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“Hurry up, can you start racing”

Fang Lei said loudly, facing the screen on the left, and everyone could feel that he was totally impatient.

His cry did cater to Ye Hans idea.

“Shall I play off them against each other”

“Should I do it”

Ye Han failed to make up his mind.

In fact, he really wanted to take the opportunity to provoke them, stimulating Fang Lei to rile Mr.

Zhang, who was very horrible.

This trick was called using the strength of another!


“Since they are not stupid, they must know that I am playing them off against each other.”

“What if Mr.

Zhang vents his anger on me”


“I cant!”

“I cant displease him!”

“Once Mr.

Zhang gets angry, I will come to no good end.

Tang Zhan is a vivid example!”

For prudential reasons, Ye Han denied his thought.

He thought that perhaps he could make use of this opportunity to cancel the ten-million-yuan gamble.

“Well, well, Fang Lei, youre lucky today.

Here comes my honored guest.

I can let you go first!” Ye Han waved his hand and said loudly.

“Hey What do you mean Do you just intend to cancel this racing” Fang Leis eyes slightly widened.

“I dont bother to talk nonsense with you!” Ye Han glanced at him coldly, and then turned to look at Zhao Feng.

He smiled at once and said,

“Ah Feng, Im going to greet Mr.


“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded and guided Ye Han to the panda car that seemed to be at the lowest price among the cars present.


Fang Lei raised his eyebrows.

Seeing Ye Hans expression, he was also somewhat astonished.

“Ye Han has his own pride, and always gives me tit for tat in the face of me.

However, he is so polite at this point.

Doesnt this person have strong background”

“Whos he” Fang Lei asked several people beside him.

“His name is Zhao Feng, who ranked first of Forever Harmony Association in Southern District before, and others call him Crazy.

Besides, he is really formidable.” Zheng Chenyu responded in a low voice, “I heard that he separated himself from the underground forces later and followed a boss.

At that time, the underground forces in the Southern District were in chaos.

Ye Han, Xia Shanhao and Dong Tianpeng all were there, and Zhao Feng accepted the challenge.

They were about to fight against each other, but it ended up with nothing definite.

It is said that Zhao Fengs boss stopped that conflict, but I also dont know the details.”

“Oh” Fang Lei frowned and said, “Now that he suppresses the forces of the three parties by virtue of his own strength, why havent I heard of this person Is it just a rumor Lets see what will happen first.”

“Um.” Zheng Chenyu nodded.

Under everyones gaze, Ye Han walked to the window of the panda car, following Zhao Feng.

Zhang Han rolled down the window and stared at Ye Han without saying anything.

“Ahem, hello, Mr.

Zhang.” Ye Han greeted him first.

“Well, Im going to have a race.

Is it convenient for you now” Zhang Han asked casually.

He did not mind waiting for a moment.

But Ye Han did.

Not only because Zhang Han exerted great pressure on him, but also because he was unwilling to lose ten million yuan.

He, therefore, said with a nod, “Im idle now.

Its my pleasure to race with Mr.


After finishing speaking, he waved his hand to his subordinated nearby and said, “Drive the car away and give way to Mr.



Zhang, are you going to drive this car” Ye Han glanced at the panda car.

Although this car was a little cute, he really turned his nose up at it.

Moreover, he would not enjoy himself if he drove the panda car.

Therefore, he thought for a while and said,


Zhang, would you mind driving my car”

Hearing his words, Zhang Han froze.

Now that he wanted to chase for speed and excitement, he would feel better to drive a supercar, so Zhang Han nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Well, Mr.

Zhang, please.

This is my car key.”

Ye Han felt worried and handed the car key of his own Aston Martin over.

Simultaneously, he prayed that Zhang Han was good at driving.

His heart would be broken if his car was hit!

Zhang Han took the car key and got out of the panda car.

Under the guidance of Ye Han, he walked to the gray Aston Martin one77 in front of him.

Seeing what had happened.

Dozens of people around were extremely shocked.

“Do you see that Is my boss awesome…” Sun Dongheng took a few photos of Zhang Han and began to speak with excitement.

“What Ye Han actually let another have his car” Fang Lei raised his eyebrows.

He had not expected that Ye Han would have lent his beloved car to another one today!

It seemed that… the person indeed had a great background.

“Where does he come from Why havent I seen him before The girl next to him looks pretty good.” Fang Leis eyes narrowed.


At this moment, two screams were heard behind Fang Lei, “Isnt that the young couple Sh*t, I actually meet them here.”

“My gosh, how formidable they are.

It is really amazing that Ye Han is extremely deferential to them.

They must have a strong background!” Zheng Chenyu said, curling his lips.

In the meantime, his thought struck terror into himself.

Fortunately, he was a man of principle, or he was bound to be beaten badly once he conflicted with the man!

“Fu*k, this beautys boyfriend is really extraordinary!”

“Hello!” Huang Wen let out a cry more cheerfully.

After seeing Zhang Han and Zi Yan looking over, he patted himself on his bald head.

Clap, clap!

“Its me! Reflective Sun! What a coincidence!” Huang Wen waved and said.

After seeing the young couple smiling, Huang Wen also laughed and said, “Childe Lei, we met this couple this morning, and they are very awesome.

That handsome man, with crowning surfing skills, came through an 18-meter-high surge with his girlfriend in his arms.

Besides, he, like a dolphin, also flew up and down.

What a pity that you did not see him showing his skills.

Its so cool!”


do you know who they are” Fang Lei asked.

“I have no idea.”

“How did you talk nonsense since you dont know their identities Do you know that guy makes me lose ten million yuan” Fang Lei stretched out his hand to pat Huang Wen on the head.

He knew that Ye Han would not continue in the competition.

He finally had a chance to take Ye Han down, but an unknown man ruined this golden opportunity, which annoyed Fang Lei.

However, he had guessed that this man probably had a great background, so he just intended to stand in place and continue to see what would happen.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han and Zi Yan got into the Aston Martin.

Ye Han then waved to the two cars, which were ready to start, “Get out of the way.

You dont need to have a race now!”

The North King was obedient enough and drove aside without any hesitation, then he got out of the car and walked to Ye Han.

As for Ye Han, he waved directly.

“Xiao Wu, send him back.

We wont have a race today.”

As Fang Lei saw what had happened, his mouth trembled slightly, and he scolded secretly,

“What a shameless person Ye Han is!”

Since the two supercars made way for them, the Aston Martin and Fang Leis car were at the head of the motorcade.

The tall beautiful lady, dressed in sexy clothes, with a bunting in her hand, wanted to project herself, so she rushed to the racing track.

But when she just took five steps forward and had not yet reached the edge of the track.


Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Aston Martins engine made an angry roar.

Buzz, buzz…

The tires rubbed against the ground fiercely, and the rear wheels rotated at a high speed, which made the car almost suspend.

However, the next moment, Aston Martin showed its capacity of holding the ground.

It sped up and rushed out, vanishing in a few seconds.

Everyone rushed to the camera to see what was happening, and simultaneously uttered a cry,

“Its so fast!”

“Its speed is really amazing, and it gives me the creeps at a glance.”


Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and Ye Han also walked to the screen.

“Ye Han, you are indeed good at making use of the opportunity, ha, ha.” Feng Lei could not help but sneer.

“Now that Mr.

Zhang is here, I certainly should make room for him.

If you are upset, you can talk to Mr.

Zhang, or Ah Feng, who is standing beside me.” Ye Han sneered.


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