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Zhang Han walked over and looked at the ingredients.

Then he went to the bathroom to wash his hands and came back to stand in front of the chopping boards to get ready.

Looking up and seeing that Zhao Feng and dozens of people were standing in the front, Zhang Han said, “It will take a long time to make a cake.

It is not early.

You should take a rest.”

“Xu Yong, take them back to rest,” Zhao Feng said to Xu Yong after hearing the words.

“Okay…” Xu Yong was just about to speak.

Ah Hu said, “Dont talk about that, boss.

We want to see you making cakes.

Weve waited for a long time.”

“Yes boss, we are not sleepy.

Well just stay here with you!”

“We also want to see what kind of cake boss can make.

So romantic.

We want to see.” Two women chuckled while speaking.


Zhang Han nodded and no longer cared about them.

When he was about to do it, Instructor Liu who had been very silent asked, “Boss, do you want me to help you”

After he said that, Zhao Feng and others turned to look at him immediately.

The meaning of the expression in their eyes was very obvious.

It was better to directly buy one if he needed others help!

“Ahem, I mean that I can do some preparation work.

I can be your assistant.” Now Instructor Liu realized it and scratched his head embarrassedly.

“No need, I will do it by myself.” Zhang Han chuckled and started working.

The process of making a cake was not complicated.

Zhang Han took a steel basin, poured two bottles of boiled milk in it and then added a little corn oil.

He placed the sugar on one side.

Because the cake he wanted to make was relatively big, which was expected to be about 30 inches, so he needed many ingredients.

The second step, he broke the eggs, put the yolks in one basin and the egg whites in another basin.

He took the blender and made the egg whites into bubbles.

Then he added the fine sugar, stirred for a while, and the cream was made.

Zhang Han poured the egg yolks into the pot which was containing the milk and stirred well.

Then he took a bag of flour, poured in a half pot, stirred well, added a little cream, and stirred again.

And then he took three 30-inch molds, poured the mixture in them, and put them in the preheated oven.

After these steps, three yellow round cakes had been placed on the chopping board after an hour.

Zhang Han took the plastic plate for the cake, put the first layer of cake on it, and then put a layer of cream.

Then he put the second layer of cake on it, put a layer of cream again, and then put the third layer of cake on it.

In this way, a cylindrical cake was produced, but this was not the shape that Zhang Han wanted.

Zhang Han took a long knife especially for cutting the cake and cut it slowly.

The edge of the cake began to curve downward.

After two minutes, the cake had some slopes, looking like some low mountains.

Mount New Moon!

Zhao Feng gazed at it and found that the shape of the cake was that of the Mount New Moon.

“Do you want to try some” Zhang Han glanced at Zhao Feng and pointed to some of the cake that had been cut down on one side.


Zhao Feng smiled.

He walked over and took a pot to hold the cake.

“Come on, everyone, have a taste.”

Zhao Feng gave the cake to other people.

Although it seemed that there was much cake, dont forget that there were more than 50 people here, so everyone could only have a small bite.

“Wow, its so good, great! Boss, your cake is tasty! Youre great!” Instructor Liu, while eating, gave Zhang Han a thumbs up.

Others also couldnt stop praising it, saying that this was the best cake they had ever eaten.

Zhang Han looked at him and smiled.

He picked up a small piece of cake and put it in his mouth.

The cake was still a little warm and very soft.

A faint aroma of the mixture of eggs, milk, and others filled the mouth.

It was a little sweet, but not too sweet, with a pure fragrance.

It was no exaggeration to say that only one bite of the cake could make people love it immediately.

“Not bad.”

After Zhang Han finished eating, he began to work again.

On the other chopping board, there were some fruits and vegetables that Zhang Han needed.

He took a carrot and pulled a knife from the side.

Zhang Hans hand moved quickly.

The flashing knife made Ah Hu and others squint their eyes.

He was moving the knife so fast!

Instructor Liu even opened his mouth.

He felt that the boss seemed to be a knife master!

In just five seconds, the shape of a tree came out.

The trunks and branches were all there and there were even the branches as thin as a hair, but there were no leaves!

Moreover, the root of the tree was in the shape of an awl.

After finishing one, Zhang Han carefully put it in the cake.

In this way, some trees without leaves were created and planted all around the cake.

Then Zhang Han carved a lot of flowers with apples, watermelons, and other fruits, and then gently placed them on the cake.

This also made the cake show the general outline of the Mount New Moon.

In this way, things on the Mount New Moon were added one by one.

More interestingly, Zhang Han customized some small biscuits in the shapes of pigs, calves, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, and so on.

And even the color and various differences of Tai Lake Black Swine and sheep-pigs were showed.

They were put one by one in the area behind the mountain.

Soon, the scene of the entire Mount New Moon was vividly displayed on this cake.

“My God, what an exquisite cake!”

“Boss is really amazing! This is a work of art.”

“With this craft, hes capable to dominate the cake world!”


Ah Hu and other people stood on the front and praised him in a low voice.

There was scenery, but the characters were still needed.

This was the most important step for Zhang Han.

Wood carving!

Wood carving was a kind of sculpture, which was often referred to as folk craft in our country.

What Zhang Han wanted to do was different from traditional wood carvings, because what he planned to make was much more delicate.

He took a piece of wood next to him and began to engrave on it with various knives.

He didnt know much about wood carving.

He was just doing it according to the picture in his heart.

It needed the delicate control of strength for him to complete the carving.

This was a job that would take much time.

Zhang Han spent two hours on engraving this.

Then the shape of the wood carving could be seen.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting together, leaning against each other, and Mengmeng was sitting at the intersection of their legs.

Dahei and Little Hei were sitting behind them.

Under the wood carving, there was a small wooden board, which was connected to the wood carving and used for fixing.

Here was the shape, but there wasnt the soul.

This required the final step, painting, and coloring.

He painted with a pocket pen and it cost an hour.

This way the wood carving had is soul.

Zi Yan was wearing a pink down jacket, leather shorts, and black leggings.

Zhang Han was wearing a cotton-padded coat and jeans.

So was Mengmeng, with cotton-padded coat and jeans, but she was also wearing an earmuff.

It was worth mentioning that not only Mengmeng was smiling, the corners of Zi Yans mouth were also curled up.

There was a sweet smile on her face.

Then, Zhang Han carved a few words on the board below: Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng.

A happy family.

After doing this, Zhang Han put the wood carving on the cake and started the last step, applying the cream.

With the white cream, people could find at once that it was a snow scene.

The cream immediately made the whole scene change its style.

It was just like a real romantic snow scene.

There were even some vivid footprints, Zhang Hans bigger footprints, Mengmengs little footprints, Daheis bears paw-prints, Little Heis dog footprints, all of them had their own traces on it.

This birthday cake was also like the colored sculpture that was brought back by Zi Yan last time.

But the difference was that this represented Zhang Hans hope for the future.

He wanted to bring Mengmeng to play with snow and wanted Zi Yan to smile happily at all times.

This was Zhang Hans thoughts.

On Zi Yans birthday, he wanted to express his thoughts with this piece of cake, which was made by himself.

But it had not been finished yet.

Because the surrounding trees, carrots were red.

The last step was to apply the cream to the carrots.

It could be said that this was the most difficult step because if you were not careful, you would break it.

Even if it was Zhang Han, he was still doing it extremely carefully.

Look at Zhang Hans expression and movements.

So many people present were stunned and quite moved.

From this, it could be seen how much he cared about his family.

When all the trees had been painted, it was dawn!

“Okay, put it aside.”

After finishing it, Zhang Han stood up, patted his hands and said.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded and pushed the dining car here.

He, Ah Hu, Xu Yong and Instructor Liu, each of them held one corner of the cake tray.

While lifting it, Zhao Fengs eyes were focused on the cake and he reminded others nervously,

“Slow down.

Be gentle.

Be careful.

Ah Hu, be careful.

Xu Yong, be careful.

Slow down, slowly, be gentle…”

There were too many fragile parts on this cake, just like the branches.

He was afraid of breaking them even with one blow.

So they carefully put the cake in the dining car.

Zhao Feng even did not dare to push the car.

He said, “How about we carry the car in”

Zhang Han felt it funny and said, “Just push it.

Its fine.”

If someone could break it with a single touch, Zhang Han wouldnt waste such a long time to make it.

“Is it okay” Zhao Feng confirmed again.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Then Ill push it.” Zhao Feng gently pushed the car to a room on the left and then pushed it directly into a freezer.

After closing the door, Zhao Feng finally felt relieved.

“I will go back first.” Zhang Han looked at the time and it was almost 6:30, so he told them and left the company.

At 6:40.

Zi Yan opened her eyes sleepily.

Looking at the time, she knew she should get up.

After quietly lying for a minute, she got out of the bedroom and went to the bathroom.

However, when she just held the door handle of the bathroom, she felt that it was very quiet in the restaurant.

She was stunned.

Usually, at this time, Zhang Han would be making breakfast in the kitchen.

Why wasnt there any sound there today

“Zhang Han”

Zi Yan called him.

No answer.

“Zhang Han.”

Zi Yans sound increased by three decibels.

She waited for five seconds and it was still silent in the restaurant.

At ordinary times, when she called this way, Zhang Han had already responded quickly.

“Where are you, Zhang Han”

After that, Zi Yan quickly went to the stairs.

She came to the first floor but didnt see Zhang Han.

Then she hurried back to the second floor and opened the door of the secondary bedroom, but still didnt find him.

Failing to find Zhang Han at this moment made Zi Yan feel empty.

In just a few days, Zi Yan had become accustomed to seeing Zhang Han after getting up every morning.

Sometimes, habits could change a lot.

Zi Yan stood at the door of the secondary bedroom, absent-minded.

Suddenly, a sound of opening the door came from downstairs.

Zi Yan came to herself soon and hurriedly walked to the first floor, seems that she wasnt afraid of anything.

Even if there was a guest, she didnt care whether shed be exposed or not.

She only wanted to see Zhang Han at this moment.

Fortunately, when she ran to the corner of the stairs, she saw Zhang Han coming over.

“Zhang Han, where did you go” Zi Yan stood at the corner and asked softly.

Zhang Han gazed at Zi Yan who was in white pajamas with eyes still heavy from sleep.

He forgot to answer and went straight to her.


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