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Zhang Han and Zi Yan returned to the dock.

Before going ashore, they naturally had to go back to the room to change their clothes.

When they were going to do it, Zhang Han held Zi Yan and went to the room.


Five minutes later, Zhang Han was driven out embarrassedly.

Changing clothes in front of Zhang Han was impossible for Zi Yan now because she was so shy.

Another five minutes passed.

Zi Yan was already dressed and she put down her long hair, which was worn in a bun earlier.

She didnt apply any lipstick, but her lips were still very rosy.

It had already explained the things that just happened inside.

Zi Yan licked her lips and said softly, “Dummy, go change your clothes.”


Zhang Han grinned.

He went in and put his clothes on.

Then he came out.

He held Zi Yans waist, quietly watching the docks getting closer.

They went ashore and then left the yacht club.

When they were about to get in the panda car, the male employee who received them before sent them out with great respect.

He was thinking a lot.

Such a beautiful woman really couldnt be won over by an ordinary person.

But driving a luxury car was much better, right If it were him, he would definitely drive a luxury car and take the beauty out to have fun.

The current situation made him a little confused; and he found that it was difficult to understand the life of rich people.

“Which restaurant should we go to” Zhang Han asked while driving the car.

“Lets go to the Pveree Restaurant on Ganruo Street.

I have been there once.

The environment is pretty good,” Zi Yan answered.

“Okay,” Zhang Han nodded and said, “After we have lunch, how about I take you shopping”

“Its up to you,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Haha.” Seeing her expression, Zhang Han couldnt help stretching out his right hand.

On the white and slender legs of Zi Yan…

“Jeez, so annoying! Drive carefully,” Zi Yan twisted her body and said coyly.

“Yes, Madam!”

Then he drove the car to Pveree Restaurant.

Pveree Restaurant was a restaurant with a quiet environment and high-end facilities for the upper class.

Naturally, the cost would be high, and it was quite famous in Hong Kong.

And its fame came from the master chef, Wang Long.

The restaurant had three floors in total.

The first floor was for relatively ordinary guests in the charge of a well-known chef.

The second floor was for celebrities, with the main theme being cozy and romantic.

Almost all of the tables had two seats.

Some had four seats at most.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei once had a meal here and had a good impression of it.

Wang Long, the master chef, also owned part of the restaurant.

He was mainly responsible for the guests on the second and third floors.

There were several private rooms on the third floor for people dining together.

But Wang Long did not come here every day, because he owned many other restaurants.

When he was here, he only personally received those people with a background.

Now, Wang Long happened to be in Pveree Restaurant.

“Hello, Boss Liu, please come inside.”

In front of the restaurant, Wang Long personally came to welcome the six people and spoke to the middle-aged person who was the leader.

“Hahaha, Mr.

Wang, I heard that youre here today, and I was just nearby talking about some business.

So I have to come here to taste your cooking.

These gentlemen next to me are really lucky today.

They havent tasted your dishes before.

After they have tried them, I guess they will be reluctant to leave South Island.” Boss Liu laughed.

“Boss Liu, youre flattering me.

Please come inside!” Wang Long said with a smile.

Boss Liu had already booked a private room.

Obviously, he came here for both having a meal and talking business.

When Wang Long turned around, he inadvertently squinted outside, and his eyes were suddenly fixed on the panda car there.

“A panda car

“Could the car belong to…”

Wang Long stopped and waited for a few seconds.

After seeing the person getting out of the car, he squinted his eyes slightly.



He was very curious about Zhang Han because Liu Qingfeng criticized him badly in front of everyone before he went to Aslin Restaurant.

It was not the most important reason.

The point was Liu Qingfeng called this man outside Mr.


And he was quite respectful, so he couldnt help thinking about it.

The person who could be treated by Liu Qingfeng in this way would certainly not be ordinary, but Wang Long was not very worried at that time.

After all, he did not do anything wrong.

He was nice and did not offend anyone.

He was not afraid of anything.

After recognizing Zhang Han, Wang Long thought for a while and said to Boss Liu, who was next to him, “Boss Liu, please go up first.

Ill arrange everything when you have ordered.”

“Okay.” Boss Liu smiled and went to the third floor under the guidance of the lobby manager.

Wang Long stood near the door.

He did not leave, quietly watching the arrival of the two people outside.

This made the cashier and several waiters at the counter very curious.

“The big boss has gone up.

What is he doing here”

“Hey A handsome guy and a pretty woman are coming,” the female cashier whispered to the man next to her at the counter.

“Yeah, yeah, with such a figure, she is definitely a great beauty.

Wait! Why did Boss Wang go to greet them in person”


After Zhang Han and Zi Yan came in, Wang Long hurriedly greeted them and said with a warm smile, “Mr.

Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang, hello, welcome.”

“Mm.” Zhang Han glanced at Wang Long and gave a slight nod.

“Arent you the master of Lv Chao” Zi Yan still remembered him and asked with doubt.

“Well…” Wang Long smiled and said, “I am Wang Long.

I have no disciple.”


Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang, please, let me arrange a private room for you,” Wang Long nodded and said.

“No need, we will be on the second floor,” Zi Yan replied.

“Okay, this way please.” Wang Long politely made a gesture of inviting them and personally took Zhang Han and Zi Yan to the second floor.

This made the female cashier and the male waiter at the counter stunned.

“They are great.

Our boss is so enthusiastic,” the waiter whispered.

“Yeah, it seems that they have a great background,” the female cashier muttered.

As one of the four famous master chefs in Hong Kong, Wang Long would only receive people with great wealth or power.

In their eyes, the couple just now had to be from a super-rich family.

Of course, they also confirmed this after comparison, because for Boss Liu who just arrived, Wang Long was indeed enthusiastic, but he was less polite.

They were chatting just like friends on the same level.

But now, Wang Long was both enthusiastic and polite.

They got to the second floor and Wang Long had them sit by the window.

The atmosphere on the second floor was very good.

There were a lot of flower pots and ornaments around, as well as screens.

Adding in the light music, the atmosphere was really good.


Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang, what would you like to eat” Wang Long asked directly, without even bringing them the menu.

In his view, Mr.

Zhang was also a professional.

He knew a lot of dishes and naturally knew what to eat.

“Bring all your specialties here,” Zhang Han replied casually.

Zi Yan recalled and said, “I remember that last time the beef was quite delicious, and also South African prawns, flounder, and Irish desserts.

And then bring something else.”

“Okay, Ill arrange it.

Let me first give you a pot of Puer tea.

You can drink it first.” Wang Long left after saying that.

He planned to cook for them in person and have Mr.

Zhang taste the dishes he made.

Soon after, a pot of Puer was served and the waiter poured two cups of tea for them.

Drinking tea was also a kind of culture, but Zhang Han didnt know about it so much and Zi Yan just knew a little.

After sipping the tea, Zi Yan stared at Zhang Han and her lips curled upward in a curve.

“Why are you smiling So silly.” Zhang Han teased her.

“Who is silly” Zi Yan stopped smiling and snorted.

Then she became a little excited and said, “When I think about the surfing just now, I get goose bumps! You see The height of the waves was just like that of a seven-story building.

Hey! It seemed they were devouring us.

So scary.

You held me and surfed so high.

It was really exciting.

It was my first time surfing.

I didnt expect it to be so beautiful, like a cave made of a curtain of water.

Its prettier than on video.

So much fun.”

“Oh You like exciting games” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Well, I like exciting games.

I went bungee jumping several times before.” Zi Yan pouted her red lips.

“I didnt expect that.

I used to think that you were aloof and reserved.

Now you are just like a naughty little girl.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Hmph!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes to Zhang Han and said, “Im always like this.

I can play happily with my friends.”

“Besides your friends, is there anyone else” Zhang Han said with a smile.


“You have.”

“Who is it My family”


Your husband!”

“Pfft! No way! You… you… Hmph!” Zi Yans pretty face was flushed.

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han laughed.

He became even fonder of Zi Yan, and he liked to watch her pretty face flush.

After the joke, Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “You like exciting games.

Then I will take you to play a game at night.”

“What game” Zi Yan asked curiously.


“Racing Is it safe” Zi Yan licked her red lips.

“Im with you, so of course, its safe,” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “You forgot Mengmeng once told you that I won a sports car by racing.”


Youre just making me angry.

You are not serious at all.

I asked you to look after Mengmeng, but how could you take her racing Thats not a safe place,” Zi Yan said in anger.

“Its fine.

I used to go a lot and some of the tracks are straight.

The speed is not so fast.

Its very safe.”

“Then we will go and experience it!” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

Today was the time for just the two of them, so they should just play happily.

Surfing for the first time… Racing for the first time.

Mm… It would definitely be a good memory in her life!

The dishes were served while they were speaking.

A few minutes later, Wang Long walked up with the last dish.


Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang, please have a taste,” Wang Long smiled and said.

“This Mondotte is my little gift for you.


Zhang, please taste my dishes.”

Wang Long expressed his kindness, and at the same time, he was pondering one thing.

How should he ask Mr.

Zhang about the ingredients

After returning from Aslin Restaurant that day, Wang Long always thought of the delicious fried rice.

The ingredients made him curious.

He was thinking about going to Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant in a few days.

He didnt expect his target to come here today.

Wang Long intended to talk about that after Zhang Han tasted his dishes.

He thought because his cooking skills were superb and Mr.

Zhang, as a professional, had to know about a chefs desire for good ingredients, things could become easier.

But he was wrong.

In his expectant eyes, Zhang Han ate a bite of beef.

He nodded and answered lightly, “Not bad.”


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