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Elder brother Long felt a little astonished.

After thinking for a moment, he sat down opposite Xia Shanhao.

Although Xia Shahao brought a dozen people, most of them were merely his henchmen.

At this time, only Xia Shanhao, his subordinate, Boss Wu, Wu Xiaolei and several of his friends were seated.

That was to say, only a few people present, were entitled to sit down.

Dahe and other five or six of his men were not seated too, but stood behind elder brother Long.

“Elder brother Hao, you are welcome here.

Ill drink first.”

Elder brother Long picked up an empty glass, poured in half a glass of imported wine, and proposed a toast to Xia Shanhao.

After that, he said in a deep voice,

“Elder brother Hao, I was told the incident that happened yesterday was due to a petty dispute, so you dont have to make a big fuss.

One of the two employees is an ace DJ and the other one is an ace bartender.

Both of them are our treasured talents.

Please give them a second chance for my sake, elder brother Hao.”

The instant he finished speaking, the atmosphere immediately became frosty.

Boss Wu felt that things were getting to be interesting, but he just sat there, without saying anything.

Wu Xiaolei lifted his nose, and had a ferocious look on his face.

“Reconcile with them He never thought about it in the least!”

He, Wu Xiaolei, had never been hit in the head by anyone with a bottle, before!

Xia Shanhaos eyes narrowed.

Then he laughed and then spreading his arms, said,

“If I do you this favor now, who will return the favor later”

“Is there anything you can do, elder brother Hao As long as you intervene, Young Master Lei will respect your decision.

I have tried my best to ask these two employees to stay.

Elder brother Hao, I hope you forgive their rudeness.

I know what they did was wrong and Ill ask them to make amends.

Will that be all right” Elder brother Long said with a smile, acting like a peacemaker.

“Make amends Damn it.

How dare you make the decision Who are you” Wu Xiaolei lost his temper.

He pointed to elder brother Long and ranted at him.

Hearing his reply, elder brother Long felt angry.

Dahe and his men who were behind, had angry looks on their faces, but they did not say anything.

Xia Shanhao was like a huge mountain, who made them feel overwhelmed and they did not dare to make any moves.

“Er Xiaolei, how can you talk like this” Boss Wu said hypocritically, “Boss Xia will deal with this problem, so youd better not talk anymore.”

“Ha,ha.” Xia Shanhao shook his head, smiled and said, “Xiaolong, did you heard that Young Master Lei isnt willing to accept their apology.”

At this point, looking at Young Master Lei, who was fiercely arrogant, elder brother Long gritted his teeth, looked at Xia Shanhao and said, “Elder brother Hao, you must know what happened.

I think you are a very reasonable person…”

Before he finished speaking, Xia Shanhao frowned.

“You keep repeating this over and over again.

Do you really think I am a kind person ”

He gazed at elder brother Long coldly and then said slowly,

“I have just told you what I want to be done.

Dont you understand what I said Or are you so overbearing that you forgot whose territory this is”

As soon as this remark was made, the atmosphere on the court cooled totally.

The subordinate seated next to Xia Shanhao stood up slowly, with a cold look in his eyes.

His action indicated that he would teach elder brother Long a lesson if he was still adamant about protecting the two girls.

Elder brother Long looked at Xia Shanhao, and his face paled.

However, in less than three seconds, he gave up.

At this time, he felt very helpless and miserable.

People had to be humble when they were trapped in a helpless situation.

He had totally lost face in the presence of Xia Shanhao.

“Offend him in a tough way”

If he did so, he would be nailed to the wall afterwards!

He knew Xia Shanhao was ruthless.

Judging from Xia Shanhaos gaze, he realized that he was already very unhappy.

If he persisted, he would obviously suffer.

Although the discussion failed to work, he had one last resort.

He shook his head with a wry smile, then sighed repeatedly,

“Ah, theyre really the people who brings in the money for me.

Unfortunately, elder brother Hao, since you have asserted your stand, I wont say anything else.

Dahe, go and see if the two of them have turned up for work today.

If so, bring them here.”

After he finished speaking, elder brother Long looked at Xia Shanhao and the people beside him, then said, “Today is Sunday, and theyre usually off.”

Dahe and his companions nodded, then stepped away from the table.

Dahe was very astute and he knew that elder brother Long was asking them to help Zhang Li and Luo Qing escape.

Otherwise he would not have said this, as he was aware that the two girls were at the bar at this moment.

However, as soon as they prepared to leave, Wu Xiaolei waved his hand and said,



Dahe and his companions turned to look at him.

Wu Xiaolei stood up, looked at Dahe, then said with a sneer, “Who knows if you will come up with some tricks Come on, follow me.

Lets go and find them together!”

While speaking, Wu Xiaolei pointed to a dozen of Xia Shanhaos men.

When they heard that, they all looked at Xia Shanhaos subordinate, and were a little startled at the same time.


Does this guy regard himself as the boss Why is he giving orders to them so casually”

After the subordinate nodded in agreement, they, together with a dozen bodyguards, followed Wu Xiaolei, to go with Dahe and his companions.

Wu Xiaoleis friends also got up and followed them; it was very stressful for them to stay where they were!

“Go! What are you waiting for Hurry up!” Wu Xiaolei urged Dahe, as he glared at him.

Dahe gritted his teeth secretly, and lead the way, walking silently.

At this point, Xia Shanhao and Boss Wu smiled.

In their view, although Wu Xiaolei was a dandy, he was also very intelligent.

As for elder brother Long, he felt very helpless and could only pray that they would be able to escape.

He had done everything that he could do.

At this moment, it was just at 8 oclock in the evening, when Dahe led them off.

Such a large group of more than 10 people automatically attracted the attention of the others, as they headed for the staff entrance.

Dahe took the lead and tried to cast about for solutions.

“What should I do”

At this time, Dahe could feel sweat dripping from his forehead.

He knew that if he did not take any action, Zhang Li and Luo Qing would be doomed tonight.

After a pause, Dahe gnashed his teeth together.

His right hand reached into his pocket, took out his Samsung 201X phone and opened it.

“The fifth number was Zhang Lis number.”

Dahe pressed the dialing key, pressed the “down” button four times, then dialed the number.

“Sorry, Ill take this call first.”

Dahe stopped, informed Wu Xiaolei, then took out his mobile phone to answer the phone call.

“Hello Dahe, well be arriving soon.

Why are you calling me”

Hearing Zhang Lis voice, Dahe heaved a sigh of relief.

He reminded her in a loud voice,

“Young Master Qian, Im Dahe.

Oh, Im sorry, the table you just booked is now occupied.

I cant meet your needs now because Boss Xia is here.

Im hosting Young Master Lei…”

Before he could finish speaking, a roar sounded beside him.

“What the ***!.”

Young Master Lei extended his fist and hit Dahe in the face, which stunned him, but then he knew what was going on.

After hitting Dahe, Young Master Lei looked at the staff entrance and pointed with his finger.

He growled, “There are the two bit*hes.

Catch them!”

As Dahe looked over, he suddenly froze.

On the other side, Zhang Li was holding a mobile phone.

Obviously, at this time, they had been completely exposed!

Dahe gave a wry smile because he was likely to be involved in this fracas today!


Zhang Li had already walked out when she received Dahes call just now.

At this moment, when she saw Young Master Lei and the men behind him, she realized that something had gone terribly wrong.

Therefore, she quickly ran to the door with Luo Qing.

There were still dozens of guests in the bar at this point, but Zhang Li and Luo Qing quickly dashed through the crowd.

Their escape was hampered by the number of people gathered around in the rear.

“Get out of the way!”

“Get out of the way!”

However, hearing their loud shouts, all the people along the aisle stepped back, which helped them to move with greater speed.

Wu Xiaolei ignored Dahe and ran after them.

Dahe and his companions looked at each other, then they followed.

Zhang Li and Luo Qing ran out of the night show.

After passing through the hall, they pushed the door and exited.

But the group behind them followed closely, and they were getting nearer and nearer.

The two girls ran, while another group of people ran after them.

This thrilling scene scared many people.

Even the front desk staff were afraid as they had never seen anything like this before.

In front of Starry Sky Bar, was a circular small square, which was surrounded by many furnishings and parking lots.

Zhang Li and Luo Qing quickly ran to the road.


A roar sounded all of a sudden, which seemed to come from several meters behind them.

Luo Qing was so startled that she went limp, then both she and Zhang Li fell to the ground.

As soon as they fell, a dozen people gathered round them.

Their physical strength were no match for these strong men after all.

“Bit*hes! Run! Do you want to escape now”

Wu Xiaolei and his friends followed up, out of breath.

He shouted loudly at Zhang Li and Luo Qing,

“If either of you can escape today, Ill change my surname if I fail to make you submissive!”

Luo Qing was so frightened that her face turned pale, and she could not help trembling.

As for Zhang Li, she was not that afraid, but felt somewhat angry.

She did not say anything at this moment, for she knew that it would only antagonise Wu Xiaolei if she said more.

At this time, Dahe and his companions also arrived.

He knew that escaping was of no help now since their plan had been exposed, so he had to confront Wu Xiaolei.

On catching sight of Dahe, Wu Xiaolei turned his anger on him.

“And you.

You dare to play tricks!”

Wu Xiaolei scolded and kicked Dahe without any hesitation.

Dahe did not say a word, even though he had been beaten for several minutes and continued to let himself be assaulted.


Suddenly, Zhang Li shouted coldly.

People looked over and saw Zhang Li using the phone, all the while glaring at Wu Xiaolei in anger.

“Hello, police.

Starry Sky Bar, Anlu Street.

A man named Wu Xiaolei is trying to kidnap me.


“Calling the police”

Wu XiaoLei sneered and was absolutely livid.

He took two steps forward, grabbed the phone in Zhang Lis hand and mercilessly smashed it onto the ground.


After cursing, Wu Xiaolei raised his right hand and was about to slap Zhang Li on her cheek.

Just then!


All of a sudden, engine sounds could be heard, followed by lights which became brighter and brighter, as a black Mercedes approached them.


Wu Xiaolei turned to look.

When he figured out what was happening, his face turned pale and his pupils contracted sharply.

Under the peoples gaze, this brand-new Mercedes was coming at him with great speed.

Several of his men reacted instantly and moved out of the way hurriedly.

But Wu Xiaolei was so stunned so that he stood totally still.

He wanted to escape, but his body would not obey his mind.


The brakes of the car squealed.


A dull thud rang out.

Wu Xiaolei rolled on the ground, his head bleeding profusely.

“What happened ”

Everyone present was astonished.

They all looked at the brand-new Mercedes, which stopped in front of them.

The next moment, seven other Mercedes cars approached and surrounded all the people.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The sound of the opening and closing the car doors echoed loudly.

Then, more than 20 men in black suits, got out of the cars and looked coldly at the scene.

They frightened the other people.

Despite their being thugs from the underground forces, the people in front of them seemed to be more formidable!

Even Dahe and his companions felt a little confused, for they could not identify these people.

“Are they enemies or friends”

Zhang Li suddenly remembered something, so she stared at the car which had knocked Wu Xiaolei down.

Under her gaze, the door of the passenger seat opened.

Zhao Feng, who looked handsome, but had an expressionless face and cold eyes, stepped out from the car.

He did not look at the others, but walked slowly towards Zhang Li.

“Are you okay”

Zhao Feng chuckled.

Seeing Zhang Lis messy bangs, he gently fixed them, then he whispered,

“Sorry for coming late.”

At this moment, Zhang Li felt her heart beating wildly.

She gawked at Zhao Feng, and her mind went blank.

She subconsciously shook her head and replied,

“Youre not late.

Perfect timing.”

“Mmm.” Zhao Feng nodded with a smile.

He stretched out his right hand and pointed to Wu Xiaolei, who stood up unsteadily.

Then he asked, “Is he the man who is bothering you”

“Yes.” Zhang Li nodded.

“Got it.”

Zhao Feng turned around and looked at Wu Xiaolei.

At this point, the smile on his face faded away and his cold look was back!

His breath was so cold that Xia Shanhaos bodyguards felt as if they had fallen through ice!

The next moment, Zhao Feng stepped towards Wu Xiaolei.

Wu Xiaolei was not seriously injured even though he had been hit by the car.

At this point, Wu Xiaolei reacted.

He stared at Zhao Feng, panting, and said insanely,

“What the **!!…”


Before he finished his words, quick as lightning, Zhao Feng kicked him in the leg.

Then people clearly heard the sound of his bone breaking.


Wu Xiaolei screamed in pain.

Before he collapsed, Zhao Feng kicked him again.


Wu Xiaoleis other leg was broken!

Wu Xiaolei could no longer stand at this time, but he did not fall to the ground.

Zhao Feng caught him by the collar.

“Is there anyone else” When Zhao Feng turned his head to look at Zhang Li, he smiled again.

But his smile frightened Wu Xiaolei and his companions.

“What sort of scary person he was!”


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