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After a few moves with Ye Longyuan,

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

Ye Longyuan was really powerful.

In the division system that Zhang Han was familiar with, he should be at the Foundation Late-stage, only one step away from the Innateness stage.

Although his moves were not strong, the gap in strength helped to make up for the gap between their moves.

As a result, so far, they were well-matched in the battle.

Zhang Han did not know how to defeat Ye Longyuan for the time being.

Ye Longyuan was also surprised at Zhang Hans strength.

In the past minute, he had made six moves, which had all been blocked by Zhang Han, one by one.

What they were unaware of was…

What was more alarming were the hundreds of people who were watching the battle.

“Im not dreaming, am I Thats Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate.

Zhang Hanyang should be able to end in a draw with him!”

“Their fight is intense.

I can even feel the pressure from here.”

“I did not expect Zhang Hanyang to be so fierce.

His strength is not inferior to Ye Longyuans! How cool he is!”


All the people on the shore were stunned.

Not only them, but also the masters who were watching the battle taking place in the center of the lake, were a little confused.

“Who the hell is he”

Mu Xue, the female demon, stared at Zhang Han, without blinking.

Suddenly her pupils contracted as a huge wave rose in her heart.

“Could he be…”

“A disciple of Black White Palace, the most mysterious sect”

“It is a possibility!”

“Otherwise, how could such a talent suddenly appear from nowhere”


“If Im right, how is it that he is unable to defeat Ye Longyuan Each time when the Black White Palace sends out some disciples in order to toughen them up, the other talents from small world will be easily suppressed by them!”

Thinking about this, Mu Xue could not understand and watched the battle, with a kind of vacant look on her face.

Though Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, did not think too much like the others, he was also watching the battle with a serious expression.

“Zhang Han must not be any ordinary martial artist, according to his performance!”

“Emperor Qing just became famous a few years ago in the main world.

How did such a genius like Merciless Zhang appear in such a short time”

“Since when… Could the main world often produce such a talent”

Shi Fenghou was confused.

At this time, he took a glance at the closed gate of the ruins, and suddenly found a football shaped mist cluster, which then started to spread out.

“Well, Ye Longyuan, I hope you will not be killed today.

Otherwise I will not have the opportunity to kill you!”

Shi Fenghou sneered, and then a pair of transparent wings emerged from his back.

He flapped the wings, turned into a ray of light, and flew into the gate of the ruins, at high speed.

“Ha ha ha.”

Mu Xue laughed and then followed Shi Fenghou into the ruins.

The ruins of Nan Xing Lake were stable, but they had only seven hours to explore it, regardless of whatever treasures they could get in the ruins.

They had to work hard to find what they needed, within the next seven hours.

They did not want to waste any time because it was precious and short.

“Zhang Hanyang.”

Ye Longyuan quickly retreated about ten meters, levitated in the air, and said in a cold voice, you are not bad as an opponent, one who can make me take you seriously.

Enter the ruins first and wait for me to kill you when I come out!”

“You think it is up to you”

Zhang Han looked at Ye Longyuan with an undisguised desire to kill him.

An invisible cold wind swept through the battlefield, lowering the temperature of the area.

If the tiger went down to level land, he would be insulted by dogs.

Zhang Han used to have unparalleled strength.

However, after he started all over again, he was even bullied by a nobody whom he would once have regarded as an ant.

There was no doubt that Ye Longyuan was trying to provoke him.

If Zhang Han was at Foundation Late-stage or Innateness stage and had additional strength now, he would have killed Ye Longyuan without hesitation.

But he was not confident enough to do it now.

Although he could not kill Ye Longyuan within a short time, if they had fought longer, Zhang Han would have found a chance.

But now he had more important things to do.

Though Zhang Han stopped all his moves, his desire to kill Ye Longyuan could be easily read from his face.

Facing Zhang Hans eyes,

He did not know why.

Ye Longyuan suddenly had chills running down his spine.

He frowned at the feeling.


He snorted, turned around and disappeared into the ruins.

All the disciples from the different sects in the worldlet followed after him, entering the ruins.

More than 70% of them turned to look at Zhang Han, before they disappeared.

They were all shocked by Zhang Hans performance just now.

“Hes a lot more powerful than you described.”

Ji Wushuang remarked calmly, as he shot a glance at Mo Chengfeng, before entering the ruins.


Mo Chengfeng forced himself to smile and followed him.

Few people were able to use the same skills as Zhang Han to enter the ruins, so they were more casual, and were not in groups.

“Han, now I know what the danger you mentioned is.

Its really a little tricky to have so many disciples from the worldlet here.” Wang Zhanpeng came to Zhang Han from behind, and sighed.

Although Wang Zhanpeng wanted to help Zhang Han just now, he knew that he would only drag Zhang Han down, if he joined the battle.


Be careful, Master Wang.

Youll be safe with the Mountains and Rivers Flag.” Zhang Han nodded and replied.

Zhang Hans expression was now bland, as if he had not fought against Ye Longyuan at all.

He did not care about the crowd looking at him in astonishment or aspiration.

“Oh, by the way…” Wang Zhanpeng was about to say something.

But after Zhang Han finished speaking, he went directly to the ruins.

“Wait!” Wang Zhanpengs mouth trembled a little.


“I cant expect to get the same treatment as Zi Yan.”

Wang Zhanpeng grinned and also entered the ruins.

Behind them, all 50 or 60 martial artists, including Lei Tiannan, Protector Leng and Fang Rushan, entered the ruins, as well.

Among them, there were some people with superb strength.

But they were all elderly people.

They did not take any action or even say anything in the face of Shi Fenghou, the Little Rocs challenge.

They just stood aside when Ye Longyuan, the arrogant Devil Incarnate, was fighting against Zhang Han.

None of them joined in the battle.

This was because…

Todays world belonged to the young talents.

These young talents were strong, confident, fearless and even intimidating to the old martial artists.

However, there were two martial artists who remained calm.

Even when Zhang Han first arrived here, he could not help looking at them.

If Zhang Hans judgment was correct.

In the last canoe, the guy in the cloak and bamboo hat…

He was at the Divine Realm stage!

Zhang Han could only see the mans red eyes.

He had an evil charm about him.

They resembled the eyes of a snake.

It was really weird.

Zhang Han could not even make out if it was a man or a woman, whether young or old!

As for the other guy.

Zhang Han guessed that he was Ji Wushuang.

Though he could not see Ji Wushuang clearly, either, he could sense that mans unstable Qi.

“He seems to have recently advanced to the Divine Realm stage.”

When compared to the worldlet…

The martial arts world was weak.

But in Zhang Hans view, there were so many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the main world.

There were three Deadlands and eight Dangerous Lands in the main world, which gave it a greater advantage over all the small worlds.

Zhang Han thought that the ship was cursed.

There was also Yue Wuwei, the smart and funny man, who always behaved casually.

The main world was the most important.

The main world was like a tree trunk, while the small worlds were lush branches, which had to rely on the trunk, in order to survive.

Above the surface of Nan Xing Lake.

As soon as the ruins opened, all the martial artists in the middle of the lake entered it within one minute.

Only those ordinary martial artists were left standing by on the shore.

They would wait here for seven hours to see if there would be any wonderful battles after the ruins disappeared.

For martial artists entering the ruins, they were there not only to obtain treasures, but also to bring them out safely.

Looking back at Zhang Han—

After Zhang Han entered the ruins…

He found himself in a white world, but at the next moment, a heat wave surged toward him.

Zhang Han immediately started the energy protection.

The scene in front of him changed again in a flash.

He was now totally in the real ruins.

He could only see the color red everywhere.

He felt like he was in the desert.

The sky seemed to be filled with burning clouds, and the ground was like a vast ocean of magma.

The temperature of the magma was so intense that even Zhang Han felt a little hot.

He was now levitating ten meters above the ground.

All the martial artists could levitate in the air for a short time with the help of their spiritual force, as long as they reached the Grand Master or Foundation Stage.

“The doomsday scourges.”

“Martial artists below Last-Stage will find it difficult to survive in this type of world.”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

In this sea of magma, with its radius of several hundred meters, there were only three or five safe places to step on.

While some of them could support five or six people, some could only support one.

And their surface was reddish brown in color, which meant they were also hot.

What made it worse were the evil spirits that made the explorers feel extremely uncomfortable, as they constantly emerged from the magma, and oppressed ones soul.

Such an environment was obviously very unfavorable for those who were exploring the ruins this time.


Zhang Han moved, his soul sense spreading out.

When he plunged into the magma, he found that the radius of his soul sense scanning was only ten meters in range.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The flood dragon card appeared at Zhang Hans feet, creating a water film to support Zhang Han, and kept him safe and sound in the magma.

The flood dragon card helped Zhang Han to conserve his spiritual force.

Instead of moving to the other sites, Zhang Han stood still, intending to take a look at the magma that was spewing around him.

If there were any secrets in this deserted red world, it would likely be hidden in the magma.

Although it was dangerous to dive into the magma, it was not something Zhang Han could not do.

“Hiss… ”

Zhang Han took a deep breath and let it out in a long exhalation.

Then he activated his Treasure-sniffing nose to sniff around within a range of 55 meters.

“No treasures.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly and injected his soul sense into the magma within a range of 50 meters, in order to scan the areas where the smell had been cut off by the magma.

One minute, two minutes…

Soon, five minutes had passed.

When Zhang Han was about to withdraw his soul sense.

He saw in front of him, under the seven-meter-deep magma, a fish-like black shadow, rushing toward him.

“Whats that”

Zhang Han scrutinized the shadow carefully.

The unidentified object was about three meters long.

It looked like a fish, but it had four limbs.

Zhang Hans soul sense was blocked by the energy on the surface of its body, and he could not make out what it was.

At the same time, it also released its own Qi and soul sense, which came straight to Zhang Han, as if it had sensed food!


Under the close observation of Zhang Han.

The unidentified object soon approached him.

“Clatter, clatter!”

At the same moment when it jumped out of the magma…

Zhang Han too, jumped about ten meters into the air.

He saw a streak of red light, like lightning, striking at the place where he had been earlier!

The shadow finally showed its true features.

It was three meters tall and looked like a strange, human shaped flame.

Ordinary martial artists would regard it as a monster.

But when Zhang Han saw that…

His eyes lit up instantly.

He was overjoyed!

“Fire Soul!”

Zhang Han could not help smiling.

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