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“Zhao Feng, you are back!”

“Long time no see.”

“Youre more handsome than before!”

A few people were greeting Zhao Feng.

“I came over to help.” Zhao Feng nodded with a smile.

He glanced over.

There were about a dozen people and he could name most of them, but they werent so familiar.

During the recent four or five years, the more familiar people in the army left, retired, or got promoted.

When his good friends had trouble, he was always willing to help.

He encountered so many difficulties all these years.

But ending up as Zhang Hans disciple, Zhao Feng felt that he was the luckiest.

Zhao Feng glanced around and felt somewhat upset.

“Instructor, at one oclock in the afternoon, it will be the team battle in the jungle between Dragon Eagle and us.

Since you brought back so many people, what about us” a small-eyed man asked.

“You are resting today,” Instructor Liu waved his hand and replied.

“Why I want to go too! Ah Liu was severely hurt the day before yesterday.

I must get revenge today!” the mans face and neck got red while saying angrily.

“Yeah, Ill go too.”

“Ill fight him in person!”

A lot of people echoed him.

In recent days, they had been severely bullied by the guys from Dragon Eagle and been defeated on all the aspects.

Everybody was waiting for the chance of team battle to get revenge.

They all believed that they were highly possible to win the battle with the cooperation of their team.

“Xiao Wu,” Instructor Liu glanced at the small-eyed man and said, “I know that you also feel very depressed.

Thats why I found helpers today.

What you should do is just to watch and learn from the team battle.”

“No, I have to go!” Xiao Wu said unyieldingly.

“What” Instructor Liu lift his brows and said, “Youve got a temper! I know that you are dissatisfied.

I like the men of character.

Alright, come on.

Those who want to go stand before me.”

After hearing those words, Zhao Feng found some mischief in Instructor Lius eyes and he knew what he was going to do.

Zhao Feng shook his head helplessly.

Instructor Liu was quite unique among all the instructors.

If it were a strict instructor, he would shout angrily at this time,

“This is an order!”

But Instructor Liu was not the same.

He was more like a gang boss than an instructor in the army.

After Xiao Wu and other guys of Wolf Head heard those words, they all went to stand in front of Instructor Liu.

“All of you are dissatisfied Alright.

If you are dissatisfied, then choose your opponent here and go fight.

I still have fifty people here in addition to Zhao Feng.

Come here, Ah Hu, you stand in a row.”

Instructor Liu commanded on site.

In less than one minute, all people had stood face to face.

Xiao Wu and others totaled forty-three.

Everyone had chosen their opponents.

Except for six women, including Leng Yue, and a slightly thin man, everyone else had been selected.

It was worth mentioning that the leader, Xiao Wu, chose Xu Yong.

“Well, all of you stand apart.

Wait for my orders before you can start fighting.

Five, four, three.

Xiao Hu, go for it! Two, one, start!”

Instructor Liu couldnt help but encourage Xiao Hu when he was counting down.

But the suppressed smile at the corners of his mouth betrayed him.

He didnt really think like that deep in heart.

After all, Xu Yong, who was in front of him, even beat him once.


With Instructor Lius order, Xiao Wu goggled his eyes and rushed to Xu Yong.

When he was near him, Xiao Wu squatted slightly and kept very stable.

He first made a punch with his left hand.

He used 50% of his strength with this punch while the rest of his strength constantly accumulated to his right hand.

He was ready to make the second punch after the first one.

This was the basic military style of Wolf Head.

Facing this punch, Xu Yong stepped backwards and easily stayed away.

Then he moved his body and managed to avoid the second heavy punch.

Xu Yong didnt embarrass him.

After Xiao Wu punched and kicked twice, he just fought back.

He grasped Xiao Wu, threw him over his shoulder and knocked him down.

“Ahem, ahem…”

Because it was a cement floor, Xiao Wu felt a little painful.

When he stood up and just wanted to speak, he found that others guys next to him had all fallen to the ground.


“Instructor, this…” Xiao Wus face was a bit stiff, saying, “You are making fun of us!”

Why did the instructor not remind them of their power

“Are you satisfied now” Instructor Liu said loudly, “if not, then continue.”

“No need, no need.” Now that Xiao Wu had known the situation, he shook his head constantly and then looked at Xu Yong.

He held fists and said, “Youre a great master! I really admire you.

May I ask…”


Instructor Liu kicked Xiao Wus ass and Xiao Wu almost fell over.

He shouted angrily, “What the hell are you saying How many times have I told you Save those unnecessary formalities.

I dont like that!”

“Hey Instructor Wouldnt that show Im literate” Xiao Wu rubbed his ass and said innocently.

“Literate your ass! Would that feed you Youre just a coward! Werent you so brave that youd revenge for your buddies” Instructor Liu said angrily.

“Ahem… Forget about that.

Its the same.

Instructor, you found them just to help us right” Xiao Wu laughed cheekily.

At this time, other people also stood up and came around, looking at Ah Hu and others in awe.

They were so powerful!

At the same time, many people were saying to their instructor,

“Instructor, youre great.

After you left yesterday, I thought that you gave up.

I didnt expect that youd go to find helpers.”

“Instructor, Im so moved by you! Today we can finally get revenge.

We must beat up those bastards of Dragon Eagle!”

“Instructor, you are so powerful.

I cant imagine you can find so many great masters!”


“Enough, ahem.

Keep a low profile,” Instructor Liu said that as if it was not a big deal.

He squinted his eyes and waved his hand, “You can just enjoy the show today.

Keep a low profile.

Say nothing about it.

They are our trump cards.

I wont use them unless it is necessary.”

Seeing how mincing Instructor Liu was, Zhao Feng and others found it funny and shook their heads.

Ah Hu and others even admired him more.

Instructor Liu really had a big heart.

Yesterday someone almost beat the ** out of him, but today, he became so proud again with many helpers here.

“Then lets have a breakfast together.

The team battle will begin at nine oclock.

Well go there to enjoy the scene,” Instructor Liu said.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng nodded.

So a group of people walked out of the yard and came to the restaurant.

The restaurant was a three-story building.

It was not small, just like the canteen of a university.

Because they came late, there were not many people in the restaurant, only about thirty or forty people in total on the first floor.

“Lets go to the second floor,” Instructor Liu took the lead and walked upstairs while saying that.

On the way, Zhao Feng vaguely heard some people saying,

“Arent they guys of Wolf Head It seems that there are more people than yesterday.”

“Whats the use of that Theyll be the worst of this year anyways.”

“Whats ridiculous is that theyve been drawn against Dragon Eagle today.

I cant imagine how many of them will be severely injured later!”

Hearing them whispering to each other, Zhao Feng slightly frowned.

It seemed that guys of the Dragon Eagle were getting more and more arrogant.

The food here was very good.

Just for breakfast, there was milk, eggs, steamed buns, porridge, meat, fried dishes, stew and everything.

However, Zhao Feng and others still felt it tasteless.

Having the food on Mount New Moon for just a few days had made them very picky.

Instructor Li saw this and reminded them, “Zhao Feng, all of you must eat more.

You wont have time to rest at noon.

Eat enough and give them a good beating later on!”

“Instructor, dont worry about anything.

Did you forget yesterday you…” Ah Hu jokingly said.

Hearing him saying that, Xiao Wu and others looked at him immediately.

“Shut up! What do you want to say” Instructor Liu stared at him and said quickly, “What the hell What are you trying to say Ah Hu, listen to me.

Stopping talking nonsense here.

I have heart problems.

If I get a heart attack because of you, you will be dead.”

“Ha, ha, ha.”

Xu Yong and others laughed.

Ah Hu said quickly, “Yes! I wont make you angry.

I just want to say that you didnt drink much yesterday.”

Xiao Wu and others all laughed after hearing this.

Instructor Liu indeed wasnt a good drinker.

Only two bottles would make him drunk and hed ask for more if he was drunk, which just made him even worse.

“Not only can he not drink much, his behaviors are also so annoying.

Hed turn over the table when hes drunk,” Leng Yue said that disdainfully.

“Ah” Instructor Liu was stunned and felt a little awkward.

He looked at Zhao Feng who was on the opposite side and whispered, “Did I turn over the table”

“Uh…” Zhao Feng recalled carefully and said, “Instructor, since I firstly met you, youve turned over the table for at least fifty times Im afraid!”

“Ahem, eat, eat.” Instructor Liu lowered his head and began to eat.

His reaction provoked laughter from the crowd.

But they did not know that Instructor Liu was a little allergic to alcohol.

He drank again and again.

Just because of companionship.

Every time he drank it, he felt bad.

Though he didnt feel good physically, he felt so great mentally.

Of course, when he was in a bad mood, hed also drink some to drown his sorrows.

When they were about to finish eating, Zhao Fengs phone rang from his pocket.

He took it out and found that it was Zhang Hans call, so he picked up the phone quickly,


“Well, Ive planned the things on Sunday.

Ill tell you the details when we meet later.”

“This… Boss, I am outside.

Instructor Liu has some trouble, so I brought Ah Hu and others to fight a team battle for him.

It will start at 1 oclock in the afternoon…” Speaking of this, Zhao Feng took a look at Instructor Liu.

“It will end at 3 and you can go back at 5,” Instructor Liu said.

“I can go back at 5.

Is it urgent I can go back now if its urgent,” Zhao Feng said.

In fact, whether he was here or not didnt really matter.

These fifty people including Ah Hu could totally handle it.

“No hurry, well talk after you come back in the afternoon.

I can use this time to make a plan, and then Ill give you a complete process.”


After finishing his words, Zhao Feng just held his phone and did not move.

He put back his phone until Zhang Han hung up.

This was also a kind of courtesy in detail.

Seeing Zhao Feng put away his mobile phone, Instructor Liu whispered, “Zhao Feng, Im going with you today.

I want… I want to train my soldiers.”

If his Wolf Head Detachment were fully armed, their combat power would be very terrible.

“You can go, but I dont know if the boss will agree.

He doesnt like trouble.

He looks after Mengmeng every day.

The boss just came to teach Ah Hu and others for one hour,” Zhao Feng said.

“Ah For how long One hour” Instructor Liu choked on the porridge and some porridge even flowed out of his nostrils, but he completely ignored that then.


“Then, what is his method” Instructor Lius eyes were fixed on Zhao Feng.

“Well, I cant say it,” Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head.

Although he regarded Instructor Liu as his real brother, some things could not be said after all.

“I know, then just tell me if he has a way to make everyone pass! This is important, very important,” Instructor Liu asked very seriously.

In his gaze, Zhao Feng hesitated for a moment and finally nodded with a word,



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