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“Ah, Shasha, whats going on today Im still a bit confused.

How can you fight against each other” Yuwei asked curiously.

“I…” Liu Shasha, who was a little depressed, didnt know where to start.

“Is it about Yunlei” Zi Shiya said hesitantly.

Although she didnt finish speaking, everyone understood her meaning.

“Yes, hes having an affair with the woman who stopped us before,” Liu Shasha said in a low voice.

“What Hes having an affair Is he dating both of you” Yuwei opened her eyes wide and said angrily, “Why didnt you say that earlier Well teach him a lesson!”

“I dont want to talk to him,” Liu Shasha said, keeping her head down.

“Well, just forget that playboy,” Zi Shiya said.

“I didnt find any clues before.

What a liar he is!” Yuwei hummed.


Then, the three of them began chatting.

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, and Ah Hu remained silent all the way, yet it was also interesting to listen to the girls conversation.

They couldnt help sighing with emotion.

“Its nice to be young.”

Although they were twenty-five-year-old and twenty-six-year-old young men, they were still envious of the 18-year-old boys and girls, who were happy and carefree, regardless of whether they went to college or wandered around.

It took nearly an hour to drive back to New Moon Bay from the seaside park.

Along the way, the three girls spent the first half hour talking in the back seat and accusing the playboy.

Gradually, Zi Shiya and Yuwei began to actively talk about something interesting.

Ah Hu and Xu Yong would join the discussion from time to time to keep the atmosphere lively and make Liu Shasha feel better.

“Our company is ahead.

Let me show you where you live,” said Zhao Feng.

“Okay.” Zi Shiya nodded.

Upon looking forward, they saw a building with brilliant lights.

The main building, which contained 17 floors in total, was not tall.

However, it was wide and bright.

To be specific, the decorative lights outside the stairs made the whole building look magnificent.

The car was driven into the underground parking lot.

Unlike ordinary parking lots, the lights there were brighter and the ground was tidier.

After getting off, Yuwei looked left and right and exclaimed, “So many luxury cars Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis… Wow, isnt this the only Maybach in the world How come it is here That one over there is also a special-edition car…”

Liu Shasha was stunned.

She saw so many luxury cars parked in the same place for the first time.

This strong sense of wealth made her dizzy.

“So many cars… Are they all yours” Zi Shiya was astonished.

This collection of cars could compete with the Zi familys motorcade.

“They all belong to the boss,” Zhao Feng replied with a chuckle.

He glanced at the cars at random and then headed for the side elevator.

“Xu Yong, take them up first.

I have to talk to Instructor Liu about something.”


Thus, they went into two elevators.

Xu Yong took Zi Shiya and her friends to the ninth floor.

“Director Xu.” A man and a woman in formal attire greeted them at the counter in the hall.

“Hello,” replied Xu Yong.

Then, he told the girls, “There are waiters at the service desk 24 hours a day.

You can call them if you need anything.”

“Okay, thanks.” Yuwei nodded.

“The innermost rooms here are already occupied.

The rooms on the side and the rooms on the right are empty, so you can choose any one of them,” said Xu Yong.

“The nearest three.” Zi Shiya pointed at the nearest three rooms.

Upon entering her room, Liu Shasha was surprised to see the exquisite, luxurious decoration.

They put down their luggage and chatted for a few minutes.

Then, Zhao Feng came up and waved at Zi Shiya.

“Ill go to my sisters for a while.

Lets go on with the subject when I get back,” Zi Shiya said before she ran out happily.

“Brother Zhao Feng, how valuable is my brother-in-law” asked Zi Shiya as she looked at Zhao Feng curiously in the elevator.

“Er…” Zhao Feng smiled helplessly and said, “His value cannot be measured.

Let me put it this way… There are three billion in his bank account that can be spent at will.”

“Wow,” Zi Shiya said, sticking out her tongue, “Ill tell my mother later.”

Zhao Feng smiled and said nothing.

After getting on the extended Rolls Royce phantom, Zi Shiya took out her cell phone and dialed Dong Lings number.

“Mom, alas, my brother-in-law is very powerful.

Hes on the same level with the elder of the Li family.

There are countless luxury cars in his garage.

He has three billion yuan in cash.

Im right, my sister is so excellent, so her husband must be very good…”

Upon hearing that, Zhao Feng grinned.

“This is just the surface.

The most powerful thing about my master is his strength!”

While listening to the conversation between Zi Shiya and her mother, Zhao Feng thought that this trip to Singapore should be very interesting.

At the same time…

In a ward of the First Hospital in the Seaside District…

The comatose Li Kun was going through infusion.

His left cheek was covered with gauze, and his head was covered with several bandages.

In front of him stood more than ten well-dressed men.

Li Zhenlong, the leader, had turned livid with rage.

Beside him, a beautiful lady sobbed and said angrily, “Zhenlong, this is not right! They knew that he was Li Kun and dared to beat him like this.

They were obviously provoking the Li family!”

Upon hearing her words, the several middle-aged men standing behind looked bad.

They didnt say anything, but they felt a small headache.

“How can a little thing cause such big trouble Now that it happened, do you still need to trace the reason”

“But… What about getting back at them”

“Getting back at Grand Master Zhang”

“Who can take on this task”

“Fierce Zhang is worth his title.

Only Elder Li could resist him if he was provoked.”

Upon thinking of Zhang Hans achievements, they were still frightened.

No one stood up to take the task, because no one dared to face Zhang Han!

“Good! Does Zhang Hanyang think no one can defeat him in Hong Kong” Li Zhenlong said in a sarcastic tone.

“He is too arrogant if he despises the Li family.

Does he think we wont get angry

“If he cant give me a satisfactory answer to this matter, I will go to the old house and ask the elder to deal with it!

“The elder has not fought with anyone for a long time.

It seems that they all have forgotten how powerful Li Zhan was when he suppressed all the martial artists in Hong Kong!”

“Li Hui, go to New Moon Bay tomorrow morning and ask him what he means! He has to make it clear! Otherwise, the Li family will not forgive him!”

Li Zhenlong looked back at a man who was in his early thirties.

He was Li Hui.

Right now, he was stupefied and confused.

“Why me I dont want to go…”

However, upon listening to the words of the family head and looking at his eyes, Li Hui had no choice but to reply, “Okay.”

Then, he turned to look at the people around him.

Unfortunately, everyone else was avoiding his gaze.

They didnt want to go at all.

Li Hui wanted to ask two people to accompany him, but he hesitated for a long time before finally giving up.

Only the head of the family could assign this task, so Li Hui would only offend others by doing so.

“Im so unlucky.

Why did I come here today”

Li Hui was roaring deep inside.

At Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

It was nine oclock when Zi Shiya arrived.

Zhang Han was playing the piano while Zi Yan was sitting on the side sofa with Mengmeng in her arms.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng both blinked up at Zhang Han, one of them full of love and the other full of adoration.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng and Zi Shiya walked in.

They stopped by the wall and listened to the other half of the piano song.

Zi Shiya looked left and right before she finally fixed her eyes on Zhang Hans back.

“He can play the piano”

“He plays very well.”

“My brother-in-law is very handsome.

He can cook, take care of children, and play the piano.

Whats important is that hes rich and holds a high position.”

“Wow, hes perfect!”

“I know that my brother-in-law must be extraordinary.

After all, my sister has a good taste.”

By now, Zi Shiyas attitude towards Zhang Han had changed.

A good man would satisfy his wife and make other women jealous.

Zi Shiya stood behind the family until Zhang Hans song was over.

She clapped and praised him, “Nice, brother-in-law!”

“Huh” Mengmeng, who was surprised, looked at her with big shining eyes.

“This was what I wanted to say.”

“My Papa is powerful…” Mengmeng mumbled.

“Ha ha ha…” Zi Yan smiled and looked at Zi Shiya in surprise.

“Why is she looking at my husband the way my fans look at me”

“Its so strange.”

“Shiya Come and sit down.” Zi Yan took Mengmengs hand and walked over to the sofa.

“Mama, I want to watch cartoons,” said Mengmeng.

“Okay.” Zi Yan took the remote control and turned on the TV.

The little girl sat next to her and started watching cartoons.

Zhang Han shut the pianos cover and went to sit beside them.

“Brother-in-law, you are so powerful!” Zi Shiya looked at Zhang Han and said, “Sister, why didnt you tell me earlier Ive been worried.”

“My Papa is always powerful,” Mengmeng said seriously as she turned her head.

Zi Yan was a little confused.

Looking at Zi Shiya, she asked, “What happened”

“This…” Zi Shiya hesitated.

“They were bullied when they went to the party, so I helped them.

The other side was Li Kun from the Li family.

The elder of the Li family is Li Zhan, who ranks third on the martial artists list,” Zhao Feng explained simply.

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded his head to show that he knew the family.

Zhao Fengs mouth trembled slightly.

“Well, I knew master would ignore them.”

“Im sorry, sister.

Ive caused you trouble,” Zi Shiya said guiltily.

“Its alright.” Zhang Han shook his head and smiled at the girl.

“Feng is right.

In this case, they should be punished.

If their elder comes, just leave him to me.”

“Well… Okay.” Zi Shiya looked at Zhang Hans calm face in a daze.

She was a little surprised as she realized that her brother-in-law was so arrogant.

“Eh By the way, I just called my mother and told her that my brother-in-law is very powerful.

She said that… except for my father and uncle, the owner and the other members of the family were against you, especially Aunt Fang Huan.

During the meeting, they said some very harsh words.

Moreover, I heard from my mother that Aunt Fang Huan knew that my brother-in-law was going to propose marriage and also promise the marriage of the Fan family.

I dont know what she meant.

The Fan family will come over the day after tomorrow.” Zi Shiya told them what she had just learned from the call.

She showed full respect for her sister and brother-in-law.

Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “Let me call and ask them.”

She took out her cell phone and dialed Xu Xinyus number.

After chatting for five minutes, Zi Yan hung up, looked at Zhang Han and said, “I just asked them.

After Aunt Dong told the owner about our affairs, they didnt make any comments.

They are determined to do it according to their own plan.

It seems that they want to compare you to the Fan family.”

“Its annoying.

This must be Fang Huans idea.” Zi Shiya complained.


According to what Zi Yan had said on the phone and later chats, Zhang Han had learned that after Elder Zi had been abdicated, he had begun to live his life without asking about his family affairs.

Nowadays, the relationship between the clans was increasingly estranged, and the family rules had become stricter.

All this was because Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan had taken over the power.

Zi Shiya left at 10:30 p.m.

When she went back with Zhao Feng, she said she would come for breakfast the next morning.


She overslept in the morning because she and Yuwei had been chatting with Liu Shasha, who was in a bad mood, until two oclock in the morning.

When she woke up, she realized it was already nine oclock.

Thus, she went to the service desk and asked the staff to take them downstairs.

Ah Hu met them and took them to breakfast.

The three of them used this opportunity to ask questions, so Ah Hu made a brief introduction about the restaurant.

Only then did they find out that the small restaurant… was so special!

It was only open for three hours a day, and all the membership cards priced at 10 million were sold out.

This really shocked them and refreshed Liu Shashas world view.

She felt that poverty had limited her imagination.

She had never expected that a restaurant could be managed like this.

Just as they were all surprised…

At nine oclock, the restaurant had returned to peace.

However, a well-dressed man, Li Chang, came to complete his task.

A black Bentley stopped slowly on the road in front of the restaurant.

Li Hui walked over sternly with black sunglasses on his face.

As he walked all the way to the door of the restaurant, he maintained a cold expression.

However, as soon as he opened the door, he smiled.

“Do you want something” Zhao Feng, who was sitting on one side, asked while he turned his head.


Im Li Feng from the Li family.

I need to consult Mr.

Zhang about something.” Li Hui kept smiling.

“Just tell me.” Zhao Feng stood up and looked at him calmly.

“Here… Okay.” Li Feng coughed softly and said, “Are you Zhao Feng Did you hit someone yesterday Im here to ask your opinion.

The damage you caused is a little serious, so we need an explanation.”

In the face of Zhao Feng, he didnt feel any pressure.

Thus, he asked what he wanted directly.

“What kind of explanation do you want” Zhao Feng frowned and sneered.

“Do you know who Li Kun bullied yesterday The younger sister of my masters wife.

If my master had been there, Li Kun would have been killed.

If the Li family is not convinced, let your elder come here in person!”

Then, Zhao Feng turned around, sat down, and looked at his cell phone again.

Lis expression was a little stiff.

After thinking about it, he nodded.

“Well, excuse me.

Ill report this truthfully when I get back.”

Then, he turned to leave the restaurant and go back to his Bentley, which drove away slowly.

“Brother, Im done asking.

This is really troublesome, as the person Xiaoguang bullied yesterday was Zhang Hans wifes sister.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng went there yesterday instead of Mr.


Otherwise, his life might have been… Ah, their attitude is very clear now.

If we want to get an explanation, we must ask the elder to come forward.

I think it will be our fault if we dont…”

Before he had finished speaking, the phone was hung up.

In the main house of the Li family, Li Zhenlong felt as sick as though he had eaten a fly.

His expression was very gloomy.

At the same time, he was still scared.

If Zhang Han had gone to the club yesterday, he would have killed Li Kun!

“Am I in the wrong” Li Zhenlong closed his eyes, feeling extremely depressed.

“Isnt the Li family ever afraid of anyone”

“Why would a man who has only come to Hong Kong for a few months dare to provoke the Li family”

“Come on!” Li Zhenlong suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Prepare a car and Ill go to the old house!”

He planned to tell the elder about it.

Even if he couldnt bear it, he would make the Li family remember it!

In the morning, Zi Shiya and her friends simply ate breakfast and then went to the restaurant.

They talked and laughed till noon.

Yuwei was almost moved to tears by the rich lunch!

“I dont want to leave.

Its so delicious.

Brother Zhang, is there a shortage of waiters at the restaurant Ill stay…”

Everyone was amused by her.

Zi Shiya covered her forehead helplessly.

“My friend gives me such a headache!”

“But my brother-in-laws cooking is very good.”


After lunch, Zi Shiya and her friends were sent away by Xu Yong.

They agreed that when Zhang Han went to propose the day after tomorrow, Zi Shiya would ask for leave and return to Singapore to attend Zi Yans engagement ceremony.

The day passed quickly.

At nine oclock the next morning…

“Honey, what about this dress” Zi Yan said as she walked out of the bedroom in a beige dress and turned around in front of Zhang Han with a smile.

She was very happy because her album release was about to start soon, so she was thinking about what to wear.

“Beautiful,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Mama is very beautiful.” Mengmeng raised her little arm and gave her opinion.

“Oh, you say Im beautiful all the time.

Which one should I wear Its hard to make a decision.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

“Sister Yan, you look beautiful in all the clothes you wear.

Just wear this suit,” Zhou Fei said casually.

“Ill try another skirt.” Zi Yan looked in the mirror and walked back to her bedroom.

A few minutes later, she came out in a light pink skirt that stopped over her knees.

Her long white legs were very attractive.

“Honey, what about this one” Zi Yan asked again as she turned around.

“So beautiful!” Mengmeng cheered.

“Well, wear this one with a necklace and a watch.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

“Well, thats it.” Zi Yan looked in the mirror again.

Then, she followed Zhang Han into the bedroom, put on a necklace and watch, and then went out.

She and Zhou Fei got on the black Maybach exelero in front of her.

After driving the limited-edition Bugatti for several days, Zhou Fei wanted to change car.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng got on the extended Rolls Royce phantom driven by Zhao Feng.

Zi Yan was going to hold a press conference, and they were going to watch it off stage.

The two cars drove for more than half an hour and arrived at the Royal Entertainment Company at 9:45 a.m.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan were welcomed into the company by Meiqi.

After Zhao Feng, Zhang Han and Mengmeng got out, Wu Chengdong, who was not far away, limped over to them.

“Welcome, Mr.


Please come in.

I have arranged a quiet place for you,” Wu Chengdong said with a warm smile.

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