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Returning out gaze back to Zhang Han—

On that day, carrying many martial arts resources, he jumped into the sea and swam to the place where the ship sank.

After all, he was just at the early stage of Qi Refining, and it was so tiring for him to carry so many items.

When he got to the stone house under the wreck, he was exhausted.


Putting those resources and the five elements furnace aside, Zhang Han sat with his legs crossed, and activated the Treasure-searching formulas to restore his spiritual force.

The spiritual force here was so rich that it took him merely half an hour to restore all his strength.

“Im still too weak in the early stage of Qi Refining.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Looking at the room, he picked up the cattail cushion and said softly, “There are many dangers in the way of cultivation.

You just went the wrong way.”

After that, Zhang Han sent the cattail cushion from the cave into the sea.

No matter what the level of the stone house owner was, he helped Zhang Han.

After putting the five elements furnace in the center of the stone house, Zhang Han took out a foundation.

“Spirit Controlling Formation, open!”

After the formation was placed and activated, Zhang Han felt that all the spiritual Qi in the stone house could be controlled by him.

“Its about to start…”

Zhang Han sighed.

He was worrying about Zi Yan and thinking about his parents at the same time.

So Zhang Han sat with his legs crossed, closed his eyes, and meditated.

“No desire, no demand, no desire, no demand.

Calm down and keep inner peace.

Thought Sealing Method!”


The spiritual Qi in his body and stone house stabbed Zhang Hans mind, which made him wake up immediately.

With the departure of all kinds of thoughts, he seemed to become a cold machine, with only the furnace in front of him and only the idea of making Foundation Elixir.

Therefore, Zhang Han began to make elixir.

There were 10 legendary luminous pearls in the stone house, like soft lights.

Zhang Han sat in front of the five elements furnace and controlled the spiritual force by controlling the Spirit Controlling Formation to stimulate a flint.

The fire moved at his will, and from time to time, he threw a variety of resources into the furnace.

The first one was Yuan Qing Fruit.

The hardness of Yuan Qing Fruit was comparable to that of diamonds, making it the most difficult thing to refine.

There was no concept of time here, and Zhang Han didnt know how long he had been in the stone room.

When the last material was put in, half an hour later, the last flint burst.

A big fire began surrounding the furnace and was soon absorbed by the ears representing Yin and Yang on the upper side of the furnace, and gradually gathered to the five pillars on the lower side.

The whole furnace burned for 10 minutes.


All of a sudden, there was a dull sound in the furnace, and then—


A white elixir flew out of the furnace.

Zhang Han grabbed it and almost dislocated his arm.


Zhang Han opened his hand and looked at it carefully.

Then he shook his head and sighed.

“Just a third-stage Foundation Elixir, for the quality of the material is still a little low.

I hope I can advance to the Building-base stage in one go.”

In addition to Yuan Qing Fruit, the quality of the other materials was not very high.

Therefore, Zhang Han gave up on his original plan of making the perfect Foundation Elixir.

Then Zhang Han swallowed the Foundation Elixir.

He closed eyes and began to activate the Treasure-searching formulas.

After taking the elixir, all of a sudden—

A stream of running water was heard coming from Zhang Hans body.

The energy contained in the Foundation Elixir was like a waterfall, washing Zhang Hans body and finally converging into his meridians.

In this way, Zhang Han activated the Treasure-searching formulas several times.

The spiritual force in his body had changed from invisible at the beginning to starlight and was gradually atomizing.

As time went by…


When Zhang Hans spiritual force was completely atomized, there was a thunderous sound in his Dantian.

The Dantian was open!

The atomized spiritual force swarmed in.

Gradually, his Dantian became the most important transfer station in the center.

Even if Zhang Han didnt deliberately run the Treasure-searching formulas, the formulas could run on their own at a slower speed, which meant that even when Zhang Han was sleeping, he would cultivate at a much slower speed.

At this time, the spiritual Qi in the stone house was much less than before, but was still rich.

Zhang Han needed it to advance to the Building-base stage.


All of a sudden, all the spiritual Qi in the stone house converged on Zhang Hans body and turned into a stream of energy.

With the spiritual force of energy in the meridians, the energy kept impacting Zhang Hans Dantian.

At this time, the Dantian of Zhang Han was called the most common three-inch Dantian of Building-base cultivators.

But the best Building-base cultivators had a six-inch Dantian.

A perfect Building-base Dantian should be nine inches.

Instead of representing the length of the Dantian, the nine inches refers to the spiritual force carrying capacity of the inner space of the Dantian, as well as the size of the elixir, which was the most important.

A perfect Building-base cultivator could get an eight-inch elixir and then a seven-inch Yuan Ying.

Though the best Yuan Ying should be nine inches, a seven-inch Yuan Ying was enough to bring the cultivator some supernatural powers.

So Zhang Hans task at this time was to get a six-inch Dantian.

The spiritual force and the massive spiritual Qi were constantly scouring Zhang Hans Dantian.

This made Zhang Han feel very painful, but he knew that after suffering, it would be sweet.

In this way, as Zhang Hans Dantian continued to upgrade, there was a dull roar from his body.

But when it came to the five-inch Dantian, only 30% of the spiritual Qi remained.

Zhang Hans eyelashes quivered slightly.

He gave up the control and let the spiritual force in his body guide the violent spiritual Qi all the way up into his mind.

At the same time, Zhang Han murmured.

“Seal the evil.

“Shock the soul.

“Link the nowhere!

“Soul sense sea, open!”


There was the dull boom of an explosion in Zhang Hans mind.

It was an ancient forbidden method—open the soul sense sea with three thoughts.

It was classified as a forbidden method because 99% of the cultivators were unable to control it, and thus suffered a lot from the side effects, such as soul damages or even soul missing.

In other words, vegetative or dementia.

Zhang Han had innumerable experience and could control the spiritual force with great precision, so he dared to use this method.

After the spiritual Qi entered his mind, Zhang Han suddenly felt a blank in his brain.

When he regained consciousness, he had successfully opened his soul sense sea.


The two or three wisps of light fog flying in his soul sense sea were all the soul sense that Zhang Han got.


As Zhang Han exhaled and opened his eyes, a green light flashed slightly across his eyes.

He stood up and there was a crackle of firecrackers within his body.

“The early stage of Building Base with a five-inch Dantian… What a pity I havent advanced to the best Building-base stage.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The spiritual Qi here could have helped him advance to the middle stage of Building Base, and most of the cultivators would make such a choice.

But Zhang Han chose the other way as advancing to the best stage of Building Base.

“Its time to refine my weapons,” Zhang Han said to himself, slightly flapping his hands, letting the spiritual force break out of his body.

Suddenly, the Fire Cloud Stone on the table flew over and fell into the five elements furnace.

Zhang Hans palm moved again, and the 18 black cards fell into the furnace.


There were still nearly a hundred pieces of jade left.

Zhang Han waved his hand gently and turned them into a Spirit Breaking Formation in three seconds.

All the jade was broken one by one and turned into energy.

With Zhang Hans spiritual force, they condensed into a fire of energy and began to refine the Fire Cloud Stone.

About five hours later, the Fire Cloud Stone was refined into gas, and constantly integrated into the cards.


Suddenly, Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

His soul sense came out of his body as he began to refine the cards with his psychokinesis.

10 seconds later, the fire of energy dissipated.

Instead of using his spiritual force, Zhang Han just controlled the 18 cards with his spiritual sense mind trick and let them fly out one by one and fall into his hands.

Zhang Han had refined the cards with his soul sense and made them his own weapon.

Therefore, under the control of Zhang Hans spiritual force, these cards were now much stronger in attack.

“Its time to go.”

Zhang Han thought for a while, then decided to leave the stone house with the five elements furnace.

He would be gone for a few days, and the five elements furnace might be lost if he left it here.

It would be safer to put it on Mount New Moon.

So Zhang Han left the wreck and floated to the sea surface.

At this time, the sun had just risen and it was about eight oclock.

Then, Zhang Han sank down into the sea and swam back to Mount New Moon at a high speed.

It had taken him more than three hours to get there, but only half that time to get back.

Back on the mountain, he put the five elements furnace under the Thunder Yang Tree.

Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and turned it on.


When the phone was turned on, it showed that it was 10 oclock.

Zhang Han had spent more than two days in the stone house.

Zhang Han pondered and dialed Zi Yans number.

At this time, the cell phone kept ringing with the low power alert.


The phone was connected, but when Zhang Han was about to speak…


The phone automatically shut down because the battery was low.

Zhang Han sighed and walked directly from the forest to the international airport.

He went straight, even faster than driving, and got to the airport in half an hour.

He bought a ticket for an 11:30 flight.

Then he sat in the waiting room and looked out of the window.

Just as the last few check-in reminders rang, Zhang Han stood up, but suddenly stopped.

At the entrance of the airport, there was a group of familiar cars.

A figure ran out of the first car and stumbled a few steps.

Then she took off her high-heeled shoes and ran in quickly.

Zhang Han was stunned.

He gave up on checking-in and walked to the door of the waiting room.

When he was about to get to the door, he heard over the intercom: “The check-in time for Xihang is over.”

He walked out of the entrance of the airport and was moved by the scene in front of him.

That woman belonged to him.

She was looking at the plane that was about to take off with a pale face.

When she was about to cry, a soft voice came from the entrance.



As she turned around and saw Zhang Han, her eyes widened and tears came down.

Then she rushed to Zhang Han.

She rushed into Zhang Hans arms and cried.

They hugged each other tightly.

At this moment, Zhang Han felt peaceful.

This morning, when Zhao Feng finished a series of calls, at about nine oclock, Mr.

Sheng arrived.

He took his notebook and connected it to Zi Yans cell phone.

After half an hour of crackling on the keyboard, Mr.

Sheng gave them some exciting news.

“Lets go to the Peach Blossom Hotel!” Zhang Li said hurriedly.


Sheng, please do me another favor,” Zhao Feng said with a wry smile.

“OK, I enjoyed the delicious food the other day, so Id like to help.” Mr.

Sheng smiled and nodded.

“Thank you, thank you.” Zhao Feng thanked him repeatedly.

Finally, they went out together to the Peach Blossom Hotel.

It was 10:00 a.m.

when they arrived.

There were more than 20 people in the top floor party hall, including Hong Qitao, Tang Jiayi, Hong Li, Nini, Chu Hui, and some other friends of Liang Hao, two board members of the Royal Entertainment Company, Wu Chengdong and Meiqi on crutches, and some others whose names were not known to Zhao Feng.

The scene in front of them made them feel depressed.

About 11 oclock, Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi came in.

He was dressed in a suit, greeted several people, and said with a smile, “Zi Yan will come right away.

Please wait a moment.”

When passing by Zhang Li, Liang Hao smiled and was about to say something.

Zhang Li said indifferently, “Shame on you!

“Dont talk to me!”


Liang Hao was stunned, while others who heard Zhang Lis words were all puzzled, especially Chu Hui, who said with a smile, “Thats strange.

Has Liang Hao has offended her”

Standing beside him, Liang Mengqi looked at Zhang Li and whispered, “You will understand later.”

Liang Haos mouth trembled slightly.

Actually, Liang Hao was amused by Zhang Lis impoliteness.


Liang Hao wanted to say something, but gave up in the end.


Sheng in the back looked at him and Zhang Li strangely.

Zhang Li glared at Liang Hao, then turned away from him.

Liang Hao didnt say anything at last.

He gave a wry smile and went inside.

There was a small stage on the innermost side.

Liang Hao stepped onto the stage and looked at the door on the right when Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came in.

Zi Yan stepped onto the stage in a simple white dress and sunglasses.

Liang Hao nodded to her with a smile.

Zhang Li was going mad!

But the next moment, Liang Haos words made Zhang Li stupefied.

“Hello, Im Liang Hao.

The purpose of this banquet is…” Liang Hao looked at Zhang Li and said, “Zi Yan is leaving Hong Kong for Singapore, and she wanted to get together with you before she leaves…”

These words shocked Zhao Feng and others.

It was a party, not an engagement!

They were tricked!

But it also gave them complete relief.

Zhang Lis eyes were no longer so fierce, and she just stared at Liang Hao again.

“Who came up with this bad idea of fooling and troubling us!

“If I catch him, I will definitely punish him and not let him eat the membership meal!”

Liang Mengqi suddenly shivered.

If she knew Zhang Lis thoughts, she would regret that she had come up with this plan.

Wasnt it because shed seen too many soap operas Was the punishment too severe In fact, after going back to discuss it with Liang Hao last night, her plan was rejected.

After Liang Hao said something, Tang Jiayi asked, “Yan, why are you leaving Wont you stay in Hong Kong for another period of time”

“Aunt Tang, I…”

“You cant go!”

A voice interrupted her.

Zhang Li hurried in.

“Who said my sister-in-law was leaving My sister-in-law wont leave! Come with me, sister-in-law.”

Zhang Li took Zi Yan by the arm to the back of the crowd.

At this time, everyone looked at them curiously.

They didnt know what happened, but they knew there was a private talk.

Because they were all standing at the back, many of them began chatting with each other, while the others kept staring at the two women with curiosity.

“This is Mr.

Sheng, the chairman of An Yu Technology.

He is also the most famous hacker.


Sheng has something to say to you.

Well, just tell her the truth.” Zhao Feng looked at Mr.

Sheng and reminded him.


Sheng looked at Zhao Feng in surprise, for he was not used to be introduced as a hacker.

“How did you know my identity”

“That… My instructor told me.

Im a little worried.

Please forgive me, Mr.

Sheng,” Zhao Feng said apologetically.

“Oh.” Mr.

Sheng nodded, looked at Zi Yan, took her cell phone, handed it over and said, “Hello, Miss Zi Yan.”

Zi Yan was at a loss.

Seeing Mr.

Sheng holding her mobile phone, she looked at Zhou Fei.

But she soon thought of Mr.

Shengs identity, and her heart leaped slightly as there was a hope that rose in despair.

“Hello, Mr.

Sheng,” Zi Yan said hello and looked at him eagerly.

“I checked your phone and recovered the deleted files.

After my inspection, the photos are genuine, but… There are five photos taken more than five years ago, four photos taken a year ago, and only two photos taken at the door a few days ago.

As for the video, the sound is synthetic, and there is not only one man in these photos.

I think you understand what I mean.

The specific information has been sent to your email.

If you are interested, you can download it and have a look at the details,” Mr.

Sheng said.

“Really, really” It could be seen through the sunglasses that Zi Yans eyes slowly widened.

Her heart beat faster and harder.

“I dont think its necessary for me to deceive you.

OK, its settled.

Im going to go on my vacation.

Everyone, goodbye.” With that, Mr.

Sheng left without any hesitation.

At this time, the crowd turned their gaze to Zi Yan.

“I… What should I do…” Zi Yans voice was choked up and trembling.

Her mind was in a mess.

But the next moment…

“Zi Yan!”

A sad voice suddenly came from the door.

A woman in a mask and sunglasses came in.

“Who is she”

Zhao Feng thought of something, and his attitude became unfriendly.

Zi Yan also realized who was coming.

She bit the tip of her tongue and forced herself to calm down.

Soon after, the woman came near and stared at Zi Yan silently.

“Who are you” Zhang Li asked.

“Im Qiao Luoluo.”

Qiao Luoluo smiled and shook her head, slowly took off her sunglasses and mask, and then raised her head.

At this time, her face was black and blue, even her left eye was swollen.

Apparently, she had been beaten violently.

Knowing that she was Qiao Luoluo, Zi Yan paused her breathing and looked serious.

“You win.”

Suddenly, Qiao Luoluo opened her mouth, smiled miserably, shook her head, and said, “But it is your husbands identity that defeated me.

“I underestimated him! I didnt expect that he would grow up to be the one I would need to look up to, and the one that my Qiao family would be afraid of.

“You are his weakness.

I want to get revenge on him, but I couldnt find a way to break through to him before I thought of you.

“You are so important to him.

My direction was right, but its a pity that I chose the wrong person.

“In order to deal with you, Ive found three psychologists.

Ive seen all the films and TV works youve ever made.

Ive seen all the information about you that can be found on the Internet.

Ive studied your psychology.

According to the method you used, the photo information has been modified by two post-production masters.

You must have selected the second, fourth, and 11th photos, only three photos, right

“Fake, its all fake, I lost, I lost everything, Im not even part of the Qiao lineage.

I cant come back to Hong Kong for many years, but I have to come and apologize to you!

“Maybe you know the rules of the entertainment circle, but you cant beat me in the business war!

“But I just lost.

Im not willing.” Qiao Luoluo put her sunglasses and mask back on.

“Now what do you want to say”

When Qiao Luoluo was about to leave, Zi Yan said without emotion, “You are wrong! Evil will be rewarded with evil.

Your evil intention, schemes, and intrigues are definitely not the reason for your success.

Now, please leave.”

Zhao Feng took a step forward and looked at Qiao Luoluo.


Qiao Luoluo turned, looked down, and left.

After she left, Zi Yans body swayed and she felt a little lack of oxygen.

Zhou Fei hurriedly helped Zi Yan and asked anxiously, “Are you OK, sister Yan”

Zi Yans shoulders trembled, and her choking was heartbreaking.

“What should I do

“Where is he

“Why hasnt he come to me Where is he

“What can I do He must be very upset.

Its all my fault.

Its all my fault…”

Looking at Zi Yan, who was out of control, Zhang Li was a little worried and said, “Dont worry, sister-in-law.

Its OK.

My brother called in the morning.”

“Huh” Zi Yan looked up, grabbed Zhang Lis arm, and asked, “Where is he Im going to find him.

Im going now.”

“This…” Zhang Li was at a loss over what to do.

Not knowing what to do, she asked the silent Zhao Feng for help.

“Cant you talk?Dont be like wood!”

The argument here made a lot of people in the hall look over… It seemed that something had happened.

Liang Hao gave them a wry smile and stepped over.

But at this time, a man rushed in.

It was Instructor Liu.

“Theres news from the boss, theres news! When I got downstairs, I got a call from my man.

The boss just bought a flight to Xihang, and it will leave at 11:30,” said Instructor Liu.


Zi Yan began shivering.

“He left me.

“He is going to leave Hong Kong.

“I must have broken his heart!

“No, I cant let him go, I cant live without him!”

“Its 11 oclock now.

Its not too late,” Zhao Feng looked at his watch and said.

“Lets, lets go,” Ziyan said in a trembling voice.

While Liang Hao walked five meters away, raised his hand, and was about to say something, he saw a group of people running out of the room.


He slowly turned his head and let out an embarrassed smile, saying, “Well, in fact, I just wanted you to get together.”

“I understand,” Hong Qitao said with a smile.

Tang Jiayi was experienced and seemed to understand something.

This was a couple who was in conflict.

And the wife was so angry that she wanted to leave Hong Kong.


All the unhappiness would be forgotten.

The others also smiled and shook their heads without saying much about it.

They decided to take the opportunity to have a party here.

Zi Yan was in a hurry.

While Zhao Feng was driving, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei sat in the back with Zi Yan.

Instructor Liu, Ah Hu downstairs, Leng Yue, and others drove their Mercedes to the international airport.

Instructor Liu made a few phone calls, so all they encountered along the way were green lights.

They arrived at the airport at 11:15.

At this time, everyone was relieved because Instructor Liu had informed the airport staff to stop Zhang Han when they saw him.

However, Zi Yan had no idea of time now.

Her heart ached.

She was worrying about Zhang Han.

She knew Zhang Han had to be sad.

She was blaming herself.

All the moments she had shared with Zhang Han were flashing through her mind.

Hand in hand skating on the square…

Going shopping, taking a cruise, climbing Mount New Moon, surfing, racing car, and going to bars…

In a short period of time, they had made many sweet memories.

She also thought of the corner of Royal Entertainment Company, where he gently extended his hand to her.

He had to be very sad, but he comforted her tenderly and did not blame her.

“Its all my fault, its all my fault…”

After arriving at the airport, Zi Yan got out of the car in a hurry.

After a few steps, she failed to control her high heels and sprained her foot.

Her feet hurt a little, but she didnt care.

Instead, she kicked her shoes off.

She ran barefoot to the airport.

“Dont leave me!

“You cant leave!”

Zi Yan was shouting in silence.

When she ran to the front of the waiting room, what she heard was a warning of the end of the check-in period.

She had forgotten that the end of the check-in period didnt mean that the plane had already taken off.

Just then, a plane took off.

Zi Yan looked up and was at a loss.

Her mind went blank and her heart was twitching violently.

At this time, a soft voice with affection came into her ear from the side.



“Its him!”

Zi Yan turned her head slowly and her eyes widened.

He was smiling gently.

His eyes were full of tenderness.

Zi Yan could no longer control her emotions.

She rushed to Zhang Han and threw herself into his arms.

She began crying like a wronged child.

She was crying loudly.

“You cant go!

“You cant leave me.

“I was wrong…”

Zi Yan said a few words vaguely, and then she devoted herself to… the crying of embracing happiness.

This scene shocked the surrounding passengers.

They looked at the two embracing each other without knowing why.

“Whats the matter”

There were even a lot of people passing by who thought it was a handsome man and a beautiful womans love problems, and they wanted to wait and see.


“Step back!”

Nearly 20 men in black suits surrounded the venue from afar.

“Dont look, dont take photos!”

Under the threat of these people, most of the onlookers turned their heads and felt themselves very impolite.

“Alas, alas, alas,” Zhou Fei said with a sigh three times.

“Its over.”

“Yes, its over.

Ive been worried these days.” Zhang Li also sighed, and then asked, “By the way, who came up with the idea of the engagement Huh We didnt sleep last night! Was it you”

“How could it be me It was Liang Mengqi.”

“Her Did she watch too many soap operas Im so angry that I wont let her eat in the future!” said Zhang Li.

“Ah, she has seen many soap operas, but she is also kind.

She has been comforting sister Yan these days.

Later, she thought this plan was not appropriate.

So she just told you that they were getting engaged, while the others all knew it was a party,” Zhou Fei shook her head and said.

“Hmph! Stupid girl!” Zhang Li snorted.

“But it was really dangerous.

Sister Yan was indeed planning to go back to Singapore,” said Zhou Fei with lingering fear.

“She couldnt go back before, but now she can, just take my brother with her.

Its time for my brother to propose marriage.

Since Mengmeng was born many years ago, they have to hurry to get married,” Zhang Li said like an adult.

“Brother Zhang Han and Sister Zi Yan will be happy for good.” Luo Qing smiled shyly.

While looking at the two people in front of her admiringly, she said to herself, “This picture is like a romantic movie.

I envy them so much that I want to cry like this.”

“Lili, Im hungry.

I havent eaten a meal made by my brother-in-law in several days.

Ive lost five kilos these days.

Can you believe it” Zhou Fei said with some pain.

“What does it have to do with me whether you are thin or not” Zhang Li rolled her eyes.

“Lili, you will have no friends!”

“Im kidding.

All right.

Theyve made up, and well have a delicious meal soon.

Im hungry, too.”

“In fact, I, I am also hungry,” Luo Qing whispered.

“You shouldnt have reminded me.

Now Im hungry, too.” Zhao Feng smiled.

“It seems that hunger is infectious.

Im hungry, too.” Instructor Liu sighed.


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