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After arriving at the restaurant, they directly pulled their cars over.

“I am going to inform the boss,” Zhao Feng said, and then he opened the door and got out of the car.

“Ill go with you.” Instructor Liu got out of the car and followed up in a hurry.

The two of them stepped into the restaurant.

At this point, Zhang Han was watching TV on the sofa on the first floor, with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Boss, here we are,” Instructor Liu approached him slowly and whispered with a fawning smile.


Zhang Han turned his head and glanced at him.

After nodding, he continued to watch TV.

“Um, erm…” Instructor Liu was about to speak.

At this moment, Zhao Feng patted him on the shoulder and pouted to the table nearby, signaling him to sit at that table to wait for a while.

Instructor Liu looked at the TV and realized that he needed to wait for Mengmeng to finishing watching the cartoon, so he sat quietly, waiting.

During this leisure time, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu also looked at the TV.

Although they never watched cartoons, they found they were interesting at this moment, accompanied by the occasional laughter of Mengmeng.

About a dozen minutes later.

After the cartoon ended, Zhang Han stretched out his finger to touch Mengmengs tender face, and then asked with a smile, “Shall we go to Mount New Moon”


Lets go to play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei.” Mengmeng nodded with satisfaction.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han smiled and picked up Mengmeng.

He went out of the restaurant with Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu and locked the door.

The next moment, he directly got into the Hummer for military uses in front of them without glancing at those heavenly treasures.

With the gossip of passers-by, they drove away.

The manager, Xiaomei and several other people of Sichuan Spicy Restaurant next to Zhang Hans restaurant shook their heads repeatedly as they saw what happened.

The manager sighed with emotions and said, “The boss of the next-door restaurant does have a horrible background.

What a splendid show.”

“I think the people in the Hummers are all from special forces.

The boss of the next-door restaurant was captured by them!” A young man said in horror.

“What serious crime did he commit There are so many people coming here to catch him.”

“Hey!” The manager raised his head and patted the young mans head, and then he said angrily, “He was not captured but was invited! Do you know that He was invited by them! You idiot!”


They arrived at the foot of Mount New Moon and pulled their cars over.

“Boss, shall we select the heavenly treasures first”

After a pause, Instructor Liu said, “The three cars are all loaded with treasures and you can choose half of them, for I have to hand in the other half.”

On the way to Mount New Moon, Zhang Han did not inquire him about those heavenly treasures, so Instructor Liu hardly retained his composure when they reached the destination, because he had to hand in some of them.

He, therefore, asked as Zhang Han was about to get out of the car.

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Lets check them first.”

For those heavenly treasures, Zhang Han knew that he could sort around 30% of them out.

Moreover, this part was also of best quality among them.

Although Instructor Li brought a large number of treasures, most of them could not be regarded as spirit treasures since they were just some rare herbs.

After the back door of the first van opened, they found the carriage was like a showcase.

In the center of it was a corridor, and cabinets, filled with various stuff, were on both sides.

“PaPa, whats inside” Mengmeng, who was in Zhang Hans arms, said with curiosity.

“There are some flowers and plants, and things like stones,” Zhang Han answered.

“Oh, can they be eaten” Mengmeng pouted and glanced around.

“Theyre inedible.” After thinking for a while, Zhang Han said to Mengmeng seriously, “Mengmeng, only the dishes cooked by PaPa are edible.

You should tell PaPa first if you want to eat something outside in the future.

Some things are poisonous.

Once you eat them, you will become ugly.

Do you remember”

Among the herbal spirit treasure, some of them were highly toxic.

If he planted some on Mount New Moon later and Mengmeng accidentally ate them, not to mention whether he was able to detoxify them, Mengmeng would feel uncomfortable.

Zhang Han absolutely did not want that to happen.

Therefore, he should educate Mengmeng step by step in advance.

It was undeniable that childrens understanding of the whole world was deepening and they knew little about the world, so parents should teach them step by step.

“Oh, I see, PaPa.

Mengmeng will be obedient.

I dont want to become ugly.” Mengmeng blinked her eyes and gave a clever response.

The little princess was also eager to be a beauty.

Zhang Han walked onto the carriage with Mengmeng in his arms.

The shelves on both sides were separated into small squares with glass doors.

“Boss, you can pick up whatever you like and leave me a few,” Instructor Liu, who followed him, said with a smile.

If he had not needed to hand some in for his superiors, he would have given them all to Zhang Han.

It was worthwhile to give him several times of these treasures since he was a martial artist who could help his Wolf Head Team be promoted!

“I wont take much.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and opened the lattices in succession.

There were about thirty treasures.

Soon, Zhang Han finished checking more than twenty of them.

For those of poor quality, Zhang Han just glanced at them, while for some treasures that he could not judge their authenticity within a short period, he would open the doors and sniffed them with his Treasure-sniffing nose.

After checking twenty-five lattices, Zhang Han only picked out two herbs, besides, they were not first-stage spirit treasures.

“Hey This is not bad.”

Zhang Han opened a lattice with a yellow flower in it.

This flowers diameter was ten centimeters, and it had nine petals.

In addition, its shape was like a lotus.

On sniffing it, Zhang Han was aware of its origin.

Wooden core flower, as a first-stage spirit treasure, contained pure breath of life.

It was like a panacea, which could combine with many other things to refine the elixirs.

In the Cultivation World, he had seen a fifth-stage wooden core flower before, but this one did not have high energy, which probably could be counted as a first-stage spirit treasure.

However, it could be used with soft gold stone to refine flexible tendon pills。

“Ill take this.” After finished his words, he looked at the next one.

As for Zhao Feng, he directly took out the small glass cabinet and put it aside, planning to bring it up the mountain.

Zhang Han did not take a fancy to the next four treasures.

The last one was a water spirit stone.

He opened the lattice and held the water spirit stone in his hand.

As he circulated his spiritual force and injected it into the stone, he felt a stream of water vapor.

As a hydrophilic spirit treasure, water spirit stone possibly could help Zhang Han dive for more than two hours.

“PaPa, is this a toy” Mengmeng looked at the water spirit stone, which was like a diamond.

She liked it a little and wanted to play with it.

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled and handed the water spirit stone to Mengmeng without hesitation.

Mengmeng took it and played with it casually.

As Instructor Liu saw what was happening, his mouth trembled, and he did not know what to say.

That stone was really a heavenly treasure of relatively high quality.

The boss actually gave it to Mengmeng, as her toy!

“Hey! Why there is no one send me a spirit treasure as a toy I want such a PaPa!”

After finishing checking the treasures in the first truck, Zhang Han walked to the second one.

This time, Zhang Han walked into the carriage first and opened the relatively large lattice.

He wanted to figure out which level the blue serene bamboo at!

It was a blazing red bamboo, with some filaments floating above it, like candlelight.

In general, blue serene bamboos were blue.

In terms of grade, the blue serene bamboos of low level were light blue.

The higher its level was, the deeper its color was.

However, this one obviously was a variant.


Zhang Han gently took a deep breath.

Zhang Han could clearly smell the unique fragrance of spirit treasures.

It was indeed a blue serene bamboo!

It was of good quality.

This blue serene bamboo was almost a second-stage spirit treasure.

The reason why it was red was because of uneven energy, so its effect was like a real blue serene bamboo at the first stage.

However, it could be used as a nutrient for Yuan Qing Tree.

Yuan Qing Tree, acknowledged as an advanced third-stage spirit treasure, was approached the fourth stage.

Even if the energy of this blue serene bamboo was uneven, it could nourish Yuan Qing Trees.

“Ill take this.”

Zhang Han glanced at Zhao Feng and said.

“Boss, you do have good taste!” At this point, Instructor Liu said with admiration, “The numerical value of this heavenly treasure is the highest among this batch of treasures.”

“Numerical value” Zhang Han asked curiously, “What is it”

“Its from the detector.” Instructor Liu froze, then he waved to his subordinates and said, “Fetch me the detector.”

About two minutes later, one of his men passed a small detector, like a compass to him.

Instructor Liu put it in his head and saw the pointer inside spinning around constantly, but gradually it swung within a smaller and smaller range, pointing at the blue serene bamboo in the end.

In the meantime, there was a number on the instrument panel.

As Instructor Liu approached, the number was getting bigger and bigger.

Instructor Liu said as he walked inside, “Look, Mr.

Zhang, this is the detector for heavenly treasures.

The numerical value ranges from one hundred to five hundred.

In fact, the value of each treasure here exceeds one hundred, while that red bamboos value reaches 423.”

“Oh Is it accurate” Zhang Han stared at it for a while.

“Yes, I dont know the principles, but I heard that it only can find those exposed heavenly treasures.

Most treasures cant be detected,” Instructor Liu replied.

“What if the value exceeds five hundred” Zhao Feng could not help but ask.

Mount New Moon was full of treasures.

If it was detected, it would be discovered by many other people.

But he was not worried about it, for two Heihei powers were on the mountain.

“I havent seen a treasures value exceeding five hundred before.

If any, the detector will be hot, and the pointer will keep spinning.” Instructor Liu shook his head.

“Its interesting.”

Zhang Han smiled.

This stuff was like a toy.

Since it could be produced by human, it showed that technology was gradually improving.

“Ill take this one, this one and that one.”

After finishing checking, Zhang Han pointed to several other herbs.

After Zhao Feng took them, Zhang Han came to the third truck.

He looked at the soft gold stone first.

It was reddish-brown and the surface was very hard, but in fact, it was not a stone, but a plant.

It could be used to refine the soft gluten pill with some spiritual herbs.

In addition to the effect of making the skin stronger, it could also strengthen the tendons and enhance strength.

Undoubtedly, this soft gold stone was a first-stage spirit treasure.

The treasures in the third truck surprised Zhang Han.

“It is really good.”

Zhang Han picked up a milky stuff, shaping like a bubble, which was as large as a football.

“This thing is like a balloon, which is very slippery.

We didnt make out what it was, but its value reaches 311,” Instructor Liu said.

“Over three hundred”

Zhang Han chuckled, for he realized the detector was not inaccurate.

In accordance with the standard of the detector in Instructor Lius hand, the numerical value of this treasure was bound to exceed six hundred!

Its name was Jinchuan Fog, which was formed from the essence of mist cultivated by Jinchuan stone in the place with extreme Yang Qi.

Therefore, it shaped only under very harsh conditions.

After it was formed, Jinchuan Fog was like a hydrogen balloon, which would float in the sky.

It was invisible and colorless and would not fall until 49 days.

It dropped one meter every other day.

In the end, it would float at a height of ten meters, becoming a milky sphere.

This was its final formation, which contained pure energy.

The energy could enhance peoples strength and build up their bodies.

With it, Zhang Han did not need to refine the soft gluten pills because he was able to refine Jin Yang pills!

It was Jin Yang pills that invigorated health effectively, enhanced strength and accelerated speed!

However, this Jinchuan Fog was just as big as a football.

If it were much bigger, it would become a second-stage spirit treasure.

“Where did you find it” Zhang Han glanced at Instructor Liu and asked.

“On Fengling Island,” Instructor Liu answered and asked then, “What is it A valuable stuff”

“Not really,” Zhang Han responded.

Jinchuan Fog was just a ramification, whose level was not high.

More importantly, its existence illustrated that the land with extreme Yang Qi was not a legend.

As was known to all, Jinchuan stones at least were third-stage spirit treasures.

In addition, there must be other spirit treasures on the land with extreme Yang Qi.

However, Jinchuan Fog would keep drifting aimlessly.

If he wanted to find the land with extreme Yang Qi, he needed to take painstaking effort.

Zhang Han remembered that Jinchuan Fog existed not far from the land with extreme Yang Qi.

This Jinchuan Fog, as big as a football, should appear within 500 kilometers around Fengling Island.

Even so, it was still a long distance that it would take a long time to find it.

Fengling Island!

Now, he just needed to keep it in mind.

In addition to these treasures, Zhang Han also took a part of the herbs.

Great, the ingredients for refining Jin Yang pills were all ready.

“Lets go up the mountain.” Zhang Han looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Ask someone to bring a stove.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded and called Xu Yong.

Then Zhang Han took the lead in walking up the mountain, followed by Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu, with the treasures picked out by Zhang Han in their hands.

When they reached the edge of the jungle.

Instructor Liu said with amazement, “Hey The pointer begins to move!”

“Let me see.” Zhao Feng got close to Instructor Liu to take a look, finding that the pointer inside the detector kept spinning.

Moreover, the number was constantly changing, as if the detector was infected by a virus.

Zhang Han also heard his scream though he walked ahead, and he only shook his head without saying anything.

Therefore, they continued to go up the mountain.

After crossing the jungle, the arrived at the lawn.

At this moment, Dahei and Little Hei had already run over.

Mengmeng put the water spirit stone in Zhang Hans arms casually and begged Zhang Han to put her on the grass, then she ran to Dahei, asking it to throw her high.

After playing for a while, Mengmeng sat on Daheis shoulder and they rushed to the pet area in the back hill.

Zhang Han, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu headed for the top of the mountain.

“Hey How does it spin faster and faster” Instructor Liu said from time to time.


When they reached the top of the mountain and walked to the thunder yang tree.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The pointer of the detector in Instructor Lius hand was spinning fast, and the number rose dramatically.

Gradually, the detector began to buzz.



The detector made a loud noise and started smoking.

“What the fu*k.

What happened Did it blow up”

Instructor Liu was suddenly dumbfounded.


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