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Chapter 486 It Finally Came

“What is Nine Colors Flower” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

There were lots of treasures in the world and even Zhang Han couldnt tell all of their names, not to mention some variations of them.

But he knew that there were several main kinds of spirit treasures.

For example, they could be divided into weapons, spiritual herbs, etc.

And spiritual herbs could be again classified according to their effects, such as enhancing spiritual force, speed, or sense.

Of course, the poisonous spiritual herbs belonged to another classification.

To know more about spiritual herbs, one should study their effects first and then their classification, because there were so many similar herbs with totally different effects and usages.

“Nine Colors Flower is a kind of flower that shows multiple colors including red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, black, and white.

The flower can help to accelerate the gathering of spiritual force and enhance a martial artists psychokinesis.

It seems that the psychokinesis of Grand Master Peak is different from supernatural power or an early-stage masters psychokinesis, but I dont know the details because I havent reached that level yet.”

“I see,” Zhang Han replied.

“It sounds like the Nine Colors Flower is a nice treasure worth competing for.”

There were also four classifications of spirit treasures.

While first to third-stage spirit treasures were ordinary in Cultivation World, which everyone could get access to, those at the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages were more valuable and could be used as cash by cultivators.

Spirit treasures at the seventh and eighth stages were treasured by most cultivators as a part of their body.

As four ninth-stage spirit treasures, they were relatively rare.

According to Zhang Hans judgment, the fifth stage was the top level of spirit treasures in the world he was now living in, and he was doubting the existence of sixth-stage treasures.

If he could get access to the so-called world of immortals, he might get something special.

“I plan to go there tomorrow.

But Ill visit an old friend first, would you like to go with me” Lei Tiannan asked.

“Sorry, I cant.

I have to take care of Mengmeng.” Zhang Han refused and then added, “Ill go there when the relics open.”

“Okay.” Lei Tiannan smiled and shook his head.

He hung up the phone after chatting with Zhang Han for a while, and then sighed with emotion.

He found Zhang Han one month ago in order to help him for the sake of Zhang Guangyou, which seemed to be a joke now.

Zhang Han was more powerful than him and deserved his respect.

“Is he equally matched in strength with those talents from the small world What an amazing young man!”

Lei Tiannan was looking forward to exploring the class-B relics.

He thought so highly of Zhang Han that he expected to see Zhang Han defeat all the other young talents.

Since a tiger father would not beget a dog son, Lei Tiannan was sure that Zhang Han would live up to be the son of Zhang Guangyou, a true hero.

As for Zhang Hans characteristics, while attaching great importance to friendships, he would deal with his enemies without any mercy.

Besides, Zhang Han was determined and bold, which was the second reason why Lei Tiannan appreciated him.

And for the third reason, as the second director of the Hong Kong National Security Agency, Zhang Han was powerful enough to guarantee the reputation of the agency.

On the other side, Zhang Han thought for a while after hanging up the phone, and then he dialed Wang Zhanpengs number.

“Elder Wang, you can come here tomorrow, and we will arrange someplace to stay for you.”

“What a coincidence, we have just decided to visit you tomorrow.” Wang Zhangpeng smiled and asked, “Han, have you heard of the relics of Nanxing By the way, Xiang Qitian visited me today and we chatted for a while.

Can you imagine that we shook hands and made peace He said that he had no interest in the Mountains and Rivers Flag anymore, and he told me about the relics in Nanxing.

The class-B relic is so important that Zhanhong and I want to explore it.

Would you like to go with us We can get together in Nanxing.”

“Master Wang.”

Zhang Han smiled after hearing Wang Zhanpengs words.

Then he slightly nodded and said, “Though you can ensure your safety with the Mountains and Rivers Flag, Im worried about Old Zong and Old Hong… To be honest, they cant protect themselves and are more likely to be in danger.”

“Why did you say that Han, do you know more about the relics of Nanxing” Wang Zhanpeng asked in a hurry.

“Many talents from the small world will enter the relics this time, including Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue, and Shi Fenghou,” Zhang Han thought about it and replied.

“Hiss!” Zhang Han heard Wang Zhanpeng gasp in astonishment.

Wang Zhanpeng raised his voice and said, “Both Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate, and Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, were famous martial artists.

I didnt expect them to be talents from the small world.

No wonder they are so powerful.

Who is Mu Xue”

“A disciple of the Luo Fu Sword sect.”

“Luo Fu… Sword sect” Wang Zhanpeng lapsed into silence.

10 seconds later, he forced a smile and said, “If that is true, this trip will be dangerous for us.

Well, well make some preparation and go there by plane tomorrow morning.

Lets talk about it in detail when we arrive.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han replied and then went to the back seat.

Zhao Feng had prepared some cold drinks.

Now the parents were chatting with each other while looking at their children, who were enjoying themselves.

Beautiful things could make people feel better.

The parent who had been in a bad mood was already cheered up by the lunch.

Now he was talking and laughing on Mount New Moon, enjoying this rewarding trip.

All the parents were surprised by Zhang Han and admired him even more.

What a great father he was as to build such a Xanadu for his daughter.

Before sitting down, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing after taking a glance at Mengmeng.

The little girl was sitting on Little Heis shoulders, commanding Dahei and her classmates in front.

“Li Muen, its your turn to play Throwing High.

Big Heihei, its her turn.

Shes a little afraid of heights, so dont throw her too high!” Mengmeng warned Dahei.

It turned out that Mengmengs worries were reasonable.

“Ooh Ooh ooh ooh!”

Dahei remained where he was and patted his chest in front of Mengmeng.

“I promise not to throw her too high.

No problem.”

However, after holding Li Muen in both hands, Dahei slyly rolled its eyes.


Although Dahei didnt throw Li Muen too high, it lowered its arm and greatly increased the falling distance of Li Muen before she landed.

“Ah ah ah!”

Li Muen was screaming.

She was now frightened.

Usually, she would be so frightened that she would cry in such a situation.

But she didnt cry.

When she was put back on the ground half a minute later, she even laughed and shouted, “Its so interesting and exciting!”

“Of course, we play Throwing High every time I come here.” Mengmeng laughed and pointed at another child.

“Whose turn it is Well, its Martins turn.

Big Heihei.”

“Ooh” Dahei looked at Martin and scratched its head.

“The child is darker than me!”

“Big Heihei, Im coming.” Martin stretched out his arms to Dahei.

Dahei curled its lips, for it was unwilling to play with those who were too obedient.

But it had to play with the children under the order of its little master.

Martin, who was not afraid at all, laughed and shouted, “Mengmeng, can you ride your dog Can you take me with you”


Before Mengmeng could answer Martin, Wang Yihan said, “Nobody but Mengmeng can ride Little Hei.

Muen, you can only play Throwing High with Big Heihei.”

“Even you cant ride the dog Okay.”

The children continued to play happily.

Happy times are always short.

At four oclock in the afternoon, they took the minibus back to the restaurant.

On the way, the happy children sang a song named Where Is Spring, and everyone on the minibus was calmed down by the lovely voices of the children.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Mr.


I hope we can invite Mr.

Zhang and Mengmeng to our house next time,” Stefens mother said politely.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

Mengmeng, standing beside him, waved to Stefen.

“Goodbye, Stefen.

Goodbye, uncle and aunt.”


“Thank you, Mr.


Its a special experience and Im very happy…”

Martins mother and the other parents left one after another.

They thought it was just an ordinary party.

Unexpectedly, Mengmengs father was so considerate, which made them feel respected.

Shortly after they left, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back.

“MaMa is back!” Mengmengs big eyes lit up.

“Did you miss MaMa” Zi Yan quickly stepped to the sofa, hugged Mengmeng in her arms, and kissed her.

“Yes, I missed you so much.”

“MaMa has brought you a gift, which was the specialty there.

Its a fir music box, and you can click here to play one piece of music, and click there to change to another one…”

Zi Yan took out a small gift and made Mengmeng laugh happily.

After a while, Mengmeng put down the music box and said to Zi Yan, “MaMa, have you seen that All my friends came here today and PaPa made them a lot of delicious food.

They all envied me for having such a powerful PaPa…”

“Even I envy you so much, let alone them,” Zhou Fei smiled and said.

After chatting for a while, when the diners arrived for dinner, they went to the second floor with the little girl.

After dinner, Zhang Han looked at Zhou Fei and asked, “Feifei, could you please sleep in the second bedroom tonight”

“Ah What can I do for you” Zhou Fei was confused.


Zhang Han nodded and took a glance at Mengmeng, who was watching cartoons on the sofa.

“Ill go out with Zi Yan tomorrow morning.

Please help us to take care of Mengmeng for about one hour, and well come back soon.”

“What time will you go out I have to set an alarm in advance, or I wont wake up,” Zhou Fei asked in a low voice.

“Half-past five.”

“OK.” Zhou Fei made a gesture, looked at Zi Yan, and said with a smile, “Sister Yan, is my brother-in-law going to do something romantic”

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes happily and said, “Who knows what hes up to.”

She was looking forward to tomorrow morning.

That night, Zhou Fei slept in the second bedroom.

The next day was Sunday, and Mengmeng didnt have to go to school.

Zhang Han knew that if Mengmeng went to bed after 11:30 in the evening, she would wake up later and wouldnt be upset over not seeing her parents the next morning.

At 5:20 the next morning, Zhang Han woke up Zi Yan gently.

“Lets go.”

“Okay…” Zi Yan replied with her eyes still closed.

It took Zi Yan two minutes to get rid of her sleepiness, and then she put on her clothes and went to the second bedroom to wake up Zhou Fei.

After Zhou Fei came to the master bedroom, Zi Yan and Zhang Han left for Mount New Moon in the panda car.

“Is today the day you mentioned” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Our home is coming.”


Its coming.

“Ive been waiting for this moment for such a long time.”

The second transformation of the thunder yang tree finally came.

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