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Chapter 455 Lets Visit the Li Family

After Lei Tiannan made arrangements, he hurriedly followed Zhang Han and left the mountain.

He was not going to stop Zhang Han from taking revenge.

However, a fight between the late-stage Grand Masters had unimaginable destructive power, and once they transferred their battlefield to the outside of the Manor of the Li Clan, which was built in the center of the city, they would inevitably cause casualties to innocent people and other unnecessary negative effects.

“Zhang, Zhang Han, dont be too hasty.

Lets talk about it…” Being frightened by the sense of oppression brought by Zhang Han, Lei Tiannan followed him with anxiety.

Protector Leng was thus left in the mountain, stunned.

Looking at Lei Tiannans back, he took out his cell phone and contacted the National Security Agency in a hurry.

“Now, immediately, send someone to the Manor of the Li Clan to evacuate all the people around and control the streets.

Inform the police station to send personnel to carry out the first-level emergency plan as soon as possible.

I repeat, send someone to the Manor of the Li Clan quickly, first-level emergency plan!”

“Clatter, clatter!”

The news, like a Force 12 hurricane, swept through the headquarters of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong in an instant.

The personnel of all departments immediately took action, the telephone rang continuously, and there were Hummers leaving the headquarters for the Manor of the Li Clan one after another.

At the same time, the police station in Jiansha District mobilized more than 90% of the police cars, and the sound of the siren rang all throughout the street.

“First-level emergency plan.”

“This has not happened in many years!”

A lot of senior members were discussing this matter seriously.

They had experienced a first-class police force 10 years ago.

They remembered that the last emergency plan was launched 10 years ago, when nine martial arts Grand Masters fought each other and razed the former Xie familys mansion to the ground.

“Is the same thing going to happen to the Li family this time”

They were trembling with their hearts in their mouths.

For the young policemen, this was the first time they had experienced the first-level emergency plan.

They were confused and didnt know why the officers were so nervous.

At the same time, the surrounding martial artists saw these unusual actions and called the National Security Agency to inquire.

Protector Leng also received five calls.

At the moment, he was running in the woods, but he still couldnt catch up with Zhang Han in front.

After receiving the phone call, Protector Leng pondered and answered, “Grand Master Zhang is going to see the Li family, and Im afraid there will be a fierce battle.”


Those who heard the news were shocked as if they had been hit by lightning.

“Fierce Zhang is going to the Li familys place”

“Li Zhan is the third-ranked super-master on the list of martial artists in Hong Kong.”

“If they have a fierce fight, who will win Fierce Zhang or Li Zhan”

The news scared them so much that they forgot to breathe.

A battle between late-stage Grand Masters had not happened in many years.

They all began to call their friends and tell them the news.

So the news spread quickly.

However, due to the limited time, in the whole martial arts world, the number of people who knew the news was relatively small.

Everyone who knew the news rushed to the Manor of the Li Clan right away.

Of course, they wanted to be witnesses to this amazing battle.

But as the news spread out, it became more and more exaggerated.

“What did you say Fierce Zhang is going to the Li family for revenge Hiss!”

“Huh Grand Master Zhang is going to kill someone in the Li family”

“My gosh! Grand Master Zhang is going to wipe out the Li family”

Finally, those who heard the news were told that Zhang Hanyang was going to the Manor of the Li Clan and he wanted to wipe them out.

So many people were thus frightened and rushed to the Manor of the Li Clan.

Some of them were very fast.

However, as soon as they arrived near the manor, they found that the streets were empty and completely blocked, and thus they could not go any further.

But there was a mountain behind the manor, and they saw many people running down it.

There was no police blockade.

So the martial artists on the scene got close to the Manor of the Li Clan one after another by taking a long detour.

At this moment…

In the living room of the main house in the Manor of the Li Clan, there were 18 senior members and two or three junior members.

Li Zhan and Elder Xu were sitting in the host seats, and there were three aged men beside them listening to their conversation.

Li Kun beside was very excited.

“Dammit, they dared to bully me and they finally paid for it! But its too kind to kill only two spirit beasts.

Zhao Feng, who hit me, should also die.”

Li Kun was in a very good mood now.

Looking at Li Zhan with admiration, and then glancing at the people beside him, Li Kun murmured to himself, “My second grandfather is the most influential figure in Hong Kong.

“He has a good relationship with Elder Xu.

The one next to them seems to be Grand Master Yang, ranked 12th on the list.

“On the right is Grand Master Ma, 16th on the martial artist list.

“Then there is Grand Master Wu, 9th on the list.

“Any one of them can easily defeat Zhang Hanyang alone.

How dare you be so arrogant as a martial artist who has just arrived in Hong Kong! How dare you bully me! You are courting death! This time, its your two spirit beasts that died.

Next time, if you dont obey me, its you who will die!”

There was a trace of resentment in Li Kuns eyes.

Li Kun would never forget the feeling when his leg was broken.

He never suffered such a big loss from childhood, so he hated Zhang Han to the core.

“Its true that Zhang Hanyang is a bit too arrogant.

Does he think that he could stand firm in Hong Kong with his ferocity” Grand Master Wu shook his head and continued, “After I finished my closed-door cultivation, I heard about him and wanted to teach him a lesson.

I didnt expect Brother Li to take the action first.”

“Haha.” Li Zhan smiled faintly and said, “I didnt want to pay attention to him, but he went so far recently and angered Elder Xu, so I decided to teach him a lesson.

If he had come back earlier today, this matter would not have been solved by merely killing two spirit beasts.”

“We have left a message.

Before noon today, he and Lei Tiannan must come to ask for a pardon.” Elder Xu snorted and said, “If he comes to apologize respectfully to us, we can spare his life, otherwise…”

Suddenly, a man in his early 30s rushed into the hall.

He was flustered and panicked.

Elder Xu stopped talking and looked at the man along with the others.

The man said quickly, “Its terrible! Zhang Hanyang and Lei Tiannan are on their way here, and I heard that Zhang Hanyang is going to wipe out the Li family.”

“Hmm” Li Zhans eyes flashed with a cold light, which lowered the temperature of the entire hall.

“He is crazy.” Elder Xu banged his chair.

The faces of Li family members changed again and again.

“Wipe out the Li family What a daydream!” Grand Master Wu sneered and said, “Zhang Hanyang has no desire to live!”

“Is the news confirmed” Patriarch Li frowned and asked.

That man hurriedly made an obeisance and said, “Yes, the news is confirmed and spreading.

Besides that, someone in Jiantang District saw Zhang Hanyang, Lei Tiannan and… two spirit beasts.”

“What” Elder Xu narrowed his eyes and asked, “Those two spirit beasts are not dead”

He was shocked and began to think about what level of elixir could save the two dying spirit beasts


Li Zhan suddenly stood up with a calm expression.

But according to the way he looked into the distance, he wanted to kill someone this time.

“Since they are coming, lets wait for them in the main courtyard!”

As soon as he said that, everyone present was shocked.

“In the main courtyard”

“This means that he is determined to kill Zhang Hanyang.”

“Take the chairs out,” Patriarch Li told the servants on one side.

The two men rushed out and place a dozen chairs in two minutes.

Li Zhan and others went out, sat down, and looked at the mountain not far behind.

They saw 60 to 70 martial artists waiting on the mountain.

Seeing this, they realized that the news they had just heard should be true.

“Zhang Hanyang is coming to wipe out the Li family”

“What a joke it is.”

Many senior members of the Li family sneered.

The Li family had been living in Hong Kong for more than a hundred years, with deep-rooted influence and other families awe and veneration.

In their view, Zhang Hanyangs plan was just a fantasy, and he was doomed to die today.

The quadrangle-dwelling-style main house was built in the center of the Manor of the Li Clan, which was surrounded by circles of houses and walls, looking like a palace.

When Li Zhan and the others went out into the yard, in the crowd on the mountainside not far away, many people widened their eyes and said loudly in surprise, “Grand Master Yang! Grand Master Ma! Grand Master Wu! My gosh, the 12th, 16th, and 9th on the martial artist ranking list are all there! Grand Master Li is 3rd.

Is that Elder Xu of the Heavenly Elixir Sect Hiss, what a strong group.”

“If they stamped their feet, they would cause an earthquake in Hong Kong!”

“Anyone who dares to challenge them will surely be killed!”

“Its so terrible!”


Lots of peoples faces changed in fear, and even many felt their legs trembling.

Who was strong

The strong just should make the weak feel pressured!

All the people on the scene admitted that they were the weak in front of these Grand Masters in the yard!

“Are we going to witness the death of Fierce Zhang, the Grand Master of a generation”

The voices of some martial artists in the Qi-strength stage were trembling.

At the same time…

The first floor of the restaurant was also full of people.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu had carefully looked inside and outside the restaurant several times and felt that it was very fresh and unique.

Zhao Feng and Wang Ming were sitting in front of the window with some worries.

Zi Yan, Zi Qiang, and Rong Jiaxin were sitting on the sofa.

Mengmeng was playing with toys in the middle.

Wang Zhanzong and others were sitting in chairs in front of the piano, looking out all the time.

The situation on Mount New Moon made them vigilant.

If any enemy appeared, they would go out to fight them directly.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was a little subdued.


Suddenly, Zhao Fengs cell phone rang.

After hanging up the phone, in a complex mood, he narrowed his bloodshot eyes and began thinking quickly about the current situation.

He was relieved to learn that Dahei and Little Hei had recovered.

But at the same time, he was even more nervous, because Zhang Han was on his way to the Li family for revenge.

Through the phone conversation just now, he knew that there were many Grand Masters waiting for Zhang Han there!

Zhao Fengs expression changed.

“Any news” Zi Yan went over to him and asked in a low voice.

“Some… things, I have to inform my master first.”

Zhao Feng thought about it, then got up and walked out of the restaurant.

Zi Yan followed him without saying a word.

When Zhao Feng called Zhang Han and told him everything, the pale-faced Zi Yan snatched the phone and said in a trembling voice, “Come back, Zhang Han.

There are too many of them.

Could we not challenge them”


“Are you sure

“You swear

“When will you come back

“You must be back on time.

“I wont allow you to have any accidents.

Ill wait for you.”

After a few words, the phone was hung up, and Zi Yan was slightly relieved.

“Er, Madam, what did my master say” Zhao Feng asked in a hurry.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “He said he was ten… thousand percent sure.

Dahei and Little Hei are OK now, and he will be back before one oclock.”

“Alas…” Zhao Feng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Since Master said so, he is absolutely sure of victory.

Dont worry, Madam.

Now its half-past 11, and we should hear news of them by 12.

A friend of mine is near the Manor of the Li Clan, and he will tell me immediately if anything happens.”

“I see.”


When Zhang Han got the call from Zhao Feng, he just walked out of the jungle by the mountain, followed by Dahei and Little Hei.

He would be at the Manor of the Li Clan in five minutes.

After he assured Zi Yan, he hung up.

Then he took the lead in speeding up.

In front of them was the central business district, but now the streets were empty.

But on both sides of the street, there were many people looking down from inside the buildings.

“Whats the matter Are they making a movie”

“How can there be a gorilla over there Damn, its so big!”

“Is it a prop There cant be such a large species.”

There was a lot of discussion, but it was lunch break, so few people saw this scene at the window.

Seeing the Li familys place in front of him, Lei Tiannan allowed himself a wry smile.

He had been persuading Zhang Han all the way, but the latter didnt react at all except to give a perfunctory nod to him.

It seemed that Zhang Han was determined to get revenge.

“They are insane.

Why didnt they just take the five elements furnace Why did they fight”

Lei Tiannan kept complaining about Li Zhan and Elder Xu.

“Zhang Han, there are too many of them.

Lets retreat first.

“If you really want to challenge him, can you make an appointment with him Dont fight here.

“There are too many of them, and we cant win.

Lets make an appointment, and Ill find some helpers to thwart them.

Then you can fight against Li Zhan fight, okay”


Lei Tiannan was making a last-ditch effort.

But soon they arrived at the front door of the Li familys.

In order to show its position, the Li family made its gate into a smaller version of the Arc de Triomphe.

In front of the gate stood two Heaven-stage masters and two Earth-stage masters, all looking at Zhang Han with cold eyes.

It was not until Zhang Han was only 10 meters away from the gate that one of them said, “Our master is in the main house.

You, come with me.”

Usually, if Lei Tiannan or other late-stage Grand Masters came to visit the Li family, they would receive them carefully.

But at this time, there were several masters on the top of the martial artist ranking list in the manor, so they were not afraid at all.

They thought the two in front of them probably came to apologize to the Li family.

Moreover, even if these masters would fight later on, it was impossible for nobodies like them to be hurt.

But sometimes, all the rules could mean nothing, and they misjudged Zhang Hans intention.

Zhang Han was looking at the characters engraved in the fake “Arc de Triomphe”, which read “Manor of the Li Clan”.

Lei Tiannans heart was beating violently.

“Zhang Han, think again…”

“I promise you.” Suddenly, Zhang Han turned his head to look at Lei Tiannan and said calmly, “I wont take action.”

“Alas…” Lei Tiannan took a long breath and just wanted to say “thats good”.

In the next moment…

“Little Hei, go,” Zhang Han suddenly ordered.


The four Qi-strength masters only felt a dark shadow flash in front of them, and then their bodies gradually became cold.

Before completely losing consciousness, they saw the fierce dog on the left.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

The four of them fell to the ground one after another.

“Ow woo!”

Dahei roared, leaped forward two steps, jumped up five meters, and hit the top side of the fake “Arc de Triomphe”.


The imposing gate was smashed by this fist, raising dust.

Then Zhang Han moved forward.

Dahei and Little Hei followed him.

Lei Tiannan was left standing stunned.

“You said that you wouldnt take action.

Is this what you mean”

His expression changed several times, and finally he made up his mind.

“I dont care!” Lei Tiannan clenched his fists and followed Zhang Han.

“For once, I want to put the safety of the central area and my rationality aside.

Lets have a good fight if there is no other choice!”

He was sure that he and Zhang Han would return safely.

The road to the main house was unguarded.

Everyone in the main house had heard the noise from the gate.

Their expressions changed slightly.

“He is coming”

“So he really wants to fight”

According to the sound, they knew that the gate had been smashed.

Li Zhans face clouded over when he heard the sound, and Zhang Han was now a dead man in his eyes.

But he did not get up, instead, he was waiting for Zhang Han to put his head in the noose.

Everyone was looking at the front door of the main house.

On the hillside behind the manor, many people saw what had happened.

“Wow! He indeed wants to raze the Li family to the ground.”

“He really deserves the nickname Fierce Zhang.

But there are so many Grand Masters waiting for him.

He… alas.”

Someone began to sigh over the foreseeable failure of Grand Master Zhang.

But what happened next made them open their eyes and mouths widely in horror, as if they were strangled by an invisible hand.

“What move is he using”

Soon, Zhang Han led the way to the front door of the main house.

When Li Zhan sneered and was about to say something, he saw Zhang Han extend his arms, and then slowly ascend into the air, floating 10 meters above the ground.

Zhang Han didnt say anything.

When he was in the air, his eyes began to shine.

Suddenly, 17 cards appeared.

The power stored in all the acupoints of Zhang Hans body began to pour into the cards continuously, making the cards shine like his eyes.

Then the cards moved one by one and surrounded the main house.

“Qian diagram, three long lines; Kun diagram, six short lines; Zhen diagram, four short lines above and one long line below; Gen diagram, one long line above and four short lines below; Li diagram, two long lines and two short lines in between; Kan diagram, four short lines and one long line in between…”

As the cards fell, a transparent energy wall appeared and surrounded the home.


“An array”

Li Zhan frowned.

“You are courting death!” Li Zhan stood up and attacked Zhang Han with the Burning Cloud Palm.

A huge flaming hand smashed at Zhang Han.

When the burning palm was five meters away from Zhang Han, it suddenly dissipated, as if it had been swallowed by something.

“Attack!” Grand Master Wu roared.

All the martial artists present began to attack Zhang Han with different moves.

Unexpectedly, the energy contained in their attacks was absorbed by the light wall, and the transparent wall became more solid.

They realized that Zhang Han was not as weak as they thought.


That flood dragon card floated horizontally over the main house.

At the same time, Zhang Han began to chant in a low voice: “The law of nature is dead, and both the sun and the moon are afraid of me.

I can enter and leave the fairyland and the underworld freely.

I am the almighty immortal who controls everything…”

“Clatter, clatter.”

The light-blue waves spread around the light waves, among which a ferocious dragon could be seen.

“Is he also a master of magic arts”

Elder Xu frowned.

“Hahaha, Zhang Hanyang, do you think you can cause trouble for us with some magic arts Naive!” With a sneer, Grand Master Wu suddenly moved and rushed at Zhang Han.

But when he was only five meters away from Zhang Han, Zhang Han still ignored him.

His face suddenly turned pale.

He felt that his soul was being cut to pieces.

“Ah!” Grand Master Wu cried out in pain and hurried back.

When he had retreated a certain distance, the tingling gradually disappeared.

His face was pale and he looked at Zhang Han in shock.

“The power of soul!”

“Then lets see what tricks he can play!” Li Zhan said maliciously, took out a piece of palm-sized wood, and crushed it.

The 20 of them were immediately surrounded by a blue light.

In their opinion, an array or any kind of magic arts could only cause them a little trouble.


Zhang Hans eyes were shining with a diamond-like dazzling light.

Now he looked like a horrible soul-consuming mage.

Even Lei Tiannan was stunned.

“Whats this move

“Its not what I thought!

“Can Zhang Han really defeat Li Zhan and all the masters present

“If he wins, he will create a miracle.”

But he was wrong again.

Because the fight was far from over.

“You are very good,” suddenly, Zhang Han looked at Li Zhan and the others and said in an ethereal voice.

There was no wind, but his clothes were fluttering, and the unusual qi he was releasing seemed to come from another world.

“Its the first time Ive ever done this,” Zhang Han said.

Just as he finished speaking…


Suddenly, a drop of blood essence flew out of his forehead and disappeared in the flood dragon card.

At the same time, the energy stored in the acupoints of his body surged into the flood dragon card like giant waves.

Zhang Han put his right hand in front of him, with his index finger and middle finger close together and upward.

He began chanting in an ethereal voice:

“Im not a soul-consumer, but Im using the forbidden spells to make a command.

“Summon the souls of monsters and elves.

“Summon the souls of the unknown dead.

“Summon the souls wandering in the underworld.


Along with his mysterious murmur, blood began to spread on the light wall.

At the same time, there was a mysterious power to lock the main residential area.

Even in the eyes of the senior members of the Li family, the sky and the sun turned bloody.

Panic spread among them.

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