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Chapter 435 The New Patriarch

Mengmeng seemed to have a kind of charm that made people feel happy.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyus moods were quickly changing for the better, and even the depression caused by Fang Huans scolding, completely disappeared.

It seemed that Mengmeng had become the center of the world, attracting everyones attention.

Out of love for Mengmeng, Zi Qiangs attitude towards Zhang Han had improved.

Xu Xinyu looked at Zhang Han carefully, and became increasingly satisfied with her son-in-law.

“Han is really a talent.

Come on and sit down.” Xu Xinyu, holding Zi Yan in one hand and Zhang Han in the other, asked them to sit beside her.

Then she looked at Su Long and the others, and said with a smile, “Please sit down, gentlemen.”

“I dont deserve it…”

Many people shook their heads and sat down beside them.

At this time, Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan returned to the main seats, both with pale faces.

The series of events that happened made people in the square dumbfounded.

“Zi Yan is back!”

“With her husband and her daughter!”

But…her husbands identity was like the sun in the sky.

It was so high that no one could breathe, when facing him.

Each part of him, in their eyes, was like an insurmountable mountain.

Looking at Zi Qingtian and Fang Huans expressions, everyone understood that.

The Zi family had been following extremely strict rules for years.



Zhang crushed all these rules without any hesitation!

No, before he came, his identity had already broken those rules!

The meaning of this could only be imagined.

At this moment, there was only one sentence looping in everyones mind.

“Zi Qiang and his family are bound to rise very quickly!”

Zi Yu, who sat on the side of the main seat and never spoke, also made it clear at this time.

Looking at Zi Qingtian and Fang Huans face, he knew that their family had lost their dignity at the party today.

In order to protect his fathers last dignity as a patriarch.

He chose to stand up and look at Zhang Han, saying in a loud voice,

“We welcome Mr.

Zhang and your proposal of marriage.

But I hope Mr.

Zhang knows that you are in the Zi family, and the leader and representative of the family is still sitting here.

According to the rules, Mr.

Zhang must first obtain the consent of Zi Yans parents, and then…”

When he spoke, the eyes of many people on the scene, also turned to him.

Su Long and his friends frowned slightly.

“Isnt that a provocation when you say that at this time”

Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan, as well as their followers, looked at Zi Yu, and wanted to say something, but finally all that they wanted to express, turned into a sigh.

There was bitterness on his face.

“At this point, it was no use saying more.

Since he wants to say something, just let him do so.

And what he quoted is indeed in the Zi family rules.”


Before he had finished speaking, Zhang Han gave him an indifferent look.

Zhang Han seemed to be looking at a stranger, and his expression was colder than before.

Before Zi Yu finished, he interrupted,

“Can you represent the Zi family”

Zhang Hans tone was flat and his voice was not loud, but everyone present could hear him clearly!

It also made Zi Yu quiet, although his expression showed that he was struggling.

He wanted to say, “I can!”

But what he was used to saying often, now seemed to choke him!

He was under too much pressure!

“If you can represent the Zi family, I will go to another place to propose to my father-in-law and mother-in-law.” Zhang Han said calmly.

Although his words were not severe, they made all the Zis afraid!

Because the implication of these words was too complicated.

After hearing the words, the members of the Fan family and the Liang family at the back, became angry and sneered at Zi Han.

“If Mr.

Zhang agrees, the Fan family can arrange a place!”

“We have not had a celebration in the Liangs house for a long time.”

“He Bancheng can also arrange an excellent place for Mr.



Every time Zi Qingtian heard a persons invitation to Zhang Han, his face turned paler than before.

At the end, all of his followers looked ghastly pale.

“Now, I want to know, can you represent the Zi family” Zhang Han looked at Zi Qingtian, and said calmly.

As soon as he said that, everyone present was shocked.

In particular, all the people in the lower square gathered at the edge of the platform, and observed the situation carefully.

Hearing this, many young people in the Zi family trembled with excitement.

“He is so powerful!”


Zhang is so powerful that even the patriarch dared not say anything.”

Zi Feng, standing in front of the crowd, was the most excited and he was silently shouting,

“The rules have been overridden, they are finally broken!”

Though these kind of strict rules and regulations seemed to improve the Zi family a lot, they were actually like a millstone around everyones neck.

Zi Feng believed that he should be given a larger stage, and so did all the members of the Zis.

But all their hopes were dashed by the harsh family rules.

What happened today gave him new hope, and made him feel excited.

Facing Zhang Hans question.

Zi Yu was speechless, and he also realized that if he dared to say anything more, Zi Qiangs family would be separated from the Zi clan.

He could not make himself a sinner of the Zi family, which was also understood by Zi Qingtian, Fang Huan and others.

This sort of statement…

No one could afford that.

“They really do not represent the Zi family.”

Just then, an old voice came from behind.

When they looked around, they saw Zi Jiangshan, a legendary figure of the Zi family, walking slowly towards the crowd, with a mahogany crutch in the shape of a dragon head in his right hand.

Next to him were two aged men, Zi Long and Zi Hu!

The two early-stage martial arts master were the last cards of the Zi family.

They had been cultivating in a yard at the elder Zis main residence, and were rarely seen by others.

Accompanying the three were elders, Fan Congfeng and Liang Li.

The presence of the elders made many people in the Zi family stand up.

Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan hurried out to help elder Zi.

But Zi Jiangshan waved them away and refused their help.

Looking at Zi Qingtian in disappointment, Zi Jiangshan shook his head, left Zi Qingtian and walked to Zi Qiangs side.


Zi Qingtian nearly fell, and his face turned even paler than before.

Fang Huan beside him, as well as the core members of his faction, were also overcome by despair.

There was only one sentence in their minds…

“It is over.”

“Nice to meet you, Grand Master Zhang.

We are Zi Long and Zi Hu of the Zi family.”

When they came near, they first made a respectful gesture to Zhang Han.

“Dont be so courteous.”

Zhang Han stopped them, and then turned to look at Zi Jiangshan calmly.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu and others hurriedly stood up and welcomed Zi Jiangshan and his companions, and asked them to sit down.

During this period, Zi Yan pursed her lips, blinked, and looked at Zhang Han with pride.

“My husband is so powerful!”

After Zi Jiangshan sat down, he happened to be seated beside Zhang Han.

He looked at Zhang Han calmly, then at Mengmeng who climbed into Zhang Hans arms.

He said with a smile,

“Little girl, why are you so beautiful”

Mengmeng was surprised at his words, and then buried her head into Zhang Hans arms.

“My MaMa is much more beautiful, and my PaPa is quite handsome!”

Zi Jiangshan shook his head with a smile, reached into his pocket with his right hand, took out an old-fashioned candy, and handed it to Mengmeng, “Here is a candy for you.”

“Hmmm…” Mengmeng took a glance at Zi Yan.

After she nodded, the little girl happily took the candy and said, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Ha ha ha ha…” Zi Jiangshan laughed happily.

Seeing this, Zi Qiang almost laughed.

Looking at Mengmengs expression, he knew that the girl was happier to get this candy than his red envelope.

“Yan has grown up too,” Zi Jiangshan said with a smile, “I still remember when you were a child.

Time flies fast, and you have a capable husband.

Its very good.”

In the end, Zi Jiangshan was looking at Zhang Han.

He was not only praising Zi Yan, but also praising Zhang Hans outstanding performance.

After that, Zi Jiangshan turned his head, slowly stood up, supported by crutches, and walked forward a few steps.

He looked around the platform and the people in the square, and announced in a loud voice,

“Family harmony is the basis for success in any undertaking.”

“Before I retired, I once said that the former patriarch should act in accordance with the rules and regulations, and I hoped that the Zi family could still remain the same.

Compared with him, Zi Qingtian has more ambitions.

But I remember that when he took over the family, I also saidfamily harmony is the basis for success in any undertaking.”

Zi Jiangshans words made Zi Qingtian, Fang Huan and others lower their heads instantly.

“A few years ago, I occasionally paid attention to the development of the Zi family, and I also heard about the increasingly strict rules.

But I did not intervene, because the Zi family did make progress under such rules.

After I die, I would not be ashamed to face the ancestors.”

“Now, Ive heard about what happened in the past two years and today, I have mixed feelings.”

“I wont say any more.

I will announce my decision directly.”

All the expressions on the faces of the members of Zi Qingtians faction changed immediately.

It was obvious that Zi Jaingshan might announce that Zi Qiang would be the new patriarch next!

Although the rules set by their faction were very strict, they made the family progress, which was their contribution to the family.

Why were they regarded as sinners now

They turned to Zi Qingtian, but found that he had already calmed down.

Instead of feeling angry or resentful because he had lost the position as the head of the family, he just sat there quietly.

At this time, all the Zi family and other family members, no matter on the platform or in the square, focused their attention on Zi Jiangshan.

When they were guessing, Zi Jiangshan announced,

“I declare that Zi Qiang will be the new patriarch of the Zi family!”

After that, Zi Jiangshan slowly walked back to the chair and sat down.

The silence in the square lasted for ten seconds, and then, there was an uproar.

The change in the Zi family leadership was a big event!

Patriarch Liang, Patriarch Fan and secretary Yuan who were sitting at the back, shook their heads slightly.

If Zi Jiangshan was ten years younger, they would regard him as a cunning old man.

But at this time, they all knew that Zi Jiangshan was making arrangements for the affairs, after his death.

Zi Jiangshan was a legend of Singapores business community, and even secretary Yuan and Su Long admired him.

One reason was that while Zi Jiangshan was still in power, he donated nearly 10 billion yuan.

The second reason was that five years ago, a Heaven-grade medicinal pellet appeared at an auction in the martial arts world, that could prolong peoples life.

Though the Zi family had the means to bid for it, Zi Jiangshan shook his head and gave up, saying optimistically that death was a natural law.

One year ago, as he became older, another medicinal pellet with the same function appeared, but he still did not bid for it.

His view of life and death was admirable.

So everyone could understand and support the decision he made today.

With Zhang Han and Zhang Hans father-in-law, the Zi family would rise and thrive for a hundred years!

“Zi Qiang, go and say something.” Zi Jiangshan waved at Zi Qiang with a smile.

“Ah This is…”

Zi Qiang was already confused, and did not know what he was going to do.

“Patriarch I never expected this position! Why am I the patriarch”

“My son-in-law is too powerful, right He helped me become the patriarch”

“Let me say something.

What should I say”

While Zi Qiangs mind was still in a whirl, Xu Xinyu did not know what to say, either.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Qiang and encouraged him with a smile,

“My father-in-law, just follow your heart.

Take the position if you want to be a patriarch, or give it up if you dont want it.”

Zi Qiang was enlightened and he nodded at Zhang Han.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

The crowd gradually quieted down.

They knew that when Zi Qiang opened his eyes, he would have come to a decision.

All of them held their breath.

One second, two seconds… one minute passed.

Zi Qiang exhaled deeply and opened his eyes.

His expression was peaceful.

He smiled, stood up and walked to the center of the platform, make an obeisance and said in a loud voice,

“Thanks for your support, from now on, I will lead the Zi family and do my best to make it stronger!”

When he finished speaking.

Many people around him took the lead in clapping.

Gradually, everyone began applauding and cheering.

In any case, Zi Qiang was now the new leader of the Zi family, and with that mans support, his position must be unshakable, so he certainly deserved everyones congratulations.

At the same time, many people were still in shock.

They didnt expect to come to the party today, and witness the birth of the new Zi family leader.

It was amazing.

Amid the thunderous applause, Zi Qiang looked at the lonely man in the central seat.

He raised his hand and let the applause subside.

He cleared his throat and said in a loud voice,

“Now I want to announce my first order.

Zi Qingtian will be the deputy patriarch of the Zi family.”

While talking, he looked at Zi Qingtian, held out his right hand and said, “Brother, would you like to join hands with me to lead the Zi family to prosperity”


Zi Qingtian seemed to be hit by lightning and was at a loss.

Fang Huan was also confused.

Instead of being happy with the news, she looked at Zi Qiang in a daze, and felt as if her heart was broken, which was her world view.

Many people were stunned.

These included lots of celebrities in high positions.

In the back row, Patriarch Liang looked at Zi Qiang admiringly, and said slowly in a low voice,

“It reminds me of what a great man once said,Forgive yourself, forgive those who have hurt you, make people admire you for your virtue, and only then will you become an outstanding leader.”

“Brother Zi Qiang is not an ordinary person, and I didnt expect him to be so generous.

The Zi family is really going to rise.” Patriarch Fan kept shaking his head.

Many people were surprised, including Zi Jiangshan, who was stunned at first, and then smiled with relief.

Even Zhang Han felt a little surprised, for he didnt expect that his father-in-law had such virtues, which meant Zi Qiang was really suitable to be a patriarch.

He had met lots of patriarchs of like Zi Qiang in the Cultivation World, so he knew that it was better to make others admire you for your virtues, than to use force to suppress others.

Gradually, there was silence on the platform, and many people were looking at Zi Qingtian.

In a daze, he stood up and walked slowly to Zi Qiang, after being reminded by the aged man beside him.

Then he held Zi Qiang tightly with his trembling right hand, and then covered his face with his left hand and cried.

He had thousands of words to say, but did not know how to express them, as he was now filled with guilt and admiration for Zi Qiang.

Zi Qiang smiled and patted Zi Qingtians arm.

Fang Huan, who was sitting at the back, stood up and walked to Zi Qiang.

She bowed deeply, and with reddened eyes, said in a trembling voice, “Im sorry.”

Then she turned and bowed to the platform.

“Im sorry.”

Again she turned and bowed to the square, “Im sorry.”

“Ive done a lot of heartless things over the years and I apologize for my faults to you.

I will never be involved in family affairs in the future…”

The words of Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan put the Zi family in a complicated mood.

“Now I want to state the second point.” Zi Qiang smiled and said in a loud voice, “I announce that the family rules and regulations are abolished so that people with abilities can get their due status.

No matter if you are of the direct line of descent or not, young or old, as long as you have the ability, the family will cultivate you!”


In an instant, in the square, many members of the Zi family began cheering, especially Zi Feng, who was shouting and crying excitedly.

He has been suppressed for a long time, and today, he finally regained some hope.

“Third, the younger generation of the Zi family.” Zi Qiang smiled playfully and said in a loud voice, “You can love anyone freely!”


If they had been indoors, the shouts could even bring down the roof.

A young girl from the Zi family looked at a man a few meters away, and then she rushed over to hug and kiss him.

But because they were close to the platform…

“Huh Wow, PaPa, MaMa, look at them.

They are kissing, just like you.” Mengmeng pointed to the front and said.

Swish, swish, swish!

A lot of people started laughing and looking at them.

“Er…” Zi Yans expression froze, and her face was flushed.

“Well, children are not allowed see this.” Zhang Han coughed softly, and reached out his hand to block Mengmengs sight.

To the cheers of the crowd, Zi Qiang took Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan back to the central position, where all the members of Zi Qingtians faction stood up to bow at Zi Qiang respectfully and said, “Patriarch!”

Zi Qiang smiled and nodded, and then went back to the right side, during which time he exhaled a long breath.

He had once hesitated whether he wanted to be the head of the family, and whether he wanted to exile Zi Qingtian and his followers.

Did he want to get back at them Maybe.

He had also thought about what the Zi family will be like under his leadership.

However hesitant he was, he had never had this experience before, and could not get any help.

But Zhang Han told him to follow his heart, so he decided to deal with it according to his original intention and wish.

It turned out that… He also felt happy.

When he went back, Zi Qingtian and his followers looked at each other and stood up, one by one.

Then Zi Qingtian left his seat for Zi Qiang and stood behind the new patriarch, along with others.

Their seats had originally been arranged by their strength and faction, but now they were all gathered together.

Zi Qiang smiled and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

He was getting more and more satisfied with his son-in-law.


Zhang Han chuckled, took out a bottle out of his pocket and handed it to Zi Jiangshan, “This is my betrothal present.

Eat it and youll live ten more years.”

Hearing this, the martial artists present began to envy the Zi family again.

A capable alchemist in the home was equal to a moving treasure chest.

This time, Zi Jiangshan did not refuse the gift.

He took the bottle and smiled, “Thank you.”

“Well, youre welcome.”

Seeing all the adults admiration for PaPa, Mengmeng waved at them and said proudly.

Her reaction provoked laughter from the crowd.

“Well, Han, I havent had time to ask who are your parents You should get married as soon as possible since Mengmeng is growing up so quickly!” Zi Qiang looked at Wang Zhanzong and the others following Zhang Han, and asked with a smile.

“Brother, nice to meet you.

Im Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Hans aunt, and this is Wang Ming, my husband.” Rong Jiaxin smiled as she greeted Zi Qiang.

“Nice to meet you,” Wang Ming took the lead and introduced himself, “We are from the Wang family in Xihang.

This is my father, Wang Zhanzong, and this is…”

They began greeting each other harmoniously.

When he was being introduced to Wang Zhanpeng and the other elders, Zi Jiangshan stood up politely, and greeted them one by one.

After they sat back, they almost knew the background of everyone and how they were related to each other.

Looking at Rong Jiaxin, Zi Qiang suggested,

“Sister, in my opinion, wed better let them skip the engagement, and get married as soon as possible.”

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