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Seeing what was happening outside the restaurant, Xu Yong nodded with satisfaction.

As the time passed, a lot of people seemed to have regarded the small restaurant as a high-end and magnificent representative in their minds.

He also felt honored.

Liang Hao was sitting at the table with Liang Mengqi behind him, where Zhao Feng always sat.

“The two people over there are so wealthy that they directly applied for two membership cards,” Zhao Dahu whispered.

After hearing his words, Liang Hao smiled and shook his head.

Of course, they were rich.

Judging from the mans business card and appearance, he guessed his origins.


Sheng, the chairman of Western Airlines An Yu Technology, which was one of the five Internet giants in Hua nation.

As the most inconspicuous top rich man, he was worth 130 billion yuan.

Many people knew about An Yu Technology because it was mainly engaged in network defense, such as the firewalls widely used by ordinary people.

But besides that, it also cooperated with many large enterprises, and even established a deep cooperative relationship with the authorities.


Sheng, who seldom attended various parties, was relatively unknown in terms of his reputation.

Although he was less famous than Liu Qingfeng, no one could look down upon his status.

He had not expected such a giant to show up in this restaurant.

Liang Hao knew more about his deeds.

Under his leadership, his company gradually prospered, which was quite legendary.

Liang Hao had heard from the elders of his family that Mr.

Sheng of An Yu Technology had an extraordinary understanding of network technology, and that he once was nicknamed Black Ghost.

Perhaps few people heard of this name, but if it was mentioned in the hacker world, many people would definitely put on a reverent look.

Because this name was a symbol of one of the most three supreme hackers in the world!

“Compared with his achievements, mine are nothing at all.”

Liang Hao sighed with emotion in his heart.

When Pearson saw another three membership cards were sold in such a short time, his face shrank.

“They cost 30 million yuan.

Wow, rich men.

“I also have a membership card worth 10 million yuan! I am also a rich man!”

After thinking for a while, Pearson took his membership card from his wallet and admired it for a moment with satisfaction before putting it back.

The lunch was soon ready.

Zhang Han took the dishes for Mengmeng and himself to the second floor.

Many members went to serve themselves in succession.

Everyone only had access to about three prawns, and the other dish was also not abundant.

“Is this Arhat Prawns It smells good.” Pearson closed his eyes and sniffed carefully.

“Do you know this dish as well” Wang Qiang laughed and said.

“Of course I know it.

It is one of the dishes of the formal banquet for the elderly.

I have good knowledge of the formal banquets in Hua nation as well as the specialties in various regions.

Unfortunately, I have only tasted only one-tenth or two-tenths of these dishes.” Pearson sighed slightly.

“Hua nation cherishes vast territory and abundant resources, so I still have a long way to go to taste all that delicious food.

“ThisArhat Prawns ranks second of the three most famous prawns with Shang Jings features, and it also belongs to the famous dishes of Tans Cuisine in Shang Jing.”

Wang Qiang shook his head, started to recollect and said, “When I was in Shang Jing last time, I enjoyed this dish the most times.

This dish is particular about processing art, paying attention to the shape.

The chef will divide the shrimps into two sections to make two shapes.

The front parts are burned with shells into red shrimp sections, bearing a balanced sweet and salty flavor, while the second parts are coated with filling without shells and fried into crispy golden yellow shrimp segments.

After they are placed on the plate, the dish is red at the top and yellow at the bottom.

Because its raised shape is like an Arhat with a big belly, it is named Arhat Prawns.”

“Oh, I see, Uncle Wang.” After finishing speaking, Pearson rubbed his hand and said excitedly, “Let me try it.

It must taste great!”

Then he began to enjoy a prawn.

After putting it into his mouth, he started his performance again.

“Hey, it tastes tender and fragrant, crispy and delicious…”

Other diners were also immersed in the food at that moment.


Sheng, sitting at the table by the window, did not move the prawns first, but tasted the broccoli with dried mushrooms first.

After taking a bite of the mushroom, Mr.

Sheng closed his eyes and whispered, “It really tastes like the dishes my mother cooked when I was young…”

At that point, at the tea table on the second floor, Mengmeng was also eating joyfully.

“The mushrooms are so delicious, as are the big shrimps.

The dishes cooked by PaPa are the most delicious.

PaPa is the most awesome.”

Mengmeng muttered vaguely.

“You can eat more if you like.” Zhang Han smiled with satisfaction.

“No, MaMa told me that I should not overeat but leave some space,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“It doesnt matter.

You can eat more if you want,” Zhang Han said and smiled softly.

“Uh-huh, so I will take three more bites… is it OK”

“You can eat as much as you like.”

Whenever he stayed with Mengmeng, Zhang Han felt very warm.

Of course, he would feel better when all the family members were together.

Zi Yan, however, still had to rush about since she did not realize her dreams yet.

Therefore, Zhang Han would accompany her to do whatever she had wanted to do but had failed before in the future.

Happy times always fly so fast.

When people are engaged in delicacies, they would be stuffed unconsciously.

At about two oclock, the diners left in succession.

Xu Yong sat at a table on the first floor, with a tin of beer in his hand, playing mobile games and occasionally taking a sip of wine.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng chatted on the second floor with Zi Yan on video for a while.

Then they went to the first floor, and Mengmeng started playing with toys.

It was almost four oclock.

A light-pink Bentley slowly stopped in a parking spot in front of the restaurant.


A tall woman got out of the car from the passenger seat, then smiled as she looked at the plaque of the restaurant.

It was Qiao Luoluo.

At that time, she was wearing a long dress with a part on the side, which was a little revealing.

Wearing a silver handbag and a pair of high heels, she walked into the restaurant.

After glancing around, she saw Zhang Han sitting on the sofa and the little girl walking over.

“Clang, clang, clang…”

Every time her heels touched the ground, a crisp sound was heard, which attracted Xu Yongs attention.

He glanced at her and said from his seat, “Lady, the restaurant is not open now.

Youve come too early.”

“Did I come too early” Qiao Luoluo stopped.

She looked at Xu Yong, then took off her sunglasses and said, “I think Ive come late.”

After finishing her words, she looked at Zhang Han with a playful gaze and said, “What do you think Zhang Han”

Xu Yong was shocked.

“Does she know the boss”

Seeing what had happened, Xu Yong fell silent.

Now that she knew the boss, he did not need to stop her.

Zhang Han looked at Qiao Luoluo without saying anything.

He faintly realized that Qiao Luoluo was going to make trouble here.

He still remembered that Qiao Luoluo had called him before he had had an accident.

She had said that he had been the only person who had dumped her.

She had said that she had never been dumped by others, and she would hate him forever.

She had said that one day he was bound to regret treating her in this way.

“Did she turn her love to hatred”

It was not very appropriate.

Zhang Han thought that she was obsessed with and split hairs over their relationship, or else she would not have sent him so many messages.

He felt afraid after thinking it over carefully.

Her arrival did not cause any changes in Zhang Hans emotions.

He had a clear conscience.

Besides, Zi Yan was aware that he had had a girlfriend.

However, since he got into a committed relationship with Zi Yan, he could not be close to other women in the future because women are so terrible once they are jealous.

Moreover, Zhang Han not only could not, but also did not want to approach other ladies.

Even when he had just returned, he had not taken Zi Yan seriously.

Zhang Han had seen a large number of saintesses in the Cultivation World, so appearance alone could not impress him.

Zi Yan also mentioned that occasionally now, for she still held a grudge.

But now his attitude changed.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan completely occupied his mind.

He, therefore, did not want to be implicated with other women, especially those who had been his girlfriends.

“Whats up” Zhang Han said flatly.

After hearing Zhang Hans tone, Qiao Luoluo sneered inconspicuously.

She walked over to the sofa and smiled playfully, then said, “Whats wrong Dont you welcome your former lover”


A large mouthful of beer was sprayed from Xu Yongs mouth and nose, dotting the entire table.

He quickly took out a napkin and began to wipe the table, planning to go out for a while after finishing wiping.


Mengmengs eyes widened, “Lover”

“No!” Mengmeng pouted and said with great dissatisfaction, “My PaPa only has me and MaMa, no one else!”

“Hahaha… Is she your daughter Shes really cute.”

Although Qiao Luoluo was smiling, Mengmeng totally disliked her!

“Shes so annoying!

“PaPa does not belong to anyone except MaMa and me!”

Mengmengs possessive instinct was stimulated.

That was to say, she was touched.

She leaned against Zhang Hans arms, with her arms around Zhang Hans neck, glaring at Qiao Luoluo with her big bright eyes and refusing to concede an inch.

Seeing Meng Mengs appearance, Zhang Han had mixed emotions.

He seemed to be the most beloved treasure of Mengmeng.

Mengmeng did not allow others to rob her of what she cherished.

He was really delighted by Mengmengs attitude, and he also showed his attitude toward Qiao Luoluo standing in front of him, then asked calmly again, “Do you have any problem”

“Of course.”

Seeing Zhang Hans gaze, Qiao Luoluo became more and more annoyed.

The more she felt unhappy, the wider her smile was.

She said, “I heard that you opened a restaurant, so Ive come here to congratulate you in a hurry.

Only you, arrogant Childe Zhang, would price a membership card at 10 million yuan.

Therefore, Im going to apply for a membership card.

Are you surprised”

“Are you surprised

“Have you asked me, Qiao Luoluo, whether you can lead a carefree and comfortable life in Hong Kong”

This was what she wanted to express.

“Oh, I refuse.” After finishing his words, Zhang Han looked away.

“You refuse me Are you… afraid of me” Qiao Luoluo tilted her head and asked casually.


Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Although we did not lay our cards on the table, we both clearly know what happened, so there is no need to say more.

Dont bother me again.

Xu Yong, send her away.”

Zhang Hans attitude made Qiao Luoluo go into a great rage.

“Why are you so proud since you are not the childe of the Zhang family”

She was somewhat helpless, for she seemed to have lost the first game this time.

“Lady, please.”

At that moment, Xu Yong also knew what was going on, so he went up to Qiao Luoluo and made a gesture.

“See you next time,” Qiao Luoluo said and specifically waved her hand to Mengmeng, then added with a smile, “Little darling, goodbye.”


Mengmeng snorted, then turned her head away from looking at her.

“I dont want to say goodbye to you.”

Seeing Mengmengs behavior, Qiao Luoluo turned to leave, leaving her laughter behind.

But after she left the restaurant, she stopped laughing and her face clouded over.

She strode back to her car and clenched her fist, then instructed the driver.

“Go to Yicheng Technology!”


The car drove away and stopped at Yicheng Technology in the Eastern District of South Island.

Yicheng Technology was one of the subordinate industries of the Qiao family.

After learning that Qiao Luoluo came here in person, the president of the company personally greeted her.

“Take me to the safety technical director.” Qiao Luoluo directly ordered him.

Then they went to the directors office, in front of which she waved her hand and ask them not to follow her.

“Miss Qiao.”

The director entered the office with Qiao Luoluo.

Since he did not make her intention known, he said first, “I dont know if you have anything to ask me to do.”

“Crack this QQ account.”

“Okay.” The director sat in front of the computer and said, “I dont know if Miss Qiao knows more information that will help me crack it faster.”

“I only know two former passwords.”

“Thats enough.”

“The passwords are…”

“Okay, it will take me about 20 minutes.” The directors hand moved quickly and pressed the keyboard.

Qiao Luoluo had an obsession in her mind that she wanted to know whether Zhang Han had just not replied to her messages or had not been aware that she had sent him a lot of messages.

If he had ignored her messages, the revenge she would take would be several times more serious!

About 17 minutes later…

“I worked it out,” the director wiped the sweat from his forehead and said.

He thought that Qiao Luoluo would think highly of him if he performed well.

“You can go out now,” Qiao Luoluo said, then sat at the official desk, starting to flip through the messages.

“Did he log in more than a month ago

“I will be angry if he did not reply to my messages after reading them.

“He did not contact any others, and this account seems to be abandoned.

However, some emails were sent out through it.

“What Are you actually Hanyang”

Qiao Luoluos pupils suddenly shrank and took on an amazed expression, but then she sneered.

“Interesting, how havent I found out that you are so versatile”

Qiao Luoluo flipped through the messages while drinking tea.

When it was about six oclock, she went downstairs and got back into her car.

“Go to that restaurant.”


In Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

When Qiao Luoluo just left, Mengmeng pouted and asked while staring at Zhang Han, “PaPa, who is she”


Zhang Han thought for a while, then said, “A person I have known before.”

“Hmph, Mengmeng doesnt like her.”

“Well, now that Mengmeng doesnt like her, PaPa doesnt either.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs little head with a smile.

After hearing his words, Mengmeng, whose big clear eyes were shining with a light of thinking, sat aside with satisfaction and murmured, “Well, PaPa, I, I want to look at the photos saved on your phone.”

“Fine.” Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and opened the album, then said as he showed the photos to Mengmeng, “Look at this one.

Do you still remember where we took this photo”

“Of course.

In that amusement park.

Mengmeng likes to go to the amusement park.”

Mengmeng laughed and then said, “PaPa, I would like to drink coconut milk.”

“Ill get it for you.” Zhang Han got up and walked to the kitchen.

However, when he was about to turn around after taking a bottle of coconut milk from the kitchen, he heard Mengmeng speaking hastily.

“MaMa, MaMa, you should come back quickly.

A bad guy came here who said that she was PaPas lover…”


Xu Yong almost sprayed out the wine in his mouth, feeling somewhat dumbfounded.

“My gosh, the little girl is so smart.”

However, in Mengmengs view, the longest name, “My darling Yan”, on the contact list represented her MaMa.

It was MaMa who had changed the name, and Mengmeng bore it in mind.

Therefore, it was very easy for her to call Zi Yan.

Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly as he walked back with embarrassment.

At that point, Zi Yan had just changed her clothes and was ready to go out from the motor home, but when she received the call, she stopped all of a sudden.

“A bad guy Lover

“What does that mean Is the one his former girlfriend”

Zi Yan was somewhat confused and inexplicably uncomfortable.

After chatting with Mengmeng for a while, she learned what had happened just now.

“PaPa, MaMa wants to talk to you.” Mengmeng handed the phone to Zhang Han beside her.

Mengmeng muttered with a guilty conscience, “Im going to play with my toys.”

Then she began to fiddle with the toys on the sofa.

Fortunately, at that time, Wang Yihan shouted excitedly from outside the restaurant, “Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Ive come to play with you!”

“Huh Yihan!”

Mengmeng screamed in surprise, then ran over and went to the second floor with Wang Yihan.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu, who were carrying two bags of fruit behind them, greeted Zhang Han and then went to the second floor to look after the two kids because they saw Zhang Han on the phone.

In fact, Zhang Han gave a wry smile when he answered the phone.

“Zhang Han, you are so handsome and attractive that your ex-girlfriend also went to the restaurant to see you.”

Zi Yans laughter was heard through the phone.

But Zhang Han shook.

At that moment, Wang Jiangwen and his family came over and greeted him.

Zhang Han sat in front of the piano and said with a wry smile, “The fact of the matter is that on Mount New Moon…”

Zhang Han explained the whole thing to her in a concise manner.

“Why did she go to the restaurant How did she find the restaurant”

“Her family is in Hong Kong and I cant tell you all the details within a few words.

Dont worry, I wont allow her to disturb our life.

I only love you and Mengmeng,” Zhang Han said sincerely.

There was silence on the phone.

About 10 seconds later, Zi Yans whiny voice was heard.

“You have had girlfriends.

Now the first one has appeared, and I dont know if the second one will show up in the future.”

“Absolutely not!” Zhang Han said quickly, “Dont you know my thoughts I…”

“Hmph, I believe you for the moment.” Zi Yan snorted and said, “I dont care what you used to do, but in the future…”

“I love only you,” Zhang Han said in a deep voice.

“I remember a lot of words you said.

Although I am no longer beside you, Mengmeng will keep an eye on you.

I have to hang up the phone now and go to work.”

“Well, lets talk at night.”

Zhang Han answered.

After hanging up the phone, he found that there was a little sweat on his forehead, as if he had gone through a battle.

Certainly, the change of his mind was also due to his care of Zi Yan.

Because he cared about her, he tried his best to explain and did not want her to feel depressed.

Zhang Han shook his head, planning to go upstairs to accompany Mengmeng.

Since Wang Yihan was here, he needed to cook some meat dishes at night.

After thinking for a while, he decided to make roast duck, which was relatively convenient.

“Xu Yong, go up the mountain and take a few ducks back,” Zhang Han glanced at Xu Yong and said.

But Xu Yong did not give him a response.

When he looked closely, he found that he was listening to music with headphones.

Zhang Han guessed that he took the initiative to put on the headset when he saw him answering the phone.

Zhang Han, therefore, walked over and patted Xu Yong on his shoulder, telling him what he should do.


Xu Yong nodded and went out.

Zhang Han went to the second floor.

On the roadside not far from a waterfall in the suburbs, teacher Ma and some others were standing around the motor home.

“Its been 20 minutes, why hasnt she come out yet” Zhou Fei asked in confusion.

“It doesnt matter, we have a lot of time.

Dont worry.” Teacher Ma smiled.

“When I finished putting on Elder Sister Yans makeup, her phone rang,” the woman in charge of makeup said.

At that point, Zi Yan, in the motor home, just hung up the phone.

She was a little unhappy.

“No, he is too gentle.

I need to find someone who is fiercer to help him.”

Zi Yan was a little worried.

After thinking for a while, she was suddenly reminded of a person.

“Lily is qualified!”

So, she took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhang Lis number.

“Hello, Lili, your sister-in-law has one thing to bother you about.

I need you to go to the restaurant frequently in the next few days…”


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