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Chapter 480 The Confident Lu Xiong

As the auctioneers hammer fell, the audience burst into an uproar.

“1.5 billion, thats 1.5 billion!”

“A membership card was sold for 1.5 billion yuan, it might break the world record.”

“This is unprecedented! Why did these people compete so keenly for a restaurant membership card I really dont understand.”

“Who owns Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant If its just for the delicious food, how could it cost so much Im afraid all that money could buy the restaurant.”

In the back seats, many people felt it very strange and couldnt figure it out.

If it was just one bidder, they might think that person was gambling at high stakes.

With so many bidders at the same time, they couldnt ponder on the question, otherwise they might be terrified.

Even Dong Tianpeng was at a loss as he looked at the people around him.

“You know nothing!”

A few people who knew what was going on sneered, then said three words without further explanation.


Zhang was at the Grand Master Peak level and had rooted out the Li family.

Normal people wouldnt know how frightening he could be.

People who did know could do nothing but admire Zhang Hans achievement.

Somehow, these people felt that they were better than those who knew nothing.

They thought those people were far beneath them because they hadnt even heard of Mr.


Many big shots in the front row looked at each other and gave a wry smile, they nodded to Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan and congratulated them.

They all wanted this membership card.

Their personal budget didnt allow them to spend that much money on the membership card.

The loss outweighed the gain, because buying the membership card didnt mean that Mr.

Zhang would be the buyers friend.

So they were using their familys wealth at auction and the Luo family only had about one billion yuan.

But it turned out that… with Luo Shans help, Luo Chengwen was determined and added another 500 million yuan to get the membership card.

“Once again, thank you all for participating in the Wanqing Autumn Auction.

Now the auction is officially over.” Chairman Lin went to the stage and said something into the microphone.

At last, he said with a smile, “Bidders who have just bought the items could go through the formalities in the office area on my left…”

“Well, PaPa, its over.

Where are our things Why did no one bring them to us” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“We have to pay for things over there before we get them.” Zi Yan pointed to the right side, where there were many desks and staff.

“Uh-huh.” Mengmeng nodded.

Now she knew that people couldnt get things until they had paid for them at the auction.

Zhang Han and the others went over and paid for the things they had just bought.

Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan came up to them.


Zhang, Miss Zi, its a great honor to have this membership card.

I may drop by now and then in the future,” Luo Chengwen smiled and said.

“Its nothing, thank you, Mr.

Luo,” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

“Oh, right.” Luo Chengwen suddenly thought of something.

He looked at Zhang Han and said, “I bought a bluefin tuna from the Atlantic Ocean a few days ago.

It was delivered today.

I wonder if Mr.

Zhang is interested, so I can give it to you.

Good food needs… Mr.

Zhang to look after.”

He was going to say that good food needed a good cook.

But on second thought, he felt it inappropriate and changed the words.

Bluefin tuna was a relatively precious large fish.

The largest ones could reach more than four meters, and the Atlantic bluefin tuna was one of the best species, with a high value.

Luo Chengwen wanted to get closer to Zhang Han, so he said this after getting the membership card.

Zhang Han became interested in the tuna, so he nodded and said, “OK, you can send the fish to the restaurant.

Ill inform you in advance when the food is ready in a few days.”

He had eaten it before, and the taste was very good.

If it was just for himself, Zhang Han wouldnt be so fussy about the food.

Now as a husband and a father, he would let his family taste any delicious food first.

Luo Chengwen and Zhao Feng decided on a date to put the bluefin tuna in the pond on the mountain for a few days, so the fish would taste better.

They even considered that the tuna was a carnivore, which would require many other fish to be used as food in the pond, in case it ate up all the fry.

When they went downstairs, Zhao Feng drove back to New Moon Bay.

“Master, the payment of several airplanes has been settled, they will be here in less than 10 days.

The type of the two private airplanes is Boeing 757, which were customized by a prince in Dubai.

Something happened to him earlier, so he couldnt pay in full.

We took over the planes.

The modifications on the plane are fine, with a big lounge, marble bathrooms, etc.

The price of each plane is 100 million dollars.”

Zhao Feng told him while driving.

“We bought three helicopters.

The first one is an Airbus Helicopters H145 with two engines.

Its small and has a nice appearance, enough space, and can take eight passengers.

It costs nine million dollars.

The second one is an Airbus Helicopters AS365 N3 , which can carry 12 passengers with a luxurious interior and the most advanced entertainment and air conditioning system.

It costs 11 million dollars.

The last one is a Bell 429WLG, which costs seven million dollars.”

Zhang Han nodded.


He didnt care that much.

In one or two years, he would reach the Innateness level, which meant that he could fly anywhere.

Zhang Han thought about taking Zi Yan to fly; she would be so excited.

He could take Mengmeng to fly, and the little girl might be thrilled.

Beside them, Zi Yan did the math, then she stuck out her tongue.

“227 million dollars is approximately equal to 1.5 billion yuan.”

“How extravagant!”

When they were back at the restaurant, Zhang Han and Zi Yan took Mengmeng to Mount New Moon after lunch.

The family had a precious and quiet time, just the three of them.

Mengmeng played with Dahei and Litte Hei in the pet area.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan sat together.

“Nice,” Zi Yan murmured softly.

“Because we have you,” Zhang Han chuckled and said.

“When Mengmeng has a holiday in the winter, lets go north and play in the snow.”

“OK.” Zi Yans eyes brightened and then dimmed a little bit.

She said, “I have never taken Mengmeng to play in the snow before.

Am I an unfit mother”

“No.” Zhang Han replied in a hurry, “You did a wonderful job, you have raised Mengmeng into a good and sweet little girl.

Its all due to you.

Besides, its not too late to play in the snow this year.”

“You are right.

Mengmeng behaves well, but you shouldnt spoil her.

You have spoiled me and made me a lazy person.

What should I do if I leave you one day and cant live by myself” Zi Yan put her forehead on Zhang Hans shoulder.

“We will always be together.” Zhang Han held Zi Yans waist and chuckled.

“But you are so excellent that your shortcomings could be neglected.

Now, Mengmeng is your priority.

But Mengmeng will go to high school, then college, and you will have more free time then.

Other women will seduce you.

What if…”

“It will never happen.” Zhang Han looked in the direction of the pet area, then reached out and pinched her butt with a straight face.

“Dont you believe in your husband”

“Hmph!” Ziyan twisted her body and said, “Im not sure.

Look at yourself, you are interested in stockings and uniforms…”

She blushed slightly.

“Ha…” Zhang Han was at a loss for words.

“Thats just for you.

Youre my wife and youre so beautiful.

I cant help it.

What I am about to say is no exaggeration; among all the women Ive met before, one was even a saint maiden of some sect, but I fell in love with none of them.”

“I just heard that many powerful men in the martial arts world would have several wives, so it seems to be a very normal thing.

I cant bear to think of it.”

“Im different from them,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“Dont worry, we will spend our whole lives together.

Besides, you are not a normal person.

There is a big secret in your body.

Maybe in the future, you will become powerful, and I may need your protection.

I will hold my queens long and beautiful legs and get upgraded all the way.”

“Hahaha, maybe one day you do need to rely on me, and I could take you higher.”

They chatted for a while, and Zi Yan was happy again.

She had accepted the martial arts world soon enough.

It was not easy for a normal woman to change and reshape her inherent outlook.

On Sunday, the family of three went to Ocean Park again.

Mengmeng was excited and had a lot of fun.

In the past two days, Sun Ming had received many cooperation contracts.

This time, he learned to be smart.

He asked Zhou Fei to come over and look through them together.

Finally, he chose the cooperation project of Zi Yans album Everlasting.

Five songs on the album were selected by TV directors.

They needed to negotiate the adaptation of the songs.

Some lyrics stayed the same but others might need to be changed.

Zi Yan got busy on Monday and went to the company with Zhou Fei at 7:30 a.m.

At eight oclock, Zhang Han drove Mengmeng to kindergarten alone in the panda car.

At noon, Zhang Han sent lunch to Mengmeng.

When he was about to get back to the car, he saw Lu Xiong carrying two local chickens from afar.


Zhang has come to deliver the meal” Lu Xiong walked a few steps and said with a smile, “Come to my place and have a drink with me.”

He showed him the chickens in his hand.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “OK, thanks for your hospitality.”

“Its nothing, Im bored anyway.” Lu Xiong led the way to the right side of the kindergarten.

They walked for five minutes to the foot of the mountain not far behind the kindergarten.

“Eh My yard is at the top of the mountain.

Lets have a race to test our speed,” Lu Xiong suddenly looked at Zhang Han and said.

“After you.” Zhang Han showed his hand, which meant that he would let Lu Xiong run fist.

“My move is called Wind Controlling Skill.

Its a famous skill of my former leader.

I learned it three years ago.

I can run with the help of the wind.

Now I have to practice it to the top, which means that I could fly a mile or two with a strong wind,” Lu Xiong said with a smile.

He was talented if he could practice his former leaders skill to perfection.

But Zhang Han found his words a little amusing.

He said, “You cant do it when there is no wind”


Lu Xiong paused and said, “Its always windy, a little wind will do.

I cant fly without strong wind, but my speed isnt slow.

“Grand Master Zhang, the race will start when this feather lands.”

Lu Xiong waved his palm, and a chicken feather slowly drifted to the ground from the chicken.

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