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Mengmeng paused after hearing the words, then she put down the spoon that was used to ladle porridge.

She looked at Zi Yan and Zhou Fei with big eyes and muttered.

“We, where are we going to play later PaPa said yesterday that he would buy ice cream and snacks for Mengmeng.”

“Later, well go to…” Zi Yan thought about it, then smiled and continued, “visit your grannys house.”

“Well, who is granny” Mengmeng asked full of doubt.

“Its MaMas aunt,” Zi Yan answered.

It was a usual name used between relatives.

Tang Jiayi and Zi Yan were very close, so she called her that.

Moreover, nowadays what people called each other was much more casual, as long as the meaning of who was the elder or younger was expressed.

Of course, it mostly didnt refer to actually related members of a family.

“I see, granny, uh.” Mengmeng muttered and continued to eat breakfast.

After the meal, Zhou Fei returned to her guest bedroom and packed up her bag.

At the same time, she called Tang Jiayi and said that she would be paying a visit later.

Tang Jiayi said she was welcomed, but from her voice, Zhou Fei heard some fatigue and sadness.

After packing up, Zhou Fei came out and said, “Sister Yan, Aunty Tang seems to be in a bad mood.”

“Huh” Ziyan was stunned and said, “What did she say then”

“Nothing else.

Just that were welcome to come.” Zhou Fei shook her head.

“Oh, wait till we get there later, then well find out.”

Zi Yan drank up the last half cup of milk and returned to her bedroom with Mengmeng in her arms, as she needed to get the girl dressed.

Zhang Han began to clear the table and took the chopsticks and bowls they used downstairs.

He washed them and put them away.

There were a few people in the restaurant, and Sun Dongheng was sitting beside Zhao Feng.

He was eating rice fried with eggs while doing a live broadcast and interacting with the audience.

The rice fried with eggs looked so normal from the screen, so many people didnt believe that it was a great delicacy.

When Zhang Han finished his work downstairs, he returned to the second floor and sat for a few minutes.

Then Zi Yan came out and held Mengmengs little hand.

The mother and daughter were wearing parent-child clothes.

They were wearing black half-sleeves, in front of which were two cartoon cat patterns, with light blue jeans shorts to match.

Zi Yans shorts above her knees showed her eye-catching, white, long legs.

Mengmengs shorts covered her thighs.

They were all wearing white sneakers, their looks were casual and elegant.

People might think Zi Yan was beautiful and sexy, while Mengmeng was cute and fashionable.

“You need to change too.” As Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han, she waved and said, “The clothes are hanging on the right-side door of your wardrobe.

You can find them there.”

“PaPa, go change now, we need you.” Mengmeng urged him by waving her small hand.

“Im going.” Zhang Han grinned, got up, and went to the extra bedroom.

Opening the wardrobe, Zhang Han smiled again.

Zi Yan had just moved in a few days ago and his wardrobe was full.

It seemed that this small restaurant was not very suitable for living.

Zi Yans house in Yunyin Garden had a special room for clothes.

“The second transformation of thunder yang tree will take about two years, and we can find ways to make it absorb enough energy ahead of time.”

Zhang Han found his clothes and shoes while he was thinking.

Black short sleeves, light blue jeans to the knees, and white sneakers.

Zhang Han was 1.8 meters tall and weighed about 75 kg.

With a nice body and sharp cheeks, he looked handsome even though he had a severely short haircut.

When he came out from the extra bedroom, Zi Yan had put a round pink cap on Mengmeng.

She also wore a peaked cap, and her long hair, like a waterfall, was curly at the end.

“Lets go!” Zi Yan stood up and said with a smile.

“Lets go! We are visiting granny!” Mengmeng cheered.

“Lets go!”

Zhang Han went over and held Mengmeng in his arms.

The family of three went downstairs first, and Zhou Fei followed behind.

On the first floor—

Sun Dongheng was still eating rice fried with eggs.

When he suddenly saw Zhang Han coming down, he almost choked.

“Cough…” Sun Dongheng quickly swallowed the rice in his mouth and said, “Take a look at the handsome boss, his beautiful wife, and their lovely Mengmeng.”

While talking, he pointed the camera at Zhang Han and the others, who were walking out.

Then he turned the camera in two seconds and asked Zhang Han, “Boss, are you going out”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Have fun,” Sun Dongheng said.

When he looked at the screen, a few words were on it.

“Turn the camera back, we dont want to look at you!”

Zhao Feng saw them going out, so he decided to sit and stay in the restaurant.

Zhang Han and the others left the restaurant and got into the panda car directly.

Zhou Fei was sitting in the passenger seat, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were in the back seat.

The car started and drove to New Moon Bay.

In the meantime—

Not far from mansion 3 in New Moon Bay—

A brown Bentley and a black Audi A8L were heading over.

In the leading Bentley, Wang Jiawen drove and Su Yu was in the passenger seat.

A man and a woman were sitting in the back seat, who were about the same age as Wang Jiawen and Su Yu.

The man wore a pair of glasses and was a little reserved.

However, the woman looked sharp and she dressed properly.

And she resembled Wang Jiawen in the face and eyes.

She was Wang Jiaxuans sister, and the man next to her was her husband, Wu Yang.

Wang Jiaxuan looked worried, her eyebrows knitted together in a little frown.

Wu Yang was silent beside her as if he had made a mistake.

“I dont know if Mr.

Hong can help.

If not, we will face tens of millions in penalties for breach of contract.” Looking at Wu Yang, Wang Jiaxuan said, “I told you earlier to discuss everything with me, but you signed the contract so recklessly.

What are we going to do now”

“I, I didnt know something like this would happen,” Wu Yang answered sadly.

“It seems that Im not good at business, being a technical director is more suitable for me.

I screwed up the only one business cooperation I went to negotiate.”

Wu Yang thought about it and he felt ashamed.

He was just a geek before, lacking communicating skills.

Wang Jiaxuan was the person who ran their Lingsheng company, the company targeted at marketing.

Half a month ago, Wu Yang signed a contract with a company to carry out new product publicity, and the launch of the new product was in three days.

They wanted the publicity held on the same day, so Wu Yang found their usual cooperative Hong Cheng, asking for implanting advertisements in films and television.

Hong Cheng couldnt make time for them, so he casually introduced Anxing Entertainment to them.

As a result, Wu Yang signed the contract without knowing its content while drinking and chatting at a dinner party.

Their project was arranged after half a month.

They demanded to move their project forward, but Anxing Entertainment just ignored their request.

The company said that if they wanted their project to shift to an earlier date, the commission would increase by half.

Later on, Wu Yang found that Hong Cheng had no other way to solve the problem.

Finally, he inquired and found out that Anxing Entertainments boss was formerly Hong Qitaos man.

That was what happened and it led to this.

Hearing their words, Wang Jiawen shook his head and said, “Jiaxuan, dont blame Xiao Yang.

After all, he has no experience.

Its normal for him to be tricked.

Luckily, they didnt swindle him.”

Wang Jiawens words were supposed to be consoling, but they sounded weird in Wu Yangs ears.

“I shouldnt have let him go out for business.” Wang Jiaxuan glared at Wu Yang.

“If Mr.

Hong can help, it just needs a word from him.

You have cooperated with Hong Chengs company for a long time.


Hong may be able to do something.” Su Yu comforted her.

“I hope so.” A ray of hope rose in Wang Jiaxuans eyes.

If Hong Qitao could help to put in a good word, the trouble would be solved.

In the meantime—

In the hall of mansion 3—

Hong Qitao, Tang Jiayi, Hong Li, and Nini were sitting on the sofa.

The air was heavy.

“Today…” said Hong Qitao in a tired tone, “is the last day.”

Gu Chuanlong left them five days, and it was the last day.

They didnt come up with any solution.

“Ive arranged tickets for you.” Tang Jiayi said, “When Lin Shan comes back, you should go abroad and stay for a while.”

“What are you going to do” Hong Li asked worriedly.

“Well stay here.” Hong Qitaos face was a little unyielding as he said, “I dont believe it, what could Gu Chuanlong do to us”

After all these years, Hong Qitao would not be so easily frightened.

If Gu Chuanlong really did anything, he would just take it.

“Im sorry, Uncle Hong and Aunt Tang.

I have caused the trouble for you, how about…” Nini said sadly.

“Okay, say nothing more.

Its not that bad.” Tang Jiayi smiled softly and said, “Take it as a vacation abroad.

When everything is settled, you could come back.

Xiao Yan will come back later.

She has lived in San Diego for several years, maybe you can live there as well.”

While they were talking, the housekeeper knocked on the door and came in.

“Sir, a group of people have come to the door.

They said that they are Hong Chengs partners.

Theyve come here to pay a special visit.

It seems that something has happened.”

“Beat it!” Hong Qitao was a little annoyed, so he refused the meeting directly.

“Yes, sir.”

The housekeeper walked out, went to the door, and answered the visitors, who were full of hope.

“Old master doesnt want to see anyone.

Please leave.”

His words upset the visitors.

They turned around and went back to the Bentley.

For a moment, no one spoke.

The atmosphere in the car was like that in the hall, and it was gloomy.

“Lets go back,” Wang Jiaxuan said tiredly.

“Well, lets go, dont get too annoyed.” Wang Jiawen sighed, started the car, and headed back.

The car just went 50 meters, then suddenly stopped.

“Whats wrong” Su Yu said curiously.

“Look ahead!” Wang Jiawen suddenly pointed.

“Whats ahead” They all looked over.

Wang Jiaxuan and Wu Yang were a little confused.

There was nothing in front of them except for a small panda car, which was only worth tens of thousands of yuan.

“What Are they Mr.

Zhang and others Look at the license plate.

Its them!” Su Yu winked and said.

“What are they doing here There are only mansion 1, 2, and 3 on top.” Wang Jiawen muttered.

They stared at the passing panda car.

After driving past, the car turned to mansion 3.

Under everyones gaze—

The mansions gate opened directly.

The housekeeper had just turned them down and refused them blandly.

His face had a warm smile now, and he gave a welcoming gesture to the car.

Then it just went in directly.


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