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It seemed that their confrontation was unremarkable and Gu Chuanlong had a lot of advantages.

However, after a few seconds…

“Why is Gu Chuanlongs leg broken”

“Is this the delayed effect”

“Is it that… he just used some secret methods”

Thinking of that, He Yunfeis expression changed.

As a senior Heaven-stage Master, he knew more information.

In the martial arts world, there wasnt only one group of people who only practiced martial arts as ordinary people thought.

Martial arts were just a classification.

For example, Metaphysics Masters could identify what locations would bring good luck or bad luck.

They were advocated by the real estate tycoons and many projects had their presence.

Some Magic Masters could use magic to behead someone from thousands of miles away.

They used curses or controlled others with magic.

However, the starting point of Magic Masters was relatively high.

Even a Heaven-stage Magic Master might be less powerful than a martial artist at the same level, but the higher the masters level was, the more difficult it would be deal with him.

Apart from those, there were also many other classifications, such as people with special abilities in the western world.

There were even ancient blood races and tenacious werewolves.

The world wasnt as stable as it was supposed to be.

He Yunfei knew that even Heaven-stage Masters were only at the bottom of the martial arts world.

Only Grand Masters would have some right to speak.

Of course, martial artists didnt only know martial arts; some powerful ones had secret methods.

To put it simply, those masters would use some special means of arranging qi to make their movements contain great power that could kill people.

Such movements as the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms were also secret methods.

Others couldnt learn them just by watching them once and many special skills were needed.

Generally, only Wu Dao Grand Masters had some secret methods and they were very rare.

No one would teach the methods he had learned to others.

Even He Yunfei had no secret methods of his own.

After seeing the lethality of Zhang Hans punches, he was sure the man mustve used some secret methods!

He Yunfei was so shocked, not to mention other people.

The three martial artists, including Jiang Zonghao, didnt understand what was going on.

“Why was Master Gus leg just broken like that”

“Who on earth are they Why is that person so strong” With his palms shivering slightly, Gu Fang said nervously.

He was a little flustered and overwhelmed.

“What should we do Theyve blocked the door and we cant escape!”

“Yeah, Brother Gu, please figure out a way.”

“Dont worry,” Jiang Zonghao frowned while looking around, and then he sneered, saying, “With Protector He here, itll be them who wont get out of that door today!”


If Protector He takes action, that guy will be surely killed in an instant!” another martial artist echoed.

“Master Gu wasnt on guard and was hurt by his dirty tricks.

Guys, dont worry.

We can rely on Protector He,” Jiang Zonghao looked at Zhang Han angrily.

He was standing next to He Yunfei.

Although he was a little shocked by Master Gus injury, he was still quite confident, as if he had already seen He Yunfei killing Zhang Han.

It seemed that those people said such things just to force He Yunfei to join the fight.

However, He Yunfei didnt care.

With his eyes fixed on Zhang Han, he knew that he had to beat some sense into the arrogant young man.

It all happened so soon.

After Gu Chuanlongs leg was broken, his face suddenly became red and then darkened.

He realized that there were three fractures on his right leg.

Although he could still fight, he faintly felt that he was no match for that person!

“How could this be”

With his spiritual force gathered on his right leg, he retreated by ten steps with great pain.

Then, he looked up at Zhang Han with astonishment in his eyes.


“How could you be my opponent!”

Gu Chuanlong was incredulous and spoke in anger.

He didnt understand why he was injured.

“Even though his spiritual force came to my leg, it has been counteracted by my own force!”

“Why was there some Inward Strength”

Hearing Gu Chuanlongs words, nearly 100 people at present felt that he was already like a spent bullet.

“Master Gu… is no match for this man!”

Many people began to look at Zhang Han in a different way, including Jiang Zonghao.

“Just think about it.

If Protector He didnt come today, it would really be a disaster.”

“But… there are noifs in this world!”

“You are dead!”

Jiang Zonghao looked at Zhang Han with hatred.

In the hall, all the people, including Xu Ruoyu, felt that their brains had gone blank.

They were quite confused.

After looking at the most prominent heavyweights on the field, they felt that Master Gu shouldve won against that man, but there was an accident; while being the most powerful, Protector He might take action to fight that man.

However, it seemed that he still took a tough stance.

“Who on earth is he”

All people were confused.

Under their gazes, Zhang Han stared at Gu Chuanlong and said lightly,

“Youre just as weak as an ant in my eyes.”

After dozens of seconds of adjustment, Zhang Han eased the violent spiritual force inside his body.

He reached the Dragon Triumph Club, ran all the way and killed six people, which only took 20% of his spiritual force.

However, just that one move took 30% and it wasnt so perfect.

Therefore, his spiritual force became violent again.

He took a few breaths and adjusted himself.

There was only 50% spiritual force left, but he felt it was enough.

So, he said those things lightly and then walked forward.

One step, two steps…

The slight sounds of his footsteps seemed to sound in everyones hearts, making the atmosphere on the place gradually cool down.

After he took five steps, Gu Chuanlong couldnt suppress his anger anymore and madly controlled his spiritual force while roaring,

“Go to hell!”

After that, he launched his strongest blow.

At that moment, He Yunfei, who had stepped forward, stopped moving.

He felt that Gu Chuanlongs attack contained a lot of power.

Jiang Zonghaos and the other peoples pupils had also shrunk slightly because of that.

They also felt great pressure from him!

“With this blow, hell definitely die!”

Jiang Zonghao couldnt control himself and shouted.

With his words, all people present became nervous.

“Did Master Gu just begin to fight back”

Even Zhao Fengs pupils shrank, too.

“This Master Gu is oppressive!”

Instructor Liu was even more nervous, worrying that Zhang Han was no match for him.

So, he grabbed the gun in the hands of one soldier next to him and pointed to Gu Chuanlong.

He planned to shoot him to death if Zhang Han lost!


Instructor Liu swallowed his saliva and pointed his gun at Gu Chuanlongs leg.

Soon, Master Gu gathered his power and suddenly stamped his left foot.

Then, his whole body became like a cheetah, with his hands looking like eagle claws, and he rushed forward.

However, when he had just moved forward by one meter…

And he was 10 meters away from Zhang Han…

Something happened!

Suddenly, under everyones gazes, Zhang Hans body suddenly split into two.

One in the front and one at the back.

Soon, they split into three, four…

In the end, seven figures were seen.

The seventh figure was already standing in front of Gu Chuanlong.

Then, the figure that was standing 10 meters away earlier slowly disappeared.

“What the hell is this”


“Oh no!”

“They are afterimages!”

“He moved so fast that our eyes couldnt keep up with him!”

“God, how fast was he”

“Oh no!”

Protector He was shocked and immediately rushed up.

However, with 30 meters away from the field and without that horrendous speed, how could he arrive there first!

Just when he moved his body, a sickening thud was heard in front of him.

In front of everyone, Zhang Han quickly punched Gu Chuanlong in his chest!


Gu Chuanlongs eyes were wide open, and were gradually filled with blood streaks.

The spiritual force that he had gathered was all counteracted by that punch!

“He… How could he… move so fast”

Gu Chuanlong couldnt imagine that a person who had just reached the Profound stage would move at such an incredible speed!

Feeling the fractures in the chest and the heavy internal injuries in his body, Gu Chuanlong was totally shocked!

The next moment, Zhang Han lifted his right knee and hit him in the abdomen, followed by a kick.

Thus, Gu Chuanlongs body was bent as a shrimp and flew away!

“Poof…” Gu Chuanlong, who was flying backwards in the air, spat a few mouthfuls of blood.

People present couldnt believe their eyes.

“How could this be” Jiang Zonghaos face became pale.

“Hes just a Profound-stage Master, while Master Gu is a Heaven-stage Master.

How can he defeat him”

Many people gasped in astonishment since it was the first time for them to see someone to be kicked away like that.

“Master Gu was still in full swing just now, but it seems that the other man is more powerful!”

Just at that moment, He Yunfei also approached Zhang Han.

With a 0.3-meter-long dagger in his right hand, he planned to stab Zhang Han in his neck.

Zhang Han stepped back and then lifted his leg to attack He Yunfeis waist.

He kicked so fast that even his trousers made some sounds.

He Yunfei was stunned and then lifted his left knee to resist it.


The confrontation made He Yunfei retreat by five meters and Zhang Han retreat by ten meters!

Since Zhang Han stepped back, He Yunfei didnt chase him.

Instead, he looked back quickly.

Gu Chuanlong fell to the ground.

He covered his chest and spat out two mouthfuls of blood again.

Then, he looked at He Yunfei and said weakly,

“P… Protector He, help me… kill him!”

He Yunfei frowned.

Then, he turned to look at Zhang Han and sneered, saying, “I, He Yunfei am still here, but youre so unscrupulous.

Dont blame me for being too cruel!”

Just then, Instructor Liu rushed to Zhang Han and said in his ear anxiously,

“He Yunfei is the protector of the National Security Agency.

Hes been at the Heaven stage for five years.

So, his strength is extraordinary.

Dont be rash! How about we just let it go”

“Let it go”

He Yunfei sneered and looked straight at Zhang Han, saying, “Kid, I can spare your life today, if you break your arms and crawl out of here! Ill show you some mercy!”

As soon as he said that, the atmosphere on the field became tense.

Then, Jiang Zonghao eagerly reminded him at the back, “You cant let him go, Protector He.

Such a monster must be killed today!”

“Protector He!” Gu Chuanlong yelled hoarsely with great pain.

There was strong hatred in his words.

Without turning back, Protector He looked straight at Zhang Han.

“If he doesnt yield, Ill fight him myself!”

“If he yields, Ill still fight him, but I wont kill him.

Gu Chuanlong and the others can deal with his life.”

No matter how he chose…

There would be only one result!

Just then, some sounds came from the door.

“Master He!” A man in his thirties yelled.

He was followed by Ah Hu and his men, as well as six women, including Leng Yue.

Three of them pointed the gun at the man as they entered the hall.

“I was guarding those bodyguards and these people suddenly came from nowhere.

They ignored the rules and took me here.

You must punish these undisciplined people severely, Master He!” the man snorted and said.

He was the registered disciple of He Yunfei, a servant in the Gu family.

After finishing his words, he saw the scene inside, with Gu Pengfeng and Gu Chuanlong were lying on the ground.

Then, he was shocked.

“Come here!” He Yunfei frowned.

The man felt that the atmosphere was too weird, so he walked quickly without saying anything.

Unfortunately, he chose the wrong way.

His eyes fixed on the people around with guns and he was guessing their backgrounds and intentions.

Yet he completely ignored Zhang Han and Instructor Liu who were standing in the front.

“Now, tell me, your choice!” He Yunfeis eyes fixed on Zhang Han again.

It seemed that he would show mercy, but it contained a hidden danger.

Zhang Han looked at He Yunfei indifferently without saying anything, just listening to the footsteps from behind.

Suddenly, Zhang Han moved his left hand and spread the palm, using it as a knife.


A muffled sound came from the neck of the man who wanted to go back, and then his head tilted at an incredible angle.

Dong! He fell to the ground, breathless!


“What!” All the people present were shocked.

“He… hes obviously dead!”


All the people, including Li Cheng, Xu Ruoyu, Wu Chengdong, Meiqi, felt that their hearts were about to jump out of their mouths.

They knew that the situation was going to be uncontrollable.

Even Instructor Lius body trembled.

He thought that Zhang Han would stop, since both Gu Chuanlong and Gu Pengfeng had been seriously injured.

He didnt expect him to continue to fight!

However, he didnt expect that it was just the beginning!

“You!” He Yunfeis face completely darkened and he stared at him in great anger.

He held a dagger in his right hand, which reflected a great coldness, and pointed it at Zhang Han.

“I must kill you today! And all the people who are helping you wont be spared!” He Yunfeis cold voice resounded in the hall.

“Boss.” Seeing that He Yunfei was about to move, Zhao Feng quickly called him and threw out the long sword in his hand.

He was very glad that he brought the dragon sword with him.

“If master fights against him without any weapons, Im afraid hell suffer.”

Without looking back, Zhang Han stretched out his left hand and caught the sword.

With a slight force downwards, the scabbard was wedged three inches into the ground and stood there.

At the same time, Zhang Han held the handle with his right hand and slowly pulled out the sword.


The sword screeched, as if it passed through peoples hearts!

Under everyones attention, the long sword finally got out of the sheath.

With it in his hand, people suddenly felt that Zhang Han had become fiercer!


Suddenly… Zhang Han laughed disdainfully.

He looked at He Yunfei and said calmly,

“How dare just a Heaven-stage Master ask me to break my arms and crawl out of here”

After that, Zhang Han stepped toward He Yunfei.

Every single step of his gave people a strong sense of oppression and their eyes were all fixed on Zhang Hans calm face.

He said, “It seems that Im still too low-key.”

“Now even a nobody from nowhere dares to threaten me.”

“Alright then!”

“Ill make a name by killing all of you!”


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