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There were about 60 people in the conference room.

In addition to the artists, there were agents, songwriters, public relations teams, and so on.

In the music department, Meiqi was in charge of everything.

She had the greatest power there.

The content of the meeting was rather detailed, as it included the goals of recent development, an analysis of the situation, and task arrangement.

There were also some special arrangements.

Xu Ruoyu would soon make her second album.

She would also act in two programs and a few commercials.

This made everyone feel that the company was trying to make Xu Ruoyu popular.

Bai Wei and the others also had access to resources more or less.

As far as Zi Yan was concerned, no one mentioned anything about her.

This made Xu Ruoyu, who was trying to control herself in the morning, constantly look at her scornfully.


Very defiant.

Extremely defiant.

Zi Yan looked very calm, so the others couldnt see a difference based on her expression.

However, deep inside, she was still a little excited.

After all, when her ten songs had all been recorded, the people in front of her would definitely be shocked!

Meiqi put together the documents in front of her and spoke up.

“That is all for todays meeting.

You should go back and prepare.

Try to achieve more during the next two months.

Do you have anything to add”

“No, I believe that my next album will definitely become platinum.

I will not let you down, Sister Mei.

I will not let the company down either,” Xu Ruoyu said with a smile.

Then, she looked at Zi Yan defiantly.

Her expression seemed to be saying, “Look, I, Xu Ruoyu, can always get the resources I want.

The company is focused on training me.

What about you”

“Alright, dismissed.” Meiqi looked at Xu Ruoyu with satisfaction.

Suddenly, a lazy voice was heard.

“Hold on.”


Everyone turned to look that way.

Even a few people who had just stood up sat down again and looked at Zhou Fei.

What did she want to do

Everyone was a bit confused.

She had been temporarily ditched.

What was the point of saying anything now

“What do you want” Meiqi asked while looking at Zhou Fei.

“Director, you have arranged the work of the photography teams for the next two weeks.

What should we do then Sister Yan is also making a new album.

I havent had the time to tell you.

Director, please arrange a team to take care of our album.”

When she said that, everyone in the conference room began talking.

Many artists and agents were whispering to each other.

Their eyes were full of doubt, surprise and disdain.

One could even hear some comments vaguely.

“The album that she just released didnt sell well, yet she is still making a new one Does she think that the companys resources are as cheap as cabbages”

“They should reflect on the bad sales of the last album.

Perhaps they will not be given any resources for the time being Are they still thinking about making a new album They are really optimistic.”

Of course, there were very few onlookers who supported Zi Yan.

“Zi Yan just needs a good album.

If the quality of the last album had been good, it would definitely have been a hit.”

“Unfortunately, making albums is not the issue right now.

She offended Director Fu, but she insists on making a new album.

Isnt she causing trouble by doing this”

There were also some louder voices, like the hustle and bustle of the vegetable market.

“She can just release an album at will The resources are limited, okay We have waited for half a year to make a new album.

She is ridiculous.”

“Xu Ruoyu can keep making albums nonstop.

Its understandable, since she has good results.

However, somebody whose last album didnt sell well cant demand resources.

Is she daydreaming”


Among these people, some expressed their disdain for her, others complained, and the rest were purely looking on.

Zi Yan looked around without saying anything.

This was the Entertainment Circle.

It was a world where only the fittest could survive.

There was no fairness, and one needed strength, connections, popularity and many other factors.

When Zi Yan had been popular, she had been the most famous star in the Royal Entertainment Company and had been given the best resources.

Back then, when they had been having a meeting, almost everyone would look at her.

They had all been envious.

Now, her golden days had passed, so what she received was just disdain and criticism.

It didnt matter.

Zi Yan didnt care about this.

This time, her boutique album would help her make a great comeback and let everyone see her again.

The popular Zi Yan was coming back!

In the face of these arguments, Zhou Fei did not say anything either.

She just looked at Meiqi, who was sitting in the most central position.

Meiqi waited for twenty seconds.

When everyone stopped talking, she opened her mouth and said with a smile, “Its good that you have the desire to make an album, but the latest resources of the company have been allocated.

Dont be too hasty.

There will be opportunities again in the future.”

“I didnt say that I wanted some songs! I just said that well need a photography team soon,” Zhou Fei replied.

“If you dont have any songs, why do you need a photography team” Meiqi asked as she narrowed her eyes.

“Haha…” Xu Ruoyu smirked and said, “Do you have to draw peoples attention here If you were asking for song resources, I wouldnt say anything.

However, you want a photography team without any songs You are being unreasonable.”

After saying this, Xu Ruoyu smiled hypocritically and said, “Zhou Fei, Zi Yan, I understand that you are anxious, but you cant treat everybody in the company like idiots.

There have been only eight fine songs recently.

I have four, and others also have some.

Plus, only excellent songs can be included in the album.

There are no resources.

Do you want to randomly pick ten songs from the database that nobody likes at all”

“Right, if you pick the songs randomly, we wont need to think about it.

The sales will be as bad as before.” Xu Ruoyus agent interjected.

“Whats this got to do with you Mind your own business!” Zhou Fei glanced at Xu Ruoyu, and then looked at Meiqi and said, “Director, we have prepared the songs and can shoot the MV soon, so could you give us a photography team”

“No way!”

This time, in the back of the conference room, an agent named Wei Ling stood up and spoke kind of angrily.

“Qianqian has waited for three months, and it is not easy for us to make an album.

Sister Mei, you cant give them whatever they want.

Even if they want to make an appointment, they have to line up, right”

The reason she stood up was because, according to the latest arrangements, she and Qianqian, whom she was responsible for, had the lowest ranking.

If Meiqi agreed to arrange a photography team for Zi Yan, they would definitely give way for her.

This was the least she could do.

“Wei Ling, sit down first.

Dont get worked up.

I didnt say anything yet.

Qianqians recent performance is obvious to all.

Your album schedule will not be changed.” Meiqi waved her hand and calmed her down.

Then, she looked at Zi Yan and said with a sigh, “Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, I understand your feelings.

Everyone wants to have good results.

However, to achieve good results, it is necessary for you to have good songs.

You should not be too anxious.

Just wait patiently.

When there are some good songs, I will make arrangements for you.”

“Thats the truth.

They are just being unreasonable here.

Well, lets go back and prepare the new album!” Xu Ruoyu curled her lips and shook her head while speaking to her agent.

Then, she stood up to leave.


“Who said that we dont have good songs” Zhou Fei sneered while she stood up.

“Without the resources of the company, where did you get these songs” Xu Ruoyu paused and turned her head before saying, “Dont tell me that you got some defective songs from the Internet.”

“Yeah, we got them from the Internet.

These ten songs were written by Zi Yans fan…” Zhou Fei looked around at everyone.

“Fan” Xu Ruoyu looked up and laughed.

After hearing this, the others were stunned.

They were just about to laugh at her when…

Zhou Fei spoke slowly.

“I think everyone has heard the name of this fan.

His name is… Hanyang!”

“Haha… Ah”

Suddenly, Xu Ruoyus laugh came to an abrupt halt and her eyes gradually widened.



That… extraordinary songwriter


“Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

“Oh my God! Really”

“Who did she just say it was”

Everyone was shocked.

They had never thought that Zhou Fei would actually utter this name!


This was a name full of magic.

The songs he had written not long ago now dominated various lists.

They had swept everything aside, making the artists who had recently released their albums rather miserable.

“Who was that” Meiqi suddenly stood up and stared at Zhou Fei.

“Hanyang!” After seeing everyones shock, Zhou Fei felt happy.

She smiled before saying, “Who would dare say that his work is defective Xu Ruoyu, did you say that just now”

“I… I didnt!” Xu Ruoyu shivered slightly while her eyes roved.

She immediately shook her head.

Ridiculous! Hanyangs name had been becoming more and more influential.

Who would dare say that his work was defective

“Are you sure that it is Hanyang” Meiqis heart skipped a beat as she spoke again.

“Of course, we have heard the songs, which are ten in total.

Every song is incomparable!” Zhou Fei said with pride.

The moment those words were out of her mouth…

Everyone around gasped in surprise.

“What Ten songs”

“No! How is it possible He never wrote so many songs for one person before!”

“My goodness! Ten songs written by Hanyang in one album.

It will definitely become a hit!”


Everyone was shocked.

They didnt doubt Zhou Feis words anymore.

If she had dared to say this here, it was absolutely true.

Meiqi became so excited that she got goosebumps.

God, ten fine songs by Hanyang! With enough promotion, the result would be absolutely amazing!

In other words, given that Hanyang was in his prime time now, his ten songs could make an E-list singer a B-list, or even an A-list, singer overnight!

His songs were invaluable!

Upon thinking of this, Meiqis attitude towards Zi Yan changed.

If her album was released, she would regain her popularity.


Could she do it now Could she train her wholeheartedly Li Cheng would not agree.

Then, her ten songs…

At the moment, Meiqi was lost in thought.

“Director, in that case, can you give us the best photography team” Zhou Fei asked as she looked at Meiqi.

When Zhou Fei asked this time, there were no more arguments in the room.

Xu Ruoyu was looking at Zi Yan.

She was totally shocked, and envy and jealousy filled her eyes.

They were talking about ten great songs written by Hanyang!


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