wants.

You dont even treat me in this way.

What a bastard you are.!”

“Well… well… All right.

Lets go for a ride.”

Her words stunned Sun Dongheng, for he thought Mengmeng seemed to be somewhat reluctant.

As soon as Mengmeng agreed, Zhang Han picked her up and went out of the restaurant, then sat in the passenger seat.

As for Sun Dongheng, he chose a random route and then drove around.

In the meantime on an island in Hong Kong waters.

The island, which was relatively large, was overgrown with luxuriant clusters of trees.

In the middle of the jungle, stood lots of buildings made up of squares and other facilities.

It was a military base, and the island was named Hidden Dragon.

The Special Forces in Hong Kong held a significant competition on Hidden Dragon Island every year.

The competition was not only for the purpose of keeping track of the special forces training, but also related to the resources they could obtain in the future.

At this point in a small square, there were eight challenge arenas and two people fighting in each.

There was a stand, several meters high, in the innermost area, and there sat about a dozen people, including Instructor Liu.

All of a sudden, three people were carried down by the medical staff from the three challenge arenas, while the other three who won, raised their right hands to show their victory.

When Instructor Liu saw what happened, his face became darker.

In general, the fighters should have stopped at a certain point.

Only people from the groups which were on bad terms with each other would wound their opponents.

“Ha, ha, ha, Instructor Liu, why are your soldiers becoming weaker”

A bald man in his thirties, standing a little distance away from Instructor Liu on the stand, asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Your Wolf Head Detachment is poor in strength.

I cant understand why Yunhun Special Forces sent you here.

I think it would have been better to send the second detachment to compete with us.

Although they are no match for us from Dragon Eagle Detachment, at least they wont suffer such a miserable failure!”

“Tai Ritian, can you stop making sarcastic comments What are you talking about Who do you think you are talking to” Instructor Liu thumped the table and glared at him.

“Why do you call me Tai Ritian Are you trying to make me lose my temper” The bald man sneered and said, “Let me remind you again, Instructor Liu.

My name is Tai Ruitian.”

“Doesnt it sound the same as Tai Ritian”

“Whatever.” Tai Ritian laughed scornfully and said, “As their instructor, you should know their actual strength.

They come here every year, even though they have been defeated so many times already.

Ha, ha.

None of them can take the moves.

Theyre so awesome.”

“Fuck!” Instructor Liu suddenly stood up and kicked his chair aside.

He growled, “Lets go up and fight!”

“Fight with you My defeated foe Are you sure” Tai Ruitians eyes flashed.

He had been waiting for this moment, so he stood up and answered in a deep voice.

“What are you doing Are you acting like instructors” The chief instructor who was sitting in the head seat, frowned at them.

The instant he spoke, they stopped talking, and the other instructors tried to calm them down.

“Fine, Lao Liu, Lao Tai, stop arguing.

Just sit down and watch the competition.”

“Theres no need for you to argue every time you meet.”

“Cool down.

You will be together for a few days, so please put up with each other…”

After hearing what they said, Tai Ruitian snorted, “Forget it, Id better not bother to argue with the person who pulls strings to get things done.”

Then he sat down and looked at the challenge arenas, with a look of indifference.


Instructor Liu was so angry that his face turned pale, then he left.


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