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Chapter 4 – exercise gall

Zhang Han quickly began to coax the little princess.

At the same time, he couldnt help but sigh in his heart,

“People said that women are made of water.

But children are the ones that are made of water.

Especially little girls.”

Zhang Han who was experiencing the life of a father for the first time was currently sweating.

Coaxing a child was truly a skill that needed to be trained.

“Little darling.” After coaxing finish, Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “Daddy ask you a question.

What race are you”

“I am……Chinese.” The little princess replied in a cute voice.

“Thats not correct though” Zhang Han said, “You see, you are called Emily, so arent you a North American”

“No.” The little princess was not satisfied by what Zhang Han said as she pouted her mouth and protested, “I am……Chinese.

My hair is…black! My eyes are…black! They are all black! Black! I am a Chinese!”

“If you are a Chinese, then you cant be called Emily anymore though Emily is a foreign name.

So if you are called Emily, arent you a foreign” Zhang Han coerced the little princess step by step.

How would a child understand that much stuff Upon hearing that, the little princess immediately protested,

“I……am not a foreign! Emily is foreign, I dont want Emily anymore!”

“Heh, heh, heh……” Zhang Han smiled just like a wretched old uncle and said, “What are you called then”

“Eh” The little princess immediately went into a daze, not knowing how to answer.

“You are called Zhang Yumeng, your pet name is Meng Meng.”

“I.” The little princess pointed to herself and said, “Zhang…Yu…meng…Meng Meng, Meng Meng.”

“Correct!” Zhang Han grinned and started laughing heartily as the little princess kept on repeating the wordsMeng Meng, Meng Meng.

After succeeding making the little girl accept her new name, Zhang Han felt like he had just defeated a war.

“Daddys clothes are too dirty, let Daddy go change first.”

Zhang Han placed the little princess on the shabby sofa and walked to the front of the cloth wardrobe.

After pulling open the zip of the cloth wardrobe, the scene that was within made the muscle of Zhang Hans face twitched endlessly.

Within the decent size wardrobe, there were but only four or five set of clothes, and moreover, they were all dirty and old.

Immediately after, Zhang Hans gaze swept through the entire shabby and messy room.

At the end, his gaze reached to a mirror.

Seeing just how incomparably sloppy he was through the mirror, he couldnt help but sigh,

“I actually forget that there was once a time when I was so sloppy…”

“If I told the people of the Cultivation World that I, Han Yan Immortal Monarch was once in such a dire state, I reckon no one would believe me right”

Ever since he was a child, Zhang Han had been growing in an extremely wealthy family and his lifes aim had always been to enjoy the best quality of things.

Although he had been in a dire state for a certain period of time, but after coming into contact with the Cultivation World, Zhang Hans quality of life had been raised many times higher compared to when he was living on Earth.

The place he stayed at was the Peerless Immortal Palace!

The drink that he drank was the immortal wine that has been brewed for ten thousand years!

The food he ate was the first-rate delicacies of the myriad worlds.

Even when going out, the vehicle that he rode in was the Nine Dragon War Chariot! Everywhere it passed by, tens of thousands of people would prostate before it!

However, looking at the current scene in the room, Zhang Han could not stand it anymore.

“Meng Meng, Daddy bring you go out okay” Zhang Han asked casually.

“All right! Meng Meng likes to go out and play with Daddy!” Meng Meng said happily.

One must say, the learning capability of a child was truly extremely strong.

Only after a while, Meng Meng had already memorized the name her father picked for her.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head as he began to pack all of Meng Mengs stuff into her suitcase.

When opening the suitcase, Zhang Han was able to see the 100k rmb that was placed neatly in the corner of the suitcase.

Those cash were left by Meng Mengs mother, Zi Yan.

Of course, Zhang Han did not intend to use those cash.

However, upon seeing those cash, it made Zhang Han think back to two days ago when he quarreled with Zi Yan.

Zhang Hans opinion of celebrities in the past was that celebrities were but only actors.

When quarreling with Zi Yan, he said out his opinion which caused Zi Yan to become immeasurably angry.

But the Zhang Han right now did not have this kind of opinion.

Because of how famous he was, his nameHan Yan Immortal Monarch was well-known throughout the Cultivation World.

Speaking from the fundamental, he was no different from a celebrity.

After packing finish Meng Mengs suitcase, Zhang Han took out some cash from within his bedside cabinet.

From the looks of it, there was about 20k rmb.

Those cash were banked to him by his sister.

Because Zhang Han normally doesnt leave the house, as time passed, the money piled up.

“Daddy, are we not coming back” Meng Meng pointed towards the suitcase in Zhang Hans hand and asked.

“We are not coming back.

Daddy is going to bring you go enjoy life.” Zhang Han carried the suitcase with his left hand and Meng Meng in his right hand.

“Alright, go enjoy life!” Meng Meng raised her small arms and shouted out happily.

After coming down from the apartment, Zhang Han first placed the suitcase in the trunk, then placed Meng Meng in the front passenger seat and helped her wear the seat belt.

After finishing all those, Zhang Han drove the car straightforward.

While driving, he saw a barber shop not far away and drove towards it.

Upon reaching the barber shop, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng out of the car and walked towards the barber shop.

When the staffs in the barber shop saw this father and daughter combination, they all felt somewhat strange and thought to themselves,

“A sloppy old uncle and an adorable little princess pairing up together…What a strange combination.

Or could it be child trafficking”

However, when the barber finished cutting Zhang Hans hair, everyones eyes all lit up.

“This guys appearance seems quite full of spirit”

Everyone all thought to themselves.

After losing the covering from his hair, Zhang Hans blade-like face gave others a kind of spirited aura feeling.

Although his looks was not that of a super handsome guy where others would turn their head to look at him when passing by each other, but his face still belonged to the kind which was quite decent.

“Daddy, so cool ().” The little princess who had been shyly sitting on the chair at the side praised.

Zhang Han smiled as he shook his head.

After paying for the haircut, Zhang Han carried Meng Men and walked out of the barber shop.

After getting on the car, Zhan Han said with a serious face,

“Meng Meng.”


“When you are outside, your guts have to be bigger.

You are I, Zhang Hans daughter.

Whatever that you want to do, you can just do it.

Even if you pierced through the sky, your daddy will also be able to help you fix it.

Do you understand” Zhang Han earnestly taught Meng Meng.


Daddy…But the sky is too high.

I…I cannot reach it.” Meng Meng said adorably.

“Oh, this is nothing.

In the future when daddy bring you along and fly to the sky, you will be able to reach it.” Zhang Han smiled and said casually, “Daddy is only telling you that, no matter where you are, you dont have to be afraid of anything.

Whatever that you want to say, you can just say it.

Wait a while later when we reach the shopping mall, daddy will teach how to train you guts.”

“Alright! Go shopping mall! Train guts!” Meng Meng said as she raised her small hands.

Thus, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng to a shopping mall in the vicinity.

At the shopping mall, Zhang Han bought a white shirt, black leisure jacket, a pair of leisure shoes and a set of washed new clothes.

The two set of clothes were all international brand and it cost him a close to a total of 20k rmb.

This was still after Zhang Han picked the clothes that he was not satisfied with.

A human depends on his clothes and a horse depends on its saddle.

After changing into the new clothes, Zhang Hans entire temperament raised up some degree.

The feeling he gave others right now was that of a successful figure bringing his adorable daughter to shop at the shopping mall.

Before leaving the shopping mall, Zhang Han said to the little princess,

“Meng Meng, we are going to practice your guts for a bit now.”

“Okay! Practice!” Meng Meng replied while lying in Zhang Hans embrace.

“Now, look at those people in front of you Meng Meng, and loudly say to them,You bunch of insects, dont you dare bark in front of me! Come on, you can do it.” Zhang Han encouraged.

“Oh……” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and was about to speak.

But when she saw the crowd that were moving in front of her, and the many people who were looking at her, she immediately hid into Zhang Hans embrace and said shyly, “I…I dont dare.”

Zhang Hans expression froze.

Without choice, he started discussing with Meng Meng.

In the end, under the entice of an ice cream, Meng Meng finally summoned up her courage as she blinked with her clear eyes and said in a big yet cute voice,

“You…You bunch of insects, dont you…dont you dare bark in front of me~”

When those words came out, it immediately attracted the gaze of the people around Zhang Han and Meng Meng.

Upon seeing Meng Meng, most of the people couldnt help but be captivated by Meng Mengs adorableness and laughed.


Seeing that so many people were looking at her, the little princess shyly hid her head within Zhang Hans embrace.

Upon seeing that, Zhang Han helplessly stroke on Meng Mengs little head and thought in his heart, “Seems like, to strengthen her guts is truly a difficult matter.”

Contrary to the crowd, an aunt who saw the whole matter from the start to finish with her own eyes mumbled angrily at Zhang Han,

“What kind of teaching method is this This is offending public morals! Public morals are truly degenerating with each passing day! This is truly unreasonable!”

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han also did not react to it.

Letting out a gentle laughter, Zhang Han bought an ice cream for Meng Meng as her reward, then carried her out of the shopping mall.

Actually, Zhang Hans intention was that he only wanted to teach Meng Meng be more courageous and have no need to be shy.

However, being a father for the first time, he also do not know how to properly educate a child.

If this goes on, it was reckon that Zhang Han would taught out a little devil.

Luckily, Zhang Hans education was cut off by Zi Yans visit few days later.

But even so, through the few days of Zhang Hans education, later on in life, Meng Meng did a few actions which trolled him all over.

However, Zhang Han did not mind even if he taught out a little devil.

In his view, so what if he taught out a little devil He intends to even make her daughter to be the most fortunate daughter in this world and the most fearless daughter!

Driving the new Crimson Ferrari, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng to a five-star hotel that was called Ling Yue.

With a sports car and upper-class clothing, although Zhang Han was carrying a little princess in his embrace, he still attracted the hotels beautiful receivers amorous glances.

It could be seen that, if Zhang Han had any thoughts, the beautiful receiver would not mind going into a deeper development.

But what they did not know was that, in Zhang Hans wallet, there was only a total of 6k rmb, which was also the entire amount of money he had right now.

However, even though he did not have much left, he still confidently spend 2.8k rmb for a luxurious suite.

“Will just have to make do with this for now.”

Zhang Han was somewhat heartache that he could not stay in the Peerless Immortal Palace anymore.

However, his words made the expression of the beautiful receivers expression at the side froze.

Alright, so staying in a luxurious suite is counted as making do.

Truly, comparing oneself to other people will only make one feel vexed.

The beautiful receiver personally leaded Zhang Han to his luxurious suite.

On the way, she kept on casting amorous glances at Zhang Han.

No matter what, it would definitely be beneficial making friends with a rich man.

However, the little fellow was too vigilant already.

Right now, the shyness that she had was all gone.

Glaring with her big eyes while tightly hugging onto Zhang Han, she said,

“This is my daddy.

You…dont come too close.”

Although the little fellow did not understand that much things, she understood that apart from her mother, any women who attempted to get close to her father and try to snatch her father away were all bad women.


The beautiful receiver couldnt help but laughed lightly.

Without choice, she maintained a distance away from Zhang Han.

Upon reaching the room, Zhang Han properly placed the suitcase, then carried Meng Meng to the western restaurant at the second floor to eat dinner.

At the western restaurant, he ordered a well done steak for Meng Meng and a medium well for himself.

Although Zhang Han did not have not any experience with parenting, but he still understood small general knowledge.

The immune system and digestive system of children were not that good and thus was not suitable for eating steaks that were not well done.


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