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Usually, Zhou Fei would say these words under the circumstances.

However, Zi Yan really couldnt control herself this time.

Even the exact names of the ten songs were on the screen.

What did this show

It showed that the company had obtained the information of the ten songs from her computer by using unconventional means!

Zi Yan was completely disappointed by their management!


Wu Chengdong raised his brows, grinned and said with a friendly expression, “It seems that Zi Yan has her own thoughts.

Yes, Hanyang indeed sent the ten songs to you, so your contribution will not go unnoticed.

The reputation and benefits that these songs will bring later will all be related to you.

You can rest assured.

The company will not treat you badly.”

“Dont you understand, Boss Wu” Zi Yan shook her head and said, “I said that these ten songs are mine.

They have nothing to do with anyone else.”

As soon as she said that, all the people in the meeting room began to discuss.

Their argument could be vaguely heard.

“Nothing to do with anyone else She is so ungrateful.

She used our companys resources for her last album.”

“Yeah, as an artist of the company, she cant always think about getting resources.

When she needs to give, she has to give.”

“Some people are too selfish.

They just think about themselves, regardless of the overall situation.”


The people who were criticizing her were those who wanted to get these ten songs.

Among them were Xu Ruoyu, her agent, Bai Wei and a few others.

Most people didnt say anything.

They were just onlookers.

They knew that even if the songs were distributed, they would still not get any.

They were sure that Zi Yan was being bullied this time, no matter what the others were saying.

There were also a few people like Lu Ze, who felt that the world was really cruel.

Zi Yan had gotten the songs and she could help improve the companys achievements.

However, they were still trying to take the songs from her.

If he were Zi Yan, he would also be very disappointed.

However, Wu Chengdongs next words gave those people some hope.

He smiled as he spoke.

“Zi Yan, you didnt understand what I meant either.

I am the leader of the company.

I should consider the development of the whole company first.

If these songs are distributed, they can maximize the benefits of the company.

There will be fewer songs for you, but the company will sign a contract with you.

If we get benefits from these songs, you will also get a share.

Of course, the company wont forget your contribution.

When there are good resources later, youll be our first thought.”

Although those words sounded reasonable, how big of a share would she get He said that when there were good resources in the future, she would be their first thought.

This was also just an empty promise.

“Sorry, I refuse,” Zi Yan said coldly.

As soon as she said that, the atmosphere in the room gradually became tense.

Wu Chengdong stopped smiling.

He looked at Zi Yan silently.

He didnt need to say anything right now!

“Zi Yan!”

Meiqis eyes widened.

She slammed the table and stood up, looking at her in anger as she said, “This is the companys order.

You cant say no!”

Fu Shan turned to look at Zi Yan and sneered.

“Youre rather tough, huh I remember that you signed a long-term contract.

How dare you talk back Are you a leader Youre nothing here! Please know your own place.”

After the two directors spoke, none of the other subordinates dared to make a statement.

It was so silent in the room that one could even hear a needle drop.

After the two of them finished speaking, Wu Chengdong waved his hand and pretended to be nice.

“Hey, dont talk like this.

Zi Yan is also…”

Before he could finish speaking…


Suddenly, this loud word was heard.

Everyone looked away from Wu Chengdongs face and saw Zhou Fei standing up with an angry expression.

She looked at those people and spoke loudly.

“You are just robbers! How could you Dont you think youre going too far Dont you have any sense of shame Who do you think you are Youre just working for others! Do you think youre the king or queen You are ridiculous!”

Her words stunned Wu Chengdong.

He had not expected that they would dare to make such a move.

“What did you say” Meiqis eyes widened and she pointed at Zhou Fei angrily.

“How dare you!” Director Fu suddenly stood up and kicked away the chair near his feet.

He pointed at Zhou Fei and said angrily, “This isnt a place where you can say anything you want!”

“If you insist on this, I wont stop you.

I will still assign the songs, and you will be completely blocked,” Wu Chengdong said coldly.

“Block us I am so scared.

Boss Wu.

You are really amazing.

Why dont you block the entire Entertainment Circle in Hong Kong” Zhou Fei sneered.

“This is too much! Arent you being too arrogant If you dont want to work here, then just get out!” Fu Shan took two steps forward while pointing to Zhou Fei furiously.

A few employees sitting in front of Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were shocked.

They looked at Fu Shan carefully, for fear that he would get really angry and hit them.

Now that things had come this far, the other people present went completely silent.

They didnt dare speak.

However, while everyone was silent in the room, a colder voice came from the door.

“I think the person who should get out is you!”

Swish, swish, swish!

Everyone looked in that direction immediately.

Then, all the people present were shocked.

They immediately began to speak in surprise.

“Tang… Tang Jiayi… Hong Qitao”

“Why did they come here”

“My God, Hong Qitao is here!”

“Whats happening”


They saw seven or eight people standing at the door.

In addition to Tang Jiayi, Hong Qitao, Hong Li and Nini, there were several other people who were wearing black suits.

They all had flattop haircuts and cold expressions.

Everyone present knew that they were Hong Qitaos personal bodyguards!

When Tang Jiayi finished speaking, she took the lead and walked in, walking straight over to Director Fu.

Wu Chengdong and Meiqi were also shocked.

Hong Qitao was a really influential figure in Hong Kong.

He alone was more powerful than half of the board members of the Royal Entertainment Company.

He couldnt be underestimated.

However, it seemed that these people didnt have good intentions.

Wu Chengdong began to smile and got up to greet them.

However, as soon as he took a step…


Tang Jiayi had already reached Fu Shan.

She didnt say anything.

Instead, she slapped him across the face!


This was like a thunderbolt in a clear sky.

Everyone was completely shocked.

As they watched what was happening, their brains went blank.

Fu Shan was also shocked.

Last time he had been beaten in Shang Jing, the swelling had just gone down.

Now, his left cheek was burning hot and his ears were ringing.

As he looked at Tang Jiayi helplessly, he faintly had something on his mind.

Last time, he had been against Zi Yan and gotten slapped in Shang Jing.

Right now, in the conference room of the Royal Entertainment Company in Hong Kong, he had been against Zi Yan and gotten slapped again!

Why was that

“I…” Fu Shan opened his mouth to say something.

However, Tang Jiayi slapped him again in the face.


Fu Shans right cheek also went numb.

He was completely stunned this time.

He didnt know what to do.

He was at a loss.

Then, Tang Jiayi stopped slapping him and opened her palm.

Upon seeing that, Nini, who was standing behind her, quickly took out a wet wipe and put it in Tang Jiayis hand.

Tang Jiayi wiped her palm, which was a bit numb, and casually threw the wet wipe on the table.

She stared at Fu Shan angrily and said, “Get out!”


Fu Shans whole body trembled, but he also felt a bit relieved deep inside.

Thus, he nodded quickly.


Then, he bowed and walked out with small steps.

At the moment, everyone in the room was stunned.

Why did they feel like this was Tang Jiayis home court

She had asked Director Fu to get out and Director Fu had obeyed!

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei also stood up and walked over to Tang Jiayi.

They nodded and said hello.

“Who else bullied Xiao Yan today Ill give them a beating too!” Tang Jiayi glanced over at everyone present.

When she glanced at Bai Wei, Xu Ruoyu and the others, their faces turned white.

They quickly lowered their heads, not daring to look at her.

She had even dared to slap Director Fu in front of everyone, so she wouldnt hesitate to slap small potatoes like them.

Even Meiqis eyes roved.

She quickly sat down and lowered her head, as mute as a fish.

She couldnt even hold a candle to big shots like Tang Jiayi and Hong Qitao.

In the end, Tang Jiayis eyes were fixed on Wu Chengdong.

Wu Chengdongs face was a bit stiff and he looked a little embarrassed.

This was the company he was managing, yet a director had just been slapped.

He wanted to question her but didnt have the guts.


Hong, Mrs.

Hong, welcome.

Please sit…”

Wu Chengdong rushed over to them and welcomed them with a smile.

Before Tang Jiayi could speak, Hong Qitao took action.

Instead of beating him, he just raised his right hand and grabbed Wu Chengdongs neck from behind.

He stared at Wu Chengdong while speaking slowly.

“I heard that this isnt the first time that this kind of thing has happened.

Is that right Xiao Yan, did he bully you this time”

Hong Qitaos cold words made Wu Chengdongs whole body become stiff.

He was so nervous and scared!

Hong Qitao was not just a tycoon in the Entertainment Circle.

He was used to fighting for his business with tough, ruthless means.

He was such an influential person.

As he faced Hong Qitao, Wu Chengdong was really terrified!

Even his face gradually became pale.

He looked at Zi Yan helplessly, with remorse in his eyes.

If his eyes could talk, they would be begging at the moment.

Upon seeing this, Zi Yan licked her lips.

One should be lenient whenever it was possible.

Thus, she said calmly, “He didnt bully me.

Its just that I didnt agree with his plan.”


Wu Chengdong felt relieved.

If Hong Qitao got angry and hurt him, the board of directors wouldnt do anything about it.



Hong Qitao smiled lightly.

He patted Wu Chengdongs neck with his right palm, showing his disdain that way.

“Sit down, Boss Wu,” Hong Qitao said lightly.

“Okay.” Wu Chengdongs eyes expressed his helplessness.

He sat back and forced himself to smile.


Hong, Mrs.

Hong, Hong Li, Zi Yan, please sit down.”

Hong Qitao ignored him and glanced at the other people in the room.

He waved his hand while saying, “Anyone who isnt related to this, just get out.

Dont disturb us.”

As soon as he said that, everyone present, including Meiqi, got up and hurried out.

Given the situation, Meiqi did not dare stay.

As she was walking past Zi Yan, she did not even dare to raise her head!

Xu Ruoyu, Bai Wei and the others all acted like that.

They were just like students who had made a mistake.

While facing the teacher, they just bowed their heads and walked out.

They were so scared at the moment.

God, please dont let Zi Yan call my name now!


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