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“Erm, how did you come here” The captain asked in misery, then he looked up at the trees and gave a wry smile.

Walking through trees

He did not take this factor into account, and he thought they were a little weird.

Since they could walk through trees without making big noises, their skills must be powerful.

The next moment, the captain waved his hand to his teammates with decadent sentiments and was ready to leave the jungle.

But when he turned his head, what he saw totally stunned him.

He saw more than fifty people strode forward to surround them.

Most of them held guns in their hands, while others held some branches.

What are they going to do

The captain was confused, but then he made out what they wanted to do.



On hearing this one-word command, this group of fierce men ran over.

Bang, bang, bang…



“Dont hit me in the face.”


On the middle camera in the indoor venue, a unilateral violent fight was taking on.

“They go too far!” Instructor Hong slammed the table and said in an angry voice, “Can you explain what they are doing, Instructor Ren Are they abusing others They are insulting their opponents as if they had not won before!”

In his view, dozens of martial artists, who were proficient in fighting in the jungle, would win easily in such battles.

He could accept their victory, but what they did infuriate him.

“Hey” Ren Fei stood up and said, “Cant you afford to lose Leading Cadre Liu, isnt participator allowed to whip the prisoners in team battles” Ren Fei asked loudly.

This time, before Leading Cadre Liu gave a response, Leading Cadre Chen said first,

“There is no such rule.

If they were in a real battle, they would have died, not to mention that they were just whipped.

So, do you have any questions, Instructor Hong”


Instructor Hongs face turned pale, and he said weakly, “No.”

After finishing his words, he sat down and sulked.

Other superiors were accustomed to what was happening.

Strife existed wherever human beings lived in, so was in the military.

Aside from the cause of defending the country, there were competitions among the small teams.

Instructor Hong and Instructor Ren always competed with each other.

Moreover, their subordinates of Dragon Eagle and Wolf Head clashed with each other.

Sometimes their strained relation could push them to move on if they made good use of it.

Just like the ancient emperors, they always ignored the hostility among their subordinates.

Although they caused some noises on the stage, others did not pay attention to them, because the venue was already in an uproar.

Everyone was talking about the shocking battle.

They thought that the speed, skills for hiding of Wolf Head Detachment were worth learning.

Five minutes later.

Zhao Feng and his companions walked in from the door.

As soon as they entered the venue, everyone, including all the superiors on the stage, looked at them with curiosity, exclamation or other emotions.

“Ahem, ahem!”

Xiao Wu put on a solemn and proud expression and stretched out his right hand to tidy up his collar.

Then he started to goose-stepped in the crowd.

Pa, pa, pa.

His actions did attract some peoples attention.

After Zhao Feng and his companions sat down, Instructor Liu, who was in a good mood, stood up and walked forward with a wide smile.

This was the best moment for him in the past two years.

“You are all great!” Instructor Liu gave a thumbs up to Zhao Feng and his companions, then he took the lead to clap.

In the first three seconds, only he applauded.

But gradually, the superiors on the stage, including Leading Cadre Liu, Leading Cadre Chen and Len Fei, also applauded.

In the end, except for a minority of people, everyone else clapped to express their admiration.

The applause lasted for half a minute, and it did not stop until the base instructor motioned.

“Well, lets focus on the scores now.

First of all, the two leading cadres will give some comments.” The base instructor said.

The instant he finished speaking, everybody fixed eyes on the two leading cadres in succession.

“The Wolf Head Detachment indeed surprises me.


They let me see the novelty.

As the situation on the battlefield was unpredictable, we should take good advantage of surroundings.

All in all, Wolf Head Detachments performance inspires me in this team battle, so I decide to give them twenty points.” Leading Cadre Chen said as he gently applauded.

Although Cloud Soul Detachment was under his command and he was on the opposite side of Wolf Head, he was more concerned about fighting capacity.

Obviously, the performance of Ah Hu and his companions conquered him, and he took a long-term view.

He knew these people were all martial artist.

With them, the superiors present, including himself, would be strong enough to become the kings of the army.

However, he did not know that Zhao Feng and his men just helped Instructor Liu abuse his opponents.

After he finished his speech, Leading Cadre Liu smiled and looked at Zhao Feng and his men, then said significantly, “You did well just now, and the country is in need of people like you.

I will give you twenty points for your outstanding performance in this team fight.”

“Well, the two leading cadres give forty points, and the Wolf Head Detachment will get sixty points because of their victory, plus the previous thirty-three points.

Their score totals 133 points.

Ahem… Since Dragon Eagle Detachment failed to kill the enemy, they will gain nothing this time.

Their score is a total of 79 points.” The base instructor said.

As he spoke, his eyes were filled with amazement.

He had been so shocked just now.

Now he realized that the score of Wolf Head Detachment had counter-attacked, and the Dragon Eagle Detachment, known as the most powerful detachment in Hong Kong, was likely to be the last.

This was simply a striking reversal.

How horrible it was.

Not only the base instructor, but also other people burst into an uproar.

Apparently, they were astonished by this reversal.

“Alas, I am afraid that someone will say goodbye to the first echelon.” Looking at Tai Ruitian, who was in a rage, Instructor Liu curled his lips and said.



Tai Ruitian stood up immediately and smashed the table in front of him with his foot.

He glared at Instructor Liu and roared,

“I dont accept the result!”

“Winner takes all.

You have to accept the result!” Instructor Lius face fell, then he got up and said coldly.

The noises suddenly disappeared, replaced by quietness, for everyone thought that it was too bold for them to quarrel with each other since the two leading cadres were still on the stage.

At this moment, the base instructor frowned.

When he was about to rebuke them, Tai Ruitian turned around and looked at the two leading cadres, then he said in a loud voice with excitement,

“Excuse me, leading cadres, Instructor Liu, of the Wolf Head Detachment, specially asked others for help yesterday so as to win the battle.

I think that you can find out these people absolutely dont belong to Wolf Head Detachment.

He is deceiving us.

Its unfair! In this case, everyone can ask others for help.”

As soon as he finished his words, the whole venue was in an uproar, and even the superiors on the stage were stunned.

“Thats right!” Instructor Hongs eyes lit up.

He stood up and said, “If everyone asks others for help, what is the significance of this team fight I suggest that such behavior must be severely punished!”


Ren Feis face changed slightly.

As for Instructor Liu, he was a little angry.

He had not expected Tai Ruitian to do this.

Suddenly, the entire venue was wrapped in silence and it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Everyone looked at the two leading cadres, speculating whether they would be furious or disguise the major problem as a minor one.

Under peoples gazes, Leading Cadre Chens expression became colder.

He stared at Instructor Liu and asked slowly,

“Instructor Liu, are they the helpers you specially found from outside”

“I…” Instructor Liu, who was upright, was going to admit his mistake.

However, at this time, Zhao Feng stood up.

“Dont make excuses since you have lost!”

Zhao Feng got up and took a few steps forward to stand by Instructor Liu.

He looked at the stage with his legs together and saluted to the leading cadres, then said loudly and clearly,

“Zhao Feng from First Wolf Head Detachment of Yunhun Special Forces salutes to the leading cadres!”

What he did stunned Leading Cadre Chen, and he felt a little confused.

Leading Cadre Liu, who had never said anything, smiled at this point.

But Instructor Liu quickly reacted after hearing what Zhao Feng said.

His eyes widened and he said, “Excuse me, leading cadres, Zhao Feng was the best soldier of my Wolf Head Detachment four year ago.

Later, I sent him to execute the secret missions.

Besides, other people all belong to my detachment though they arent on the list.

If someone does not believe, you can have a check.”

What he said amazed others, including Leading Cadre Chen.

He shook his head slightly and did not intend to ask anything.

The venue fell into silence again.

The base instructor said directly, “All the people who have finished the team fights sit down.

The next team fight…”

“I dont believe!”

At this moment, Tai Ruitian shouted, then he said while staring at Instructor Liu, “You must be playing tricks.

I dont care what you are going to do and whether they are your subordinates.

Do you dare to fight with me alone”

“Have you finished yet” Instructor Liu was somewhat irritated.

He pointed at Tai Ruitian.

When he was about to speak, Zhao Feng walked to him.

Zhao Feng looked at Tai Ruitian coldly and said, “Have you asked me since you want to fight with Instructor Liu”

“Who are you You are not qualified to interrupt our conversation.” Tai Ruitians gaze became colder all of a sudden, and he said while staring at Zhao Feng.

His muscles tensed up while he was speaking.

If Zhao Feng dared to interrupt, he was bound to beat him.

However, to his surprise.

Although Zhao Feng did not say anything, he suddenly moved and rushed directly to him.

“Court death!”

Tai Ruitian ran forward.

Everyones faces changed.

They had not expected that they would fight upon this occasion.

Although Tai Ruitians detachment lost, he was still powerful enough.

You, a hot-blooded young man, were likely to take a beating if you fight against him.

However, what happened next completely astonished the hundreds of people present.

The two of them moved quickly, and it took only three seconds for them to meet each other.

Zhao Feng lifted his right leg first and launched a powerful kick.

Tai Ruitians gaze became colder and he turned his waist to converge all his strength to his right leg.

Then he lifted his leg to meet Zhao Fengs kick.


As the two legs kicked together, a shocking dull thud was heard.

After this stroke, the two legs immediately separated.

Zhao Feng turned around and raised his right leg again to kick Tai Ruitian again.

At this point, Tai Ruitian realized that his right leg was a little numb.

His pupils shrank and an idea flashed in his mind,

Inward Strength!

He had not expected his opponent to be an Inward Strength Warrior, but he was not a pushover.

Therefore, he leaned to one side and lifted his right leg to meet his kick.


After this stroke, Zhao Feng turned slightly and was going to kick Tai Ruitian with his left leg.

On seeing this, Tai Ruitian also raised his left leg!

However, the initiative was firmly grasped by Zhao Feng.

He launched powerful kicks with his legs repeatedly.

Within ten seconds, he kicked Tai Ruitian fifteen times, while Tai Ruitian resisted his attacks all the time.

Just when he was secretly surprised at Zhao Fengs strength.

The next moment!

Zhao Feng suddenly changed his movements.

He stood on his left toe with his body moving forward and his right leg kicked Tai Ruitian from the top at an incredible angle at the same time.

This was the first time he used Big Dark Devil Shadow to launch an attack.

It was obviously effective.

Tai Ruitian reached his arms in a panic to resist, but his arms were not strong enough to resist Zhao Fengs leg.

As Zhao Fengs leg fell down, he succeeded in breaking through Tai Ruitians defense and kicking on his head.


Tai Ruitian felt that everything went black.

His ears were constantly humming and he saw stars at this moment.

Apparently, he was already stunned.

Furthermore, his arm resisted 70% of Zhao Fengs strength, otherwise, he would have gone faint.

At this time, Zhao Feng took his right leg back and stepped on the ground.

He rushed up and punched Tai Ruitian in the chest constantly.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

After four blows, Tai Ruitian bent backward.

Then Zhao Feng took back his fist and suddenly lifted his right leg to kick Tai Ruitian, which made him fly backward and fall over ten meters away.

He wanted to stand up, but he failed.

He just sat on the ground and looked at Zhao Feng blankly, feeling pain and dizzy.

At this point, he knew that he was defeated!

The whole process only took less than thirty seconds, and everyone was totally dumbfounded.

The venue fell into silence for a long time.

“Its so amazing!”

Suddenly, everyone returned to god when they heard Instructor Lius cry.

“Youre so awesome, Xiaofeng!” Instructor Liu walked up to Zhao Feng excitedly and patted him on the back, then he looked at Tai Ruitian and said with a wide smile, “Fu*k, why are you so arrogant since you are even no match for my soldier”

Instructor Liu was so excited that he ignored the superiors on the stage.

At this time, he even did not know who he was and where he was.

Leading Cadre Lius lips also trembled slightly.

He did not ask Instructor Liu to speak but directly said,

“Tai Ruitian doesnt obey the rules and disregards disciplines.

He has lost and I think Dragon Eagle is bound to be the last one.

It is a punishment to be removed from the first echelon this time.

Arrange an etiquette instructor after they come back.

Only after they learn etiquette well can they return to the first echelon.”

“Yes!” Instructor Hong stood up in a hurry and responded.

He was really scared.

It was hard to wind this matter up if Tai Ruitian made trouble again.

He, therefore, said to the soldiers from Dragon Eagle, “Take Instructor Tai to rest now.”

On hearing his order, Tai Ruitians subordinates all stepped forward to help Tai Ruitian to get up, then they left awkwardly.

During this period, Zhao Feng seemed to be the focus, and everyone was staring at him.

He was definitely formidable as he defeated Tai Ruitian within several strokes!

This farce ended with the departure of Tai Ruitian and his subordinates.

The hearts of the people present could not bear the thrilling scene.

Moreover, everyone felt bored while watching the next team battle.

The battle ended in only an hour, and seventeen people of the winning side finally survived.

Both sides gained some points.

As expected, after the team fights, Dragon Eagle Detachment ranked the last by right of seventy-nine points which were gained in the first round.

At three oclock in the afternoon, the team fights ended, and the two leading cadres left after making simple comments.

Instructor Liu asked Zhao Feng and his men to wait for a while, then he caught up Leading Cadre Liu and said something to him.

After Leading Cadre Liu nodded, Instructor Liu ran back with excitement,

“Okay! Lets go! Hurry up.”

“Do you go with us” Zhao Feng twisted his mouth and asked.

“Of course.

I want to discuss that matter with Mr.

Zhang, and my uncle has agreed.

Ha, ha.” Instructor Liu explained, then patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and said, “You are so awesome.

Im really proud of you.”

“Well, instructor, you have praised me for an hour.

Are you tired” Zhao Feng smiled helplessly, but he was still very delighted.

“Im not tired but really happy.” Instructor Liu laughed and said, “Hurry up.

Lets get on the plane.

I cant wait to see Mr.


“Instructor.” After a pause, Zhao Feng said, “Dont be hopeful.

My boss is not an ordinary person, so he may not agree with your suggestion.”

“You can help me.

If Mr.

Zhang agrees, I will record your merit.” Instructor Liu said.

“Instructor, recording the merit means nothing to me since I am not a member of your team.” Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile.

“You belong to my detachment.

Your file has been restored and it is you who asked me to do so.” Instructor Lius eyes brightened.

“Erm…” Zhao Feng was stunned and felt helpless.

He did need this identity when he went to Shang Jing at the beginning, but now he could not come back to the detachment!

“Ha, ha.

Im just kidding.” Instructor Liu said, “My uncle has known your situation.

Anyway, he also told me that your military status would be reserved, but we would not arrange any tasks for you.

You are just like a member who was not on the list.”

“Fine.” Zhao Feng nodded and felt relieved.

He was really afraid that his instructor would take it seriously.

If so, they would be unpleasant.

He did not want that to happen.


Lets go back.

This time I am confident that Mr.

Zhang will agree!” Instructor Liu in an eager tone.

His words astonished Zhao Feng slightly.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng surmised that Leading Cadre Liu gave a generous offer.

Under the gazes of the members of all the detachments, Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng walked to the apron.

When Instructor Liu was about to get on the plane, he looked back inadvertently, only to find that Xiao Wu and other subordinates also followed him, so he asked strangely,

“Hey Why are you following me”

“Ah Dont we go back to the base” After a pause, Xiao Wu answered.

“Go back to the base This is not the plane to the base.

You get on the wrong plane.” Instructor Liu waved his hands repeatedly.

“What are you going to do, instructor” Xiao Wu asked with curiosity.

“Its an ad hoc secret mission.

What are you asking about Get away from me!” Instructor Liu waved his hand reluctantly.

“Fine, Ill get away from you.” Xiao Wu grinned and took his other teammates to another plane.

After everyone sat down, the plane departed.

During this period, Instructor Liu always gave a thumb up to Zhao Feng and said, “Youre so awesome!”

He was really surprised at Zhao Fengs strength and had not expected that the ending would be so perfect.

After about an hour or so, they arrived at the south island military camp and drove more than ten Hummers to New Moon Bay.

Ah Hu and his men went back to Feng Ming Nightclub, while Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng drove back to Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

At about 4:30 in the afternoon, they arrived at the restaurant.

Before entering, Instructor Liu made his clothes neat.

Then he entered the restaurant and saw Zhang Han and Mengmeng were sitting on the sofa and drawing pictures on a drawing board

“Ouch, PaPa, you draw out of line again! Look at Mengmengs picture.”

“Uh-huh, look, do I draw well”

“Hey The picture is so beautiful.

Mengmeng draws better than PaPa.” Zhang Hans face was filled with amazement and admiration.

“Ha, ha, ha.

Mengmeng is also very awesome.

Hum, Aunty Feifei said that Mengmeng is stupid.

Im not stupid.”

“Shes an idiot.

Mengmeng is much clever than her.” Zhan Han nodded firmly.

“Ha, ha, ha, no.

Aunty Feifei isnt very stupid.” Mengmeng pouted and said.

At this moment, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu got close to them.

“Boss, I am back.” Zhao Feng whispered.

“Mum.” Zhang Han turned his head and gave a slight nod.

As for Instructor Liu, he was a little nervous.

He swallowed his saliva and stretched out his neck like a tortoise.

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth.

After a while, he spit out a word in a soft tone,



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