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Undersea treasures are very mysterious and difficult to search for.

There are many well-known shipwrecks still missing.

Wang Ya had read many legends about undersea treasures.

In the early years, there was a rich man in the West who intentionally sank all his treasures in the sea.

Later, the coordinates of the treasures were discovered, but no one had found them yet, which had become a mystery.

Of course, the ocean itself is a mystery.

There are many places that are unknown.

For example, in the Bermuda Triangle, the world-famous devil area, there are countless wrecked ships and planes buried, but no one knows why.

There must be some special reasons for this strange place.

However, Zhang Han hadnt been in the martial arts circle for a long time, and he didnt hear relevant anecdotes or take the initiative to learn about it because he was not very interested in it.

Zhang Han, who had explored greater, more bizarre, and more dangerous places, now just wanted to let everything go as it was.

Just like the stone house on the seafloor, and he would get what he deserved in the end.

After the yacht set out, it soon left the bay and began to head for the vast ocean.

After viewing the seaside scenery, Zhang Han pondered and leaned over to Zi Yans ear and said softly, “How about I take you underwater”

“Oh” Zi Yan was stunned, and then her eyes lit up.

Nodding repeatedly like a chicken pecking rice, she replied happily, “Great.”

She looked at Mengmeng, who was lying alone on a reclining chair, and said, “Mengmeng, would you like to play with Grand Aunt here for a while PaPa and MaMa are going diving and will be back soon.”


Mengmeng quickly sat up and looked at Zi Yan.

While blinking her big eyes behind the little sunglasses, she quietly glanced at the soda and snacks on the other side.

“OK,” Mengmeng answered.

“Every time my mother is not around, I can eat a little more.”

Seeing this, Zi Yan pursed her mouth, saying nothing, and went down with Zhang Han.

The yacht had three floors in total, and they were now by the railings at the back of the second floor.

Zi Yan looked at the choppy sea and asked, “Do we need to put on swimsuits”

Hearing this, Zhang Han thought for a while and looked Zi Yans figure up and down, feeling a little hot.

Though Zhang Han wanted Zi Yan to change into a swimsuit, he was worried that he couldnt control himself during this period.

By the time they finished, the ship would have arrived at the destination.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Its not necessary.”

Then he put his right hand around Zi Yans slender waist, pinched her gently, and jumped into the sea with her.

“Wow!” Zi Yan let out a light cry.

In the next moment, she felt that she had fallen into the cool water.

“Huh” Zi Yan blinked and looked left and right.

Zi Yan didnt expect that she could breathe underwater.

Looking at her palm, she found that there seemed to be a film of water clinging to her skin, very thin, and she could even feel the temperature of the seawater.

“What a wonder!” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han, and then her eyes were attracted by the scenery on the seafloor.

The sunlight cast on the quiet seafloor seemed to be split into colorful light by a prism, which was very beautiful.

Even the rocks, plants, shells, and corals on the seafloor seemed to be stained with colorful sunlight, which was so surprising.

The seafloor of this shallow sea area was like a colorful world, with creatures bathing in the bright and warm water and wonderful fishes roaming in the coral.

There was even a sea forest in front of them with woody plants.

It was as beautiful as a dream.

Zi Yan was soon attracted to it.

“This is a fairyland.”

“Lets go.” Zhang Han turned sideways, held Zi Yan in his arms from behind, encircled her waist with his hands, and then slowly swam forward with her.

When passing by the coral, the two would get close to have a look.

Occasionally, they could encounter groups of fishes, as well as a variety of slightly larger marine organisms.

Zi Yan had a very good time, and it was like riding a special submarine sightseeing cable car when she was held by Zhang Han.

“What beautiful coral.

“Its wonderful.

Look over there.

There is a group of small fish.

“Theres a big fish over there.

Whats that Look at that big turtle.

Its swimming very fast.


Zi Yan kept chattering happily in Zhang Hans ear.

Zhang Han listened patiently and kept smiling.

Gradually, they left the shallow water and saw the bottom of the sea extending down at a large angle.

Zhang Han, with Zi Yan, dived down to about 400 meters, where the sunshine was a little dim.

Compared with the mystery of the deep sea area, Zi Yan preferred the beautiful scenery of the shallow sea area just now.

After thinking about it, Zi Yan planned to go back.

At this time, she twisted her waist, turned around, and clasped her hands and feet around Zhang Hans body.

Zhang Han could feel the softness of her body.

Zi Yans eyes twinkled as she gave Zhang Han a kiss.

So they exchanged a five-minute kiss on the seafloor hundreds of meters deep.

This experience could only be felt but not described.

“Mmm…” When their lips were parted, Zi Yans eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist.

She stared at Zhang Han in a daze, which was a silent temptation for Zhang Han and made him feel hot again.

“Shall we, at the bottom of the sea, do something happy”

Zhang Hans will began to collapse.

However, the next moment, he found that Zi Yan suddenly opened her eyes.

“Ah! Shark!” she exclaimed, “Lets go!”

Zhang Han was a little surprised and looked around.

Not far in front of them, seven fierce-looking sharks were rushing at them.

The head shark, the largest in size, should be the leader.

All those scars on its body showed that it had fought many times!

If Zhang Han were an ordinary person, he would be afraid now.


“Its them who should escape.” Zhang Han almost burst out laughing.

“Oh!” Zi Yan realized that she had made a mistake, so she began to chuckle.

“Yes, it is them who should escape.”

So in her eyes, the sharks were getting closer to them.

When the distance was reduced to about 30 meters…

Zhang Han waved his hand slightly.


The head of the biggest shark suddenly tilted sideways, as if it had been punched.

“ ”

The shark shook its head.

“Who slapped me”

Looking around with its small eyes, the shark found Zhang Han and began to stare at them.

“Whats wrong with the two of them”

At that moment…


The head of the leading shark tilted to the side again.

“Hiss! The man is beating me!

“Oh, its dangerous here.

Brothers, lets go!”


The sharks turned around one by one and swam away quickly.

“Haha…” Zi Yan could not help laughing when she saw this.

Now she thought the sharks were so cute.

As a matter of fact, when the power gap was large to a certain extent, many terrible things in the eyes of ordinary people would become lovely in the eyes of the strong.

“Lets go back,” said Zi Yan.

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded and swam up with Zi Yan in his arms.

It was like driving a car, but it was the sea rather than the breeze that blew across their cheeks, causing more resistance.

In the cool and refreshing atmosphere, the two quickly emerged from the sea, while 10 meters ahead of them was the yacht.

They went to the stern of the yacht and jumped up on it with a light leap.

“None of our clothes are wet,” Zi Yan looked left and right, and touched her clothes, “Its so strange.”

“Because of this.” Zhang Han took out the water spirit stone and shook it in front of Zi Yan.

“Is it also a treasure” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Its a water spirit stone, a first-stage spirit treasure that enables people to stay in the water for a longer time, and also one of the building materials of the underwater residence.

Though treasures are classified into Huang-grade, Profound-grade, Earth-grade, Heaven-grade, Holy-grade, and Divine-grade here, they are called spirit treasures in the orthodox Cultivation World and are divided into the first stage to the ninth stage.

For example, the tree on our mountain is a fifth-stage spirit treasure,” Zhang Han explained.

There was a lot of common sense in the Cultivation World, and Zhang Han planned to introduce some of it to Zi Yan whenever he got the chance, so that she could gradually accumulate knowledge and experience.

“I see.” Zi Yan nodded her forehead lightly, then took Zhang Hans arm and pressed her body against Zhang Han, saying proudly, “My husband is an immortal, and I gave birth to a baby for him.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han chuckled a few times and walked up with Zi Yans waist in his arms.

They went back to the top deck.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, and Wang Ming were chatting.

Mengmeng was sitting in a chair next to Rong Jiaxin, eating a bag of shrimp chips.

“Ahem.” When Zi Yan and Zhang Han got to the seat behind Mengmeng, Zi Yan gave out a light cough.

“Huh” Mengmeng was stupefied and turned to look at MaMa.

Mengmeng blankly opened her big clear eyes, and then hurriedly handed the bag with just a few shrimp chips left to Rong Jiaxin, muttering, “Grand Aunt, I, I cant eat it, MaMa said I couldnt eat too many snacks.

Dont give them to me.”

“Hahaha.” Looking at Mengmengs lovely appearance, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ya, and others couldnt help laughing.

“Yan,” Rong Jiaxin suddenly stood up, went to Zi Yans side, and sat down, saying, “Mengmeng will be four years old soon, right”

“Yes,” replied Zi Yan.

“Then… should she go to kindergarten Now children usually start kindergarten when they are three years old, er… While you have a job, Han…” Rong Jiaxin smiled.

Her implication was that Zhang Han was too fond of Mengmeng.

“Its time for Mengmeng to experience the collective life.

Junior class, middle class, and high class of kindergarten, and then primary school,” said Rong Jiaxin.

“Huh Kindergarten” Mengmeng was stunned and blinked at Rong Jiaxin.

She knew that they were discussing something concerning her.

“Youre right.

Ill ask about it later and find a good kindergarten for Mengmeng.” Zi Yan nodded.

“Go to kindergarten” Zhang Han began imagining the future.

“When Mengmeng goes to kindergarten, and Zi Yan is out to work, will I be the only one in the restaurant during the day

“It doesnt matter, but what if Mengmeng is bullied by other children in kindergarten

“What if she cries What if she cant see Daddy when she wants to”

Thinking that Mengmeng would cry at that time, Zhang Han decided to refuse the suggestion directly.

“She wont go,” Zhang Han shook his head, “Its of no use.

I can teach what she wants to learn in school.”

“Well, I wont go.

I want to be with PaPa and MaMa.” Mengmeng also made comments.

“Er…” Rong Jiaxin felt a little helpless.

“Han, Mengmeng needs to adapt to the collective life.

Eating, taking a nap, and playing games together are very helpful for the growth of children, especially girls.

Three years old is the golden age of kindergarten, which has been scientifically verified,” Wang Ming added.

Zhang Han looked at Wang Ming and asked, “Do you believe that, Uncle”

“This…” Wang Ming forced a smile, for it was obvious that Zhang Han didnt want the little girl to go to kindergarten.

After thinking about it, he said, “When we were children, the reason why we went to kindergarten late and only studied for one year was that each family had many children of the same age, and we often played with children from other families, which was also a kind of collective life.

But now, with the development of the city, it is impossible to contact too many children in the unit building.

Do you notice that now Mengmeng only plays with the little fat girl occasionally”

“I also think its time for Mengmeng to go to kindergarten.

Mengmeng is so beautiful and lovely, and there must be many people who like her and wont bully her,” Zhang Li said.


So all the adults except for Zhao Feng took part in the debate.

Mengmeng looked left and right, and was a bit confused.

The debaters were divided into two teams, and one of them was headed by Zhang Han… No, it was the opposite team with Zhang Han as the only member.

The other team looks like an alliance.

Zhang Han was sometimes silent, and sometimes shook his head.

“No, she wont.

“No, its useless.


Finally, Zi Yan made up her mind and stared at Zhang Han, saying, “Even if she doesnt go now, she will definitely go in the future.

Do you want to never let her go to school What if Mengmeng is lonely and doesnt know how to make friends “You remind me that Ive helped Mengmeng form some habits through hard work, which were all disrupted by you.”

Hearing this, Zhang Han pondered and began to doubt his decision.

Human beings are social animals.

Even in the Cultivation World, the territory of some big families and various cities were all societies with generations of children living a collective life there.

And childhood is really an important stage of shaping ones character.

“Doesnt she get along with Wang Yihan very well” Zhang Han asked hesitantly.

“Wang Yihan has a good character, but not all children are like her,” replied Zi Yan.

Zhang Han fell into silence.

Everyone turned their eyes to him.

After about 10 seconds, he finally compromised.

“You are right,” Zhang Han nodded, “Then Ill find some children.

No, Im going to open a kindergarten directly.”

“If others know that I have a kindergarten, they will rush to fill in the application form like in my restaurant.”

“ ”

All of the others were stunned in a moment.

“Well…” Rong Jiaxin was amused by Zhang Han and didnt know what to say.

“Yes, Hans kindergarten is also a kindergarten.

According to his attitude, he must be the head of the kindergarten.

But I dont think its reliable.”

“No way,” Zi Yan said, at a loss as to whether to laugh or cry.

“In this way, they will treat Mengmeng differently, and she cant grow well in such an environment.”

Although children were naive, their parents would tell them to keep a good relationship with Mengmeng, and Mengmeng, growing up being flattered, will easily develop bad habits.

“Dont worry about it.

Lets talk about it later.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Mengmeng looked left and right and made concessions.

“I will go to kindergarten, but I must go with PaPa.”

Zhang Han smilingly touched Mengmengs little head and nodded.

“OK, PaPa will accompany you then.”

“He cant run his own kindergarten.”

“So he decides to buy one directly”

Zhang Hans attitude made everyone speechless.

Since when should whether or not one goes to kindergarten be discussed in this way…

During the conversation, they saw from a distance that a cargo ship was on the distant sea, following the ups and downs of the rough sea.

The power of the sea is beyond imagination, and even a cargo ship weighing as much as 10 tons might be overturned.

A moment later, their yacht sailed to the side of the cargo ship.

Xu Yong and others were standing on the deck of the cargo ship, waving to them.

“Ready” asked Zhao Feng loudly.

“Ready!” Xu Yong replied.

“Lets start!” Zhao Feng made a gesture.

Xu Yong told the people on the yacht to move.

Eight square iron frames were sunk into the water, and their thick chains continued to extend downward.

“Together” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and asked with a smile.

“OK,” replied Zi Yan.

“Well, Han, is it convenient I want to go down and have a look.” Wang Ming coughed softly.

After giving it some thought, Zhang Han nodded and said, “OK.”

The depth was about 1,700 meters, and it was easy for Zhang Han to take two people with him.

“Then Ill go too!” Zhang Li said happily.

“I want to have a look.”

“Me too.”

Zhou Fei and Wang Ya agreed.

They were also interested in the sunken ship.

“Me, me, too,” Mengmeng stood up and said.

Zhang Han was surprised and then shook his head.

With the help of the water spirit stone, he could take two people with them.

If the number of people continued increasing, the effect of water avoidance would be reduced a lot, and they would suffer from the water pressure.

Although with Zhang Hans spiritual force, he could barely maintain many peoples underwater activities, that would reduce the efficiency of treasure salvaging.

Finally, Zhang Han took Zi Yan and Wang Ming to dive all the way down, and they saw a huge blue whale on the way.

As the depth increased, the light soon dimmed.

The well-prepared Zhang Han turned on the major light.

They soon got to the wreck.

“Is there a trench next to it If the ship fell into the trench, we would not be able to get it!” Wang Ming was surprised to see the deep trench.

In such an environment, Zi Yan looked left and right, feeling that the trench was very frightening.

Zhang Han lit up the surroundings with his major light, and saw that the eight iron baskets were not far from the wreck, so he took the two people into the wreck with him.

They first went to the innermost stone house.

At this time, the array of the stone house door had lost its function because of the loss of spiritual Qi, and the room was also full of seawater.

But the light was very good.

“What is this here Night-luminescent pearls” Zi Yan looked at the pearls and exclaimed.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, chuckled, and said, “The quality is not bad.

We can take them back to the mountain and use them as decoration.”

“Is it a cultivators abode There are more than 100 night-luminescent pearls,” Wang Ming said with widely opened eyes.

So Zhang Han took out the two big bags he had brought down and, with a wave of his hand, put all the night-luminescent pearls inside.

The three returned to the ship and began to move things from several treasure rooms.

After eight iron baskets were filled, Zhang Han and the two quickly floated to the sea surface and got on the ship.

“Bring them up,” Zhang Han waved and said.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng nodded and gave orders to Xu Yong and others.

So the chains began to rise.

There were many treasures., and it required one more trip to transport them all.

Taking advantage of this free time, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li went over to Zi Yan and asked repeatedly, “How is it Is it fun down there Is there any monster in the wreck, like a giant squid or something”

“No…” Zi Yan smiled and told them what she saw in the sea.

Seeing that many treasures had been brought to the cargo ship, Zhou Fei asked quickly, “Sister Yan, do you want to go down again”

“No.” Zi Yan shook her head.

“Then Ill go.

Brother-in-law, take me.”

“Brother, Ill go too.”


Zhang Han thought about it and finally took the three of them with him.

When the three girls were looking at the shipwreck in surprise, Zhang Han put the rest of the treasure into eight iron baskets.

When they were about to go up…


All of a sudden, the sunken ship vibrated, as if it had risen a little, and then it fell into the side ditch.

Zhang Han cast a light to the other side, only to see the ship slowly descending and finally disappearing from his field of vision.

He watched for about two more minutes.

Suddenly, deep in the trench, a somewhat invisible light flashed.

“Whats there”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed.


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