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After walking through the square, Instructor Liu stopped at the edge of the jungle.

He leaned against a tree trunk, took out a box of Three-five cigarettes from his pocket, pulled one out, lit it and took a puff.

“Hiss… Hoo…”

“What a b*stard!”

Instructor Liu was so annoyed that he gnashed his teeth repeatedly.

After a pause, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number directly.

As the phone connected, he said in a deep voice,

“Xiaofeng, the people of Dragon Eagle Detachment are pushing me too hard!”

“Did they make trouble again”

At this time, Zhao Feng was on one side of the beach, and he frowned slightly after hearing what he said.

Dragon Eagle Detachment, which was termed as Devil Detachment, was the seventh detachment of Thunder Special Forces.

The people of Dragon Eagle Detachment did not act according to the norms of common sense and always behaved in a malicious manner.

They nearly killed all the prisoners from the hostile forces, and sometimes would pick fights with their friendly forces.

They had short fuses like ruffians.

Because of these characteristics, they were able to complete the most tasks among the detachments.

All these achievements were due to their instructor, Tai Ruitian.

Tai Ruitian had a grudge against Instructor Liu because when they competed for the instructor post of Wolf Head Detachment at the beginning, Tai Ruitian prevailed in all eight examinations.

However, Instructor Liu won.

Tai Ruitian, therefore, insisted that Instructor Liu had pulled strings and asked him to fight.

As a result, Instructor Liu was injured, while Tai Ruitian was expelled from the Yunhun Special Forces.

One year later, Tai Ruitian joined the Thunder Special Forces, and he became several times stronger than before, and succeeded in entering the Inward Strength Stage.

Since then, he clashed many times with Instructor Liu.

In fact, Zhao Feng had taken part in this competition twice.

He was wounded by the person from Dragon Eagle Detachment, for the first time.

In the following year, he tried his best and finally defeated his opponent.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng was one of the few, who was able to win a round, at that time.

People within this circle were aware of the two opposite detachments, but the superiors never paid any attention to them, even though some soldiers were seriously injured during the fight.

Perhaps they deemed that sometimes disputes and hatred forced people to move forward.

“Hows it going this time” Zhao Feng asked.


Hearing what he asked, Instructor Liu sighed deeply and said,

“This is our worst performance in years.

Our speed, strength and shooting scores were all inferior to them.

Today, in the first round of the competition, four of the men who fought against the soldiers of the Dragon Eagle Detachment, suffered minor injuries, while the other eight were seriously injured.

Theyre determined to teach me a lesson this time.

I cant stand it any longer.

Xiaofeng, youre also a man of the Wolf Head Detachment.

If conditions dont improve these two days, Ill ask you to come to help me win a round.”

“No problem.

But I need to inform my boss first and arrange everything.

You have to tell me in advance.” Zhao Feng replied.

“It depends.” Instructor Liu puffed, with his eyes narrowed, then said, “By the way, Xiaofeng, how did I treat you before”

“Very well.

You are like my brother.

Whats the matter” Zhao Feng asked with curiosity.

“Er… Erm…” Instructor Liu swallowed his saliva and said slowly, “Can you ask your boss to come together with you and help me defeat Tai Ritian Im tired of looking at him.”

“My master definitely wont go.” Zhao Feng told him directly.

“Are you kidding me My master accompanies his daughter every day, and is too busy to go anywhere else!”

Zhao lifted his chin and said with indifference, “Ha, ha.

I can beat Tai Ritian alone.”

“Beat him on your own! Are you kidding me”

“Er Why are you speaking in this way Instructor, every dog has its day…”

As soon as Zhao Feng spoke, his mobile phone beeped.

“Did he hang up”

Zhao Feng froze.

Then his mouth quivered slightly and he murmured, “You hung up before I finished speaking! Ouch!”

The matter that upset him most was that he had intended to show off, but failed.

In other words, it was like he tried for an hour to fart, but someone demanded that he held it back.

He really felt uncomfortable!

On the other side, Sun Dongheng was driving along New Moon street.

He could not drive fast in urban areas, but when they arrived at a place with fewer people, he sped up.

The engine of the sports car sounded very beautiful.

Zhang Han was sitting in the passenger seat with Mengmeng in his arms.

Meanwhile, Mengmeng was looking at the scenery outside.

After driving around, they returned to the restaurant.

Sun Dongheng parked his car and said to Zhang Han happily,

“Boss, how was it This car is so great! It has a powerful engine and can go so fast.”


Zhang Han responded nonchalantly, then got out of the car with Mengmeng in his arms, leaving Sun Dongheng behind, dumbfounded.


Sun Dongheng shook his head helplessly.

for he was barking up the wrong tree.

The boss earned 10 million yuan each time he sold a membership card, and this money was enough to buy three similar cars.

He glanced at the watch and found it was past three oclock.

Therefore, Sun Dongheng did not plan to go anywhere but stayed in the restaurant until he finished dinner.

Of course, he also wanted to flaunt his new car to the ordinary customers in the restaurant!

After entering the restaurant, Sun Dong took his usual seat.

He took out his mobile phone and entered the app called Dounai Live.

In general, he liked to watch this live video before going to bed.

It usually featured beautiful women singing, online games and live entertainment occasionally.

The noble system also existed in this App.

The users titles varied from viscount, count, duke to the emperor.

Just like QQ members, they were also symbols of identity.

Generally speaking, the emperor was the main source of attention wherever he went.

After all, the one who had this title had to pay 120,000 yuan the first time round and then 100,000 yuan every month.

Although the platform would give gifts in return worth much more than the person could use.

He was after all, paying 100,000 yuan monthly.

As for Sun Dongheng, he had been given the title of duke, since a year ago.

Sometimes he would donate some gifts to his favorite streamers, and he was now well-known and had more than 100,000 followers.

Sun Dongheng knew that these were all the resources he could use.

“Should I continue to donate gifts”

Sun Donghengs eyes flickered, and he murmured,

“I should donate more gifts conspicuously.”

Sun Dongheng entered the broadcast room which he usually clicked into.

The streamer was a beauty named Little Snow Flake, whose most distinguishing features were her big breasts.

Besides that, she was also good at singing.

After entering, he saw a note in the comment area, saying that Duke Hengdong had entered the room.

“Welcome, Brother Hengdong.” Little Snow Flake greeted him in front of the screen, with a smile.

Sun Dongheng created his online name casually.

He directly switched the last two words of his name, and nicknamed himself Hengdong.


Sun Dongheng glanced at the popularity count of this room, which was more than 1.2 million.

He then took a look at his balance.

After finding that he still had over 120,000 yuan, he directly clicked into the aristocratic district and opened services for “Emperor” without any hesitation.


A large banner flashed across every broadcast room, saying that Hengdong had opened the emperor in Little Snow Flakes room.


In an instant, many visitors gathered together, making this rooms popularity rise sharply.

“Wow! My god!”

Little Snow Flake had a fright.

She opened her mouth wide, and her breasts shook violently.

In the meantime, the screen was filled with comments.


“So big!”

“Oh, my god.

Her breasts are starting to quiver.

Be careful, everyone.”


“Oh, my god.

Brother Hengdong, you have been given the title Emperor.

Youre so rich! I do worship you!” Little Snow Flake said in excitement, and at the same time, thinking of the rewards she would be receiving, for an emperor.

“You must be popular by virtue of your big breasts.” Su Dongheng typed, with a smile.

He knew how to inspire visitors.

After he typed these words, other people all followed suit, filling the screen with this type of remark.

“Brother Dong, its really generous of you.

I love you, mua.

Ill sing whatever you want.” Little Snow Flake chatted with him, hastily.

She had not expected that Hengdong would turn out to be an upstart!

Sun Dongheng smiled, then typed, “I heard that big breasts can support a mobile phone.”

As soon as this remark was made, all the visitors went crazy, copying what he typed in succession.

Obviously, Sun Donghengs two simple words had filtered into many visitors minds.

The purpose of surfing the internet was to have fun.

“Support a mobile phone Although Im able to do it, it probably will have a bad effect.” Little Snow Flake stuck her tongue out.

Swish, swish, swish!

Ten super rockets went up one after another at the next moment.

One rocket cost 2,000 yuan, and ten cost 20,000 yuan.

Judging by what he did, all the people present, thought he was really wealthy.

“Hes so rich!”

“So handsome!”

“Emperor Dong is really mighty!”

“Brother Dong, youre embarrassing me…” Little Snow Flake grinned and said.

Swish, swish, swish!

Another ten super rockets went up one by one.

“Oh, Brother Dong.

Its not good…”


In the end, Sun Dongheng donated gifts worth about 100,000 yuan.

Since she was aware that he was the one sending all the rewards, Little Snow Flake did not say anymore and held the mobile phone, within a limit.

Then She asked Sun Dongheng to order two songs.

At this point, the rooms popularity had exceeded two million.

Although the number was not real, nobody cared at this moment.

After she sang two songs, Sun Dongheng left the broadcast room.

He recharged 500,000 yuan and entered the room of a male game streamer.

Swish, swish, swish!

As ten large rockets went up, hundreds of thousands of tourists were attracted by it immediately.

“My gosh!” What he did, surprised the streamer.

Sun Dongheng led the comments again this time and left after donating gifts worth 100,000 yuan.

On hearing that Sun Dongheng was donating a group of rockets in the next streamers room, visitors entered the room at the same time.

He spent another 100,000 yuan.

People guessed that Brother Dong was a super upstart as he was spending money like water.

Meanwhile, the number of Sun Donghengs followers increased dramatically.

When he went to the broadcast room that was less popularity, some visitors had started typing in advance,

“Emperor Dong has arrived.”

In just over an hour, Sun Dongheng spent over 400,000 yuan, and people felt that he seemed to have spent four million yuan because he was so fast, accurate and ruthless! Therefore, he was nicknamed Upstart Dong.

Now that he had achieved his goal, Sun Dongheng logged out.

Then he bought a set of equipment for live video streaming and began to make preparations.

It was 5:30.

While Zhang Han was preparing dinner in the kitchen, customers arrived in succession.

To Zhang Hans surprise, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back.

“Mama, youre back.” Mengmeng immediately put down her toys and reached out her small arms to Zi Yan, “MaMa, pick me up.”

Zi Yan walked over and held Mengmeng in her arms.

When she stepped upstairs, she glanced at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “I want to eat the roast duck you made last time.”


Hearing Zi Yans request, Zhang Han nodded directly.

Zi Yan was satisfied with his attitude.


Thats what you should be doing!”

“Im Mengmengs mother.

Im the hostess.

You should listen to my requests!”


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