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After the cards fell into the five element furnace, the Fire Stone began to burst into flames, and Zhang Hans eyes were shining continuously.

Though refining the Grand-Master-level flood dragon soul required the cooperation of the soul sense, the soul was pure, unconscious, and easy to be refined.

In the five elements furnace, the remaining 17 cards formed an array around the card containing the flood dragon soul.

The cards were connected by a silk thread to form a cobweb-like structure, and the card where the dragon soul was located was continuously refined in the center of the array.



The flood dragon soul was roaring in the card, trying to break the paper and escape, but it was unable to destroy the Qing Ming Seal.

Hearing the roar of the flood dragon soul, Little Hei, who was playing with Mengmeng in the back mountain, turned its ears to the direction of the noise.

Then it looked up at the top of the mountain.

“What happened”

Little Hei shook its head in doubt and continued to play with Mengmeng.

Time went by second by second.

An hour later, suddenly, a light burst out of Zhang Hans eyes.

In the five elements furnace, the 17 cards of the array began to shake continuously.


The silk thread between the cards was broken, but the connection between the cards became stronger.

The card of the flood dragon soul in the middle suddenly shone, and then waves rose around the card, just like in the sea.

Suddenly, a ferocious dragon flew out of the sea, as if it was riding the huge waves!

Then, the waves and dragon disappeared in the card, leaving a faint pattern, showing the seawater and the flying flood dragon.


17 silk threads flew from the flood dragon card and connected it with the other cards, which indicated that the refining had entered the stage of upgrading the level of the set of cards.

The middle level of the first stage; the top level of the first stage; the second stage; the middle level of the second stage; and the top level of the second stage!

“Not bad.” Zhang Han murmured and let the 17 cards fly out of the five elements furnace one by one and fall into his pocket, leaving only the flood dragon soul card in his hand.

Then Zhang Han gave it an instruction with his mind.

“Clatter, clatter.”

The card released the seawater in Zhang Hans palm, and the flood dragon loomed and began to circle around his hand.

Of course, these were not the real seawater and flood dragon, but were formed by energy.

However, Zhang Han could use very little energy to form a relatively high-intensity attack, which was also the feature of this weapon.

“Its time to refine the ring.” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and smiled.

He was in an even better mood than when he made the Foundation Elixir.

He took out the Void Stone from his bag, had it fly into the five elements furnace, and then began refining.

The two thumb-sized Void Stones were divided into two parts, which were constantly converging under Zhang Hans control.

Gradually, the stone was turned into the prototype of two rings, and was polished more and more finely by the invisible force.

The rings were simple in shape, similar to Cartiers button ring.

However, because the Void Stone was black, the refining process was much more complicated.

The two sides of the ring were translucent, and gradually, there was a trace of ink in it, which reached the deepest in the center.

The whole ring was like jade—round, smooth, and attractive.

“What should I add to it Chinese characters”

Soon after, Zhang Han had a good idea, and his eyes lit up slightly.

Under his control, a few letters appeared on the two rings: Z love Z.

According to the Chinese phonetic alphabet, the pronunciation of both “Zi” and “Zhang” began with Z.

But the two letters didnt fit together and were easy to be misunderstood in that way.

Therefore, Zhang Han connected them with “love”, which could be read as either “Zi Yan loves Zhang Han” or “Zhang Han loves Zi Yan”.

Zhang Han was satisfied with his design, so he engraved it on the ring.

Then, the two rings flew out of the five elements furnace and landed on Zhang Hans palm.

Zhang Han took a look and explored the rings with his soul sense.

He learned that each ring had about three cubic meters of space, which was relatively small but just enough at present.

Zhang Han did not immediately use the ring, but put it in his pocket as a gift for Zi Yan when they got engaged.

Zhang Han checked the time.

It was almost five oclock, so he went to the pet area to play with Mengmeng for a while.

At half-past five, he went back to the restaurant to make dinner.

As usual, diners began to enter the restaurant one after another, including some bosses that came from afar.

They had other purposes at first, but now… the attraction of delicious food had become the main reason for them to visit the small restaurant.

Those who didnt have a membership card would like to try the membership meal, but they could only wait for the auction of the membership card.

At the same time, the arrival of these bosses and high-ranking people seemed to be another characteristic of the restaurant that attracted more diners, many of whom came to seek opportunities.

If they were lucky enough to be appreciated by a boss, they would get a good job.

As a result, more and more diners came to the restaurant, and soon formed a long line of 50 to 60 people, which made the other restaurant owners around envious, especially when they saw that there were so many people driving luxury cars.

But there was nothing they could do but sigh.

“What a genius he is!”

After dinner, Zhao Feng left the restaurant with Xu Yong and Ah Hu to go to Longcheng District to negotiate the purchase of two helicopters.

On the other side…

In the seaside park, about seven oclock…

Seeing that everyone was having a good time, Bai Ming clapped his hands and said, “Lets go to the seaside club for dinner first, and I will continue to arrange other entertainment in the evening.”

“Lets go.” Yunleis roommates cheered.

The good relationship with Bai Ming enabled them to have a free time without worrying about how much it would cost them.

In other words, it was nice to be treated by others.

The Binhai Club was a special place for parties with a good location and many guests.

This was not a private club, so everyone could have fun without restriction here.

In front of the entrance of the club, Yunlei blinked and said with a smile, “Lets go straight to room 006 on the fifth floor.

Elder brother Ming has arranged it.”

“Brother Ming is so cool!”

“I remember that a room on the fifth floor alone would cost more than 8,000 yuan.”

“As far as Brother Mings status is concerned, he must have fun in a high-end room.”

Yunleis roommates said with a smile.

Liu Shasha and the other girls also unconsciously looked at Bai Ming.

This satisfied Bai Ming.

“Yunlei is a good follower worth training.”

Bai Ming didnt arrange any private rooms at all, and he just planned to go to the night party to have fun.

It was Yunlei who ordered the room and gave the credit to Bai Ming.

What a good flatterer.

They took the elevator directly to room 006 on the fifth floor, which covered an area of 40 square meters and was decorated in a splendid way.

They sat at a round table, and the waiters began serving drinks and dishes one after another.

After all the dishes were served, another waiter pushed a dining car into the room with a 16-inch, three-layer cake on it.


Yun, this is the birthday cake presented by the club.

Happy birthday, and have a good meal,” the waitress with a good figure said with a smile, and then put the cake in the center of the table with her coworker.

“Thank you,” Yunlei replied with a smile.

After putting down the cake, all the waiters left the room as required.

“Let me start the first toast.

Its a pleasure to meet some new friends today.

Lets wish Lei a happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday.” Everyone congratulated Yunlei, and then drank all the beer in their cups.

Zi Shiya and Yuwei also drank up the liquid politely.

Although Zi Shiya didnt like the taste of beer, she endured it.

She cherished every experience of college life.

Yuwei was very experienced and could drink a lot.

In her eyes, beer was similar to water.

“Would you like to blow out the candle and make a wish first” Liu Shasha suggested.

“OK.” Yunlei smiled and the others began to light candles and turn off the lights.

After the regular wish ceremony, they began to eat.

After about half an hour, everyone was drunk more or less.

While the faces of the three girls, including Liu Shasha, slightly turned red, and Yunleis two roommates had also drunk a lot, the others in the room did not show their drunkenness.

“Shiya, what do you think of long-distance love” Bai Ming suddenly asked with a smile.

“Im not interested.”

“Have you ever had a boyfriend before In general, people who have been in love all have experienced long-distance love,” Bai Ming asked in surprise.

“No.” Zi Shiya shook her head.

“Really” Bai Ming was more interested in the girl.

However, Zi Shiya, who had never been in love, seemed to be more difficult to pursue.

“A college life without a touching romance is incomplete.

Shiya, you should give it a try,” Bai Ming said with a smile.

“Give it a try” Zi Shiya looked at Bai Ming, smiled, and said, “Maybe, anyway, I will obey fate.”

If there was a man who could attract her, she didnt mind falling in love with him.

But she had no interest in the guys in front of her.

Zi Shiya thought of Zhao Feng, who was calm and cool, but still not her cup of tea.

The girl was also curious about whom she would fall in love with.

“Brother Ming, you are single and Shiya is also single.

What a good opportunity! You are a good match!” Yunlei said with a laugh.

“Yes, Brother Ming, you should seize the chance to win the heart of a beauty!”

“Theyre perfect together.”

Yunleis roommates began to cheer.

“It depends on whether or not the beauty gives me a chance.” Bai Ming turned his gaze to Zi Shiya in a meaningful way and ended the topic at the right time.

Then he looked at the others and said, “Come on, have another drink.

Drink up if you are a man, but the ladies neednt drink anymore.”

So they drank a toast again.

“Er…” Yunlei, with a face flushing red, burped, stood up, and said, “Ill go to the bathroom.”

“Together.” Yunleis two roommates and Bai Ming also stood up and walked out with him.

About three minutes later, they came back.

Yunlei sat down, put his right hand directly on Liu Shashas leg, and began stroking her, back and forth.

Liu Shasha was not used to being treated like this in public, so she leaned over to speak in Yunleis ear.


Yunleis mobile phone on the table rang.

Liu Shasha looked at it and found that the name on the screen was Miao Li.

Obviously, it was a woman.

After seeing this, Yunlei paused for two seconds, his eyes twinkling slightly.

Then he picked up the phone, put it to his left ear, and said with a hushed voice, “Hello, Sister Li, er, yes, at dinner.

My roommates and I are out for a party.

Huh Its not convenient for me now.

This… OK, I see.”

After hanging up, Yunleis expression was normal, but his attention was not focused.

Liu Shasha looked at him a few times.

Her womans sixth sense made her feel that he was familiar with Miao Li.

“Thank you, Brother Ming.

Thank you, everyone.

Im very happy.

Cheers,” Yunlei said with a glass of beer in his hand.

After everyone had a drink again, Yunlei made an uncomfortable expression, as if he was about to vomit, and said with a grin, “Ive had a little too much to drink so need to go to the bathroom again.”

With that, he rushed out without waiting for others.

“Ill go and take care of him.” Liu Shasha stood up.

“No need.

Hell be OK.

Sit down and have another drink,” said Bai Ming.

Liu Shasha shook her head and went out directly.

Looking at her back, Bai Ming raised the corner of his mouth because he just saw Miao Li.

“Im afraid theres a lot of fun today.” He was amused by his prediction and continued to talk to others.

About five minute later—

“Why havent they come back” the eldest brother in Yunleis dormitory asked in confusion.

“Are they just in the bathroom…” The third brother laughed obscenely.

“Ill just have a look.

I also want to go to the bathroom.” The fifth brother took a sip and went out.

Within a minute, he ran back in a hurry.


Sasha and a woman are fighting.”

“Ah Who dares to bully my sister” Yuwei put down her chopsticks and picked up a beer bottle.

“Lets go and have a look,” Bai Ming said, taking the lead to stand up.

But when they were about to go out, the door of the room was pushed open with great force.

Liu Shasha rushed in with a pale face and a pink palm print on her left cheek.

“Yuwei, Shiya, lets go!” said Liu Shasha loudly.

Behind her, Yunlei ran in, and there was also a red mark on his face.

While this mark was left by Liu Shasha, the red mark on Liu Shashas face was left by Miao Li.

“Shasha, listen to me…” Yunlei ran to Liu Sasa and said.

“Get lost!” Liu Shasha said frostily, her mind was full of the taunts and insults just made by the woman.

She felt wronged, but even more angry.

Zi Shiya and Yuwei hurried to pick up their bags.

Zi Shiya sent Zhao Feng a message: “Come to the seaside club to pick us up.”

Yunleis face was darkened as well.

Bai Ming guessed what had happened.

He thought about it and said, “Lets go back first.”

Liu Shasha took the lead to go out, and Bai Ming and others followed her.

When they were waiting for the elevator, they suddenly saw seven people walk out of room 001 not far ahead.

“Its them.

Stop them!”

Miao Li, with heavy makeup, found them.

She was holding a handkerchief in her right hand and pressing it on the right side of her chin, where there were three scratches left by Liu Shashas fingernails.

The six men around Miao Li came running quickly, and those in front of the elevator were shocked.

These six strong bodyguards were so frightening.

But the third and fifth brother in Yunleis dormitory were drunk and thus not afraid of them.

“Dammit.” They were scolding and preparing to rush up, but Bai Ming stopped them in time.

“Behave yourself!” Bai Ming stared at them.

When they stopped, the six men had surrounded them.

Miao Li strode over and sneered.

“Bring them in!”

“Wait,” Bai Ming took two steps forward, stood in front of Liu Shasha and others, and said, “Miao Li, my friend has drunk too much.

If there is any misunderstanding, wait until they sober up.

Is that ok”

“Bai Ming” Miao Li was surprised, then grinned and said, “Master Bai, Im sorry, I cant agree.”

“Hum” Bai Mings eyes were fixed on Miao Li, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

“I have the same social status as your brother.

How dare you threaten me”

“Miao Li, dont you recognize me Its me who brought them here today, so I must take them away.

I dont want to have a conflict with your brother.

If there is a misunderstanding, lets talk about it tomorrow,” Bai Ming said impatiently

It could be seen that he wanted to take these people away safely, which showed that he also had his own principles.

“Hahaha…” Miao Li suddenly laughed, and then looked at Bai Ming meaningfully.

“Master Bai, I dont look down on you, but my brother is accompanying Li Kun, Master Li, to drink.

I have just said that I would bring someone to Master Li, but you want to take these people away.

OK, I promise you, but what if Master Li is not happy Then dont blame me for not warning you.”

“Hum” Bai Ming was confused.


Suddenly, he thought of something, which made his face turn pale for a second and his eyes fill with fear.

“Master Li” he cried out uncontrollably.

“Dont you know him” Miao Li sneered.

“This…” Bai Ming was at a loss.

“Do you want to go or not Make a decision!” Miao Li frowned and said impatiently.

She looked at Liu Shasha with menace, which made the girl turn pale.

The students realized at this time that Miao Li was not one they could dare to provoke.

“Lets go in with them,” Bai Ming took a deep breath and said.

“Hahaha.” Miao Li laughed and turned to enter room 001.

Her six bodyguards also followed in without worrying about these students trying to escape because they would not dare!

“Alas… Lets go.” Bai Ming sighed heavily and said, “There is no other way.

No matter what they say or do, we must endure it, or they might kill us for offending that young master.

Im not joking.”

Yunlei and the others faces became full of fear.

Before they asked, Bai Ming sighed and explained, “You should have heard about the Li family.

Li Kun is Li Zhenlongs youngest son.”

“Really” The others facial expressions changed again.

Zi Shiya was also stunned.

She had also heard of Li Zhenlong.

The Li family had a deep foundation and a high position in Hong Kong, and its financial strength and influence were even stronger than that of the Zi family.

Hearing that the stranger to be faced had such a background, Zi Shiya was also worried.

“What can I do” Yunlei had already begun to panic and was very afraid of being punished for his fault.

Because he knew that for a man as cruel as Li Kun, punishing him was as simple as crushing an ant to death.

“Li Kun is the local despot of Hong Kong and his family is so powerful.

Youd better…” Bai Ming sighed and continued, “But he may not care about this matter because Miao Jiang is not worth his help.

After entering the room, you must be careful.

As long as you dont annoy Master Li, he shouldnt do anything to you.

No matter what happens, you have to bear it.

Remember.” .

After that, Bai Ming led the way to room 001.

Although his voice was still calm, his shaking hands revealed his extreme fear.

In fear and anxiety, the others followed Bai Ming into room 001.

There were eight or nine people sitting in the spacious room, four or five of whom were well-dressed and had clearly been leaders for a long time.

Seeing clearly the scene in the room, Bai Ming was even more desperate, for there were so many big men present.

Li Kun was sitting on the innermost side, silent and quiet.

Behind him were two men in their early 20s.

They were expressionless but made the newcomers feel uncontrollably scared.

Miao Jiang was sitting on the outside, which showed that he was the follower of Li Kuns follower.

“Xiao Li, is that them” Miao Jiang asked.

“Yes, the one with yellow hair in the middle hit me.” Miao Li stared at Liu Shasha.

“Well…” Apart from looking at the men beside him, Miao Jiang didnt know what to say.

To be honest, Li Kuns existence also brought him a lot of pressure.

He didnt dare to say too much and didnt know how to deal with it.

He was complaining in silence because originally, Miao Li didnt want to mention it, and all this was caused by the bad idea of Mr.

Luo on the right, which made Miao Jiang so embarrassed at present.

He couldnt help cursing Mr.

Luo to himself.

The middle-aged man sitting beside Miao Jiang shook his head slightly and said, “You can deal with it as you like.

Why do you always look at me”

“OK.” Miao Jiang nodded, thought about it, and then looked at Liu Shasha and the others.

“Each of you, except for Bai Ming, slap yourself 20 times.

Start now.”

Yunlei and others exchanged looks of fear and gritted their teeth.

Just when they were about to start…

Suddenly, Li Kun at the innermost side said, “Whats the point of such a light punishment Your sister has been beaten.

Are you going to punish them like this”


As soon as this remark was made, the atmosphere in the room cooled totally.

“Master Li, Im sorry.

Im afraid that a heavy punishment will affect your mood of drinking tea.” Miao Jiang flattered him.

“Just pretend Im not here, and deal with it as usual,” Li Kun said, leaning back on the sofa, looking at everyone with a little interest.

For him, this matter was just a seasoning.

“Yes.” Miao Jiang nodded and looked at the pale Yunlei and others again.

In a cold voice, he said, “Break their legs!”

The two men standing behind him went over to the students.

The temperature in the room seemed to be dropping sharply.

Liu Shasha was so scared at the moment.

She hadnt expected that she would be in such big trouble today.

Zi Shiyas face also turned pale.

Seeing the two men approaching, she gritted her teeth and said, “Wait.”


Everyones gaze turned to the girl.

Zi Shiya said, “Im from the Zi family in Singapore.

Even if we are wrong today, we shouldnt be punished like this.”

Zi Shiya spoke while staring at Li Kun.

She had no choice but to rely on the influence of the Zi family.

“Singapore… Hahaha, little sister, this is Hong Kong,” a middle-aged man said with a smile.

However, Li Kun thought about it and found it more interesting.

“Finally there is a girl with social status! Very good.”

He smiled and nodded.

“You are from the Zi family, and you are qualified to be punished by me.

Its interesting.

Lets start another game and Ill give you a chance.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Under the gaze of the crowd, Li Kun thought for a moment and clapped his hands.

“Now that you are from the Zi family, Ill give you five minutes.

If you can call someone to suppress me, then Ill let it go.

If you fail, all 10 of you must run naked downstairs.

OK, thats settled.

Its fair.”

Everyone around Li Kun laughed and seemed to be looking forward to the result.

While Yuwei and Liu Shasha were pale and trembling, Yunlei and his roommates went blank.

Even Bai Ming was a little desperate because Master Li had said “10 of you”, which included him!

In despair, Zi Shiyas facial expression changed constantly.

What else could she do, since Li Kun even didnt care about the influence of the Zi family

She wanted to contact her family, but could the Zi familys influence in Hong Kong suppress the Li family

She began to worry.

“Wait, my sister


“Zhao Feng is nearby!”

As time passed, she quickly took out her mobile phone, found Zhao Fengs number and dialed it.

Anyway, her sister had accumulated some social relations in Hong Kong in all these years, so she decided to call Zhao Feng first and hope that he would come soon.

Soon after, when the phone was connected, Zi Shiya whispered quickly, “Hello.

Were in trouble.

Its Li Kun from the Li family and he doesnt care that Im from the Zi family.

Do you have any ideas…” she said in a helpless tone.

But soon, in less than a second, she was relieved by Zhao Fengs calm voice.

“Wait for me, one minute.” Then he hung up.

Li Kun and his followers all looked at Zi Shiya as if she were a joke.

At the same time…

In front of the seaside club, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, and Ah Hu got out of the car and walked in quickly.

Zhao Fengs face stiffened.

He had long heard of the famous Li family and Li Zhenlong.

Zhao Feng was not afraid of Li Zhenlong however powerful he was.

It was Li Zhan, his father, who was terrifying actually.

Li Zhan ranked third on the list of martial artists of Hong Kong!

He was a Grand Master!

Hearing his name made people shiver!

This was terrible!

Zhao Feng thought he might be in trouble.


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