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Zi Yan snorted.

But she didnt want to ask anything, just because Zhang Han said that he was waiting for the right time to tell her that little secret.

He said… that moment would be beautiful.

Then it would definitely be very beautiful!

Zi Yan involuntarily remembered the scene when he was confessing his love for her the day before.

The heart-shaped lights of the building, candles, balloons, petal rain, fireworks, exquisite cakes… and the romantic love songs… and also… the kiss…

Thinking about it made Zi Yan feel so sweet and wonderful.

She blinked her big bright eyes and quietly stared at Zhang Hans profile.

Zhang Han smiled at Kang Long and said, “Has Xiao Li been here for a few years”

“Yes.” Kang Long was sitting properly, just like a student facing his teacher.

He answered seriously, “She has been here for more than three years.”

Seeing him like this, Zi Yan couldnt help but laugh and said, “Why are you so cautious Hes not a tiger.”

“Oh, yes, yes, maam, youre right.

Ill relax, Ill relax,” Kang Long said nervously.

He said hed be relaxed, but he still felt nervous deep inside, like sitting on pins and needles.

He just felt very nervous and couldnt control himself.

He began to doubt if it was as the saying went, “to be in the kings company was tantamount to living with a tiger.”

But when he was talking with Xia Shanhao, he never felt like that.

Anyway he was still the boss of the place.

After taking a few deep breaths, he became much calmer.

“Did Xiao Li run into any trouble in the past few years” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Well… trouble… no,” Kang Long shook his head first and then carefully thought about it, adding, “When Lili just came here, she was not familiar with the environment and she had no friends.

At that time, there was another female DJ here.

She was quite arrogant and always tried to push Lili away.

I thought Lili would not stand that and leave soon.”

After mentioning that, Kang Long smiled and said with some emotion,

“I didnt expect her to be so courageous and proud.

Once when she was bullied, she directly smashed a bottle of wine on the female DJs head.

She was straightforward and outgoing.

After that, I began to admire her and fired that female DJ.

And because Lili is quite pretty, there is always someone chasing her, but she has never dated anyone.”

She never dated anyone and she even refused him!

Kang Long also chased Zhang Li before, but he did not succeed.

Later, he met his current wife and stopped thinking about Zhang Li.

They were just ordinary friends by then.

“Oh, I can see that she treats you as friends.” Zhang Han nodded and glanced at the watch.

He said, “Xiao Feng will open a bar at New Moon Bay in a while.

That is especially for Xiao Li.

If you are interested, you can go there.

Its late.

Go back to your business.”

After saying that, he looked at Zi Yan.

He smiled lightly and said, “Do you want to have some fun over there”

“Mm…” Zi Yan glanced at the dancing floor and nodded, “Okay, lets go!”

And then, Zi Yan stood up and took Zhang Hans hand to the dancing floor.

Then Zhao Feng and Ah Hu decided to follow them.

Before moving, Zhao Feng patted Kang Longs shoulder who was still sitting there, saying, “Dont just sit here.

Heres your opportunity.

Think about it yourself.”

“Ah! Oh, ok.” Kang Long heard him.

He looked at Zhao Feng at a loss and replied.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked into the dancing floor, while Zhao Feng and Ah Hu followed them closely.

Luo Qing looked around and then went back to work.

After Kang Long realized it, he hurriedly waved to Dahe and the others, saying, “Why are you still standing there Go to the dancing floor and make some room for Mr.


“Got it.” Dahe nodded and walked into the dancing floor with five men.

After they left, there was only Kang Long left at table one.

He felt a little lost.


Kang Long sat on the sofa and felt very hot, so he poured himself a glass of wine.

He gulped down the wine.

And he drank it all up.

He was thinking about it.

That was his industry and he could call the shots there.

If he went to work for other people, he wouldnt be so free and comfortable.

And the key was that he still didnt know about Zhang Hans background!

‘Was this an opportunity

Kang Long hesitated.

In the end, he took out his mobile phone and called Xia Shanhao.

“Boss, are you busy I want to ask you something,” Kang Long asked.

“Xiao Long, its you.

What do you want to know I am busy.

You have one minute,” Xia Shanhao replied calmly.

“Well, I want to ask about Mr.

Zhang, Zhao Fengs boss.”

“Why do you ask about him”

“Uh, Mr.

Zhang said that Zhao Feng wants to open a bar and hes inviting me to manage it.”

“Poof… What”

Kang Long could hear that Xia Shanhao must have spit his wine out.

He became a little nervous, saying, “Xiao Long, oh no, Ah Long, no, Brother Long, what did you just say”

“I said that Mr.

Zhang invited me to manage that bar.” Kang Long faintly felt something and said then meaningfully, “I dont know Mr.

Zhangs background.

Im still running my Starry Sky Bar, so I hesitated.

Boss, youve seen more of the world.

So I wanted to ask you.”

“Well… How should I tell you, bro Let me put it in this way.

Brother Long, if you can have some connection with Mr.

Zhang, you should be thrilled.

He is much more powerful than all the underground forces in south island.

He is a man with great influence, understand”


As soon as he heard that, Kang Long gasped.

His heart began to beat quickly and his face became red.

He trembled, saying, “Is this true”

“Youre not in that circle, so you dont know the characters at that level.

What I know is also superficial.

In short, your industry of Starry Sky Bar is nothing in my eyes, let alone in Mr.


“Okay, I know.

Thank you, boss.”

“Hey Call me brother.

You dont need to be so polite with me.”


In the dancing floor…

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were at a corner in the front.

Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Dahe and the rest made a circle.

The music at the moment was quite peaceful and melodious.

Gradually, it transitioned to heavy metal music and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

People could feel that it was time to dance!

Finally, in the fast-rhythm electric music, the power of the subwoofer was released.

Zhang Li took the lead and jumped on the stage with her hands raised.

Most of the people also began to dance.


Zi Yan stretched out her hands and screamed with the rhythm.

Then she began to move her body and her long hair was dancing like waves, truly eye-catching.

The light was sometimes dim and sometimes dazzling, in which people could see the lower part of Zi Yans cheeks, her small nose, her sexy red lips, her occasional smiles, her white teeth just like jade, her perfect figure, and also her slender legs.

It could be said that every part of her body was extremely beautiful.

When those parts were combined, that person seemed to be full of magic and she was extremely attractive.

Zhang Hans expression showed that he was a little intoxicated.

Gradually, Zi Yan attracted some men who were tempted.

A yellow-haired man who thought that he was the third most handsome man in the world went over.

When he was near…


A person stood in front of him, with a murderous look.

He took a closer look and found that it was Dahe.

‘Why was he standing there with his eyes wide open

The yellow-haired man was somewhat puzzled, thinking that he might be crazy.

He thought for a while and eventually gave up that idea.

Then he turned to find other targets, even without saying anything.

In his opinion, Dahe might have drunk too much wine.

Several other men also came near one after another.

When they met Dahe and his men, they only saw their widened eyes.

While Zhao Feng and Ah Hu were much nicer.

They just waved their hands to the people in front of them.

Under their guard, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were not disturbed.

After dancing for nearly half an hour, Zi Yan pulled Zhang Han back to the table to rest.

During that period, Kang Long was extremely enthusiastic.

He patted his chest and said that he would try his best to help them with the bar.

After a few swallows of cocktails, Zhang Han glanced at the time.

It was 9:40.

So he looked at Zi Yan and said, “It is not early.

Lets go back, shall we”

“Mm, if we dont go back, Mengmeng will be anxious.” Zi Yan grinned.

So Kang Long saw Zhang Han and several people out of the bar.

“I didnt see Mengmeng for a whole day.

I miss her.”

After getting on the car, Zhang Han stepped on the accelerator heavily and quickly went back to New Moon Bay.

“If you dont see me for a day, would you miss me” Zi Yan, sitting in the front passenger seat, turned to stare at Zhang Han and said.

Her expression showed that if his answer was no, she wound pinch him!

“Of course…” Zhang Han drawled.

When Zi Yans eyes were about to widen, he hurriedly said, “I would.

I will miss you if I cant see you for a moment.

You know what Im missing you day and night.

No, Im missing you every second.”

“Humph! You have a glib tongue.” Zi Yans eyes showed that she was happy to hear that, but she snorted lightly.

She turned her head and sat straight, saying, “Its such a wonderful day.

I havent had fun like this in a long time.”

“In the future, I will take you to have fun all over the world and all over the universe!”

Zi Yan laughed.

“Although I know that you are talking nonsense, it sounds quite impressive.”


They kept chatting like that and forgot the passing of time.

It felt as if arriving at the restaurant only took a few minutes.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Zhao Feng said goodbye and drove the Land Rover away.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked into the restaurant.

Elder Meng and the other two people who were sitting on the first floor of the restaurant nodded and said hello, and then they left.

They kept walking inside and when they were about to reach the corner of the stairs, they heard Mengmengs anxious voice,

“How come PaPa and MaMa havent come back yet Aunty Feifei, please call them quickly.” Then Mengmeng burped.

“Okay, I will call them,” Zhou Fei said helplessly.

She took out her mobile phone and before she dialed, Zi Yans voice came from the corner of the stairs,

“Ahem, see who is back”

“Ah” Mengmeng was stunned.

She stuck out her small head and looked at the stairs.

Then her eyes lit up, saying, “Ah! MaMa…” She burped.

“PaPa, you are back!” She burped again.

“Hey Mengmeng, why are you burping How many snacks did you eat” Zi Yan went to Mengmeng and asked.

“Ah” She burped again!


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