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Chapter 28 – Grandma Liu Entering Grand View Garden

“I also want some soybean seeds.” Zhang Han added.

“Alright boss……”

The smile on the middle aged man became much denser.

He originally thought that Zhang Han was a small customer and didnt expect that Zhang Han was actually a big customer.

The youth in front of him not only bought a lot, but he also picked the best seeds to buy.

Seems like he is the kind of people that enjoy eating green ingredients.

Zhang Han requested a total of four kinds of crop.

Zhang Han intends to plant those crops today.

Anymore crops and he would also not have the time to deal with it.

Whatsmore, you cannot eat till your fat in one single breath.

The range of the domain was very big, and the number of things that were intended to be planted was quite a lot too, so it was not possible to finish planting everything that Zhang Han wanted in a single day.

After telling the middle aged man to give him a call when he has finished preparing, Zhang Han left the place.

Returning back to the car, Meng Meng was still using Zhang Hans phone to watch cartoon at the backseat.

“Daddy, what took you so long.” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and said.

“Daddy bought some ingredients that we will be eating in the future.

Daddy picked the ingredients relatively seriously, thus came back a bit later.” Zhang Han sat in the driver seat and said with a smile.

“But…you took too…too long.

Meng Meng waited until she was not happy.” Meng Meng said in her small voice.

“Then how about daddy bring you to the beach to play” Zhang Han took the phone back and asked with a slight smile.

“Beach Alright, go play at the beach!” No matter where it was, as long as it was going together with Zhang Han to play, Meng Meng would be very happy.

Meng Meng was currently three and a half years old.

In the past, she had never come into contact with her father and had also never talked on the phone with Zhang Han.

Thus, she was full of expectation towards a fathers love.

After meeting with Zhang Han, although she was not really happy during the first two days, and even felt a bit grievance.

But ever since after that car racing, Zhang Han had been a qualified good father, and Meng Meng was also more dependent on him.

If the position was changed, whereby it was Zhang Han who raised Meng Meng for a few years, and the little princess suddenly met her mother, the little princess would also most likely want to be with her mother constantly.

After driving for about 20 minutes, they had arrived at Crescent Gulf.

After parking the car, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and walked towards the beach that was at Crescent Gulf.

Crescent Gulf, nicknamed as the number one gulf under the heaven.

The scenery of the beach here was very beautiful and was one of the big traveling spots in Xiangjiang.

When they were preparing to go to the beach, Zhang Han tied a ponytail for Meng Meng.

Meng Mengs hair just barely did not go over her cheeks and her fringe was right above her brows.

When leaving the house, Zhang Han did not help Meng Meng groom her hair, thus Meng Meng left the house with a somewhat messy bob hair.

Zhang Han was worried that Meng Meng would feel hot when they were at the beach, thus he casually took out a rubber band, gathered all of Meng Mengs hair upwards and tied the hair with the rubber band.

Immediately, a messy pigtail that was like a crest was tied.

Fortunately, Meng Meng was good-looking, if not, there was no way she would be able to dominate this kind of strange hairstyle.

After getting off the car, Zhang Han bought two swimsuits, then rented a parasol and two recliners.

Bringing Meng Meng to the beach, there was a lot of people here.

There was a lot of females, but there were much more males here.

Slightly paying attention, it could be seen that the gaze of quite a lot of males was looking at the various beautiful females who were in their swimsuit.

After playing at the beach for a while, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng to the recliner to rest.

“Wah, what a pretty little child.”

Three people came to the recliners that were at Meng Mengs left side, two females and one male.

When one of the females just sat down on the recliner, she immediately saw Meng Meng who was on the right side.

The beautiful woman had an enchanting figure, wore a white color bikini, had an oval face and wore a pair of sunglasses.

Meng Mengs exquisite face was just like the princess in a fairy tale, pretty to the point that it would attract fondness from others.

Besides Meng Mengs messy hair, all else was extremely perfect.

Upon seeing Meng Meng, the woman couldnt help but ask with a smile,

“Little fellow, what is your name”

“My name is…Zhang Yumeng.

My daddy calls me Meng Meng.” Meng Meng answered.

“What an adorable name.

How old is Meng Meng” The woman lied down on the recliner, used her hand to prop her head, and leaned sideways to look at Meng Meng.

“I am…3 years and…a few months old.” Meng Meng counted with her little fingers and said.

“Pfft……” The woman couldnt help but laughed.

Even the slightly obese woman and the short hair male who was 1.6m tall laughed too while sayingwhat an adorable child.

The white color bikini woman chatted with Meng Meng for a bit, then took a bottle of cold green tea from the tray that was at the side and passed it over to Meng Meng as she said,

“Meng Meng, big sister give you a bottle of beverage to drink.”

“Thank you big sister.” Meng Meng smiled shyly as she stretched out her little arms to take the beverage.

At this time, Zhang Han who was at the side opened his mouth, “Meng Meng, dont take things that other people give to you.”


Upon hearing that, with a swish, Meng Meng pulled back her little arms and looked at Zhang Han confusedly.

Zhang Han sat himself up, carried Meng Meng into his embrace and said, “We cannot take things that other people give to us.

No matter if it is food or drinks, we wont take it, understand”

“Wh…why” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and asked.

Zhang Han thought for a bit, then replied, “Because, what if the food or drink that other people gave you had poison in it Just like the story of Snow White, if Meng Meng ate the food and passed out, then wouldnt daddy not be able to see Meng Meng anymore”

Meng Meng was shocked upon hearing that.

She squeezed into Zhang Hans embrace and said,

“Meng Meng wont take things from other people in the future anymore then.”

“Thats right.”

Just when a trace of smile appeared in the corner of Zhang Hans mouth, the voice of the white bikini beautiful woman suddenly appeared,

“Uncle, there is no need to go that far right The cap of the beverage is not even opened yet.

Arent you too over-sensitive already”

The white bikini woman seemed to be at the age of around 22, and Zhang Han was but only 26 years old too.

To be able to make the woman straightforwardly call Zhang Han uncle, it could be seen how dissatisfied she must be feeling.

“Forget it Meng Qi.

Good intentions being treated as donkeys liver and heart.

Just ignore him.” The slightly obese woman who was beside the white bikini woman lightly snorted and said.

“Exactly.” The moment the male who was with the two female opened his mouth, it immediately let others knew that he was a sissy.

The male could be seen charmingly twisting his body for a bit as he curled his lips and said, “Meng Qi, you are just too kind-hearted already.

What do other people being thirsty or not have anything to do with you.”

It was fine when this male did not open his mouth, but when he opened his mouth and Meng Meng who was originally not happy heard his eccentric tone of voice, she was thoroughly unhappy.

Didnt even need to wait for Zhang Han to provide guidance, Meng Meng who was in her daddys embrace said angrily,

“Humph! You…you insects, dont bark in front of me and daddy!”

Upon seeing that, Zhang Han smiled and patted on Meng Mengs little head very encouragingly.

“Oh” The sissy opened his eyes wide, looked towards Zhang Han and said while feeling dissatisfied, “Uncle, is this how you teach a child With the way you are teaching, arent you just going to teach out a little devil”

After the sissy finished talking, Zhang Hans phone rang.

The dialer was an unfamiliar number, it should be that the seeds he bought are ready to be sent over.

Thus, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and stood up.

Before he left, he faintly took a look at the sissy and said indifferently,

“So what if I taught out a little devil When I Zhang Han do things, there is no need for me to explain to you.”

After Zhang Han finished speaking, he did not pay any attention to the three people who were opening their eyes wide and straightforwardly turned around and left, while at the same time picking up the phone,

“Hello, send the things to Crescent Mountain……”

“What…what kind of people is this!” The sissy looked at Zhang Hans back and twisted his body around incessantly as he said, “This is angering me to death!”

“Pfft……” The slightly obese woman couldnt help but laugh.

Even the enchanting woman who was called Meng Qi also couldnt stand his look and said with a face of dislike, “Could you not be this lowly!”

“Alright! You all are instead attacking me now huh” The sissy glared at the two female.


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