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It was conceivable that Zi Yan would gain popularity and become popular soon once she released this album.

“What should I do I have absolutely offended Zi Yan this time, and Li Cheng is still really angry.

What should I do in the future”

After thinking for half an hour, Meiqi called Zi Yan up.

“Hello, Zi Yan.

Please come to my office.”

A few minutes later, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came.

Meiqi, who was about to cry, said, “Zi Yan, Im so sorry.

Its all my fault, but I couldnt disobey him.

It was Li Cheng who nominated me as a director.

He took a fancy to you and he has been making it difficult for you to become popular.

I cant disobey him…”

She chose to tell Zi Yan honestly that it was Li Cheng who had placed obstacles in her way.

She also adopted a pitiful attitude to ease their tense relationship.

Even if they could not become friends, she would be in a much better position if she wasnt her enemy!

After Meiqi told them the whole story, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei finally learned what had happened recently in great detail.

“It turns out that Li Cheng is never on my side!”

“Hes indeed a disingenuous man with an ulterior motive.

Li Cheng pretends to be gentle in front of us and offers his help solicitously, but hes caused us trouble in secret.”

After staying in Meiqis office for more than half an hour, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei left.

Now that Meiqi had told them who had caused them trouble with an innocent expression, their relationship had become somewhat better.

Although it was impossible for them to be intimate, they were not hostile to each other anymore.

Even Zhou Fei remained silent, as she was too disinclined to say anything.

She could feel that she and Elder Sister Yan would not be in the Royal Entertainment Company for a long time.

During this period, Meiqi would just be one of their superiors.

“I didnt know that Li Cheng had begun to cause us trouble ever since you released the first album.

Besides, he arranged the subsequent programs with the purpose of giving us a bad name.

How hateful he is.

Treacherous men like him should go to hell!”

After returning to the office, Zhou Fei vented her anger.

“It is hard to fathom what people think.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly and said, “I just didnt expect that Li Cheng would be so good at making petty moves.”

“Since Aunty Tang took action this time, the board of directors will be under great pressure.

I think Li Chengs father will definitely give him a harsh lesson.” Zhou Fei curled her lips and said, “I will mock him the next time I see him!”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Upon looking at Zhou Fei and imagining what she would do when she saw Li Cheng, Zi Yan burst into laughter.

When she saw Zi Yan laugh, Zhou Fei laughed as well.

Obviously, Elder Sister Yan was in a good mood, as this trouble was over.

Therefore, after thinking for a while, she said, “Lets see whether the songs get good ratings.

You released three songs today, and you can release three other songs tomorrow.

Furthermore, we can put the remaining four on a record.

This is the perfect plan!”

“Mm…” Zi Yan nodded.

The two of them browsed through webpages optionally.

The days publicity worked to some degree, and the three songs Zi Yan had released rapidly reached the top 50 of the new song list.

This was just the beginning.

The effect would be significantly enhanced when more software users went online at night.

There was no doubt that these stunts were really attractive.

Besides, more news appeared in the most searched hashtags on Weibo: Hanyang generously gives Zi Yan ten hit songs.

Does he appreciate the beauty, or is he pursuing her

This information attracted a lot of peoples attention.

Soon, everyone in the circle knew about it.

After hearing the news, they were surprised at first.

“Ten songs Really”

Then, they felt totally shocked.

They believed Zi Yan would definitely become famous since she had been given ten songs by Hanyang.

Eventually, they became envious of Zi Yan.

“MMP, these were ten fine songs.

Why arent I that lucky”

Those who envied Zi Yans luck would go crazy if they knew that Hanyang was Zi Yans husband.

In their opinion, once a person captivated Hanyang, they had a mobile songbook!

At five oclock, it was time to clock out.

Therefore, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei packed their things, walked out of the office and went downstairs.

Quite a lot of people were getting off work.

This time, their attitude had changed dramatically.

“Hello, Elder Sister Yan.”

“Elder Sister Zi Yan, Elder Sister Zhou Fei.”

“Elder Sister Yan, Elder Sister Fei.”


Upon catching sight of them, many people greeted them with a smile.

Zi Yan responded as she had a few years ago.

She curled her lips and nodded slightly.

Everyone who met Zi Yan gave way hurriedly until Zi Yan walked into the elevator.

When the elevator went down, many people shook their heads and sighed with emotion.

“How generous and informal Elder Sister Zi Yan is.”

“It makes sense for her to succeed, for few people can be so broad-minded.”

“A few years ago, Elder Sister Yan was really famous.

It is conceivable that Elder Sister Yan will become popular again over time.”


Some of these people had spoken ill of Zi Yan, while others had ridiculed her.

They had not expected that Zi Yan would respond with a nod when they greeted her, so there was only one feeling in their hearts: admiration!

Of course, a few people, including Xu Ruoyu and Bai Wei, hid in the corner when they saw Zi Yan.

They were standing at the end of the corridor, too afraid to show themselves.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei took the elevator to the first floor.

Under everyones watchful gazes, they got into the supercar and slowly left.

The two of them returned to the restaurant.

There were plenty of diners lining up in front of the restaurant, and many people were sitting inside while Zhang Han was making dinner in the kitchen.

“Youre back.” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and spoke with a smile.


Whats for dinner tonight” Zi Yan looked around the kitchen several times.

“Is there any meat” Zhou Fei asked directly.

“Well have chicken stew, spiced goose, fried foie gras, and some cold dishes,” Zhang Han replied.

“Im hungry.” Zhou Fei grinned.

“Is Mengmeng upstairs alone” Zi Yan glanced at the sofa.

Under ordinary circumstances, Mengmeng was watching TV on the sofa on the first floor while Zhang Han was cooking.

“Wang Yihan and Wu Guang came here.

They are playing upstairs.”

“Oh, let me go have a look.” Zi Yan nodded and went upstairs.

What a lively scene!

Wang Jiawen, Su Yu, the three children, Zhang Li and Luo Qing were all on the second floor.

Adults and children were playing a team game called Eagle Catches Chicken.

At the moment, Wang Jiawen was playing an eagle, while Su Yu was playing a hen.

Behind her stood a row of people who played the chickens, everyone grabbing the clothes of the person ahead.

Mengmeng and the other two children were in the back of the line.

As Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked upstairs, the game started, so they stood behind and watched for a while.

“Im going to sharpen the knife,” Wang Jiawen said loudly.

“Why will you sharpen the knife” Su Yan, who played the hen, asked.

“To catch your chickens and kill them!”

“Why do you want to catch my chickens”

“Your chickens ate my rice and drank my water, so I intend to eat them!”

“Can you catch them the day after tomorrow”


“Can you catch them tomorrow”


“When can you catch them”


The two of them made a passable conversation, which made the three little guys in the back of the line get nervous.

Therefore, they stared at Wang Jiawen carefully.

After speaking, Wang Jiawen rushed over to this group of people.

The three children were so scared that they screamed repeatedly and ran from side to side behind the adults.

After a tussle, Wang Jiawen eventually caught Zhang Li.

This round of the game was over.

Upon seeing Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, everyone present greeted them.

Mengmeng actually threw herself into Zi Yans arms and stayed there for a few seconds.

Then, she ran back and asked them to continue to play.

Zi Yan returned to the bedroom to change clothes, while Zhou Feng participated in the battle.

After finishing the conversation, Zhang Li began to catch people and eventually caught Zhou Fei.

Zhou Fei played an eagle and moved quickly from side to side.

After a moment, she ran to the back of the line and held Mengmeng tight.

“Haha! I caught you!” Zhou Fei laughed.

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned all of a sudden.

She blinked her big clear eyes and twisted her mouth.

“How did you catch me”

When she saw Zi Yan step out of the bedroom, the little princess pitifully asked for help.

“Mama, Mama, I was caught.

Mengmeng is going to be eaten.”

Zi Yan burst out laughing.

“She wont eat you.

Its time for you to play the eagle.” Zhou Fei pinched Mengmengs cute face.

“Huh I can play an eagle! Great!” Mengmeng only remembered that the person who was caught would play the eagle when Zi Yan reminded her.

Suddenly, she was delighted.

Mengmeng ran to the front of the line.

Although she thought for a while, she failed to recall the opening dialogue.

Therefore, Mengmeng pouted as she looked at Su Yu.

“Uh-huh, Im an eagle! I, I want to catch your chickens, stew them and eat their meat.

Um, Im going to start…”

As Mengmeng spoke, she began to move.

Su Yu tried to stop her, so Mengmeng ran around her.

After chasing them for several minutes, Mengmeng eventually ran to the back of the line.

Su Yu had deliberately lost the game.

She held Zhang Lis leg and said with a smile, “Aunty Lili, I caught you.”

“Ouch, Im about to be eaten.

What should I do” Zhang Li pretended to be sad.

“Huh” Mengmeng froze and then comforted her in a hurry.

“No, no, I wont eat your meat.

Its time for you to play the eagle.”


Mengmengs expressive face always made adults laugh.

After catching Zhang Li, Mengmeng asked Mama to join in the game.

Zi Yan grinned.

Then, she finally took part in it and played for a while.

The three kids, who ran happily, had sweaty foreheads.

They did enjoy themselves.

The game was not over until Zhang Han came up and told them that there were only 20 minutes left until dinner.

“Eagle Catches Chicken is really interesting.” Mengmeng sat on the sofa and looked at Zi Yan.

Then, she pouted and said, “Michael and Ivan have never played it before.

Mama, we can play together the next time I see them.”

“Okay, we can play games together later.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, who are Michael and Ivan” Wang Yihan asked curiously.

“They are my good friends who live in San Diego,” Mengmeng said.

“Are they foreigners” Wu Guang said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Yes, theyre foreigners.

Their hair and eyes are not black.

Theyre my foreign friends,” Mengmeng said while blinking her big eyes.

As she mentioned the wordforeigners several times, everyone burst into laughter.

Zi Yan also gave Zhou Fei an angry stare.

Mengmeng had learned the word “foreigner” from Zhou Fei.

Children acquired knowledge really fast when they were young and could easily keep what others said in mind.


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