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Zi Shiya was a little confused and walked forward.

“Sister.” Zi Shiya greeted Zi Yan from afar.

“Sister, long time no see.” Zi Yan gave her a smile.

“Who is he” Zi Shiya asked when she found Zhang Han.

Yuwei and Liu Shasha were hesitating while looking at Zi Yan curiously.

From the cheeks under the sunglasses and the willow-like lips to the small tip of the nose and the high bridge of the nose, they all met the description of a fairy.

They knew that the woman in front of them was really Zi Yan.

“So… Who is the man beside her and the little girl in her arms”

With Zi Shiyas question, they also looked at Zhang Han.

“He is my PaPa!” Mengmeng pursed her little mouth and said.

“These two are your classmates, arent they” Zi Yan looked at Liu Shasha and Yuwei.

“Nice to meet you, sister Zi Yan.

Im Liu Shasha.”

“Nice to meet you, sister Zi Yan.

Im Yuwei.”

The two girls hurriedly smiled to greet Zi Yan.

“Nice to meet you.” Zi Yan nodded, smiled, and said, “Lets get in the car and go back now.”

While Zi Yan took her younger sister to ride in the extended Rolls-Royce Phantom, Liu Shasha and Yuwei took the Rolls-Royce Phantom driven by Ah Hu following them.

The two cars drove slowly to New Moon Bay.

In the leading extended Rolls-Royce Phantom, Zi Shiya looked left and right, confused.

Before she asked, Zi Yan said, “This is my husband, and she is my daughter.”

“Really” After being told by Zi Yan the truth that she had guessed, Zi Shiya couldnt help freezing.

“Did sister Zi Yan get married

“Its impossible!

“Who is he

“What is his identity Whats his status Does he match my sister


“If he is really great, my sister would definitely have informed her family! Since they were secretly married, did sister lose in love also

“She is so excellent and must marry a talented person with high social status!

“Who on earth is that man”

Zi Shiya started to get upset.

When she was thinking, Zhang Han chuckled and casually held out his hand and said, “Hello.”

Facing Zhang Hans outstretched hand, Zi Shiya was not only still depressed, but also wanted to ignore Zhang Han completely.

“As my idol, my sister should marry into a rich family, or a prince, and hold a grand wedding, instead of secretly marrying a nobody like this man!”

“Well, Shiya” Seeing her little sister in a daze, Zi Yan coughed softly to remind her.

“Ah!” Zi Shiya returned to her senses, controlled her mood, and shook hands with Zhang Han.

“Hello.” She didnt call Zhang Han brother-in-law.

This sudden news had shocked Zi Shiya.

At the same time, she realized that if she didnt think highly of this man, it was impossible for the Zi family to accept him.

“Well, PaPa, doesnt she like us” Mengmeng asked in Zhang Hans arms.

Mengmeng keenly guessed Zi Shiyas thoughts from her expression and hesitation.

Hearing this, Zi Shiya felt embarrassed.

She looked at Zi Yan and began to think.

“Anyway, my sister has gotten married and given birth to children, and I should respect her family.

Besides, any man my sister likes must not be an ordinary person.”

Zi Shiya again took a closer look at Mengmeng and Zhang Han.

In terms of appearance, Zhang Han was very handsome.

As for their child…

“I dont dislike you, just a little surprised.

You are so beautiful.

Whats your name” Zi Shiya asked with a smile.

“Well… My name is Zhang Yumeng.

Everyone calls me Mengmeng.”

“Mengmeng, why are you so cute and beautiful” The more Zi Shiya looked at Mengmeng, the more she liked the little girl.

“Because, because my MaMa is very beautiful and my PaPa is very handsome,” Mengmeng replied.

“Hahaha, yes, your mother is beautiful and your father is handsome,” Zi Shiya said with a smile.

As the shock wore off, she realized that she didnt need to worry about her sisters affairs.

“Nice to meet you, brother-in-law.” After thinking about it, Zi Shiya formally greeted Zhang Han.

“Nice to meet you.” Zhang Han smiled.

In fact, Zhang Han didnt care about Zi Shiyas opinion.

After all, in his eyes, she was just an immature girl.

“Sister, when did you get married Why didnt you tell the family” Zi Shiya asked, curious.

“PaPa and MaMa are not married yet, but they will… get engaged in a few days,” Mengmeng said with great expectation that she would hold the flowers and ask her parents to take beautiful pictures for her.

“Not married yet” Zi Shiya exclaimed, feeling that it was inconceivable.

She was very angry because her excellent sister even gave birth to his child without getting married.


“We havent gotten married because something happened before.

But in a few days, hes going to propose, and then well have a wedding soon,” Zi Yan replied.

“Hes going to propose” Zi Shiya gritted her teeth.

“Have my sister give birth to a baby first, and then you propose marriage Do you think that will work”

She knew how strict the family rules were, and what would happen if a man with no strength came to propose.

“Then, do my uncle and aunt know” asked Zi Shiya.

“Not yet, but in a few days they will,” said Zi Yan.

“I see.” Zi Shiya looked left and right in silence, and her mind was in chaos.

“Im surprised, sister.

Youre married and have children,” Zi Shiya said.

“Sister, dont think too much.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Your elder sister is very happy now, and you will know how powerful he is when he proposes.”

“OK, I wont think about it.

Im just shocked.” Zi Shiya looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Brother-in-law, how did you successfully pursue my sister”

Excluding the family factors, she gradually felt curious and excited.

If her sister succeeded, it would be a feat to break the family rules! She didnt like strategic marriages either.

“Er…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and said, “I did not succeed easily.”

“Haha, you are so lucky!” Zi Yan said with a smile.

‘Yes, PaPa is so lucky,” Mengmeng echoed.

“Hahaha.” Zi Shiya was amused by the happy family, and her mood became better and better.

“Brother-in-law, its amazing that you can successfully pursue my sister.

Thats it!”

She made a gesture of praise, and then said, “My sister Yan is the most beautiful in our family.

There were lots of men longing to marry her in the past few years, including sons of rich families, nobles, and even princes.

Unexpectedly, you got the chance!”

“Your brother-in-law is unique in the world.

No one can match him,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“My PaPa is the greatest,” Mengmeng said proudly.

“Brother-in-law, whats your name” Zi Shiya asked.

“Zhang Han.”

“When are you going to propose”

“In two or three days,” Zhang Han replied.

He had discussed it with Zi Yan and decided to visit the Zi family after her album release.

“Then, do you know the Zi family” Zi Shiya asked hesitantly.


Seeing Zhang Han nodding, Zi Shiya was relieved.

Since he knew the Zi family and had the courage to propose, he was surely confident.

“Shiya, I heard that you have been admitted to Nanke University, so your academic performance must be good,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Im just a freshman.

I wanted to take two friends home for the National Day holiday, but we didnt make it because of something else, so we changed our itinerary and took four days off starting from this Thursday.

We have been playing around for two days, and today is Saturday, so we will go back to school tomorrow.”

Zi Shiya said, “Sister, they like you so much and they will definitely come to see you for a picture later.

Is that ok”

“Since they want you to be a lobbyist, of course its OK.” Zi Yan chuckled.

“Ah, Mengmeng is so beautiful.

How old are you” Zi Shiya asked with a smile.

“Im almost four years old.”

After a long chat with Mengmeng, Zi Shiya looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Brother-in-law, whats your occupation”

“Full time… taking care of Mengmeng,” Zhang Han replied truthfully.

“ ”

Zi Shiya was shocked.

“What does he mean A stay-home dad Heavens, no.

How can he propose marriage”

Seeing Zi Shiyas expression, Zi Yan smiled and said, “Your brother-in-law has several companies, but he doesnt care much about them.

He likes to accompany Mengmeng at home.”

“Oh… I see.

Why are you teasing me” Zi Shiya rolled her eyes at Zi Yan.


They talked and laughed all the way.

About half an hour later, they arrived at New Moon Bay and stopped their car in front of the restaurant.

“Eh What are we doing in a restaurant, sister We have plans at noon and cant have lunch with you,” Zi Shiya said when she saw that the car had parked in front of a small restaurant.

“This is your brother-in-laws restaurant.

We usually live here.

Lets get out,” Zi Yan said and took the lead to get out of the car.

Zi Shiya, who was behind, was a little dazed.

“My brother-in-laws company is not this small restaurant, is it”

She suddenly felt that it was not the same as she imagined.

Since her brother-in-law owned several companies, shouldnt he live in a mansion

“But… they usually live in a restaurant”

After everyone got out Yuwei and Liu Shasha also came over.

“Shiya, at noon we…” Liu Shasha whispered.

“This is my brother-in-laws restaurant.

Lets take a seat first,” Zi Shiya said with a grin.

“Your brother-in-laws restaurant Its so small yet lovely,” Yuwei said with a smile.

Although she didnt mean to mock, Zi Shiya felt a little strange.

“Its not what I thought!”

But seeing the driver in a black suit come forward and open the door first, she thought the restaurant should be just a small business of her brother-in-law.

They walked into the restaurant.

Yuwei looked around and praised it.

“Its very beautiful!”

“Wow, these flowers are so beautiful,” Liu Shasha also exclaimed when she saw the flowers as decoration.

“Lets go to the second floor.” Zi Yan smiled as she led the group to the second floor and arranged for them to sit on the sofa.

Zhao Feng prepared some cold drinks and fruit and brought them upstairs.

“Sister, what are the blue pearls on the shelf” Seeing many beautiful pearls on the shelf, Zi Shiya couldnt help asking.

“Well, they all shine at night,” Mengmeng mumbled.

“They are night-luminescent pearls,” replied Zi Yan.

“Night-luminescent pearls” Yuwei and Liu Shasha exchanged a surprised look.

“If they are real night-luminescent pearls, they are worth a lot.”

However, compared with the night-luminescent pearls, they were more interested in Zi Yans personal affairs.

They just heard that Zi Shiya called this man brother-in-law.

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