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Chapter 468 Indirect Guidance

“Shall we get out and walk over there” Zhang Han parked the car and asked.

“Lets go, lets go!” Mengmeng stretched out her small hand and cheered.

Zi Yan hesitated and said, “Even though Im dressed up, if Im photographed, Ill still be discovered.

Then the restaurant will always be disturbed by paparazzi.”

“Maybe you can wait for us in the car” Zhang Han said.

“Okay, Ill stay in the car.” Zi Yan thought about it and made a decision.

Picking up the bag from the back seat, she said, “Mengmeng, lets put the school bag on you.

You are going to school and growing up to be a girl.

Remember to follow the teachers guidance.”

“Well, I see.

MaMa, were going to school,” Mengmeng said happily.

Mengmeng was looking forward to life in kindergarten, but she didnt realize that she would be left on the campus alone.

“Give MaMa a kiss.” Zi Yan approached Mengmeng.

“Mwah.” Mengmeng kissed Zi Yan.

“Lets got out of the car.” Zhang Han smiled, got out first, went to the back seat, opened the door, and took Mengmeng out of the car.

“Mengmeng, come on,” Zi Yan lowered the car window halfway, put her head through, and said with a smile.

“Haha.” Mengmeng made a heart-shaped gesture to Zi Yan and said, “Bye, MaMa.

PaPa and I are going to school.

Wait for us here.”

After that, she took PaPas hand and walked to the entrance of kindergarten.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and looked at the back of the father and daughter.

She was still a little worried.

But she felt something was wrong.

“What did Mengmeng just say”

Mengmeng and Zhang Han went to the school entrance with a bag that was full of objects but was still light.

There were many people coming and going at the entrance, and they saw many children standing in a small square not far away.

“Welcome, please go there to find your own class.” The two female teachers standing at the door greeted Zhang Han, Mengmeng, and the family behind them warmly.

“What a beautiful girl.” Another female teacher looked at Mengmeng and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Im Mengmeng.” Mengmeng was a little shy.

She hid behind Zhang Han and said hello in a low voice.

“Nice to meet you, cute girl, go and find your teacher.” The ponytail teacher smiled and waved to her.

So Zhang Han took Mengmengs little hand and prepared to go inside.

The father and son behind them were just led to the small square on the inside with normal, polite words.

Only two female teachers had to receive nearly 100 families and children, so it was impossible for them to say more than a few words to everyone.

As soon as Mengmeng entered the kindergarten, she started to look left and right curiously.

She looked very happy.

“PaPa, there are so many children here.

Its so fun,” Mengmeng looked up and said.

“Well, Im glad you can say that.

Then you and other children will play games together.”

“What game are we going to play Is it Eagle and Chicken”

“Well, I dont know… Some interesting games probably,” Zhang Han smiled and replied.

Zhang Han was worried that Mengmeng would cry because he had seen a few children crying in the crowd not far away.

Zi Yan looked up a lot of information last night, and talked with Miss Lu Guo for a while.

After Mengmeng went to bed, Zi Yan and Zhang Han exchanged all the knowledge they received.

However, Mengmengs performance today made them feel that they might be too worried.

When they approached the crowd…

Mengmeng blinked her big eyes, looked left and right, and was startled.

“Ah, PaPa, why are those little brothers and sisters crying” Mengmeng reached out her hand and pointed to the crying children behind her.

“This…” Zhang Han thought of Teacher Lu Guos reminder, so he put on an exaggerated smile, touched his daughters small head, and praised her, “Because they are not as good as Mengmeng.”

“Of course, Mengmeng is the best.” The little girl nodded seriously.

“Teacher Lu.” When he got to the teacher, Zhang Han said hello first.

“Hello, this beautiful girl is Mengmeng, isnt she” Lu Guo looked at Mengmeng and connected her with the picture of a lovely little girl in the student file.

Generally speaking, although the teachers would read students relevant information before they entered school, few students could be remembered by their teachers.

Only the students with more characteristics could be remembered by the teacher.

For example, Lu Guo remembered Martin, the little black boy standing in the back of the classroom.

Although there were many foreign children, the black boy was unique, which enabled him to stand out from the rest.

Lu Guo also remembered that the little boy with golden hair and blue pupils was Stefen.

As for Mengmeng, she was remembered by the teacher because she was so beautiful.

Hearing Lu Guos words, Mengmeng blinked shyly.

Before she greeted Lu Guo, Zhang Han said, “Mengmeng, she is your teacher from now on, so you should call her Teacher Lu.”

“Hello, Teacher Lu,” Mengmeng waved her hand and said.

“Hello,” Lu Guo smiled and said, “This row has all the students of our class, who are also your classmates.

You can stand here.”

“Hmm.” Mengmeng looked at the children in front of her with her big eyes, and these children were looking at Mengmeng as well.

However, the three crying children in the back soon attracted Mengmengs attention because two teachers at the same age as Lu Guo were coaxing them.

“Miss Lu, I leave Mengmeng to you.

Please take good care of her.” Looking at Lu Guo, Zhang Han said worriedly, “There is a bottle of water in her bag for her to drink in the morning, as well as several clothes to change into.

Besides, Mengmengs face is very sensitive.”

“Dont worry, Mengmengs dad.

We will take good care of Mengmeng.

If there is anything you need to know, I will inform you in time,” Lu Guo said with a smile.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded, looked at Mengmeng, touched her little head, and was about to say something.

Mengmeng felt that something was different from her imagination.

“Why didnt their PaPa and MaMa come” Mengmeng asked Zhang Han.

Lu Guo said with a smile, “Because there are no parents in kindergarten, its the place for children to study.”

“No PaPa and MaMa” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han nervously and uneasily.

“PaPa, we are going to play together in kindergarten!”

“No, not us.

Its Mengmeng who needs to stay in kindergarten, and dad will come back later.

In the evening, I will come to pick up Mengmeng.” Zhang Han lowered his voice.

“Ah Why does PaPa come to pick me up at night I dont want to stay alone.

I want to stay with PaPa.

PaPa, I wont allow you to leave.” Mengmeng was about to cry.


Luo Guos heart skipped a beat.

“She is going to cry.”

So she quickly squatted down and whispered in front of Mengmeng, “Look, there are many children here, and they want to play with toys and games with you.

You see, they are not crying, so Mengmeng should not cry.

Mengmeng is a good girl.”

As Lu Guo spoke to her, she winked at Zhang Han.

“Youd better leave her as soon as possible.”

After two seconds of silence, Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and said softly, “Mengmeng, Dad is going back to make lunch and bring it to you.

Ill surely pick you up on time in the evening.

When you leave school, Dad will be waiting for you at the entrance.”

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han turned and was about to walk out.

One step, two steps…

When Zhang Han took the third step —

Mengmeng cried out as if she had been wronged.

“PaPa cant go, I wont let you go.

PaPa, you come back…”

Mengmeng stretched out her little arm and wanted to run to Zhang Han, but Lu Guo gently stopped Mengmeng with a hug and began comforting her in a low voice.

But it was no use comforting Mengmeng.

Her voice was even louder than that of the children behind her, which made them stop crying immediately.

They all looked at Mengmeng curiously.

“Why is she crying so loudly”

There were even some parents who took a glance at Mengmeng and shook their heads slightly.

They felt that the little girl was a little too coquettish, or her parents did not educate her well.

Their children had been well prepared and didnt cry at all today.

They were sure to become elites in the future.

“How can she cry like that”

Some parents shook their heads when they saw Mengmeng.

In fact, Mengmengs behavior was understandable.

Maybe they were well prepared to educate their children, but they didnt know that Mengmeng hadnt seen her father for several years, and her expectations of her father were unimaginable.

After finding Zhang Han, Mengmeng depended on him more than they thought.

When Zi Yan went to work, Mengmeng wouldnt feel very sad, but as long as Zhang Han was not around her, she would start to worry about the disappearance of PaPa.

Zhang Han was depressed now.

He was distressed.

He forced himself not to turn back and strode out of the front entrance of the kindergarten.

When he felt that he was far enough away from Mengmeng, he turned his head and looked at Mengmeng in the distance.

“PaPa, dont you want Mengmeng PaPa, come back…” Mengmeng stretched out her little arms, crying, out of breath.

Seeing her expression, Zhang Han stopped.

When the door of the kindergarten was about to be closed…


Zhang Han ran back quickly.

“Wait a minute.”

Zhang Han pushed the door open, ran quickly to Mengmeng, held her in his arms, touched her head, and said softly, “Dad wont go, Dad wont leave you.

Dad is back, dont cry…”

Under Zhang Hans comfort, Mengmeng was still crying, and her little arms were tightly around Zhang Hans neck.

“This…” Lu Guo sighed.

“Im sorry, Teacher Lu, we are not ready.

Ill take her home,” Zhang Han said apologetically.

“It fine.” Lu Guo smiled and said, “But didnt you make it clear to Mengmeng Well, the preparation in advance should be done well, otherwise, children cant accept it for a while.”

“Yes, its our fault.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Go back first.

In the afternoon or tomorrow, come back when you are ready,” Lu Guo said.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded his head lightly and left with Mengmeng in his arms.

Lu Guo looked at the back of the father and daughter, shook her head helplessly, and then walked inside with the other two teachers and children.

Mengmeng knew that PaPa was going to take her home, so she gradually stopped crying.

“Well, Mengmeng, stop crying.

Dad promises you, if you dont want to go to kindergarten, we wont go there, OK” Zhang Han said softly.

“Okay,” said Mengmeng with a choked-up voice.

She still put her little arms around Zhang Hans neck tightly and put her head on them.

Her tears wetted Zhang Hans neck.

This made Zhang Han very distressed!

When the media reporters at the entrance saw that a child was being carried out, they took two pictures specially, and then finished their work and prepared to go back.

In the back seat of the panda car, Zi Yan blinked and looked out of the window.

Because of her nervousness, she grasped the front seat with some force.

Then she was stunned.

Seeing Zhang Han carrying Mengmeng back, she moved her lips slightly.

She didnt know whether to feel happy or angry.

“I should have guessed that he would be reluctant to see Mengmeng cry.”

Zi Yans eyes were fixed on Mengmeng.

She quickly opened the door, got out of the car, and took a few steps forward.

Hearing Mengmengs sobs, Zi Yan bit her lips and stretched out her hands.

“Come here, give Mom a hug.”

“Lets get in the car first.” Zhang Han went to the back seat with Zi Yan.

Seeing poor Mengmeng, Zi Yan was really distressed.

She quickly held Mengmeng in her arms and took out a tissue to dry her tears.

At the same time, she whispered, “Dont cry, Mengmneg…”

“MaMa, I dont want to go to kindergarten,” Mengmeng pursed her lips and said pitifully.

“Why not There are many children there,” said Zi Yan.

“But there is no PaPa.

I want to be with PaPa.”

“Yes, with Dad.

Dont cry, baby, Dad will be always with you.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head.

After a few minutes of coaxing, Mengmeng stopped crying.

Zi Yan sighed, touched Mengmengs little face, and said, “Going to kindergarten doesnt mean being separated from PaPa.

PaPa with take you back home every afternoon.

You just need to stay at kindergarten during the day and study and play with your classmates.

Youll still be with PaPa and MaMa in the afternoon and evening.”

“Hmm” Mengmeng was slightly shocked.

After thinking for two seconds, she pouted and said, “No, I want to be with Papa.”

“Thats OK, or Ill work in the kindergarten as…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan hesitantly and said.

Before he could finish speaking, Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him and stopped him.

“What are you doing in the back seat Come and drive the car.

Lets go back first, and then discuss it,” said Zi Yan.

“Okay.” Zhang Han grinned, opened the door, started the car, and then drove back to New Moon Bay.

“Mengmeng, do you not want to go to kindergarten because you want to be with PaPa” Zi Yan asked Mengmeng in her arms.

At this time, Mengmengs mood had changed from a heavy rain to a sunny day.

Hearing Zi Yans words, she nodded seriously.

“Yes, I want to be with PaPa.”

Then the little girl thought about it and added, “We should go to kindergarten together.”

Zi Yan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“PaPa and MaMa are not allowed in kindergarten.

Do you want PaPa to be happy” Zi Yan asked again.

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied without hesitation.

“If you get the teachers praise in kindergarten, PaPa will be very happy when he hears it.

If you want PaPa to be happy, you should go to kindergarten and get the teachers praise.” Zi Yan started to encourage Mengmeng.

“But…” Mengmeng hesitated.

“I dont want to leave PaPa and MaMa, can I get praise from the teacher without going to kindergarten In this way, I can be with PaPa and make PaPa happy.”

Zhang Han was happy to hear that.

“What a considerate daughter I have.”

Hearing Mengmengs words, Zi Yan felt helpless.

She failed to persuade Mengmeng on the way back home.

When they returned to the restaurant, Zi Qiang was stunned when he saw the whole family coming back.

“Oh, my granddaughter is back Is school over” Zi Qiang asked in confusion.

“Yes, its over, and Ill never go there,” Mengmeng replied seriously.

Zi Yan was amused and shook her head again.

It seemed to be so difficult to persuade the little princess.

At this moment…


Zi Yans cell phone rang.

When she took it out, her eyes lit up as she quickly answered the phone.

“Hello Su Yu, whats that Okay, fine.

We are available today, why not go to our restaurant Its doesnt matter at all.

I have something to consult you about.

Come here at night, and Ill have Zhang Han make some delicacies.

Okay, thats it.”

After hanging up, Zi Yan smiled at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, today is your friend Yihans birthday.

She wanted to invite us out for a get-together, and Mom invited them to come over at night.

Are you happy”

“Hmm Yihans birthday! Thats great.

Ill sing her a birthday song in the evening.” Mengmengs big eyes suddenly lit up.

Seeing her expression, Zi Yan smiled.

Zhang Han was confused.

“Why are you so happy” Zhang Han asked.

“Well…” Zi Yan approached Zhang Hans ear and said something.

Zhang Han was suddenly enlightened.

It turned out that Zi Yan wanted to indirectly guide Mengmeng.

Wang Yihan had been in kindergarten for nearly a year and had some experience.

Zi Yan hoped to let her guide Mengmeng to be interested in kindergarten.

Therefore, the whole day passed quietly while Zi Yan and Mengmeng waited.

At eight oclock in the evening…

Wang Jiawen, who was carrying four bottles of high-grade liquor, and Su Yu, who was carrying a two-layer cake, led the happy Wang Yihan into the restaurant.

Originally, Wang Jiawen wanted to bring two bottles of red wine, but when he thought of the fine wines that Liu Qingfeng sent to the restaurant as gifts, he gave up on the plan of sending red wine, and then tried to order four bottles of high-end Moutai.

Zhao Feng welcomed the three of them to the second floor.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Im coming.” Wang Yihan jumped toward Mengmeng.

“Yihan!” Mengmeng, sitting on the sofa, hurried down, took the gift box from her side, and ran up to the girl.

“Yihan, happy birthday to you.”

“Wow, a gift for me! Thank you, Mengmeng, you are so nice.” Wang Yihan took the gift in surprise.

“Dont be so courteous,” Mengmeng replied while giggling.

“Happy birthday to you,” Zhang Han and Zi Yan said.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang and Aunt Zhang,” Wang Yihan replied happily.

“I wanted to invite you out to play, but in the end, we came to disturb you again.

Im a little embarrassed,” Wang Jiawen said with a smile.

“Its nothing, dont be so courteous.” Zhang Han nodded with a smile.

He had been worrying about how to persuade Mengmeng to go to kindergarten, and now he came up with an idea.

Sometimes, it was hard for parents but easy for friends to guide a girl.

But whether it would work or not depended on the effect tonight.

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