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Chapter 447 The Fourth-Stage Blue Serene Bamboo

“Its terrible! Its attacking him!” Su Longs face changed as he felt great force and pressure from the dark fog.

To his horror, he found that the mist was just the tip of the iceberg of the giant boats power.

It was just its instinctive primary attack response!

“What the hell is it” Wang Zhanpeng narrowed his eyes in fear.

He summoned the Mountains and Rivers Flag and began to chant.

Suddenly, the Mountains and Rivers Flag fluttered without wind, sending out countless rays of light, and formed a golden shield 20 meters in front of Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

They all knew that the giant boats attribute was Yin, so he used the guardian array with the attribute of Yang.

Unexpectedly, when the fog touched the light shield, it seemed to open its mouth and adsorb the array within seconds.

At that moment, only three meters were separating Zhang Han, the Blue Serene Bamboo, as well as the other treasure.

The two sides seemed to be in a tug of war.

Zhang Han wanted to keep the treasures, while the giant boats unconscious energy was absorbing it.

“Interesting!” said Zhang Han.

His eyes began to flash, while his right hand suddenly moved forward.

Zhang Han gathered the Soul Sense in his Soul Sense Sea and more than half of his Inner Spiritual Force into his palm, while his right finger scurried, making a casting gesture.

Qing Ming Seal!

Streams of energy continuously converged in front of Zhang Hans body, forming a glowing seal five meters away.

The pattern on it was like a complex traditional Chinese character, as well as a strange picture.

All the people present felt their souls trembling.

“Whats this move” Su Longs face froze.

Are the palm that just appeared, and this seal all secret skills, which are extremely treasured Or are they supernatural powers created by Zhang Han himself

Its so terrifying!

The more Su Long thought about it, the more he feared it.

In the face of a person with countless skills and means, no one was willing to be their enemy.

Nowadays, many martial arts masters were famous all over the world.

However, their secret skills and supernatural powers, such as the Five Tiger Fist, which had boosted Su Longs reputation in Singapore, were no longer secret.

However, in the face of Zhang Han, he just wanted to praise him.

He is unfathomable!

As soon as the Qing Ming Seal appeared, it radiated dazzling green light and flew forward.

The fog, as thick as a bucket, seemed to feel this terrible power.

It stopped, hesitated for a moment, and shrank back.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Although it was not so smooth, the hull fell down continuously and did not stop.

Just after Zhang Han snatched the Blue Serene Bamboo, the boat made a buzzing sound.

Clatter, clatter!

All the ghosts within 3,000 meters turned into countless clusters of black lights, converging into the giant boat from all directions.


The boats front plunged into the swamp.

Under everyones gaze, the boat slowly disappeared, as if it had been swallowed by the swamp.

With a wave of Zhang Hans hand, the seal hanging in the air in front of him dissipated slowly.

Looking at the place where the giant boat disappeared, he felt something interesting.

“Its a treasure boat, and there must be lots of treasures in it!”

The boat could directly break through the relics and reach the center to suck the high-level treasures into its body, which proved that it was a treasure boat.

They had only witnessed this process once and did not know how many times it had happened before.

But it could be inferred that the longer the history of the giant boat was, the more treasures there were.

Unfortunately, Zhang Han didnt know what creature was sleeping in the boat.

Even a wisp of Qi released the creature released could force Zhang Han to exert all his strength when using the Qing Ming Seal.

Hence, it must be mighty.

At least, at this stage, Zhang Han dared not provoke it casually.

The Qing Ming Seal was a Soul-Sense secret skill, and only under the control of Soul Sense could it fully display its power.

However, presently, Zhang Hans Soul Sense Sea contained less than half of his original Soul Sense.

Thus, he had to activate the skill with his Spiritual Force, which significantly reduced the Qing Ming Seals ability.

“My strength is still too weak, and many of my skills cannot be used.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and decided not to think about it anymore.

Anyway, as long as the boat was still on Earth, one day, he would go to explore it.

He turned his eyes to the front, where the huge dark palms were slowly disappearing and revealing the treasures wrapped inside.

The first was the Blue Serene Bamboo.

Blue Serene Bamboo was an aggressive Spirit Treasure.

No matter where it grew, it would absorb the energy of all the plants around it.

But once it met a stronger plant, it would give everything to it.

The red one Zhang Han had obtained last time was of poor quality compared with this one, which was dark blue, five meters high, and looked like a flame as a whole.

According to Zhang Hans appraisal, this kind of Blue Serene Bamboo was a rare Fourth-Stage Spirit Treasure.

The other Third-Stage Spirit Treasure was a palm-sized Xuan Void Gold, which hadnt been refined by anyone.

Xuan Void Gold was one of the raw materials of the 18 cards in Zhang Hans pocket.

It was a kind of memory metal born at the level of Second-Stage, which could store energy.

Another characteristic of it was its beauty, for it was similar to diamonds and had high transparency.

Xuan Void Gold had different colors, and this one was pink.

Zhang Han decided to make Zi Yan a necklace worthy of being a gift.

Zhang Han had never forgotten that he had broken Zi Yans last necklace and had promised to give her the best one.

Although Xuan Void Gold was valuable, it was not the best yet.

But there were no more suitable materials now, so Zhang Han decided to use it to make a temporary necklace first.

“Holy object This…” Following Zhang Han, Su Long was stunned and looked at him enviously.

At the same time, he admired the brave Zhang Han, who dared to seize the holy object at the risk of his life when facing the monster boat, even more.

Its really a combination of crisis and opportunity!

“Another holy object! Hans treasures are increasing,” murmured Wang Ming.

Wang Ming was confused.

Looking left and right, he was wondering if Grand Master Zhang had lots of treasures.

Zhang Han turned his head and suggested, “Lets go out first.” Then he waved to summon the Blue Serene Bamboo and Xuan Void Gold to him.

As soon as he grasped the Blue Serene Bamboo—


A great roar resounded through the ruins and reverberated in everyones minds.

In less than a second, the whole area became foggy.

In the blink of an eye, the scene changed completely.

The crowd had returned to the Dark Wind Island.

Everyone was randomly transported to all parts of the island.

They looked around and rushed to the entrance of the ruins.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were lucky enough to be transported to the beach more than 300 meters away from the entrance of the ruins.

Zi Yan looked at the moon in the sky and the direction of the Dark Wind Island.

“Were we sent out” she asked in confusion.

Zhang Han chuckled and explained, “Yes, because I got the Blue Serene Bamboo, a Fourth-Stage Spirit Treasure.

its the most valuable treasure in the ruins.”

“The diamond in your hand is so big.” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful eyes.

Obviously, she was more interested in the Xuan Void Gold than the Blue Serene Bamboo.

“Xuan Void Gold is much more precious than diamonds.” Zhang Han handed the Xuan Void Gold to Zi Yan, but he didnt tell Zi Yan his plan.

Instead, he was going to refine the necklace secretly and send it to her as a surprise.

“Whats its level” asked Zi Yan curiously.

“Its a Third-Stage Spirit Treasure and can be used as weapon material.” As soon as Zhang Han replied, he heard someone calling him from the side.

“Boss! Boss!” Zhang Han looked around and saw Instructor Liu coming from the edge of the forest.

The scene seemed familiar, but this time no one was chasing Instructor Liu.

And he wasnt yelling that crap anymore.

“Ho… Boss, I was just scared to death.

As soon as I came out, there were more than 20 people around me.

If I didnt react and run quickly, maybe they would have already robbed all my treasures!” said Instructor Liu breathlessly.

With that, he proudly patted the herb circle around his neck and said, “Boss, I have brought so many treasures out.

Is there any reward for me”

“What reward do you want” asked Zhang Han, feeling a little funny.

“Well, can I have three pigs” whispered Instructor Liu, looking carefully at Zhang Han to see if he would agree.

“Haha…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

Blinking her big eyes, she said, “You only know what and how to eat.”

“Haha, this is my hobby.

A beautiful life is to have some meat and wine!” Instructor Liu was shaking his head from side to side.

Zi Yan coughed and said, “I heard that you couldnt control yourself well when you are drunk.”

“Ah I didnt lift the table last time! Who said that How can it be…” Instructor Liu smiled awkwardly and looked at the Blue Serene Bamboo in Zhang Hans hand.

“Well, Boss, youve got a treasure too Is it heavy Shall I carry it for you”

“Catch!” Zhang Han handed the Blue Serene Bamboo to him.

“Wow! Its like fire, very beautiful! Is it over 50 kilograms” Instructor Liu took it over and carried it on his shoulder.

Then he patted the Blue Serene Bamboo, which was as thick as his arm, and asked curiously, “Boss, what grade is it”

“Its… a holy object.”

“Ouch! What is it” Instructor Liu was so scared that he almost fell down.

While staring at the Blue Serene Bamboo in shock, he shouted, “My Gosh! Its a holy object! Boss, will it be broken accidentally Im a little scared, Boss, take it back.”

Instructor Liu felt that his body was a little stiff, and he dared not move anymore.

“Dont worry, even if you use it as a weapon, it cant be broken,” replied Zhang Han.

“Alas…” Instructor Liu heaved a sigh of relief, clapped his chest, and said, “Then Ill rest assured.”

“Lets go back to the ship first.” Zhang Han held Zi Yans hand, and they led the way to walk on unhurriedly.

Instructor Liu followed them and attracted the attention of all passersby.

Why does this man have so many precious natural materials

Suddenly, Instructor Liu saw Ah Hu not far ahead.

Ah Hu was also carrying some precious natural materials, but they could only wrap around his waist, which made Instructor Liu prouder.

“Wow, Ah Hu, you only obtained such little treasure in this heritage exploration Whats the difference between this and going home empty-handed” Instructor Liu teased him.

Dozens of people nearby were almost unable to stabilize themselves when they heard those words.

Looking at their empty pockets, they didnt know what to say.

Its us who will go home empty-handed!

“Instructor Liu, you are amazing! How did you get so many treasures” asked Ah Hu in shock.

“Of course I am.” Instructor Liu curled his lip proudly and patted the Blue Serene Bamboo with his right hand.

Bang, bang, bang!

Everyone in a 50-meters radius heard three dull sounds.

They were all curious.

What are you doing Are these treasures worth showing off in this way Dont your hands hurt when you pat this bamboo with such great force

Instead of looking at the onlookers, Instructor Liu stared at Ah Hu and said in a loud voice, “Do you know what it is”

“Whats this” asked Ah Hu full of doubt.

“Hahahaha…” Instructor Liu raised his head and laughed.

He didnt answer Ah Hu.

Those who were paying attention to his every move felt more confused.

Why are you laughing

His triumphant laughter made Zi Yan laugh happily.

“So what is it” asked Ah Hu loudly.

“Holy object!” This time, Instructor Liu stopped playing tricks and almost shouted out.

His voice was loud enough to be heard by anyone within 100 meters.

All of a sudden…


“What Holy object”

“Is it true”

There were even some faint gasps of surprise.

“Damn it.

Isnt that man Fierce Zhang”

“This man is his subordinate.

No wonder there are so many treasures hanging on him.

But… how did he obtain the holy object”


A lot of people looked at Zhang Han and Instructor Liu in surprise, doubting whether it was true.

But just then, someone began laughing in the distance.

Everyone looked around and saw that Su Long was approaching them.

With every step he took, he appeared 10 meters closer, and it took him only several steps to reach Zhang Han.

Then Su Long paid obeisance and said courteously, “Master Zhang, congratulations on getting the holy objects.”

Many people had witnessed the process of Zhang Han getting the Blue Serene Bamboo, and the news would soon be spread.

Thus, Su long didnt need to help Zhang Han hide it.

Instead, he congratulated Zhang Han in public.

“Thank you.” Zhang Han nodded, took Zi Yans hand, and jumped into the sea.

They walked on the sea and returned to the yacht 50 meters away.

“Hahaha, Sir Su.

Have you seen it Its a holy object!” Instructor Liu tapped the Blue Serene Bamboo with great force, and proudly showed it off to Su Long.

Then he said, “Im leaving, too.”

After that, he moved, ran 50 meters on the sea, and got on the yacht easily.

Ah Hu followed him and quickly boarded the yacht.

Everyone around looked at Instructor Liu in surprise.

Its a holy object.

How dare he pat it with such great force What if he breaks it

Su Long couldnt help but let the corners of his mouth twitch.

He really envied that Instructor Liu could show off like that, and he admitted that he was very jealous.

Ah Hu had known about Instructor Liu for a long time, and also knew that it was because Instructor Liu had gone to negotiate with the relevant departments that their dozen armed helicopters had been allowed to enter Singapores airspace.

Ah Hu was aware of the relationship between Instructor Liu and Leading Cadre Liu, but he didnt envy him.

What he envied was that Instructor Liu was a subordinate of Zhang Han.

This meant that he would encounter fewer setbacks in the future.

Ah Hu recalled the days when he had been struggling alone, when he could only grope for the way to become a warrior, which was too hard for him, step by step.

Soon, Zhao Feng, Wang Zhanzong, and Wang Ming returned one after another.

Every time he saw a friend, Instructor Liu would pat the Blue Serene Bamboo and say, “Do you know what this is”


Wang Zhanzong was amused and said, “I was standing next to him, dont I know”

Instructor Liu was rendered speechless.

Then, he turned his eyes, ran to the other side quickly, and continued to pat the bamboo.

Although you already know, there will always be someone who doesnt know!

When all the crew arrived, their yacht took the lead to leave and head back.

At this time, along the coast, Su Long, Su Mu, Ao Yuan, Ma Di, and other people were standing together and seeing the yacht off.

“Grandpa, Grand Master Zhang is really amazing.

Im convinced,” said Su Mu in a low voice.

Su Long knew that Zhang Han had killed someone in the ruins, but he didnt comment more on it.

Instead, he was a little envious of the good luck of the Heavenly Talisman Sects disciples.

He also felt that Zhang Hans character was more and more unpredictable.

He was very gentle to his family but cruel to his enemies.

He was used to killing most of his enemies, but he often helped strangers in need.

Zhang Han might not have a fixed personality, but he could do whatever he wanted and be a real free man.

After hearing Su Mus words, Su Long smiled and shook his head, saying, “You once said that you wanted to compete with Master Zhang.

Havent you realized the strength gap between you now Although you are not as powerful as him, you still have a long way to go, and will certainly become a famous master in the future.”

“Then, what can he become” Su Mus eyes followed that yacht, which was farther and farther away.

“He” Su Long shook his head slightly and stopped talking.

Three seconds later, he gave his answer.

“He is destined to become a legend.”

“Legend” Su Mu was stunned and didnt know what he was thinking.

At the same time, Ao Yuan, Ma Di, Junior Brother Lu, and others were also silently repeating those words, “Legend Yes, a legend.”

Ao Yuan paid obeisance and asked, “Thank you for your help, Mr.


What is Grand Master Zhangs purpose for coming to Singapore”

“He and Zi Yan will be engaged the day after tomorrow, the 19th,” replied Su Long.

“Thank you for your information.” Ao Yuan nodded, and then he remained silent again.

In order to ensure everyones safety, Su Long and other members of the Spirit Group did not leave until those on the Dark Wind Island left one after another.

Zhang Hans yacht was the first to ride the wind and break the waves, followed by many yachts running side by side.

It looked like he was being chased by a large group of yachts.

More than an hour later, they returned to the port and got on their cars.

At five oclock in the afternoon, they returned to the Zi Manor.

When they returned, Instructor Liu asked in a hurry, “Boss, where should I put these things”

Zhang Han said casually, “Please help me to keep them.”

“Well, though with the holy object in my hand, Ill get everything I want, what if I lost it” Instructor Liu grinned.

This was a holy object, and if there was any accident during his custody, he would be distressed.

“You can store it in my Mountains and Rivers Flag.” Wang Zhanpeng smiled.

He held out his hand and summoned the Mountains and Rivers Flag.

With a flash of light, all those precious natural materials scattered on the ground were absorbed by the flag.

Mountains and Rivers Flag had been refined by Wang Zhanpeng and could be turned into a tattoo on his body.

At the same time, the flag was also a storage tool, a holy object.

“Then Ill rest assured.” Instructor Liu took off all his load and went to bed happily.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan went back to their bedroom slowly, opened the door, and heard a snore.

They saw Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu lying on the quilt, covered with blankets.

Zi Qiang was on the right side, and Xu Xinyu was in the middle.

Zi Qiang was still snoring, but Xu Xinyu opened her eyes when they opened the door.

“You are back.” Xu Xinyu sat up and woke up Zi Qiang.

“Ah You are back!” Zi Qiang was still a little dizzy.

“What time is it” “Its five oclock.

Why are you so late Go to sleep.”

After greeting them, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu returned to their own bedroom.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan changed into pajamas and went to bed.

Zi Yan was not sleepy yet.

She lied in Zhang Hans arms and blinked her eyes, feeling as if her experience tonight was a dream.

It was a wonderful experience.

“Good night.” Zhang Han smiled, kissed Zi Yans forehead, and patted her soft shoulder.

Soon, Zi Yan fell asleep.

Zhang Han didnt want to sleep at all.

He was thinking about how much Xuan Void Gold he needed to refine the necklace pendant.

In order to make the necklace beautiful, he couldnt use all the Xuan Void Gold, or the pendant would be too big and ugly.

But he couldnt make the pendant too small, either.

Therefore, he should make a pendant as long as his thumb, and the most important thing was to choose the shape of the pendant.

In that way, Zhang Han lay in bed thinking.

Just when he determined the shape of the pendant, the little princess beside him began to kick the blanket.

When Zhang Han was about to cover Mengmeng again with her blanket, the latter opened her eyes.

“Papa, I just had a dream.”

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