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“Er…” Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile and said, “I wont.

Bosss wife did not have much time before, but she will be moving in soon.

Then she will be able to spend more time with boss, especially after dinner.”

“Well, anyway, my brother and Zi Yan are meant to be together.

My sister-in-law Zi Yan is so nice, and Mengmeng is so cute and lovely.

They make a great family.

Zhao Feng, since you are always with my brother, you can help to create a romantic atmosphere, depending on the situation.” Zhang Li reminded him.

“Create an atmosphere I cant!” Zhao Feng said helplessly.


You are indeed a boring man, just like my brother!” Zhang Li glared at Zhao Feng in disdain.

Whether Zhao Feng was romantic or not, Zhang Han was certainly not as boring as Zhang Li made him out to be.

At this moment, in Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant, a cozy event was taking place.

In the lobby on the first floor, Zhang Han was playing the piano continuously, while Mengmeng was sitting on the small sofa, singing the song “Sentimental Version.”

Accompanied by Zhang Hans piano playing, Mengmengs tender voice sounded very sweet.

“If I should give up the whole world, at least theres you that I must cherish.

Your existence is a miracle in my life.

Hum, hum.

Perhaps I can forget the whole world…”

Because Mengmeng only heard the song twice before this, she had to hum the original melody, which was in a much lower key than the piano, in the stereo.

Although she failed to remember some lyrics, Mengmeng had inherited Zi Yans musical talent and was not out of tune.

Zhang Han was playing the piano, while Mengmeng was singing the love song, which warmed Zi Yans heart, as she sat between the two of them.

After Mengmeng finished singing the song, Zi Yan gave her a round of applause and said with a smile, “It sounds great.

Mengmeng sings very well.”

“Ha, ha, ha.

Mengmeng is the best.

PaPa is the best.

MaMa is also the best.” Mengmeng said with a chuckle.

Zi Yan reached out her hands to touch Mengmengs head, then she looked at Zhang Han and said, “You play the piano very well.”

“Do you want to sing a song too” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan, smiling.


“Uh-huh! Sing a song.

MaMa should sing a song too” Mengmeng stretched her hands and shook Zi Yans arms, continuously.

“Fine.” Zi Yan grinned as she looked at Zhang Han.

“What song do you want to listen to”

“Just sing…” After a pause, Zhang Han said, “Cute Dimples.”


Play the accompaniment.” Zi Yan cleared her throat.

Zhang Han, however, did not play the tune she requested.

He put his fingers on the piano, and the next moment, a slightly complicated melody similar to the original tune, was played.

Zi Yan was a little stunned at this time.

She knew it was a brand-new accompaniment, but to Zi Yans surprise, Zhang Han actually combined the comprehensive artistic concept and melody from the original tune, together with the sounds of multiple instruments, on the piano alone.

This meant that Zhang Hans piano playing skills were almost at their peak.

But Zi Yan soon came back to herself.

She started to sing.

“I am still looking for one to rely on and to hug.”

“Who will pray for me, be worried for me, be angry with me.”

Zi Yans wonderful voice impressed everyone.

Although she sang softly, her voice had a certain charm, which warmed everyones hearts.

As for Zi Yan, she looked at Zhang Han secretly with her beautiful eyes, as she sang in a soft voice.

Zi Yan subsituted her feelings in the first two lyrics of the song, though the phrase “looking for” was not in accordance with her experience.

In fact, she was waiting for someone she could rely on and hug.

Fortunately, Zhang Han, Mengmengs biological father, was the one who could make Zi Yan happy.

There was no doubt that Zi Yan was really delighted that she met Zhang Han at the right time.

He was not someone who was grumpy and arrogant, but a warm hearted man.

“Happiness begins to have omens, fate makes us get closer slowly.

Then we will no longer be lonely and talk more…”

As she sang, Zi Yan found that most of the lyrics seemed to portray what she was going through.

Therefore, her emotions gradually permeated into the music, which made the song come alive.

However, she felt a little shy when she sang “Youll feel warm all your life and Ill love you till I die”.

The song was gradually coming to an end.

Zi Yan ended the song perfectly, but Zhang Han made it sound better as he played the last verse.

In the last long verse, after Zi Yan sang the word “die”

After Zi Yan sang the word “die”, Zhang Han slowly turned his head.

He stared at Zi Yan gently and smiled.

Although he did not look at the piano, his fingers continued to move over the keys.

With the accompaniment, Zhang Hans low, gentle voice rang out.

“Cute dimples, long eyelashes, you are so charming.

I am slowing down and feel drunk.”


Zi Yan was suddenly startled.

She gradually stopped singing, as her eyes blinked and gawked at Zhang Han.

At this moment, waves of happiness flooded her.

As for Zhang Han, he continued to sing the last line of the song.

“I finally found the one who has mutual affinity with me.

Youll feel warm all your life and Ill love you till I die.”

Zhang Hans singing seemingly turned into a rainbow and entered Zi Yans heart.

After finishing this verse, Zhang Hans hands left the piano.

Zi Yan, however, looked at Zhang Han affectionately, entranced by his singing.

Undoubtedly, it was the right time for Zhang Han to give Zi Yan a hug.


“Uh-huh, PaPa, MaMa! Why arent you looking at me” Mengmeng blinked for a long while.

Finding herself totally ignored by the two of them, she became unhappy, and started pouting.

Sometimes it seemed that the super aid could also become a super third wheel.


Zi Yan came back to her senses, and her face suddenly turned red.

She lowered her eyes with her long eyelashes and was trembling uncontrollably.

At this point, she felt short of breath and her hands clutched her skirt tightly, showing a vivid, delicate appearance.

Though Zhang Han was impressed, he could not ignore Mengmeng!

Zhang Han leaned forward to hold the little princess in his arms, kissed her tender cheek and asked, “Does your mother sing well”

“Yes, yes.” Mengmeng became happy after getting a kiss.

She cheered, “MaMa is really great!”

Hearing Mengmengs words, Zi Yan came back to reality.

She looked at Zhang Han, and said, “What a surprise.

You sing so well too.”

Zi Yans eyes was sparkling.

At this moment, she suddenly found that Zhang Han completely fitted the impression of the prince charming in her mind.

He was handsome, easygoing, versatile, caring and warm-hearted.

It turned out that her prince charming had always been at her side, but she had not noticed him before.

“Im just an average singer.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, then checked the time and said, “Its nearly eleven oclock.

Its time to sleep.”

“Er Sleep Well… okay.” Mengmeng replied lovingly.

“Lets go and listen to the story.” Zi Yan picked up Mengmeng from Zhang Hans arms and walked to the bedroom.

Both Zi Yan and Mengmeng were lying on the bed, while Zhang Han was telling the story, softly, with his head leaning on his hand.

Gradually, both of them fell asleep.

Judging by Zi Yans expression, she was sound asleep.

Zhang Han smiled slightly, then took Mengmeng back to her small bed.

After covering them with quilts, he went back to his bedroom to rest.

At this point, Zhang Hans life was becoming increasingly wonderful.


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