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Chapter 477 Agree or Not

“This golden retriever is so excited.


Zhao, can you calm it down” Director Wu Dong looked at Zhao Feng and asked in a helpless tone.

“This… My words dont seem to work.

Ill give it a try.” Zhao Feng took a glance at Zhang Han, went to the front, squatted down, touched Dajins head, and said something to it.

One minute later…

“First scene, take two.

And… action.”

“Stop, its still too excited.”

The director stopped shooting in desperation.

Zi Yan thought for a moment, then went over to the golden retriever and whispered, “Dajin, dont be too excited.

He is your master now.

You cant always look at me.

You need to always look at him.”

Zi Yan pointed to the man next to Dajin.

The man smiled awkwardly and said, “Maybe it isnt familiar with me.

How about I play with it for a few minutes first”


Lets have a rest in place and start again in 10 minutes,” Wu Dong thought then said.

The man began to play with Dajin, but Dajin didnt pay much attention to him.

From time to time, it turned to look at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who were chatting all the time, and intended to run toward them whenever it got the chance.

This made the man feel bad.

It seemed that these 10 minutes were useless.

Sure enough!

After the break, they started filming the third take of the first scene.

Dajin immediately sat on the ground, wagging his tail, looking at Zi Yan, intending to give her its paw.

Everyone was amused by the dog.

Director Wu Dongs eyelids were twitching.

If he had such trouble in other his other shoots, he would be unable to control his temper and begin to admonish the actors.

But now, he knew that if he showed a little disrespect to Zi Yan, Hong Qitao would even dismiss him.

“First scene, take four.

And… action.”


“First scene, take five.


“Take six.


“Take seven…”

Gradually, Wu Dong was at a loss.

“If it goes on like this, Im afraid Ill never get the effect I want.”

“What should we do Should we call a dog trainer” asked Wu Dong, looking at Zhao Feng and Zhang Han.

“Let me give it a try,” Zhang Han thought about it then said.

In addition to Little Hei, the other dogs on the mountain were also much smarter than ordinary pets, but they were not able to understand peoples words and meanings at all.

Those dogs could only judge their masters emotions and intentions according to his expression.

If the master was happy, they would also feel happy.

When the master was unhappy, they were unhappy also.

Zhang Han went over to Dajin, squatted down, touched its head, and said, “Dont be too excited.

We are filming, and he is now your master.

You should calm down first.”

While talking to the dog, Zhang Han condensed his soul sense into an invisible thread and let it drill into the dogs brain.


Dajin cried a few times in a low voice, with a pitiful expression.

Its wagging tail gradually stopped between its legs.

Wu Dongs eyes lit up, and then he said, “First scene, take ten.

And… action.”

20 seconds later…


Even Zhang Han was smiling helplessly this time.

Looking pitiful with its tail between its legs, Dajin didnt cooperate with the actor at all.

It walked two steps forward and lay on the ground, looking at Zhang Han.

After the director called a halt, Zhang Han went to touch Dajins head, and its tail swung again.

“What should we do Try a Labrador” Zi Yan pursed her lips and asked.

“OK, try another one.” Wu Dong nodded in approval.

Zhao Feng drove Dajin back to the mountain and took a Labrador to the shooting site.

“First scene, take 11.

And… action.”


“Take 12.


“Cut, cut…”

“Another one Do you have a sheepdog” Wu Dong suggested.

Zhao Feng went back to the mountain and brought a Texas shepherd dog.

“Take 19.



“It wont work.” Wu Dong looked at Zhao Feng and said, “I think the problem lies in the dog training.

Maybe we should ask a trainer to train it for a few days before we can start shooting.”

“Dog training” Zi Yan thought for a while, and her eyes suddenly lit up.

“There is no need to train the dog,” she looked at Zhang Han, “Little Hei can do it, Im sure.

Shall we try it”

“Little Hei Okay, Feng, bring it here,” Zhang Han said.

“OK, Ill go right now.

It will surely complete the task successfully.” Zhao Feng smiled and whistled to the German shepherd, taking it back to Mount New Moon.

Half an hour later, Zhao Feng parked his car on the side of the road in the distance.

After getting out, he and Little Hei went to the shooting site.

When it saw the crowd, Little Hei ran to Zhang Han at once.

Aside from its frightening speed, like the other dogs, Little Hei sat in front of Zhang Han, stuck out its tongue, and wagged its tail happily.

“We want you to be an actor.

Go and give it a try.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Little Heis head.

“Ow, ow, hoo.” Little Hei replied as it sat in front of Zi Yan.

“Little Hei, I know you can do it.

Lets act.

He is your master, and then…” Zi Yan told Little Hei the scene they needed to perform.

But before she finished speaking…

Little Hei began shaking its head violently.

“He is my owner No, I cant do that.”

“Ow ow hoo, ow ow hoo.” Little Hei barked at Zi Yan and then looked at Zhang Han.

“He is my owner.”

“We are just acting, its not real.

Just pretend that he is your master,” Zi Yan added, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Little Hei again shook its head.

Zi Yan turned to Zhang Han for help.

Zhang Han came up to them, chuckled, looked at Little Hei, and said, “Go try it.

Its acting, it doesnt matter.”


Little Hei cried in a weak, low voice.

Then it lay down and never got up, acting like a spoiled child.

“Wow, the dog is so smart!” Director Wu Dongs eyes lit up in an instant.

He felt that the dog, who was really powerful and handsome, would be able to complete the task, and the effect of the advertisement would certainly be good.


It seemed to be unwilling to cooperate with them.

The guest actor hesitated for a moment and then squatted down, intending to touch Little Heis belly and getting more familiar with it.

As soon as he stretched out his hand…


Little Hei flashed toward him, baring its fangs.

“Ah!” The man was so frightened that he fell to the ground.

For a moment, he felt like he was going to die.

“Its too frightening.”

The mans forehead was covered with cold sweat.

“Little Hei, you cant do that,” Zi Yan puffed up her cheeks and said angrily.


Little Hei had a sad look on its face.

For it, the word “master” was sacred and inviolable.

All its life, it only admitted Zhang Han to be its master.

Of course, the madam and little master were also very important to it.

But it didnt like to get closer to others.

Even if they were acting, Little Hei refused to admit another master.

It might seem ridiculous to others, but in Little Heis eyes, it was its mission and meaning of life.

Seeing this, Zhang Han didnt force it anymore.

He smiled softly and said, “It doesnt matter if you dont want to act.”

Then he looked at his cell phone and said, “Its almost time for lunch break.

Lets continue shooting in the afternoon.”

Zhang Han checked the time; nearly 11 oclock.

So he suggested and waved to Zi Yan, saying, “Lets go back for lunch first.”

“OK, lets take a lunch break.

Er, Mr.

Zhang, Miss Zi, what time shall we start in the afternoon” asked Wu Dong.

“Lets discuss it after eating,” Zhang Han said casually.

So they went back home.

Zi Yan went in the trailer, changed her clothes, and went back to New Moon Bay with Zhang Han in the panda car.

Zhao Feng went back to Mount New Moon with Little Hei in his Land Rover.

“Ah, I didnt expect Little Hei to be stubborn like this.

It only recognizes brother-in-law as its master.” Zhou Fei felt it so funny.

“Yes, if Little Hei agreed, the shooting of the advertisement would be successful, and maybe we would only need to shoot once,” Zi Yan said, curling her lips.

“We cant help it if Little Hei is unwilling to do so.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Maybe the wordmaster is very important to it, otherwise it wouldnt refuse like this.”

“I see.” Zi Yan pouted.

At this time, Zhou Fei thought about it, her eyes twinkling slightly, and suddenly came up with an idea.

“Its so easy!” she said excitedly.

“How will you solve the problem” Zi Yan said curiously.

“Let brother-in-law act in the advertisement! Haha, if brother-in-law is the actor, there will be absolutely no problem.

Im sure Little Hei will definitely cooperate with him, and maybe we will succeed after one try with such a small amount of content,” Zhou Fei said repeatedly.

“Yes!” Zi Yan was cheered up.

But before she spoke, Zhang Han shook his head.

“I dont want to be an actor.

Im not good at acting, and I will feel a little embarrassed.

Youd better find a dog trainer to train Little Hei.”

“Its not complicated.

Just try it.” Zi Yan said in a charming voice, “As a couple in reality, well be in the advertisement together.

Its so interesting.”

Zhang Han thought for a while and refused.

“Youd better find a dog trainer.”

“Hmph! Then I dont like you!” Zi Yan loudly scoffed and pouted angrily.

At this time, Zhou Fei rolled her eyes and came up with a new idea.

“Elder Sister Yan, Elder Sister Yan, maybe you can try this…” Then she whispered in Zi Yans ear.

Others didnt know what she said, but after listening to her, Zi Yans face turned red.

Zhang Han, who was driving the car, broke into a sly grin.

Back at the restaurant, Zhang Han began to make lunch, and then gave two lunch boxes to Elder Meng.

When he went to school at noon, he couldnt see Mengmeng, so he asked Elder Meng to help him deliver the meal.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei had lunch on the second floor.

It was one oclock in the afternoon, and there were no other guests in the restaurant.

Zi Yan blushed with shame, crossed her hands, and put on a shy expression.

When Zhang Han was about to take all the tableware downstairs, she stood up and said, “I, Ill go for a rest in the bedroom.”

“Haha, Sister Yan, come on, Ill go back to the company first.” Zhou Fei happily went downstairs.

Seeing Zhang Han cleaning up the kitchen, she went over and secretly waved to Zhao Feng.

“Whats the matter” Zhao Feng got up and went out with Zhou Fei.

Seeing Zhou Fei close the restaurant door and then lock it, he was stunned and asked, “Why did you lock the door”

“You want to keep it open You fool, take me back to the company,” Zhou Fei said angrily.

“Oh, okay.” Zhao Feng realized what was happening and nodded with a smile.

Then he got in the car and went back to the company with Zhou Fei.

Zhang Han tidied up the kitchen and glanced at the door of the restaurant with a complicated look.

Then he chuckled and moved quickly to the second floor.

When he opened the bedroom door, he was shocked by what he saw.

Zi Yan had changed all her clothes.

She was wearing a black drawstring vest, a cheerleader-style miniskirt, and black silk stockings, revealing part of her white thighs.

Although she was still wearing underwear, her looming figure was more attractive to Zhang Han.

“Will you participate in the advertisement” Zi Yan blushed and said coquettishly.

Zhang Han wanted to say “yes” in an instant, by he stopped in time and said, “No.”

Zi Yans expression froze.

“How dare you pretend in front of me”

So she licked her lips and asked in a more enchanting tone, “Do you agree or not”


Zi Yan was a little angry, but she didnt want to give up halfway.

She began to think about some pictures in magazines, and finally remembered a posture.

She moved her body to the bed, put her right leg on her left and arched it slightly.

“Do you agree or not”

“Gulp… No.”

“Do you agree or not”


“What about like this Do you agree or not” Zi Yan thought of the last movement, and her hands went up from her legs to the plump place.

That was all she could do because she hadnt seen much about it.

But Zhang Han also knew that if he didnt agree, his sweetheart would be furious.

Besides, her posture was too attractive.

So he threw himself at the bed.


They began tussling.

Until three oclock in the afternoon.

Zhang Han was lying on the bed with Zi Yan in his arms, and there was a mess around them.

“You are so disgusting.

Why did you take so long” Zi Yan said in a lazy voice, her face still red.

“Maybe its a talent,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“You promised me anyway.

Hmph, well shoot later.”

“Well, Ive just finished shooting.” Zhang Han reached out and touched Zi Yans nose.

“Er” Zi Yan suddenly froze, looked up at Zhang Han, reached out, and pinched him on the waist.

“Did you trick me How could you regret it after putting on your pants Do you believe that Ill bite you”

“I believe it.

But I didnt intend to regret it.” Zhang Han happily shook his head and waved his palm.

The cell phone flew to him and stopped in his hand, and then he dialed Zhao Fengs number.

“Ask them to make some preparations.

Ill be the actor and cooperate with Zi Yan…”

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Han touched Zi Yans buttocks and said, “Lets clean up.

In half an hour, well perform the first scene in the street.”

“Okay, lets get up.

Well, the stockings were torn by you.

None of these can be used anymore.” Zi Yan took off the damaged vest and stockings and began to change clothes.

“Its OK.

I have a lot more here.”


20 minutes later, Zhang Han and Zi Yan went out.

The shooting site was arranged at the end of the street.

Little Hei was also sitting in Zhao Fengs car.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked into the trailer together.

After being dressed by a female hairdresser and a makeup artist, Zhang Han was transformed into a man in his 40s.

After the two women went out, Zhang Han changed into a simple suit.

“Honey, you used to be very handsome, but now you are a plain middle-aged man.

Is this what you will look like when you are old” Zi Yan asked.

“Haha, we wont grow old.

When you are most beautiful, I will make a Beauty-maintaining pill for you.

After eating it, you will be young forever,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Zi Yan said with surprise and joy, “Really Thats great, honey, you are so powerful.”

Zi Yan was really excited, which could be seen from the way she looked at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han touched her cheek, smiled, and said, “Of course.”

At the same time, he felt a little depressed because Zi Yan couldnt absorb the elixir, and the Beauty-maintaining pill was now useless for her.

But Zhang Han was sure that he could find a solution to it.

“Lets get out of the car.

Its 3:30, and we should pick up Mengmeng later,” Zhang Han checked the time and said.


They got out of the trailer.

At this time, the street on this side had been blocked, but there were still many vehicles on the road, all arranged by the company, including taxis, private cars worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, and several cars worth more than one million.

And, of course, the main character of the scene: the truck.

When Zhang Han went to the sidewalk, Little Hei was already tied with a leash, so Zhang Han held one end of the leash.

“First scene, take one.

And… action.” With the directors order, the shooting began.

Zhang Hans eyes froze immediately, as if they had turned from water to ice, without any flashing light or spiritual Qi.

To anyone, the two of them were a real blind man and a guide dog.

Little Hei slowly guided Zhang Han forward, but when they were about to cross the road, the green light turned red.

After seeing Zhang Han and his dog, all the drivers stopped their cars one after another.

However, after they took a few steps, a truck rushed toward them.

Because of the massive weight of the truck, its inertia made it too late for the driver to stop in time.


There was a sharp braking noise.

“Okay, its done.

Good job!” Director Wu Dong stood up, clapped, and laughed.

The rest of the staff was also clapping.

It was not only for Zhang Hans position as the boss of the company, but for his performance.

He was very much like a blind man.

“Now that thats done, lets call it a day and continue shooting at 9:30 tomorrow morning.”

Zhang Han looked at his watch and suggested.

Then he went into the trailer and changed his clothes.

After Zi Yan removed Zhang Hans makeup, the two of them returned to the front door of the restaurant and took the panda car to kindergarten.

After kindergarten…

Mengmeng saw Zhang Han and ran toward him.

“PaPa.” She jumped into Zhang Hans arms with great joy.

Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms again, kissing her rosy face.

“PaPa, well…” Mengmeng thought for a while and said in Cantonese, “Nice to meet you.”

“What does that mean” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Nice to meet you!” Mengmeng replied happily and then continued, “Nice to meet you.

Its a privilege to meet you (in Cantonese).”

“Mengmeng has learned so much.

Clever girl!” Zhang Han smiled.

“Hmm.” Mengmeng felt happy and she went on to say, “PaPa, we played Eagle and Chicken today, but… its different.”

“Whats different” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

“The mother hen was not powerful at all, and she escaped as soon as she saw the eagle, which was different from Big Heihei.

Big Heihei could defeat the eagle with just one kick and always prevented me from being caught” Mengmeng pouted and said, “I was caught and had to act as the eagle while playing with my classmates.

I failed to catch any chickens until the game was over.”

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