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The destination was Haifengyuan food stall.

It was near Victoria Park and close to the bay, where people could enjoy the scenery with the sea breeze.

Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi talked and laughed during the over half an hour drive, and it was almost 11 oclock when they arrived there.

It was still the busy time, with many people coming and going.

Haifengyuan food stall was not small, with both indoor and outdoor space, but the outdoor area was its main feature, which was more popular.

There were four long rows of tables there, which were for two people, four people, or for six people, as well as several large rectangular tables that could accommodate more people.

After they arrived there, the waiter greeted them.


Inside is available, but not outdoors.

Or you can wait for a little while, about 10 minutes.”

“Well wait then,” Liang Mengqi replied directly.

“Okay, this way please.

Wait a moment.” The waiter led them to the room and told them to sit down in the waiting area.

There were three people ahead of them, who got seated after about three minutes.

Seven or eight minutes later, Liang Mengqi and her brother got a table.

After going out from the side door, they went to the outdoor area and sat down at the dining table for two people.

After ordering, Liang Hao began to look around.

All the tables were occupied.

Some people had their sleeves rolled up and drank beer, and some people kept talking and bragging, which was very lively.

Liang Hao felt a little sentimental, saying, “It seems that I havent been to such a place for many years.

I remember that I was drinking with Xiaobin last time.

Time flies, Im almost 30 now.”

He hung out with his friends when he was 17 years old and began to practice martial arts later.

After making some achievements, he began to take care of the family business and had become a leading figure in just over a year.

He was outstanding among the younger generation of the Liang Clan.

During the three years, he made a lot of profit for his family.

Therefore, the places he went to were all relatively high-end and he usually drank treasured alcohol, such as precious red wine, imported wine, or high-end liquor.

Obviously, he found that the common peoples life was quite interesting.

“Come on, dont speak like an old man.

You are only 26.

Still so young!” Liang Mengqi curled her lips.

“Haha, okay, I wont speak like that.” Liang Hao shook his head gracefully and smiled while saying, “Youre not a little girl now.

Is there any man you like in Hong Kong”

“A man I like Yes, but… Hey, dont mention it,” Liang Mengqi pouted with her mouth and said unhappily.

The man she liked already had a wife and a kid who could even run.

She was depressed about that.

“Whos the man that you like Whats his name Do I know him” Liang Hao asked with a slight smile.

He felt that the person that his sister liked might be that boss.

However, her behavior showed that there was something wrong there.

“Is it that the man doesnt like my sister”

Liang Hao looked Liang Mengqi up and down, feeling that his sister was rather beautiful and gorgeous.

He thought that if she told that man her feelings, she wouldnt be refused.

“Why are you asking so much” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes and said, “Enough about me.

You yourself are still single now.

You can worry about me after getting yourself a girlfriend.

Hmph! Right.

Didnt you say youd go to find Zi Yan Have you contacted her I havent seen her yet.

Invite her out, lets meet.”

“Zi Yan… Uh… She already has a husband,” Liang Hao said with a pause.

“Huh” Liang Mengqis eyes widened and then she said, “Really”

“She didnt need to lie to me, right” Liang Hao shook his head with a smile, saying, “I called her before I boarded the plane and she told me that.”

“Hahaha.” Liang Mengqi realized it and then looked him up and down while speaking.

“You deserve it! Why didnt you pursue her back then Now its too late!”

“Actually, I didnt react much after hearing this news.

It seems that my heart has never pounded for a woman, like what is written in books.

Maybe my feeling for Zi Yan isnt really love.” Liang Hao sighed.

“Your heart never pounded” Liang Mengqi was lost in thought and found that she also had the same feelings for Zhang Han.

She just fell in love with him gradually.

“If he wants to kiss me…”

Liang Mengqi closed her eyes and visualized the scene.

“Thump, thump!”


Her face was slightly flushed.

“Its wonderful!”

She quickly opened her eyes and looked around silently to calm herself down, but suddenly, after seeing the people at the table in front of her to the left, she was amazed.

“Hey Isnt that them”

She saw that Zhang Li and Luo Qing were having kebabs with a man.

“Who are they” Liang Hao looked over with curiosity.

Just then, a lot of kebabs, seafood, and snacks were served.

With two bottles of cola, they started to eat leisurely.

On the other side…

Zhang Li took a mouthful of the kebab and then sighed, saying, “Its so boring.”

“Haha, Lili, are you missing Zhao Feng” Luo Qing laughed and teased her.

“A little bit,” Zhang Li responded directly.

“Uh, well, Goddess Li, you like Brother Feng” Dahe asked after drinking some beer.

“Thats none of your business! Stop asking and drink your beer!” Zhang Li pointed to Dahes beer.

“Okay, Ill drink.” Dahe directly drank it up and made a satisfied sound.

Then, he said, “Hey, Goddess Li, I went to New Moon Bay two days ago and looked at the new place.

Its really huge! Half of the decoration has been finished.

Its awesome! Really! Theres also an outdoor DJ square.

I bet it will be a hit!”

“Last time, Zhao Feng said that it still needed more than half a month.

So, there are about 10 days left now,” Zhang Li replied.

“Well have a better place to work then.

Brother Long has found a buyer for that and well all move there after everything is done.”

They chatted while drinking beer and having kebabs.

At the long table not far from them, there were nine people, including six men and three women.

Among them, two men were dressed in brightly colored clothes of famous brands.

They were in their early 20s, looking very fickle and arrogant.

“Brother Da just came back.

Lets toast to him again.” A thin red-haired man raised his glass while speaking.

“Come on! To Brother Da.”

All the people raised their glasses and looked at the short-haired, white-skinned man who was sitting in the center with famous brand clothes on.

“Theres no need to be so polite.

Ill go back after October 1st.

Many schoolgirls are still waiting for me,” Brother Da said while waving his hand.

“Hey, Brother Da, how about the girls of Lin Hai Jiaotong University” the red-haired man asked.

“Not bad.

The schoolgirls are rather simple, so its easy to get them and theyd just leave me after I give them some money.


Theyre different from those models.

You know what, Ive gotten over 20 girls from among the freshmen,” Brother Da smiled and then said, “When you come to Lin Hai, I will arrange some schoolgirls for you.”

“Great, I just want to have fun there.

Brother Da, when you go back, Ill go with you and stay there for a few days,” the red-haired man said first.

Two other men also echoed.

“Brother Da, youre still so flirtatious.” A tall woman smiled after drinking some wine.

“Beibei, youre right.

Brother Da is the most capable person among us!” Another long-haired man flattered him.

It could be seen that Brother Da had the highest status among those people.

“Just drinking like this is no fun at all.

Lets play a game,” another big-eyed woman said.

“What game How about Truth or Dare We happen to have cards here and there are a total of nine people.

The person who draws a Joker will be punished and who draws an Ace names the question.

You must drink a full glass of wine if you dont want the punishment.

Is that okay” the red-haired man said.

“Okay, come on,” Brother Da clapped his hands and then said, “be serious.”

Then, they started the game.

Because the first person chose to drink wine, people for the next few rounds all began to drink.

After drinking several glasses of wine, many people began to be a little drunk.

Then, a slightly fat man drew an Ace, while the woman named Beibei drew a Joker.

“Ill tell the truth.” Beibeis face was a bit red.

She didnt want to drink anymore, so she chose that.

“All right,” the little fat man smirked and said, “then tell us, how many men have you slept with in the past two years”

As soon as he said that, everyone else cheered while looking at the woman.

Beibei bit her lower lip and finally said, “Four.”

“Youre great.” The red-haired man laughed.

The next round, the red-haired man got a Joker and another big-eyed woman got an Ace.

“Lets make it more exciting.

Dare then!”

“Then… then take off your shirt.”

“Oh no, its too simple!” The others patted their foreheads.

The red-haired man took off his shirt and then a tiger-head tattoo on his chest was seen.

The next round, the red-haired man got a Joker again.

“Dare!” the red-haired man yelled.

Then, Beibei, who drew the Ace, looked around and finally fixed her eyes on Zhang Lis table.

She pointed there and said, “Go to ask the Wechat number of the woman in the denim jacket.”


The crowd turned to look.

They saw two women and one man sitting there.

Because Dahe was sitting opposite Zhang Li, some of them said, “It seems that she has a boyfriend.

Its not good.

Why not change the target”

“What does that matter Im here.

Dont be afraid.

Xiaoqiang, just go ahead.

Asking for her WeChat doesnt mean sleeping with her!” Brother Da said after a hiccup.


You cowards, just wait and see.” The red-haired man, Xiaoqiang, walked over there with a glass of beer.

When he arrived, he sat down beside Dahe and then smiled, saying, “Hello guys, its fate that brought us together.

A toast to you.”

That man was quite polite.

Then, Dahe raised his glass and drank after clinking glasses.

But then, Xiaoqiang looked at Zhang Li and Dahe while asking disrespectfully, “Are you a couple”

“Whats that got to do with you” Zhang Li said angrily.

Zhang Li noticed what game they were playing over there and she didnt want to be their target.

“Haha, it doesnt matter,” Xiaoqiang grinned and said, “Beauty, would you give me your WeChat We can make friends and hang out later.”

“No.” Zhang Li refused him directly.

“Please dont be like this.

Just give it to me, beauty.

My brothers are watching.”

“Shes already refused you.

Bro, please go back.” Dahe slightly frowned while speaking.

“Yeah, she rarely uses WeChat,” Luo Qing echoed.

“This… All right.” Xiaoqiang looked at them and then went back.

The crowd began discussing.

In less than three minutes, a slightly fat man wandered over and stood directly in front of Luo Qing.

Then, he said aloud, “I love you!”


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