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Ren Fei subconsciously turned to look at him with a vacant expression.

However, after he came to his sense, his face changed.

He coughed slightly and said seriously, “Do you think Wolf Head is just a pushover Ha, ha.”

“Erm…” Instructor Hong looked at the screen again and got lost in thought, but he failed to figure out where this group of people came from.

Seeing that he was shocked, Ren Fei felt very comfortable.

He looked at Instructor Liu and cheered in his mind: Xiaoliu is indeed an awesome and strong man!

Not only they, but also Leading Cadre Chen and Leading Cadre Liu retained a frosty reserve.

Since they were well-informed, they certainly knew the martial arts world and had come into contact with many martial artists.

In fact, the chief instructors present were all martial arts masters.

The two of them were truly surprised that Wolf Head dispatched these people, only for National Security Agency hired martial artists.

As a security authority for strange people, National Security Agency had its own management method for martial artists, which was not suitable for the military.

Besides, only few martial artists were enlisted.

Martial artists like these instructors were in a minority.

If there were only one or two martial artists coming into their sight, their mood would not have affected.

However, they were definitely shocked since they saw a group of martial artists.

All the martial artists present almost doped out these peoples identity, and even Tai Ruitian, who was sitting off the stage, stood up suddenly.

His face changed greatly and he realized that the result of todays assessment would probably be unexpected.

As for those who were not martial artists, they were just stunned by their incredible speed.

In the jungle.

The members of Dragon Eagle were indeed well trained and had strong capacity for implementation.

After the captain made several gestures, the teams spread quickly.

The formation was in triangle with a total of six teams.

The three teams in the first row were responsible for making way, the teams in the second row took responsibility for assaulting and supporting, while the team in the last row was in charge of sniping.

Although members in the last row could not see the first row clearly because of the fog, they could support them and kill the enemy at the back since they could see the movement of the second row.

The team marched in a shape of an umbrella.

After about twenty minutes, they walked nearly halfway, and the speed also slowed down.

They were very cautious and kept looking around.

They knew that the enemy would appear very shortly.

At this moment, surrounded by mist, the jungle became much quieter.

The thick foliage blocked out the sunlight, which made everyone in the jungle fail to see clearly and feel chill.

The seven people in team on the right of the first row were walking forward.

Beside them stood many trees in various thickness.

At this point, they could not see anyone and could not hear the sound of any enemy.

They started to be nervous in this dead jungle.

The soldier at the end of the line stepped on leaves.

As soon as he took a step forward, a figure suddenly appeared from the leaves under his back foot.

Its Ah Hu!

Looking at the enemy, with his back to him, Ah Hu sneered and covered the mans mouth.

As he punched the soldier quickly with his left fist, a dull thud was heard.

The soldiers muscles instantly tensed up.

When he was about to resist, he saw the red light on his shoulder.

Therefore, he reluctantly gave up his resistance and stood still, trying to keep quiet.

Because he knew that if they were on the battlefield and the man behind him held a knife, he would have been killed silently and died.

However, he had some doubts: Where does he come from

But the next moment, he figured out the answer.

He saw the enemies appearing from the leaves in succession when his six teammates in front of him and killing his teammates quietly.

Only in less than twenty seconds, the soldiers in this team were all killed.

“How can they hide so well”

The soldier who was defeated first was totally dumbfounded.

Although their team was defeated, other teams did not find something unusual but still walked forward.

However, after one minute, the captain of the sniper team at the end of the line found there was something strange.

“The first team, the second team, the third team, respond to me.” He picked up the walkie-talkie and said.

But after a long time, no one replied him.

“Damn it!”

The captains heart gave a great leap and he said quickly, “The fourth team, the fifth team, defend in a hurry.”

After finishing his words, he said to the soldiers beside him, “Be put on alert and cover the fourth and fifth teams to retreat.”

After the order was given when the fourth and fifth teams retreated with great care.


A group of people jumped from the tree, and there were eleven people beside each team.

Although they were about even split, their skills…

Under the captains gaze, the enemies moved promptly.

Before the soldiers lifted their guns, they had already approached them and hit them with their fists and feet, which fell like raindrops.

Bang, bang, bang…

With a burst of thuds and screams, the soldiers of fourth and fifth teams were all killed.

At this time, the snipers failed to hold their enemies back though they fired a few shots.

That group of people left as quickly as they came.

They ran through the jungle, and disappeared in a while.

“Hurry up!”

“Watch out!”

“Defense with Circular Formation!”

The captain felt his heart giving a great throb and he shouted desperately.

Then ten of his men moved in a circle, having their backs against a hundred-year-old tree and looking around with great vigilance.

The captains hand, which held a gun, could not stop shaking.

The news that the five of six teams were all defeated completely stunned him.

Are those who are like ghosts from Wolf Head Detachment How is it possible What should I do

Cold sweat slowly ran down the captains forehead.

At this moment, he had no choice but defended with formations.

In the meantime.

Zhao Feng and his companions walked leisurely forward.

“Captain Feng, shall we continue to talk a stroll” Xiao Wu could not help but ask.

Its too casual for us to swagger forward.

What if we encounter enemies

“Havent I told you that we were responsible for collecting the bodies” Zhao Feng smiled and said.

“But where are the corpses The losers wont let us whip.” Xiao Wu curled his lips.

“This is the reason why Im here.” Zhao Feng suddenly looked forward and put on a playful smile, then said, “Look, the bodies are coming.”

After finishing speaking, Zhao Feng strode forward.

Those who came to them were from the third team of Dragon Eagle, which had been on the right of the first row.

Seeing Zhao Feng and his companions coming over, they did not say anything but hurried forward with their heads lowered.

They felt somewhat ashamed.

After all, at the beginning, they all had wanted to cut their enemies throats.

“Wait, do I let you go” Zhao Feng went forward and said.

“Well Are you sick Why should we stayed here since they have lost” One man of the third team raised his head all of a sudden and said in anger.

“Youll know the reason right away.” Zhao Feng glanced at Xiao Wu and some men who had just got close to him.

Then he waved his hand and said, “Beat them!”


Zhao Feng took the lead in rushing up.

Realizing Zhao Fengs intention, the soldiers in the third team began resisting, but none of them could stop Zhao Fengs fists and feet.

Everyone punched and kicked on each other, causing a burst of cries of pain.

A minute later, everyone in the third team became black and blue, which made Xiao Wu and his companions feel comfortable.

“Fu*k, thats not enough! Brothers, shoot them randomly!” Xiao Wu picked up a gun and raked the members of the third team.

“Da, da, da, da, da…”

Thirty seconds later, the paints of the bullets totally covered the soldiers bodies and faces.

It seemed that a bunch of birds had ** all over them.

“Another team is approaching.

Lets go.” Zhao Feng found another team in front walking to him, so he took his men and walked over in a hurry.

Everyone in the third team looked at each other, and finally their eyes were fixed on the teammates behind them.

They wanted to say something, but eventually just covered their faces and sighed, running out of the jungle.

It was conceivable that the team behind was to suffer from the second round of shackles.

Although they would not get hurt, they would absolutely be abused!

At this time, in the indoor venue, everyone, including the superiors on the stage, was a little shocked.

At first, they were stunned by the skills of the members of Wolf Head, but now they felt weird when they saw what had happened.

“Ha, ha, ha.

Its really cool.” Instructor Lius eyes narrowed, and he shook his body as he hummed in his seat.

Tai Ruitian, who was not far from Instructor Liu, was so angry that his eyes turned red and he gasped like an old ox.

If the superiors were not behind him, he would have turned over the table.

“Ouch, this is indeed a one-sided battle.

Alas, I told them to save their dignity.

Why dont they listen to me” Instructor Liu said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You!” Tai Ruitian slammed the table fiercely and shook with rage.

“Ah, Instructor Ritian, whats wrong with you Are you having a seizure Do you want me to send you to the hospital” Instructor Liu asked with concern.

“You…” Tai Ruitian pouted and gritted his teeth tightly.

He pointed at Instructor Liu and whispered angrily, “Its not candid for you to look for help.

Wait, you will pay in ten folds for what you do today!”

“Oh, I believe in you.

After all, you even dare to fu*k the sky.” Instructor Liu said in agony.

“I…” Tai Ruitians face turned red immediately, and he almost spat out blood.

“Be quiet and look carefully.” The base instructor reminded them.

At this point, Tai Ruitian turned his head and everyone continued to look at the lens.

Under peoples gazes, the soldiers of the last surviving team of Dragon Eagle were defending with caution.

Suddenly, as the lens turned upwards, everyones eyes gradually widened.

Is this practicable

At this time in the jungle, the captain of Dragon Eagle constantly looked around and kept waiting silently.

But one minute, two minutes… five minutes passed, nothing happened.

“Where the hell are they” The captain gritted his teeth and said.

The opponent defeated five teams of Dragon Eagle.

By rights they could surround and attack their enemies because his men were superior numerically.

They needed to kill several enemies in any case.

However, no one appeared in a few minutes, which made him gradually became anxious.

Just then, from behind, a womans voice was heard all of a sudden, “Are you looking for us”

Womans voice

Everyone was shocked and turned around in a hurry.

On catching sight of the six women, they immediately raised their guns and pointed at them.

When they were about to pull the triggers,

The leading woman pointed at their shoulders and said coldly, “Can corpses still fight back”


The captain and his teammates glanced at their own shoulders.


Everyones face changed greatly and each of them was dumbfounded.

Because the lights on their shoulders already turned red.

When did they kill us

If they quietly killed the enemy in this way in a real fight, they could be described in a few words.

Ghosts on the battlefield!


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