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“Then, shall we go for a ride” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said.

Since they were out, they could just drive for a while.

“Lets go for a ride! Lets go! Lets go!” Mengmeng cheered in a cute voice.

For that little girl, no matter where they would go or what they would do, she would happily follow them.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded and waved at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng directly handed over the Maybachs key to him.

“Beauty, please get in the car!”

Zhang Han smiled and said to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan held Mengmeng in her arms and got in the black Maybach.

The car had a noble temperament and a hidden innate wildness.

You could find it extraordinary after just taking one look.

There was only one in the world.

That gimmick was great.

Even Ye Han, who gave this car to him for free, felt that the car could be speculated up to one hundred million!

But in order to give himself a protection layer, he chose to give it to Zhang Han.

He was smart and far-sighted.

Only alive could you have the chance to spend money.

He had many luxury cars, but only one life!

“Lets also drive a new car around, shall we” Zhang Li smiled and looked at Zhao Feng.

“Uh… Okay!” Zhao Feng nodded.

“You drive for me, okay” Zhang Lis eyes were slightly bright.

“There are still two cars.

One for each” Zhao Feng said.

“Alright, I want the orange one,” Zhang Li said.

“Here.” Zhao Feng handed over the car key.

He got in the Lamborghini Bat himself.

At that time, Zhang Hans Maybach had just left.

Zhang Li started the car and followed up.

Zhao Feng was behind them.

It was also fun to drive a car around occasionally.

Sun Dongheng was just like that at the moment.

He was driving his own yellow McLaren, driving freely on the streets with Lu Yin.

“You will go back the day after tomorrow.

To be honest, I wish we could play together for a few more days,” Sun Dongheng said with a casual smile.

“I didnt do so many live broadcasts in the past few days.

My fans are not happy.

I have to go back and focus on the live broadcasts for a while.

By the way, Brother Dong… if you want, you can go to my place to play,” Lu Yin smiled and said.

“Ill definitely go there if I have the chance later.” Sun Dongheng shook his head and said, “Before you came, I thought you were an open-minded and rude girl like in the live broadcast.

I didnt expect you to be so gentle and quiet in reality.”

“That is for the effect of the live broadcast, okay” Lu Yin snorted and grinned.

“Haha, right, right, its fun to play with you.

Stone is also very interesting.

So are the two girls.”

“Brother Dong, your live broadcast is stable now.

Now the average audience number is more than 500,000.

It is like this at the beginning.

It is estimated that the number will be stable at more than one million in a period of time.

You will be a big anchor.

At that time, some studios will contact you and try to sign contracts with you.

Some websites will also come to you.

Remember to have a good talk with them about the price,” Lu Yin said.

“Forget about the studios.

I wont cooperate with the websites, either, for the time being.

That little money is nothing to me.

Ill wait until the time is ripe.” Sun Dongheng was hurt deep inside, but his expression showed he didnt care at all.

He seemed to say that money was just like dirt in his eyes.

But what he actually thought was:

‘Damn it! It is money! More than one million fans! Wouldnt that be nearly ten million Ive never had that much money!

However, due to various reasons, Sun Dongheng would not sign any contracts for the time being, because once he did, he would be restricted.

He would wait for his father Sun Ming to come back from North America and ask him for his opinion.

“Hey Brother Dong, there is still something I want to ask you.”

“Just say it.” Sun Dongheng nodded.

“Well…” Lu Yin hesitated, saying, “It is about the beautiful little girl Mengmeng.

I found that many stickers and a variety of avatars have been made with screenshots of Mengmengs face.

You used her video and a lot of people entered your fan group so quickly.

So, I… Can you also ask her to record a video for me”

“Im afraid not.” Sun Dongheng thought for a moment and shook his head, “You also know that our boss is a big shot.

I was lucky last time.

He wouldnt let Mengmeng always record short videos like that.”

Sun Dongheng felt it was okay if he asked for it himself, because after all, their relationship was not bad.

Zhang Han saved his family also because of Mengmeng.

Therefore, Mengmeng, Mengmengs mom and also the boss had an important position in Sun Donghengs heart.

Last time when he made the request, he also called up all his courage.

If he made the request for someone else, that would be too much.

“Oh, thats a pity.

It was the first time that I saw such a beautiful little girl,” Lu Yin chuckled and said, “I think if you have a chance in the future, you should take more shots of Mengmeng.

With her there, the effect would be absolutely good.”

“Hahaha, she is the most beautiful little princess in the world… Damn it!”

Sun Dongheng laughed and said that while waiting for the traffic lights.

When he saw a supercar passing him, he widened his eyes and stopped speaking.

“Wow! What car is that So cool!” Lu Yin also looked that way and suddenly felt amazed.

“Damn! That is the limited edition of Bugattis Black Bess Legend.

I really cant believe my eyes! Its so beautiful.” Sun Dongheng heavily patted his thigh.

“Limited edition of Legend” Lu Yin curled her lips, saying in a low voice, “Would it cost a lot of money”

“It costs 60 million to get one!” He took a deep breath and said.

Sun Donghengs heartbeat was accelerating.

“6… 60 million Oh my! So expensive!” Lu Yin felt a little dizzy.

The two million that she had earned… Hey! It was nothing!

Sun Dongheng exhaled.

“There are only three such cars in the world.

Its very rare! I didnt expect to see it here today! It is definitely a big shot driving it!” Sun Dongheng shook his head and drank some mineral water to calm himself down.

He didnt know that the driver was Feifei!

“Poof… What car is that”

When a black, dazzling Maybach passed, Sun Donghengs heart seemed to be struck by electricity.

He spit the water in his mouth on the window.

He was so excited that his voice trembled,

“Wait! Dont talk! I have seen this car on the Internet.

What is it What is it Maybach, oh yes, Maybach.

Damn it.

It is the Maybach Exelero, the only one Maybach Exelero in the world! Wow! It is in Hong Kong! And I saw it! It is so cool! Look at its streamlined body, so high-end, really!”

“There is only one in the world Oh my, how expensive is it” Lu Yin asked in a low voice.

“That cant be measured by money, okay It is simply a work of art!” Sun Dongheng, who was extremely fond of supercars, said slowly, with his eyes narrowed and fixed on the Maybach, which was getting farther and farther away.

“But… but it should also have a price.”

“Well… there is a price,” Sun Dongheng sighed and said, “That car was auctioned some time ago.

It was taken by a person with more than 60 million.

But I guess, because there is only one in the world, its price could be improved.”

“Its so expensive!” Lu Yin stuck out her tongue.

She suddenly looked at the front and said, “There are two more sports cars! Are they also limited editions Are they together”

“Hey Looks like they are!” Sun Dongheng stared at them and said, “Those are Lamborghinis, much cheaper than the two in the front, around 8 million each.

The four cars are all new and they are also here at the same time.

It seems they are all together! There must be a big shot among them!”

“Yeah, several sports cars are so cool together, just like the scene we saw at the circuit that night,” Lu Yin said with emotion.

“Ha, the value of these cars is greater than all the cars on Mount Red Star that day.” Sun Dongheng shook his head again and again.

“Wow, there are so many rich people.”

“There arent that many people as rich as them.

I dont know how long it will take me to get a limited-edition sports car like those.”


As they were talking, the horn of the car behind blared, “Di di di.”

Sun Dongheng just realized it and quickly drove the car forward.

At the same time, he asked Lu Yin, “Where are we going I forgot.”

Seeing the confused Mr.

Sun Dongheng, Lu Yin grinned and said, “Are we not just driving around”

“Oh, right, just driving around,” Sun Dongheng shook his head and said, “Would you like to find a place to play for a while”

Hearing Sun Donghengs words, Lu Yins face was slightly flushed.

The two of them went out alone… To find a place… to play for a while

What did he want to do

Looked like it was a bit ambiguous, wasnt it

“This… this is too early,” Lu Yin said a little embarrassedly, “Weve just known each other for a few days.”


Sun Dongheng was stunned.

Then he realized it and couldnt stop laughing.

Finally he said, “I meant, how about we go to play golf”

“But I dont know how to play it.”

“Ill teach you.”


Sun Dongheng liked to flirt with girls, but he liked the kind of girls who were willing to be with him and directly leave him after they slept.

As for Lu Yin, the girl was good-looking and had big breasts.

Sun Dongheng was confident that he could take her down.

But they were both doing live broadcasts and were familiar with each other.

If something happened later, it would be troublesome.

So Sun Dongheng had no other thoughts about her.

He thought about it and planned to go play golf.

At the other side, the four sports cars together were eye-catching and the pedestrians on the road couldnt help but look at them.

The car team drove to the New Moon curve and it seemed that they were going to drive around it.

After Zhou Fei saw the cars behind her had caught up, she smiled and slowed down.

She let the Maybach take the lead and then followed it.

At the last traffic lights before they went to New Moon curve.

Zhou Fei pressed the button to open the roof.


The roof of the Bugatti Veyron changed.

Like a robot, the roof was transformed.

It raised and then lowered down.

That made the passersby on both sides of the road look over; even the people in the vehicles which were waiting for the traffic lights on the road were also paying attention.

In one of the buses, many people repeatedly made exclamations,

“What a cool car.”

“So cool! Look, there are still two beautiful women inside.

They must come from a rich family!”

“I cant believe it!”


There was a more interesting young man.

He was driving an Audi A4L next to the Bugatti Veyron driven by Zhou Fei.

He looked in admiration at the movements of the roof.

When he saw the person inside, he was surprised.

“Oh no! A female driver! Ill stay away from her.

If my car is scratched, I would be miserable…”

During the peoples exclamations, the red light turned into green.

The only one Maybach in the world took the lead and turned to the New Moon curve.

“Would you like to sit for a while at the Yunyin Garden” Zi Yan said.

Since she moved into the restaurant, she had not returned to Yunyin Garden for a few days.

“Okay,” Zhang Han replied casually.

Then the four cars drove all the way to Yunyin Garden.

During the period, Zi Yan called Wang Juan and told her that theyd arrive in twenty minutes.

After they arrived at Yunyin Garden and went upstairs, Wang Juan had already brewed the tea.

Seeing that Zhang Han was holding Mengmeng in his arm and also holding Zi Yans hand, Wang Juan was somewhat surprised and emotional.

She remembered that at the beginning, Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked quite strange, but now it seemed that their relationship developed very fast!

They were a family after all!

In Wang Juans opinion, they were more like a couple who had a problem before and then separated.

Zhang Han regretted it and then returned to Zi Yan.

After a period of time, Zi Yan forgave him.

But what happened before He cheated on her or something else

It seemed that she was thinking too much.

Wang Juan found it was very funny.

She could even write a love drama according to what she had imagined.

Everyone was sitting in the living room on the first floor, chatting while drinking tea.

After about ten minutes, Wang Juan seemed hesitant, but she finally said,

“Miss, I… I want to resign.”

“Resign” Zi Yan was stunned.

She didnt know the reason, so she asked, “Why do you want to resign so suddenly”

“Because… Miss, you have a happy family now.

It must be better to have Mr.

Zhangs care.

Now you have moved away.

I have nothing to do here,” Wang Juan thought for a while and said.

She had come to look after Mengmeng, cook for them and clean the house.

She was a qualified nanny.

But at the moment, it seemed that the mansion had become hers.

Living there alone and still getting a high salary made her a little embarrassed.

“This is not a big deal.

You can just look after the house,” Zi Yan said with a chuckle.

“Well… I dont think its good.

Im too free,” Wang Juan replied.

“If it is for this reason, then you dont need to think too much.

Fate brought you to Zi Yan.

And you are quite principled.

Just take care of the house.

If you are bored, you can leave then,” Zhang Han said casually.

He also remembered that when he was going to take Mengmeng away, Wang Juan kept stopping him and Mengmeng had even called her old witch.

“Look, the head of our family said so.

Wang Juan, just stay here with peace of mind.

Tell me if you really dont want to work here later.” Zi Yan grinned.

“Yes, thank you, Miss.

Thank you, Mr.

Zhang.” Wang Juan felt over the moon after that.

She had a feeling of being respected.

She had been working in the industry for a few years and had met a variety of employers.

Some employers were really hard to deal with.

If she didnt do something good, she would get scolded.

But Zi Yan and Zhang Han were both easygoing.

She felt that she really had good luck.

At the same time, she also had another feeling.

Zhang Han was really like the head of a family at the moment.

His expressions were still like before, seeming that he did not care about anything.

But she could feel the difference by looking at the other peoples expressions, especially from Zi Yan.

She was just like an obedient and gentle wife at the moment.

A powerful woman would eventually be conquered by a more powerful man.

After they chatted for a while, Mengmeng held a big bear higher than her and wanted to go to Mount New Moon.

She said that it was a toy for Dahei and Little Hei.

So all of them left Yunyin Garden and first headed to Mount New Moon.

Mengmeng held the big bear and played for a while with Dahei and the others.

Zhang Han asked Zhao Feng to prepare the ingredients of the hot pot and left at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Back at the restaurant, Zhao Feng began to deal with the food.

He would need to prepare the hot pot for VIP members, too.

At the same time, Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat, and sent a message.

“Mengqi, when will you come Well have hot pot today…”

At six oclock, Liang Mengqi and two other people rushed over.

At that time, there were already a lot of diners lining up at the front of the restaurant, but many of them stood in front of the parking space, discussing about the four supercars.

Many people also took photos with them.

Four high-profile sports cars were parked in front of that small restaurant.

The contrast was even more shocking.

“Oh The Maybach limited edition A Bugatti Veyron limited edition” Liang Mengqi and the other two people got off the car and looked at them in surprise.

“This kind of cars is very expensive.” Zhao Dahu curled his lips and took the lead into the restaurant.

When he sat down, he rushed to look at Zhao Feng next to him and asked, “Whose are the sports cars outside”

As soon as he said that, Liang Mengqi and Yu Qingqing also looked at Zhao Feng.

“The boss.”

“Wow! So cool! The boss is that rich” Zhao Dahu exclaimed.

“Of course, the money is just a number for the boss,” Zhao Feng raised his chin slightly and said.

After he finished, he looked at Liang Mengqi and said with a chuckle, “Mengqi, after the meal, shall we go for a ride in one of those”

“Wow, are you asking her out” Yu Qingqing grinned and teased him.

“No,” Liang Mengqi directly refused.

Zhao Feng laughed bitterly in his heart.

To win Liang Mengqis heart was so difficult!

“How come she likes the boss As his apprentice, although I couldnt beat Dahei, I am also very good! I dont understand!”

When they had arrived, it was just fine.

Liang Mengqi had seen many luxury cars.

Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu had little interest and were not particularly fond of cars.

When other people came, they all had different expressions.

Wang Qiang and Wu Liying just looked at each other and laughed, saying nothing.

Pearson walked around the cars for several times.

Lin Xue was also a little shocked, feeling that the restaurant was getting classier.

The most shocked one, of course, was Sun Dongheng, who was very fond of sports cars.

“Damn it! What is this Arent these the cars I just saw”

After Sun Dongheng parked the car, he went to the other side and then his eyes widened.

“Seems youre right!” Lu Yin said unconfidently.


Once she finished, Sun Dongheng had left.

He ran quickly towards them, looking at the two limited edition sports cars and exclaiming,

“So cool!”

“Boss, youre awesome!”

“So damn beautiful!”


He exclaimed for a while.

After he saw that the people around him were all watching him, he stopped being like that and coughed, “Ahem, so pretty, um…”

After that, he took Lu Yin into the restaurant quickly, and then rushed to find Zhao Feng to determine the source of the cars.

He learned that those were really Zhang Hans cars and felt excited.

“Theyre not your cars.

What are you excited about” Liang Mengqi did not hesitate to mock him.

“Ah I… Just looking at them makes me feel excited.

Haha.” Sun Dongheng scratched his head and laughed.

When he looked down, he found that there was an electric pot on the table.

He was stunned and said, “Well have hot pot for dinner”

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Wow! Cool!” Sun Donghengs stomach started growling.

At dinner time, Zhang Han made egg fried rice and noodle soup.

Then he went upstairs.

Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and Xu Yong prepared all kinds of ingredients.

When they were eating, Ah Hu and Xu Yong sat down at Sun Donghengs table.

They had a delicious dinner.

At 8 oclock, Zhang Li and Luo Qing returned to the Starry Sky Bar.

At 10:30, Zhang Han coaxed the baby into sleeping.

Unfortunately, Zi Yan had also fallen asleep.

That kind of mood was not there.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han was also waiting for the day when Zi Yan stopped bleeding.

Then he would let her see what a real man was like!

It would be soon.

Just three or four days.

Zhang Han thought about it and gradually fell asleep.

The next day, Zi Yan got up a little earlier.

She and Zhou Fei went to the company after having breakfast.

At 9 oclock, the restaurant restored its calm.

Zhang Han was accompanying Mengmeng, watching cartoons on the first floor.

Just then, a black BMW was parked in front of the restaurant.

The driver quickly got off and opened the door of the rear seat.

There was a man wearing a tunic suit.

He was in his forties and had a serious temperament.

There was a beard on his chin and the look in his eyes was quite aggressive.

He glanced at the plaque of the restaurant very lightly and walked over.

Judging by his gesture, it seemed that an uninvited guest had come to the restaurant!


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