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“Hmm” The answer stunned Zhao Feng.

She should have told him the specific answer.

‘How could she say she did not know

“Then, arrange another table,” Zhao Feng said.

“Oh,” the receptionist responded and began to check it up on the computer.

At that time, Dahe and a few people rushed over from the side of the corridor.

They had not arrived yet, but their voices had been heard, “Who is it”

He got out of the corridor and when he saw it was Zhao Feng, his eyes slightly widened.

He walked faster, almost like jogging, and laughed while speaking, “Oh, Brother Feng, its you, welcome!”

“Mm,” Zhao Feng nodded and said, “I accompanied my boss here.”


Dahe was almost choked on the saliva.

He subconsciously looked at Ah Hu who was next to Zhao Feng.

Without thinking, he bowed and said quickly,

“Hello, boss, welcome, welcome!”

He was quite nervous when saying that.

‘Brother Fengs boss… Wasnt the man who terrified Xia Shanhao last time

“This…” Zhao Feng didnt know what to say.

He glanced at Zi Yan and Zhang Han who were tittering there and also started laughing, saying, “You are wrong.”

“Ah” Dahe looked up and looked at them carefully.

It was so embarrassing!

His face became red immediately and he felt very embarrassed.

He looked at Zhang Han and wanted to bow and say hello again.

“Enough, lets go in,” Zhang Han smiled and said in a friendly manner.

“Yes, yes, please!” Dahe hurriedly made way and led them inside.

Dahe and the others led the four people, including Zhang Han, to table one.

It was about nine oclock and there were quite a few guests.

Table one had already been reserved, but sometimes reservations were just a joke.

After the arrangement, Dahe rushed to call Brother Long and his words were simple,

“Brother Long, Brother Feng is here.

His boss also came.

Table one had been reserved, so the reservation…”

“Who” Brother Long was shocked and said quickly, “Zhao Fengs boss Hiss! Wait for me.

I am going back now.

I will arrive in ten minutes.

Bring them the best wine.

Serve them well.”

Before hanging up the phone, Dahe vaguely heard the voice of Brother Long talking to others, “Brother Bai, there is something urgent.

It cant be arranged.

Ill meet you tomorrow… Dududu….”

Therefore, Zhang Hans treatment at table one could be seen as the highest level available.

By the table, a total of two waiters and six security guards were standing there; even the best bartender Luo Qing was called over.

However, when she came over and found that it was Zhang Han and Zi Yan, she greeted nicely, “Hello, brother, sister-in-law.”

“Mm.” Zi Yan smiled and waved her hand.

“Come and sit down.”

“This…” Luo Qing hesitated.

After all, she was still working at the moment!

“Ahem, just sit there.

You dont have to work today,” Dahe said quickly by their side.

“Okay.” Luo Qing nodded.

She smiled and looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, saying, “Then brother, sister-in-law, I will make you some drinks.”

In the end, Luo Qing made five glasses of wine and sat down next to Zi Yan after that.

“Very good.” Zi Yan took a sip of wine.

Her eyes lit up slightly and she praised her.


Then, those people began to drink slowly.

About ten minutes later, being a minute to nine, Zhang Li came in happily from the side door.

Dahe waved his hand when he saw her.

Zhang Li came over and said with curiosity,

“I am about to go on stage.

Why did you call me”

“Li… Li.” He usually called her goddess Li, but now, he didnt say that.

Dahe was very nervous at that moment.

He pointed to table one and said plainly, “There.”

“What” Zhang Li took a few steps forward and leaned to look at table one.

She firstly felt surprised and then walked straight to them.

She sat on the sofa and curiously asked,

“Brother, sister-in-law, what brought you here Where is Mengmeng”

“Mengmeng is playing with Feifei,” Zi Yan replied.

“Oh, those two are still playing outside now You came here especially for me, right” Zhang Li said with a smile.

“No, we came to have fun.

Seeing you is also good,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Humph! Cant you say something nice” Zhang Li rolled her eyes to Zhang Han and then took a look at the time, saying, “I should go on stage.

Youll see the best DJ here.

Im coming!”

Zhang Li ran to the stage after saying that.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Everyone, lets welcome the best DJ of Starry Sky Bar.

Lili!” the last male DJ cheered.


A lot of cheers and screams came from the audience.

Among them, only a few frequent visitors were cheering for Zhang Li, while others were cheering thanks to the atmosphere.

Her appearance attracted lots of attention.

“Everybody…” Zhang Li started her dance music after saying that.

The music had a fast rhythm.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were listening to heavy metal music while drinking wine.

At table one, they could clearly see the stage and other places.

It had a great view.

Zhang Han squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Zhang Li on the stage.

Because it was dark, Zi Yan and Zhang Han took their sunglasses off before coming in.

Zi Yan was wearing a cap and the brim was relatively low.

Dahe and others did not see her face, but even if they could, it was possible that they had to think for a while before they could recognize her.

Seeing Zhang Hans expression, Zi Yan leaned her head on his shoulder and whispered, “What are you thinking about”

“My parents,” Zhang Han replied.

“Everything will be fine.” Zi Yan licked her lips after hearing that.

She stretched out her left hand and held Zhang Hans right hand, expressing her love for him.

“Life wasnt easy for Lili these years.

But I am back now.

Everything will be better in the future,” Zhang Han said softly.

“I believe you can definitely find uncle and aunt.”

“I will.”

In the depths of Zhang Hans eyes, there was a light.

If someone could carefully observe his eyes, he would find that this light was piercing and freezing cold.

There was something that he did not say, which was that all the forces related to the disappearance of his parents would be eliminated by him.

Zhang Han was a little sentimental at the moment, but he adjusted his feelings very quickly.

After inhaling lightly, he looked at Zi Yan and smiled, “Looks like you cant call them uncle and aunt anymore.

You should call them…”

“No! We…” Zi Yan looked around and then she whispered to Zhang Hans ear, “We havent gotten married and I havent promised to marry you yet.”

After Zhang Han heard the words, he moved his head and said in Zi Yans, “But our child can already run.

You are destined to be mine.

You cant run away even if you want to.”

After that, Zhang Han smiled.

He stuck out his tongue and licked Zi Yans earlobe softly.


Zi Yan instantly felt her whole body become still and then she was powerless.

A blush rose to her cheeks.

She moved her head away, licked her red lips, pouted her mouth and looked at Zhang Han.

Then she moved her head closer to Zhang Han and said in his ear,

“Youre annoying! So many people are here! Ill bite you!”

After that, Zi Yan opened her mouth and gently took a bite on Zhang Hans ear.

“Oh” Zhang Han raised his eyebrows and began to counterattack.

Just like this, the lovey-dovey couple began to play happily.

They continued with their merrymaking there, regardless of the bachelors around them.

However, they didnt look at them.

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu looked at the stage very carefully from the beginning.

They stared at Zhang Li, who was moving casually.

Luo Qing was a bit shy.

She felt embarrassed, so she also looked at the stage.

Several people, such as Dahe, looked at them at first.

But after seeing Zhao Fengs behavior, they hurriedly stopped and began to look at the dancing floor below, thinking that theyd better not look at them.

A few minutes later, the owner of Starry Star Bar, Brother Long and his two men hurriedly approached.

“Brother Long,” Dahe went to greet him and said, “Mr.

Zhang and his girlfriend are intimately whispering inside.”

“Whispering Oh, then Ill wait for a while,” Brother Long nodded and asked, “He came over to…”

“To have fun.”

“Then I am relieved.” Brother Long exhaled a long breath and muttered, “With such a big shot here, I am a little nervous.”

“Dont worry, Brother Long.

Were on good terms with goddess Li and her brother is our brother, right” Dahe said with a smile.

“What did you say” Brother Longs eyes widened.

He raised his head and patted on Dahes head, saying, “Dont gossip here.

If it makes Mr.

Zhang misunderstand, you wont end up well.”

“Haha, I know, Im just kidding.” Dahe scratched his head and smiled.

“Behave yourself.

Ill go take a look.” After saying that, Brother Long stepped to the edge of the table and looked inside.


So intimate!

He moved back his head as fast as lightning.

Since they were enjoying a sweet time together, he felt that hed better not disturb them.

So then, Brother Long stuck his head out every two minutes.

When he did that for the third time, Zhao Feng saw him and waved his hands.

Then he stepped to the table.

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang,” Brother Long said hello politely.

“Mm.” Zhang Han nodded lightly and asked, “Are you the boss here”

“Yes, my name is Kang Long.

You can call me Xiao Long,” Brother Long nodded and said.

“Sit down and talk.” Zhang Han waved his hand casually, saying, “Xiao Li has mentioned you.

She said that you take good care of her when shes working here.”

His actions and expressions were very natural, as if he were the host of the place.

In turn, Kang Long acted as if he were a guest.

He felt somewhat flattered and nodded, saying,

“Well… Lili is very easygoing and graceful.

I appreciate her since she came here.

Of course, I appreciate her as her boss.

Later, her ability as a DJ also impressed me.

Shes great.

Shes the best DJ here.

Shes the… Anyway, shes very good.”

Seeing that Kang Long was so cautious, Zi Yan grinned.

She became more curious about Zhang Han.

His reaction showed that he was obviously scared of Zhang Han, but Zhang Han had just been in Hong Kong for a month or so.

Just then, when he went racing, Mr.

Ye respected him, and at the venue, it was the same.

So that means…How many things was he still hiding from me!

‘Humph! Still being mysterious! Dummy!


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