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In the Hong Kong Official Building—

A very impressive high-quality car stopped in the parking lot.

Liu Yunzhen walked into the building with a helpless expression on his face.

As he arrived in the conference room, there were already nearly 10 people inside.

Everyone present was a big shot, in charge of great powers of their own territory.

After sitting down, Instructor Liu waited for about 10 minutes, during which nearly 10 people walked in in succession.

There was a total of 19 big shots holding a meeting together, and it was not a large number.

“At 8:43 tonight, an earth-shattering event happened in the Dragon Triumph Club of the Jiansha District, and I think you have all heard about it.

Now, I will tell you the details of this matter.”

The old man sitting in the head seat waved his hand, then the projection screen behind him lit up, showing the surveillance images of every segment on the roads.

Everyone could see that a black sports car, like a ghost, flashed across every surveillance camera.

After the video was sped up for a short period, they saw a Lamborghini following.

Then, after a while, a large number of military Hummers and black Mercedes moved forward crazily on the road.

“The person who killed several important men is in the black sports car that leads the way…”

The pictures flashed continually, and everyone saw the car going on the rampage unscrupulously, then reaching the Dragon Triumph Club.

In front of the rear door, a man lifted the guards up into the air in an instant.

He rushed to the Full Moon Pavilion and stopped at the end of the corridor upstairs.

As a black shadow flashed across the screen, six people fell to the ground.

Gradually, the video was slowed down, and this shot was constantly repeated.

“His instant speed reaches half the speed of sound.

Besides this, he moved without any hesitation, killing 13 people and breaking 117 peoples legs.

This is indeed an important event…”

Then it was time for them to discuss how to handle this matter.

Facing this problem, those present were divided into three factions.

The four people, led by Liu Yunzhen, of the first faction, tried to calm the turmoil.

The second faction was composed of six people, who advocated for Zhang Han to be arrested.

The people of the third group temporarily intended to wait and see what would happen.

Obviously, that was a game…

In the meantime, Protector Leng and his companions in the Dragon Triumph Club were also staring at the monitoring screen.


After looking at the black shadow in the surveillance image and figuring out its speed by slowing down the playback speed, Protector Leng gasped.

“Half the speed of sound! How can he move so fast”

Protector Leng found it hard to believe that a Profound-stage Master should reach such an incredible speed, as if a junior student got the professor certificate!

He believed that a Wu Dao Grand Master could move at such a speed, but to his horror, a Profound-stage Master actually did so.

“Fortunately, I did not directly arrest him, otherwise, I would have come to a crisis in the face of such speed since I was unprepared!”

Protector Leng thought he was fortunate to stay here and watch the video because he deemed that every Heaven Stage Masters scalp would tingle with that speed.

“The boss is really awesome and unbeatable!” Instructor Liu shook his head and sighed with emotion.

At that point, in addition to the two of them, the owner of the club, as well as Protector Lengs four guards, who rushed here immediately after hearing the news, were all in the monitoring room.

After seeing what was happening, everyone was stunned and speechless.

“Did you call him boss” Protector Leng asked Instructor Liu with curiosity while looking at him.

“Huh… Yes.” Instructor Liu nodded.

“Are you very familiar with him Who is he” Protector Leng gave it some thought.

He heard from the two Earth-Stage martial artists present that Master Zhang used martial arts secret skills and swordsmanship.

All these… should not have been mastered by ordinary people.

Although he had been at the Heaven Stage for many years, he only mastered three secret skills.

No matter which secret technique it was, it contained three stages—the Entry Stage, the Proficiency Stage, and the Achievement Stage.

Sometimes, a peak Integration Stage would also occur, in which martial artists probably surpassed their masters, completely acquired secret skills, and turned them into their own moves.

In his view, if the secret skills and swordsmanship that Master Zhang mastered reached or exceeded the Proficiency Stage, he was likely to have killed He Yunfei within one move in the case that He Yunfei had not focused on defense.

He Yunfei seemed to be counter-attacked.

Although such things sometimes happened in the martial arts world, he only heard before of some martial artists beating their opponents who were one stage above themselves.

But it was the first time he had heard of a Profound-stage martial artist actually seckilling a Heaven Stage master.

They differed by two stages.

Protector Lengs conjuncture was almost close to the truth.

However, if Protector Leng knew that He Yunfei had been seckilled even though he had concentrated on defending, his expression would be more interesting.

Hearing what Protector Leng said, Instructor Liu thought for a while.

He realized that Protector Leng took a neutral attitude; therefore, he simply told him some information known by ordinary people.

“The reason why I call Master Zhang boss is that he runs a restaurant, and he has been with Zi Yan for some years.

They are an affectionate couple and have a lovely daughter named Mengmeng, who is very beautiful.

The restaurant is called Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

The boss, like a full-time stay-home dad, doesnt care about other matters, but looks after his daughter and occasionally goes out for sightseeing with Zi Yan.

They are really a happy family.”

Hearing this, the people present fell silent.

Protector Lengs eyes narrowed and flashed, and he kept silent for a long time.

One minute later, Protector Leng sighed and said, “I see and I can really understand him.

He does have fangs, but he hides them.

No wonder he would kill so many people.

In fact, if I were him, I would have done the same.

If a great misfortune creeps over the happy family, even if he kills all the people in the hall, they will suffer irreversible consequences.”

At that moment, Protector Leng seemed to be recalling something, and his heart ached, then he said in a horrible tone, “If a man fails to protect his family, he definitely is not qualified to become a martial artist.

How detestable! Those childes from aristocratic families, who are self-righteous and overweening, always think that someone will help them handle all the problems, no matter who they defend.

“Woefully, they even dont understand that behind an able man there are always other able men.

Their basic qualities seem to have been eaten by dogs.

For such people, they should be killed! Even if they stay alive, they are also curses to others!”

After hearing Protector Lengs words, Instructor Liu and other people froze, feeling somewhat astonished.

How did he get angry as he spoke Perhaps Protector Leng was also a person with stories!

“Huh… They do court death, but Protector Hes and other peoples identities…” Instructor Liu whispered.

“Hmph! They deserve to die as they hold a candle to the devil! If there were no such people to support the childes of noble families, they would not have been so arrogant.” Protector Leng was obviously still lost in thought and spoke in a cold and murderous tone.

“Great!” Instructor Liu gave him a thumbs-up gesture all of a sudden and praised him.

“Protector Leng is indeed a real man!”

“Haha, we, as martial artists, need to do the right thing.

Even death will not expiate all crimes of those who live in disgrace.

Now, Im going to inform Director Lei of what happened!” Protector Leng raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Is Director Lei back”

Instructor Lius eyes widened at the thought of what a great surprise it was!

Director Leis name was Lei Tiannan.

As a famous Wu Dao Grand Master in Hong Kong, he ranked 11th on the list of Hong Kongs martial arts world, but he was rumored to be in the top 10 on this list! He was truly a man of great horror.

The list was an exclusive list for martial artists in the cities, which was created by technical personnel of the National Security Agency after they comprehensively analyzed the data of combat strength and destructive power.

Each province had its own list, and every martial artist expected their name to be on it, which represented glory, a deterrent, and an exalted status!

However, some people did not care about what was going on outside the window, but devoted themselves to martial arts.

These kinds of people only accounted for a small percentage among the entire martial arts world.

Instructor Liu had heard that Lei Yunzhen had gone to a certain secret place six months ago, and he had lost his news then.

He had not expected that he actually came back now.

With Lei Tiannan and his uncles help, this turmoil probably would be appeased at once.

As was known, Lei Tiannan was an influential giant.

“Director Lei has just been back for a week, and I will tell him what happened truthfully.

How he will deal with it all depends on him,” Protector Leng said.

According to what he said, he was willing to give a hand.

After finishing speaking, he went outside without any hesitation and took out his cell phone while walking.

What he did stunned all the people present.

Instructor Liu was also quite surprised, feeling that Protector Leng was simply an ally falling from the sky.

Actually, Instructor Lius words touched Protector Leng deep in his heart.

Once upon a time, he had had a beloved woman and also had encountered such things.

Although he had bristled with anger, his lover eventually was killed.

Therefore, for those who played tricks behind others back, he hated them so bitterly.

About five minutes later, Protector Leng came back with a cold face and nodded.

“Director Lei said that he would handle this matter.”

Then everyone just waited.

Finally, after about half an hour—

Instructor Lius cell phone suddenly rang.

As he saw it was his uncle, his heart slightly sped up, feeling a little nervous at that time.

He glanced at Protector Leng and the other people drily.

He picked up the phone directly.


As Instructor Liu heard Liu Yunzhens words from the other end of the phone, his eyes gradually widened and he felt somewhat excited.

“I got it!”

Instructor Liu hung up the phone and gave an OK sign to Protector Leng, then he picked up the walkie-talkie from the pocket of his jacket and said loudly, “Everyone, gather in front of the Full Moon Pavilion!”

“Is the matter settled” Protector Leng asked.

“My uncle told me four words…” Instructor Lius eyes narrowed and he said, “Let him pass first!”

“Oh Congratulations.” Protector Leng smiled, then waved his hand and said, “I will leave now.

Tell your boss that I will visit him at my leisure.”

“Okay! Thank you so much, Protector Leng,” Instructor Liu replied with a smile.

Let him pass first.

These four words had already indicated that the significance of this big event would basically be minimized.

Both of them knew that.

Then Protector Leng and his men left.

After the people of the Wolf Head Detachment assembled, Instructor Liu went downstairs.

Standing in front of them, he said in a loud voice, with a list in his hand, “Today we have a mission.

The names of all the people in the Dragon Hall just now are on this list.

Now, we should take action in groups, issuing a sealing order to them!”

Back to 15 minutes ago—

In the Hong Kong Official Building, a meeting was in full swing.

Liu Yunzhen was angry and fierce at that point, and he told the listeners every detail he knew about Zhang Han.

There was no denying that others would envy him since he was a general who could cultivate martial artists in huge quantities.

But people of the other faction still looked down upon him.

“How ridiculous.

Although martial artists are formidable, we live in an era with advanced science and technology.

Such a mob is supposed to be killed.”

“He is able to cultivate martial artists, so what Can any martial artist be compared to a missile when it comes to destructive power Moreover, will other martial artists make a scene if we make concessions this time Gu Fang of the Gu family is somebody after all.” The person who was speaking was on a good term with the Gu family, so he spoke in a really offensive tone.

“Gu Pengfeng courted death as he was desired to get Zi Yan and took action first,” a man of Liu Yunzhens faction said.

“He could have punished Gu Pengfeng, even could have beat him.

However, what did he do Have you seen the pictures Do I need to say more”


As they discussed with each other heatedly, more and more people finally supported the proposal that Zhang Han should be blamed.

Eventually, the old man sitting in the head seat said, “He indeed beat them so badly.

In this case, I think…”

Just as he was about to draw a conclusion, there was a sudden knock on the door of the conference room, and everyone looked over.

After the door opened, a bulky tanned-skinned man, more than 1.8 meters tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, walked in.

“Director Lei!”

Many people were shocked and greeted him.

As the leader of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong, Lei Tiannan was a heavyweight giant.

Only the old man in the head seat bore comparison with him in status.

Lei Tiannan nodded and went straight to a free seat, then sat down.

“Director Lei, have you heard of this event What do you think” the old man sitting in the head seat asked.

“I have a suggestion for this matter…” Lei Tiannan directly spoke out his thoughts.

This was the trigger of the sealing order.

People of the Wolf Head Detachment began to take action, but they asked the police for help to find the people on the list, starting by asking them to sign confidentiality agreements in succession.

The sealing order could quickly appease this matter.

Furthermore, the order could prevent that event from causing a sensation in the upper class.

Although it was inevitable to be spread in a small circle, no one would talk about it in public since the sealing order mainly acted as a deterrent.

However, the sealing order was only for those bosses and guests, while the people in the martial arts world, they could not command them.

In addition, Instructor Liu remembered that the boss once said that he would use He Yunfeis and some others blood to let others know his name.

However… the boss said that he was Zhang Hanyang.

“Isnt his name Zhang Han Is Zhang Hanyang the name he uses in the martial arts world Is he famous in some places It seems that the boss is also a man with stories.”

In a ward for several people at Fuxing Hospital in the Jiansha District—

Wu Chengdong, Meiqi, Li Cheng, Xu Ruoyu, and some others were lying in bed.

And aside from Meiqi, they did not suffer severe fractures.

After Meiqi learned about their situation, a hint of anger and remorse flashed through her eyes.

It was because she rushed forward in a hurry that she was kicked by Zhang Han.

Now, her right leg was broken and she hurt even worse than Wu Chengdong and the others.

Meiqi gritted her teeth at the thought of that and said bitterly, “I shouldnt have asked for mercy at that time since he obviously went crazy.

Now Im badly injured and have to work with a cane.

It will take me more than three months to recover.”

“Wed better recuperate for a few days first.

Thats all we can do for the time being.” Wu Chengdong sighed.

“I also plan to rest for several days.

I feel really uncomfortable about my broken leg.

I just told my father, and he was scared out of his wits,” Li Cheng said.

“What should I do My album has not started being recorded yet, and my leg is broken now.

I got this opportunity with great difficulty,” Xu Ruoyu said pitifully and even began to whimper.

“Thats enough.

Didnt you just simply suffer a dislocation Why are you crying here You will recover in a week!” Wu Chengdong said in a somewhat impatient tone.

“Hey, please stop talking about your condition, okay I cant even get out of bed.

Can you take my feelings into account”

Suddenly, Fu Shens bleak voice was heard from the bed in the corner of the ward.

Everyone glanced at him and immediately stopped talking about it.

Both of Fu Shans legs were broken.

Fu Shan still remembered that the man who beat him, seemingly named Brother Hu, smiled at him before beating him.

“Hey Your face has recovered, brother.”

“Boss Wu,” Meiqi said, “Zi Yan actually never mentioned that she has such a powerful boyfriend.”

“That man is so terrible, and it was the first time I had seen such a horrible thing.

I think that I may as well be a humble and low-key person in the future.” Wu Chengdongs heart was still fluttering with fear.

“Although he is very formidable, he will come to a bad end since he killed so many people,” Xu Ruoyu said all of a sudden.

“Thats right.

Impulse is the devil.

Is he caught now that he made such a mess” Li Cheng echoed.

“Huh…” After a pause, Wu Chengdong nodded and said, “Its true.

He is so obtrusive though he is really awesome.

Once he breaks the rules, he has to pay with his life for those he has killed.”

“Beautiful women are too dangerous.

He is like the hero in the story, rescuing the beauty, but he has to come to a very sticky end.” Meiqi shook her head.

While they were chatting, the door of the ward was directly pushed open all of a sudden.

Then, two men in black military uniforms came in, poker-faced.


“Arent they from the group of people who just held guns in the hall”

“Why do they come here”

Everyone present was astonished.

“Excuse me…” Wu Chengdong was interrupted ruthlessly before finishing speaking.

One of them took out a few contracts and said, “Sign this confidentiality agreement, and I dont expect you to spread what you saw or heard tonight.

If your behavior makes any negative impact, you will be punished in accordance with the law.”



“Sealing order”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“What, what if we have already let it out” Meiqis face changed.

“Dont tell others in the future.

Hurry up and sign it!” One of them gave the contracts to all the people present.

Only at that moment did they realize that this thing was not that simple.

“Huh… Police officers, I want to ask if the gangster has been caught” Fu Shan could not help asking.

“Shut up! Look at the contract!”

“Oh, oh, well.” Fu Shan responded hurriedly and took a closer look at the terms.

At first, he did not notice anything strange, but when he caught sight of a message in the middle, his face became pale in an instant, and beads of cold sweat poured from his head.

“How is it possible

“Who the hell is he

“Its impossible!”

The paragraph that chilled him both physically and mentally said: “At 8 oclock tonight, in the Dragon Triumph Club, in order to fight against the group led by He Yunfei, with Gu Chuanlong, Gu Fang, Jiang Zonghao… as its accomplices, staff for secret services came to kill them.

Other bystanders are not allowed to spread what they saw.

If their words and deeds cause a sensation, we will punish them in accordance with the law.”

After finishing reading, Fu Shan was completely stunned.

Apparently, Wu Chengdong and others also saw this term.

They looked at each other, and the whole ward was wrapped in silence.

It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Then the sound of swallowing was heard.

“Hurry up.”

Urged by the personnel, Wu Chengdong and the others signed their names and pressed the fingerprints.

Then the two men directly turned around and left.

After they left, the room remained silent.

Suddenly— Wu Chengdongs trembling voice rose up.

“That, that is so terrifying!”


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