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Lei Tiannan firmly chose to protect Zhang Han this time.

As for Lei Tiannan, He Qingtian planned to compete against him.

It just so happened that he had comprehended a killing move during the period when he had meditated in seclusion, so he wanted to make Lei Tiannan try it out.

Zhang Han, however, as the center of all these controversies, was enjoying a wonderful life and doing wild things at that moment.

He looked at Zi Yan beneath him, who was both tender and charming, and wanted to cherish this feeling alone.

On the other side, in the Peach Blossom Hotel—

This banquet, as a farewell dinner, had been agreed by Zi Yan, but now, it obviously turned into a joke.

Because the people present were all familiar with each other, they naturally were not annoyed, but treated it as an opportunity to gather together.

When Liang Mengqi was about to have dinner, she received a call from Zhao Feng, who asked her if she would like to eat a whole roast lamb with him.

As a foodie who had not had access to the dishes of the restaurant for several days, she certainly would not decline his invitation.

“Brother, theres something delicious.

A whole roast lamb.

They are cooking it in Mengmeng Security.

Shall we go there to eat later” Liang Mengqi ran up to Liang Hao and said.

“Okay, lets go there after this banquet ends.” Liang Hao nodded.

In the hall, the first to leave was were the two people who got along well with Hong Qitao in the Royal Entertainment Company.

Then Tang Jiayi and her companions also left in succession.

After finishing greeting, Liang Hao went to the corner and sat in front of Chu Hui.

The two of them picked up their glasses and clinked them together.

Then, Liang Hao said with a smile, “Zi Yan has gone to see the boss, and she seems to be staying here.

After they reconcile with each other, you can come to the bosss restaurant to taste the dishes there as well.

He is really good at cooking.”

“Okay, I will be free in a few days, and at that time, Ill accompany you.

Why didnt you tell me that Zi Yan is your friend Do you remember the Master Zhang that I mentioned before Hes Zi Yans husband with formidable power!” Chu Hui said before drinking the wine in the glass that was held in his hand.



A large mouthful of tea sprayed on Chu Huis face, even the glass in his hand was seemingly caught in the rain.

“ ” Chu Hui stared at Liang Hao, dumbfounded.

“What are you doing Couldnt you have sprayed it on the ground”

Even Liang Mengqi, next to Liang Hao, was totally startled.

She looked at Chu Hui and glanced at Liang Hao several times, then curled her lips.

“You washed his face!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Liang Hao rushed to take some tissues and handed them to Chu Hui, then apologized.

“This news came as such a shock.”

“I need to wash my face.” Chu Hui was a little embarrassed, so he got up and went to the bathroom.

Liang Hao shook his head and sighed.

“It turns out to be him who can seckill the Heaven-stage Masters.”

He still remembered that he put on a cool face in face of Zhang Han and told him not to live at ease.

As a result, Zhang Han unexpectedly was Master Zhang.

Liang Hao felt completely embarrassed at the thought of it.

Soon after, Chu Hui came back and talked with him for a while.

After almost all the people left, they also left.

Liang Hao drove his Escalade to New Moon Bay.

When he arrived at the company, he saw that the whole roast lamb was almost ready to be cooked in an open space on the right side of the square.

There were about 40 people in total sitting in the temporary chairs at the tables on the left side of the whole roast lamb.

As for Mengmeng, she was sitting in the middle where the crowd was the thickest.

The little gal was mad with joy as she learned that PaPa and MaMa were negotiating to live back at the restaurant, besides that, the people surrounding her were playing with her.

“Here you are.” Catching sight of Liang Mengqi, Zhao Fei stood up to meet her.

He brought Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao, then asked them to sit down.

Zhang Li gave an angry stare to Liang Mengqi and scolded her.

“Liang Mengqi, youre soawesome, Liang Mengqi.

You actually imitated what is shown on soap operas.

Did you know that we couldnt sleep for several days”

Upon hearing what she said, Liang Mengqis face crinkled and she asked for mercy.

“Ouch, I was anxious when finding that Sister Zi Yan was really aggrieved, so that I gave her some advice.”

“Thats right.

We discussed it with each other before we decided…” Liang Hao explained.

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Li rolled her eyes at him and said, “Dont talk to me.

I will be annoyed on seeing you.”

“Well, Aunty Lili feels annoyed the moment she sees you!” Mengmeng added as her eyes widened, “Aunty Lili is only tired of you, not others.”

“Huh…” Liang Hao put on a frustrated look.

“Haha.” Zhang Li burst out laughing.

In fact, she was not really angry with Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao, even if she stayed up the whole night.

But all her emotions floated in the wind since her brother and sister-in-law were reconciled.

“Wont you do something to compensate us” Zhang Li said while staring at the two of them.

“Well, what do you want us to do” Liang Hao asked with a smile.

“Just have a glass of wine,” Zhang Li said casually.

“Haha, Im just thirsty.” Liang Mengqi laughed and picked up a glass of wine that was filled by Zhao Feng just now and drank it up.

Liang Hao not only had a glass of wine, but also cried, “Ah.”

“Its enough for your sister to take just one glass, for she is a girl.

But you are a man, so I look down upon you,” Zhang Li twisted her mouth and said.

“Give me three more glasses!” Liang Hao said with a smile.

Judging by the alcohol content of this wine, he knew that he could drink at least 10 bottles, therefore, these glasses of wine did not matter to him.

After finishing drinking three more glasses of wine, Liang Hao asked, “Hows it going Are they reconciled”

“Of course, the two of them have gone to do romantic things.” Zhang Li laughed heartily.

“Poof… Thats great.” Liang Hao nodded, feeling relieved.

“No, no, PaPa and MaMa….

well, were going to discuss whether MaMa would come back to live.” Mengmeng corrected her.

“Oh, thats right.

They intended to discuss it.

Mengmeng can play in the restaurant again tonight,” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

While they were chatting, the whole roast lamb was done, which had been cut into large pieces by the chef and sent to each table.

There was no denying that they enjoyed this lunch most in recent days.

Back at the romantic room of the hotel—

Nothing strange happened this time.

Zhang Han was not surprised.

“If that magic energy appears frequently when I have sex with Zi Yan, Im likely to acquire incredible strength within a month.”

Of course, this was just his imagination.

Since Zhang Han was well prepared mentally, he felt more comfortable.

That was because the energy had affected his feeling more or less just now.

This time, both of them were intoxicated in the entanglement and sublimation of their souls, as well as their bodies.

After a long time, a soft voice and a deep voice were heard at the same time.

The sound battle was over.

Lying in Zhang Hans arms, Zi Yan felt really happy.

After whispering to Zhang Han for a while, Zi Yan took the phone and glanced at it.

“Ouch! Its already four oclock!” Zi Yan quickly blinked her big beautiful eyes and said, “We have to go back now or Mengmeng will wait for us in suspense.”

“Well, lets go back now.

Ill cook you dinner.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“I should dress up simply.” Zi Yans head moved closer to Zhang Han, and she gently kissed him, then got up and walked straight to the dresser.

She started to comb her hair, naked.

Zhang Han did not move, but lay on the bed lazily with his hands under his head, staring at Zi Yan with a smile.

Seeing his posture, Zi Yan gave him a glad eye in the mirror.

She put her hair up and coiled it at the back of her head, then said in doubt, “Husband, my eyes have recovered.

They are neither red nor puffy.”

“It should be attributed to the mysterious energy in your body when we had sex the first time, therefore, you are in good health now.

Thanks to you, my little red riding hood, Ive made a great breakthrough this time.

Uh, it can be regarded as a miracle,” Zhang Han said while chuckling.

“Haha, have I brought good fortune to you” Zi Yan said with a chuckle.

As was known to all, even the chilliest woman would be conquered by a stronger man.

He, however, never heard of a chill goddess remaining indifferent when she was having sex with a man.

Moreover, women would become the clingiest when they had sex for the first time, during which they would certainly share the most ambiguous relationships with men.

At that point, Zi Yans sweet girlish feelings were completely inspired by Zhang Han.

After hearing what she said, Zhang Han burst into laughter and said, “You did bring me great fortune, haha, come on.”

Seeing that Zi Yan had finished doing her hair, Zhang Han waved his hand to her.

Suddenly, Zi Yan felt an invisible force holding her up, then she slowly floated over to Zhang Han and pressed herself against Zhang Hans chest.

“You are so overbearing that you never give others an opportunity to refuse.” Zi Yan put her head near Zhang Han and exhaled gently.

Her graceful and soft posture, as well as her charming manners and tone, obviously lured him.

Zhang Han could not help turning over.

However, because time was limited, they did not have sex for a third time, but just showed affection to each other.


Ok, its almost half past four.

Mengmeng will be anxious in a little while.”

Zi Yan slightly blushed and said in a seductive tone, “Well, Ill let you go first.” Zhang Han grinned, then got up and began to put on clothes.

His clothes were easy to put on, so he got dressed really quickly.

At that moment, Zi Yan said, “Button up my clothes.

The outermost row.”

“Here I am.” Zhang Han exclaimed while buttoning, “You are indeed in good shape.

Generally, a womans chest is smaller than yours if they are as thin as you.”

“Hmph, of course,” Zi Yan said arrogantly.

As Zi Yan dressed herself up and put on shoes, she approached 1.8 meters in height, therefore, she was only about five centimeters shorter than Zhang Han.

Zi Yan seemed to have changed her style because she put her hair up.

She looked like a gorgeous goddess with her hair down, while she looked like a noble lady with her hair up.

Wearing sunglasses, Zi Yan walked out with Zhang Han, holding his arm.

They attracted a lot of peoples attention along the way.

After checking out, they got into the Mercedes, heading for New Moon Bay.

Since Zi Yan felt really sweet, she hummed a song on the way in the passenger seat.

“I embraced love, when I woke up from my dreams.

You waited persistently, and never left…”

As for Zhang Han, he listened to the melodious song while driving the car, grinning heartily.

When he was driving, Zhao Feng called him and asked if he had needed to prepare some ingredients in advance.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han asked him for a variety of ingredients.

About half an hour after hanging up the phone, he drove Zi Yan back to the restaurant.

At that point, more than 20 people were already lined up in front of the entrance.

The restaurant was already full, and even Mr.

Sheng, in a high position, was also sitting quietly aside.

After a few days torment, they eventually could have access to the dishes of the restaurant again.

When the people in the queue saw Zi Yan and Zhang Han coming back with their arms entwined, they could not help but say, “Welcome, boss.

Welcome, bosss wife.”

“Wow, youve finally come back, madame.

We are so full of desire to eat the food here.”


What they said made Zi Yan grin.

Zhang Han wrapped his arm around Zi Yans waist with a smile.

It was acknowledged that people were in high spirits when involved in happy events, and now Zhang Han was in that state.

He was in a good mood, therefore… he cooked more dishes for dinner.

The noodle soup was changed to beef noodle, and a lot of ordinary diners tasted a special dish.

Ordinary diners were really excited to have the meal for members, so they all took pictures and shared them on WeChat Moments.

Their photos evoked other normal diners envy, and they growled that they had missed a great opportunity!

Mengmeng was the happiest one among the people present.

Even when she was having dinner, she lay in Zhang Hans arms all the time, feeling extremely delighted.

After dinner, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Luo Qing, Zhang Han, and his family were on the second floor.

They played with Mengmeng for a moment.

At nine oclock when the restaurant became quiet, they walked downstairs and had some cold drinks, chatting with each other while drinking.

“Oh, Im a little sleepy.

Brother, sister-in-law, I will return to my apartment with Luo Qing now and have a good sleep,” Zhang Li yawned and said.

“If you are tired, you can go to the company to rest.

Some suites upstairs were accessible a few days before.” Zhao Feng, who was sitting aside, reminded her.

“Fine.” Zhang Li nodded.

In fact, she had checked the suites there in the afternoon.

She thought they were quite good since they were decorated like luxury suites in hotels.

“Okay, master, can I go there with them” Zhao Feng asked.

“Wait.” Zi Yan suddenly interrupted, then asked Zhang Han while looking at him, “Arent we going to Xihang today Shouldnt we book the tickets tonight and go there tomorrow morning”

“Just book them tonight.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Xiaofeng, help us to book the flight tickets to Xihang at around 8 oclock tomorrow morning.”

“Brother, sister-in-law, are you going to Xihang What are you going to do” Zhang Li asked with curiosity.

“Yes, the news about my parents has reached me, so I have to figure out the details,” Zhang Han glanced at Zhang Li and replied.

“What” Zhang Lis eyes widened, and she was overwhelmed by great excitement.

Then she ran to Zhang Han hurriedly and asked, “Really Did you truly get the news”

“Someone knows the details, but I may not be able to meet him.

I wont know the concrete conditions until I get there,” Zhang Han slowly answered.

When Zhang Han had left the headquarters of the National Security Agency, Lei Tiannan had gotten the news, saying that Yue Wuwei had left his sect half a month ago in order to visit his old friends in Xihang.

Therefore, he probably could not meet with him this time, but Lei Tiannan still recommended Zhang Han to go over as Yue Wuwei would contact his sect once in a while.

Now, he was hopeful to get the news since he knew who he could ask and had a target, no longer at a loss.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Zhang Li looked at Zhao Feng and said, “I want to go with them.”

“So do I.

I will feel bored if I stay in Hong Kong alone.” Zhou Fei raised her hand.

Zhao Feng thought for a moment then said, “I need to make some arrangements and bring some people to protect you.”

At that time, a childish voice was heard from Zhang Hans arms.

“How, what about me I cant stay here alone if you all leave!”

“Haha…” Zi Yan grinned and said, “Of course we will take you.”

“Are we going to go sightseeing” Mengmeng asked, blinking her eyes.

“We can take you to go sightseeing after the business is over,” Zi Yan responded.

“Great, great, I can go out and play with PaPa and MaMa.” Mengmeng felt really delighted again.

Now that she could stay in the restaurant today, she could listen to the story told by PaPa, enjoy various delicious food, and go to other places to enjoy herself.

How happy she was.

“Brother, aunt returned to Xihang a few days ago.

She called to tell me that she had to be committed to dealing with some troublesome things in Xihang and would come to Hong Kong to visit us with uncle after finishing her work.” Zhang Li said, “Shall I contact her”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

He also thought of the aunt.

His mother, Rong Jiali, who was born in the Rong Clan in Lin Hai, had three brothers and a sister, and shared the most intimate relationship with that aunt.

Compared with her, his mother did not get on well with her three brothers.

He learned that his grandpa had not agreed with his parents marriage at the beginning, but at the insistence of his mother, grandpa had hosted the wedding for them.

When he was about five years old, his grandpa died.

The second time when he had returned to the Rong Clan, he had felt that his mother was on bad terms with the whole clan, especially after the grandfathers death.

Zhang Han did not know much about such complicated things, but only remembered that his aunt, Rong Jiaxin, was a very mysterious woman, who seemed to have learned martial arts and had been protecting his mother for several years.

She had finally married to a man in Xihang, and Zhang Han had lost track of her for six years.

Although she returned now, Zhang Han did not know how many details she knew about what had happened with his mother, therefore, it was necessary to visit her this time.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Li ran to the second floor to make a phone call.

As for Zhao Feng, he was wondering how many people he should take along with them.

Eventually, he made up his mind to go there with a few of his men.

He asked Xu Yong to stay in Hong Kong, earning points by doing tasks with Instructor Liu, while he would take seven men and two women, including Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and Leng Yue, a total of 10 people if counting himself in, to help the master.

Zhang Han never worried about the manpower arrangement, and Zhao Feng made decisions according to the specific situations.

After these days training, he also acted like a mighty general.

Of course, the reason why he became so confident was that his mainstay was here.

After making the decision, Zhao Feng had to call to book the tickets.

However, before he could make the phone call, the telephone rang.

“Hello, Instructor Liu…”

Zhao Feng went to the small dining table aside.

One minute after the line was connected, Zhao Fengs face greatly changed and the phone fell to the ground.

Then he hurriedly picked it up and asked in a horrified tone, “Really Okay, I got it.

I will tell my master.”

He hung up the phone and took a few breaths as his eyes closed, then walks to the sofa.

After seeing Zhao Fengs abnormal behavior, the people present all looked over.

Zhao Fengs face was a little pale, as if he had been startled.

He looked at Zhang Han and said in a trembling voice, “Master, what if we leave tonight”

“What happened” Zhang Han asked.

“Erm…” Zhao Feng glanced at Zi Yan and the other two people vacillatingly.

“Just get to the point.

What happened Do you want to hide something from me” Zi Yan said, compressing her mouth.

“Thats right.

Why are you so hesitant” Zhou Fei said in doubt.

“Master…” Zhao Feng hesitated again, but he finally bit the bullet and said, “Theres something wrong.

He Yunfeis adoptive father, He Qingtian, has come back.

As a Wu Dao Grand Master, he, with incredible strength, occupies the 17th position on the list of the martial arts world in Hong Kong.

He claimed that he would kill master.

If master refuses to see him, he will kill all the family of master.

Director Lei Tiannan insisted on protecting master, so the two of them promised to fight each other at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

If He Qingtian wins, well be in jeopardy!”

“What do you mean” Zhou Feis face turned pale after hearing what he said.

Although she was not aware of the martial arts world and the list, the man seemed to be a very troublesome enemy.

Luo Qing was somewhat in confusion, and only knew that they got into trouble.

Not to mention Mengmeng—she was playing with her toys in Zhang Hans arms, feeling very delighted.

Zi Yan was also shocked.

She looked at Zhang Han and said in a worried tone, “Do we need to leave tonight”

“No,” Zhang Han held Zi Yans hand, then smiled and said, “Did you forget what I said to you”

“I havent.” Zi Yan was lost in thought.

“Since my husband is an immortal, he can defeat that man.”

After thinking for a moment, Zi Yan asked again, “He, however, occupies the 17th position on the list.

Is he really formidable Didnt you tell me that you have just entered the martial arts world”

“Master, masters wife, it is a regional list in the martial arts world, which ranks martial artists according to their overwhelming force.

Except for those otherworldly masters, he ranks 17th among the mighty masters of the martial arts world in Hong Kong,” Zhao Feng explained in detail.

“Dont worry.”

Zhang Han glanced at Zhao Feng and chuckled, then said, “He Qingtian cannot freak me out.

“For me, he is still too young.”

After saying that, he held Zi Yans slender hand and said with a chuckle, “Ill show you your husbands real strength tomorrow.”

“Do you think you will win” Zi Yan did not know much about martial arts, so she asked in this way.


Zhang Han answered directly, then glanced at Zhao Feng, who was totally stunned, and said, “Lets go to Strange Peak Island tomorrow morning.”


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