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After finishing speaking, Sun Dongheng handed the mobile phone back to Little Snow Flake, and then she closed the live broadcast.

She became quieter when she was not doing the live broadcast.

At this point, she just looked through the window and did not say anything.

When Sun Dongheng started the car and drove out of the parking lot, he asked casually, “I dont know your name yet though I have watched your live broadcast for so long.”

“My name is Lu Yin, and you can call me Xiaoyin.”

“Xiaoyin” Sun Dongheng was a little surprised, then said, “Your stage name is Little Snow Flake, so I thought there would be a wordsnow in your name.”

“Actually, no.

Since I always drink Snow Beer in parties, I called myself Little Snow Flake afterward.” Lu Yin answered with a smile.

“Oh, you named yourself quite casually.”

Sun Dongheng nodded and chatted with Lu Yin then.

When he arrived at New Moon Bay, he deliberately made a turn and slowed when as he passed by Zhang Hans restaurant.

“Do you see the restaurant over there” Sun Dongheng pointed to the restaurant and said.

“Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant” Lu Yin grinned and said.

“Ill bring you here tomorrow to enjoy delicacies.” Sun Dongheng said with a chuckle.

“Oh, here Is there any specialty there” Lu Yin asked curiously.

In her view, the second-generation rich, like Brother Dong, generally treated guests to high-end restaurants rather than such a small restaurant.


Sun Dongheng shook his head with a smile and said, “Every grain here is much of a specialty, and I promise that you have never eaten such delicious food before.”

“How exaggerated it is.”

“Do you think it is exaggerated”

Sun Dongheng burst into laughter.

He slightly lifted his chin and spared no effort to be as calm as Zhang Han, then he tried to say in an indifferent tone,

“In fact, this restaurant is the best restaurant.

For instance, normal eaters only have access to egg fried rice noodle soup, and they need to line up for a long time every day.

Besides, only members can enjoy the dishes cooked by the boss personally.

Do you know how much should people pay to be a member here”

“How many”

“Take a guess.”

“Well… 10,000 yuan.

Oh, no, 20,000 yuan” Lu Yin

“Poof, ha, ha.

20,000 yuan” Sun Dongheng laughed and said as he shook his head, “Its much below the real price.”

“How much is a membership card Alas, Brother Dong, dont keep me guessing!”

“Well!” Under Lu Yins gaze, Sun Dongheng raised his forefinger and said flatly, “Ten million yuan.”


“The membership card costs ten million yuan now.

Since one card only can be used by one person, I bought two more.

Ill bring you to have a taste at noon tomorrow, and youll know how delicious the dishes are in time.

Your friends, however, have to line up as I just possess three cards…”

Sun Dongheng explained calmly.

As a person who always liked to show off, he certainly would not miss the chance to flaunt.

Seeing that Lu Yin was stunned, he felt comfortable.

While speaking, he drove past the restaurant.

In the meantime, the atmosphere in the restaurant was very lively.

Not only Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng, but also Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Luo Qing, Li Anna, and Zhao Feng were here.

They were sitting on the first floor, and Zhang Han was playing the piano gracefully.

Mengmeng was sitting on the sofa nearby singing the theme song of Frozen, which named Let It Go.

“Let it go, let it go, cant hold it back anymore…”

Mengmengs tender voice made everyone present feel very comfortable.

Zhang Li and others were sitting at the round table.

At this moment, they really felt pleased with their head shook to the beat of the song.

After Mengmeng finished singing, everyone applauded.

Their applause delighted Mengmeng.

She raised her hands and put on a happy look.

“How awesome! Brother Zhang Han is really awesome and plays the piano very well.” As for Li Anna, she looked at Zhang Han with surprise.

To be honest, she still liked Zhang Han very much though she knew that she and Zhang Han could not be together.

She, actually, restrained herself at ordinary times on account of Zhang Lis warning, but she could not help expressing her adoration when she saw Zhang Hans talents.

At this time, Zi Yan, who was sitting on the sofa, looked at Li Anna questioningly.

Seeing her expression, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Love was always selfish, and everyone could not ignore his rivals in love.

After thinking for a while, Zi Yan stood up and walked to Zhang Han.

After picking up Mengmeng, she sat on the sofa and glanced at Zhang Han coldly, then said,

“I want to listen to a piano piece.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

When he was about to play the piano.

Mengmeng, who was in Zi Yans arms, was a little surprised.


Mengmeng looked up at Zi Yan and said in a childish tone, “MaMa, I, I want to sing another song.”

“What song is it” Zi Yan asked with curiosity.

The little guy only learned a few songs, and she had finished singing them all.

“Its, its…” Mengmeng blinked her big clear eyes and pondered for a moment, then said intermittently, “Muddled, I feel muddled.

My name is Little Silly, Im muddled!”

Mengmeng interpreted the meaning of Little Silly through her expression as well as what she said.


Zhang Li and others burst out laughing.

“Mengmeng, I think you are Little Silly.” Zhou Fei grinned and said.

“Er No.

Hum, Im not Little Silly.

Aunty Feifei is! Troublesome Aunty Feifei, I dont like you!” Mengmeng pouted and said to Zhou Fei in great anger.

Then she looked at Zhang Han and asked him for help, “PaPa, Papa, Aunty Feifei bullies Mengmeng.”

“What if PaPa refuses to cook delicious dishes for her next time” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Uh-huh, great.” Mengmeng nodded obediently.

“Alas, what a heartless child.

Aunty Feifei bought you an ice cream yesterday.

Now that you dare to complain about me, I wont buy you ice cream tomorrow.” Zhou Fei curled her mouth and said.

“Hey” Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

After turning to look at Zhou Fei for a while, she looked at Zhang Han and said quickly, “No, no, Aunty Feifei is not troublesome but pleasing.”

“Ha, ha, ha.” Seeing Mengmengs cute appearance, Zhang Han also wanted to tease her, so he said, “No.

PaPa said that I wouldnt cook for her.

I have to keep my word.”

“Ah!” On hearing what he said, Mengmeng said to her PaPa anxiously, “No, you cant do so.

PaPa, if you refuse to cook for Aunty Feifei, I wont have ice cream tomorrow.”

“I see, so…” Zhang Han said slowly.

Before he finished his words, Zhou Fei interrupted, “Mengmeng, if you sing Aunty Feifei a song, I will buy you ice cream tomorrow.”

“Great, great.

Ill sing and I can eat ice cream tomorrow.” Mengmengs eyes lip and she cheered with her arms lifted.

Catching sight of the little princesss cute appearance, everyone present burst into laughter.

Even Zi Yan, who seldom smiled, could not help laughing.

She touched Mengmengs little head and chuckled.

“Well, PaPa, I sing the song that I havent finished just now.” Mengmeng reminded while looking at Zhang Han.

“Well, the song is called I Feel A Little Muddled.” Zhang Han smiled and said.

Mengmeng learned this song recently, which was the theme song of the cartoon named Boonie Bears.

Bonnie Bears was the first cartoon Mengmeng watched after she returned to China, and she liked it very much.

Since she watched it every day, she gradually could sing the theme song.

“Thats right.

PaPa, just plays the piano.” Mengmeng reached out her small finger to point at the piano.

“I will play the song first and you can sing along.” Zhang Han chuckled, got up and went to the counter with a laptop on it, then he searched the song and played it in a low voice.

After finished playing, Zhang Han walked back to the piano and played it according to his own understanding.

Soon, the beautiful melody was heard,

“The vacation of hibernation just ends, I feel a little muddled.

The birds overhead wake up the forest, and the air of spring makes me cozy…”

Mengmeng did not remember the lyrics at the beginning, but she started singing when she heard the verse she was familiar with,

“Hey, hey.

Balmy grass, sweet berry, drink dew and rely on the tree.

Look up, stand tiptoe, speed up the pace of my growth.

Whistle, croon a song…”

Mengmengs tender voice sounded so sweet.

When Zi Yan heard what Mengmeng sang, a myriad of thoughts crowded into her mind.

On one hand, she hoped Mengmeng to grow up happily.

On the other hand, she wanted Mengmeng to be forever young, for only kids were carefree.

Once they grew up, they would have various troubles.

This was also a mixed feeling of parents.

After thinking for a few seconds, Zi Yan shook her head gently and stopped thinking.

After all, she was also a very optimistic person.

She glanced at Zhang Han with a hint of affection in her beautiful eyes, then she held Mengmengs hands with her hands and shook slightly with Mengmeng, accompanied by Mengmengs singing.

It was really great to lead such a life now.

Zi Yan was content and she felt fortunate to meet Zhang Han, who was so outstanding.

When she sang halfway through.


Two black cars, Jeep Compass, were parked in front of the restaurant.

A group of five men got out of the car.

Among them, a thin man in a suit, who led the way, held a piece of red paper like a certificate.

After glancing at the signboard of the restaurant, he spat on the ground in disgust and walked to the restaurant.


Zhao Feng observed them for the first time.

Seeing their expressions, Zhao Feng frowned slightly and walked out of the restaurant in a hurry.

As the men took three or four steps forward, Zhao Feng opened the door and walked to them, then said coldly,

“The restaurant isnt open now.”

“Ha, ha, dont you think we are coming to eat We dont care about the food here!” The thin man in a suit sneered, then handed over the paper and said, “This is the gauntlet of the chef Lv Chao in our Aslin Restaurant.

Weve already invited a lot of media reporters as well as celebrities.

Hope that you wont lose miserably tomorrow!”

The man intended pressed the gauntlet to Zhao Fengs chest.

However, when he was about to move, Zhao Feng grabbed his wrist immediately and pinched it.

The thin mans face suddenly turned red and he cried painfully, “Ouch, it hurts, fu*k! Loosen my hand, please.”

At this point, the mans companions wanted to help him, but they felt cold both physically and mentally when they saw Zhao Fengs chill gaze and did not dare to move.

When Zhao Feng was an underground gangster at the beginning, his temperament was daunting.

Now, as an Inward Strength Warrior, he cherished more suffocating aura.

Just like when he came to the restaurant and saw Zhang Hans chill gaze, he also did not dare to act rashly because of the pressure Zhang Han brought.

“Ill cut off your tongue if you make dirty words again!”

Zhao Feng stared coldly at the man in a suit.

“It hurts, it hurts.

I see, Im wrong.

Please loosen my hand.” The man in a suit felt so painful that his sweat streamed down his cheeks.

At this moment, he did not dare to say anything else but begged for mercy repeatedly.

Zhao Feng took the gauntlet with his left hand and loosened his right hand to let the mans wrist go.

As soon as his hands were released, the man in a suit covered his left wrist with his right hand.

He glanced at his wrist, only to found a bruise on it.

At this point, he felt pain and hated Zhao Feng at the same time.

“Get out!”

Zhao Feng frowned and said coldly.

If the people in the restaurant were not enjoyed themselves at this time, he would have let them know how much they had to pay for talking dirty.

After hearing what he said, the man in a suit did not dare to say anything.

They walked back to their cars in dismay and got into the cars.

When they were about to leave, the man in a suit, who was sitting in the passenger seat, pointed to Zhao Feng angrily.

Judging by his expression, he seemed to say that I would make sure to get my revenge on you!

However, for such insignificant people, Zhao Feng ignored them.

He stared at the two cars and did not walk back to the restaurant until they left.

At this moment, Mengmengs song had come to an end and everyone present was going to applaud.

After a burst of applause, Zi Yan looked at Zhao Feng and said as if she were the hostess,

“Whats up”

Since the sofa faced the window, she saw what had happened outside just now.

“Erm…” After a pause, Zhao Feng said, “Its the men of Aslin Restaurant and this is their gauntlet.”

“Gauntlet” Zi Yans expression became chill and she said coldly, “Well be punctual for the appointment tomorrow.”

On hearing Zi Yans firm words, Zhang Han could not help looking at her.

As he got to know Zi Yan, Zhang Han also learned that Zi Yan was not a beautiful woman who always follow others pieces of advice.

She had her own pride, just like a woman of heaven, and her coldness was a concrete reflection.

To tell the truth, Zhang Han had seen a lot of chill women in the Cultivation World, but each of them was a famous saint, or a daughter of great power, or a leader of a sect.

They had a lot of followers and was unlikely to be together with their beloved ones.

However, no matter how powerful the woman was, she would be conquered by a more formidable man.

There were lots of sad and beautiful love stories in the Cultivation World.

However, martial artists just paid their attention to cultivation and were not concerned about other matters.

As for Zi Yan, Zhang Han was more satisfied with her, such as her character.

She could be chill, be charming, and could be delicate.

She was indeed an able stunner, and Zhang Han gradually fell in love with her.

Zi Yan glared at Zhang Han when she found Zhang Han staring at her, then said, “What are you looking at You are so good-tempered that you dont say anything even if they bully you.

Anyway, well go over to teach them a lesson tomorrow.”

The instant Zi Yan finished speaking,

Zhao Fengs eyelids trembled a few times.

Is master good-tempered

Oh, my god!

Are you kidding me

Masters wife, youre so naive that you only see the masters appearance.

In fact, a master is really a fierce man!

Zhao Feng was speechless.

If people from underground forces heard Zi Yans words, they would have been dumbfounded.

In his view, in the face of the masters family, the master was like a tiger, who unloaded his crown and became a docile cat.

However, when he was outside, he would show his sharp fangs inadvertently, which chilled others.

Hearing what Zi Yan said, Zhang Li and other people present froze.

Even Mengmeng, also blinked her big eyes and kept out of mischief.

“What happened, Elder Sister Yan Zhou Fei asked curiously.

“Since our restaurant was reported on the food program last time, the chef in Aslin Restaurant is jealous.

He invited Zhang Han to a cooking competition, but Zhang Han did not keep the appointment the first time.

Since then, they were engaged in advertising and also asked reporters to interview them.

They were so arrogant that they had intended to ignore us.” Zi Yan simply told them what had happened, then gave Zhang Han an angry stare.

“What” Zhang Li raised her eyebrows.

She looked at Zhang Han and said, “Who are they They actually came here to provoke us.

We have to keep the appointment! Brother, whats wrong with you If they provoked you at the beginning in Shang Jing, you would have broken their legs!”

“Thats right.

Its so over-confident for them to compete with my brother-in-law in cooking.” Zhou Fei twisted her mouth.

“The dishes cooked by Brother Zhang Han are the best that I have ever eaten.

Theyre so arrogant and even asked reporters to interview.

If I were you, I would lose my temper.” Luo Qing snorted.

“Thats too irritating.

Brother Zhang Han, I know two media reporters and theyre my friends.

I can ask them to help us tomorrow.” Li Anna said in anger, then she took out her mobile phone to contact her friend through WeChat.

Looking at those who were excited, Zhang Han felt funny.

He did not care about the people who provoked him, but the group of people, led by Zi Yan, wanted him to accept the challenge.

It seemed that that insignificant person was doomed to accept his tragic destiny.

“Zhao Feng, show me the gauntlet.” Zi Yan said to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng handed the gauntlet to Zi Yan.

“At ten oclock on Sunday, in the Aslin Restaurant.

We can make preparations after breakfast and set off at 9:40.” Zi Yan said.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han nodded and said, “Well, its up to you.”

Zi Yan was quite satisfied with Zhang Hans words.

She glanced at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes, compressed her mouth and did not say anything.

Although she did not speak, her eyes seemed to say,

Thats what you should do.

You should listen to me!

In Zi Yans mind, those who were afraid of their wives actually loved their wives.

In fact, she did not like the men who always followed male chauvinism.

Male chauvinism was acceptable when men were outside, but they should treat their wives well at home.

Moreover, the wives, who were sensible, would not embarrass but respect their husbands when they were outside.

It could be understood if they lost their temper occasionally.

In addition, as a husband, you should put up with your wifes bad temper.

If she acted capriciously in the face of others, she was likely to fall in love with another man.

At this moment, Zi Yan blinked her big eyes all of a sudden and retorted in her mind,

Bah, bah, bah! Zhang Han isnt my husband and Im not his wife.


In fact, sometimes, things would get worse because of envy and dissatisfaction, just like the matter concerning Aslin Restaurant.

However, once the two parties competed with each other, one of them was destined to lose.

Obviously, this time, the chef of Aslin Restaurant, Lu Suchao, who was a disciple of one of the four master Chefs in Hong Kong, was doomed to lose.

During this period, Zhao Fengs mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was Xu Yong who called him, so Zhao Feng walked to the back to pick up the phone,


“Brother Feng, something is wrong in Ocean Park.”

“Whats wrong”

“The Sundays tickets were stopped selling online a few days ago, but they started to be sold again this morning.

I just called him three times.

The first time he did not answer the phone, the second time he hung up, and the third time he turned off his phone.”

“What” Zhao Fengs face changed.

Master had specially required him to complete everything! However, something was out of control now.

Tomorrow was birthday of my masters wife, but something was out of control tonight!

Zhao Fengs eyes gradually became cold, and he said firmly,

“Find his position immediately! Now!”


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