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Chapter 496 Serene World Stone, the Holy Object

“Swish, swish, swish!”

More than 50 people standing at the foot of the volcano looked around to find out who was talking.

Finally, they all looked to the right side, where there was a figure on top of a tree, and who was now rushing toward them.


Wang Zhanpengs body shook as he shouted excitedly.

The battle among these worldlet talents and the best Grand Masters present was earth shaking.

But the battle watchers, including Wang Zhanpeng, thought that it was pity that Zhang Han was absent.

Among those who were fighting, except for the two at the Divine Realm stage, the others were all at the Grand Master Peak stage, the same as Merciless Zhang.

Besides, Zhang Hanyang had exchanged several moves with Ye Longyuan outside the relics and proved his strength.

Everyone was looking forward to Zhang Hanyangs arrival.

There were only 8 martial artists battling with each other.

In this duel mode, no matter how many moves they used, they could not defeat each other.

But if another person joined the battle, the balance would change.

However, as time went by, the ruins would be closed in a minute, and everyone present was convinced that Zhang Hanyang would not turn up anymore!

To their surprise…

He finally came!

He arrived in an amazing way!

“Step back, all of you.”

Everyone was shocked at his words.

At this moment, they were all shocked by the man who flew in from the eastern sky.

After the shock.

All the 50 people at the foot of the volcano, including Wang Zhanpeng, were confused.

“What did he mean”

“He is ordering the eight fighters to step back Did I hear right”

“He is so arrogant! He has not defeated Ye Longyuan from the Witch Hidden World yet, let alone the seven other talents!”

“Have you seen that man in the bamboo hat He is fighting against Ji Wushuang.

It seems that he is much more powerful than the others, and maybe he has advanced to the Divine Realm stage.”

“Zhang Han is here, now that he dares to say that, lets wait and see how he is going to prove his strength!”

While the crowd was discussing about this, Zhang Han approached them.

He was getting closer.

Zhang Hans arrival made all those eight fighters pay attention to him.

Except for Ji Wushuang, everyone else was ready for the final 20 or 30 seconds of fighting.

The ruins would be closed soon, and in order to get the holy object, they would have to play their trump card.

Under everyones gazes, Zhang Han arrived at the foot of the volcano.

Lei Tiannan hurriedly looked at the timer in his hand and shouted to Zhang Han,

“33 seconds left!”

“I see.”

Zhang Han nodded at Protector Leng and kept walking forward slowly.

He was walking one step at a step.

At the first step, Zhang Han rose more than ten meters into the air.

At the second step, he flew fifty meters up, as if he had become a lightning bolt.

In this way, Zhang Han headed “step by step”, directly to the serene world stone

The serene world stone was a kind of rare treasure, which was an excellent material for making weapons and could improve the quality of weapons in the refining process.

Zhang Han knew its various functions well, including its special ability of forming a portal.

These kinds of portals allowed people to be transmitted between any two points within a certain distance.

Zhang Han believed that he would be able to refine three small tools with positioning and transmission functions for his family.

Though he had made a protective spirit treasure for Mengmeng, he was not assured until he got the portals.

Therefore, Zhang Han was determined to get the serene world stone!

“Ha ha ha! The holy object belongs to me!”

Just as Zhang Han was 50 meters away from the stone.

Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, burst out laughing, and the wings behind him seemed to have turned into real objects, taking him to the sky.

At the same time, he started making complex gestures and attacked Ye Longyuan.

After blocking the sudden attack, Ye Longyuan quickly summoned his whip and lashed out at Shi Fenghou.

However, what he hit was actually Shi Fenghous shadow.


Ye Longyuan frowned when he saw a feather falling slowly from the sky, where Shi Fenghou had just appeared.

“Double Treasure” Ye Longyuan realized what had happened.

He quickly turned around and saw Shi Fenghou flying to the holy object that was levitating tens of meters above the volcanic vent!

“Dont think about it!”

“Stop!” Ye Longyuan shouted angrily.

The whip in his hand grew, and he swept it directly towards the air about 20 meters ahead of Shi Fenghou.

He had to stop Shi Fenghou!

“Ha ha ha, you dare to stop me” Shi Fenghou laughed.

He accelerated again.

Before the whip could reach him he was already beyond the attacking range of Ye Longyuan!

Ye Longyuans face changed.

Shi Fenghou was so fast!

“Ha ha ha, did I agree to you taking the holy object”

Mu Xue smiled in a charming manner.

All of a sudden, a sharp sword appeared and began attacking Shi Fenghou.

The method of controlling the sword was one of the secrets of the Luo Fu Sword sect.

Cultivators at the stage of Grand Master could release their spiritual force and control some objects with it, including their swords.

But for them, without the help of some secret methods, it was very difficult for them to drive their swords freely or use them to attack the enemy accurately.

Obviously, Mu Xue was controlling her sword with this type of special methods!

The martial artist who had been fighting against Mu Xue, as well as the other five fighters, changed their targets and attacked Shi Fenghou together.

They were all fighting below the holy object, and anyone who dared to approach the holy object, would be attacked by the others.

Before Zhang Hans arrival, Shi Fenghou had tried nearly a dozen times, to try and touch the holy object.

Seven of the eight who participated in the scuffle wanted to get the treasure above, as well.

The only one who did not want to fight for the treasure was Ji Wushuang.

He kept calm until the Man in the Bamboo Hat came.

Then he started fighting against the weird man.

The attack of the Man in the Bamboo Hat was fierce.

When he occasionally raised his head, the other martial artists could see his red snake-like eyes, which made shivers run down their spines.

But no matter how hard he tried, he could only manage a draw with Ji Wushuang.

It seemed that Ji Wushuang just wanted to stop him and did not care about what the others were doing.

Once, Shi Fenghou was only three meters away from the holy object, and Ji Wushuang did not even look at him.

It was as if the holy thing was just a common object in his eyes.

And his only target was the Man in the Bamboo Hat!

“You cant stop me during the last ten seconds!”

Shi Fenghou summoned two crystal balls and crazily infused his spiritual force into them, making them shine like the sun, in his hands.


A transparent protective film surrounded Shi Fenghou.

“Whoosh! Bang!”

Mu Xues sword approached Shi Fenghou.

The Demon Dancing Sword was a sacred object, about 1.1 meter in length.

It was like a black lightning bolt, that broke the shield of Shi Fenghou, in an instant.


Staring at the Demon Dancing Sword with a with a fierce look, Shi Fenghou swept the sword with his left wing, and the sounds of metal collision could be heard.

Three feathers fell from his wing.

Shi Fenghou felt very distressed and glared at Mu Xue angrily.

The other martial artists attacks came one after another, and Shi Fenghou stopped all of them at the cost of two feathers.

The loss of five feathers made Shi Fenghous heart bleed.

Although he had paid a great price, once he got this serene world stone, he would get more benefits.

The value of such a large serene world stone was equal to ten feathers on his wings.

Therefore, as long as he did not lose more than ten feathers, he would not stop fighting!

But he would certainly try to reduce the cost.

He was going to trade the five feathers he lost, for success!

“Ha ha ha!”

When Shi Fenghou was only ten meters away from the serene world stone, he laughed and shouted,

“Ill kill all of you when I reach the Divine Realm stage!”

“Are you dreaming, Shi Fenghou”

Seeing that Shi Fenghou was about to get the treasure, Ye Longyuan was so furious that he wanted to kill Shi Fenghou immediately.

But it was too late now.

A distance of 10 meters could be crossed in a flash, for Ye Longyuan.

Shi Fenghous success seemed to humiliate all the talents present.

Mu Xues face darkened as she flashed towards Shi Fenghou with the Demon Dancing Sword in her hand.

The ruins would be closed soon.

It was a stable ruin, and where everyone would be transported to, when they left the ruins, was predictable.

Although Shi Fenghou had the treasure, he might not be able to keep it after leaving the ruins!

However, when Shi Fenghou was about to reach the serene world stone.

He began to celebrate his victory in advance with a smile.

The 50 martial artists at the foot of the volcano began shaking their heads and prepared to leave the ruins.

They again heard that calm voice.

They had almost forgotten about the man who had just arrived, as well as his voice and words.

“I said that all of you can step back now.”

As soon as the man finished speaking.

At the place where peoples eyes were gathered, beside Shi Fenghou, and above the volcano vent…


A muffled sound came out.

A giant palm with a height of 100 meters was formed in an instant.

It was formed by the endless evil spirit rolling around in the crater and looked like an eruption from a distance.

The huge palm fell in an instant, just like the Buddhas palm in the movies.

Shi Fenghou did not have time to think at all, before he was hit by the Mount Tai-like palm.

He was hit and sent flying tens of meters, in a flash.

Shi Fenghou was stunned!

Everyone at the foot of the volcano was astonished and turned to look at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was still levitating 10 meters above the ground, with his right hand stretching forward and his eyes shining.

The next moment…

Zhang Han clenched his right palm into a fist.

That 100-meter-high Hand of Earth Killing Intent turned into a gust of wind and spiraled toward all those martial artists near the crater.

The wind was like a dragon and scared the crowd at the foot of the volcano.

Even Ji Wushuang turned to look at Zhang Han.

Though he was still calm, there was a little surprised look in his eyes.

As for the Man in the Bamboo Hat who was fighting against Ji Wushuang, he hesitated for a while and then stepped back.

Instead of resisting the evil spirit brought by the weird wind, he walked towards the evil spirit, and then disappeared.


Ji Wushuang suddenly looked at the direction of the serene world stone.

The Man in the Bamboo Hat appeared in front of the serene world stone and stretched out his hand.

Before he could touch the stone…


He retreated rapidly.

He looked up and saw a huge blade of evil spirit coming down from the sky.

If he had not stepped back or moved quickly, he would have been injured.

Absorbing too much evil spirit would temporarily weaken his strength and he would have become an easy prey for the others.

Even Mu Xue and the other three talents, who were about to rush towards the stone, had to step back, after seeing the 100-meter-long evil spirit blade.

What an amazing attack!

Only those masters at the Divine Realm stage could exert such a move!

Everyones eyes were fixed on Zhang Han again.

“Has he advanced to the Divine Realm”

Under the gazes of the other martial artists, Zhang Han took three steps forward and reached the serene world stone.

Though he had not reached the Divine Realm yet, there was so much evil spirit here, and the power of moves in his Pluto Seal system could be increased by 10 times!

Though he was not a Divine Realm master, his strength had already reached that level!

At the same time…

Everyone around the volcano, including Shi Fenghou, who was longing to kill Zhang Han, Ye Longyuan, who was looking at Zhang Han coldly, Mu Xue, Mo Chengfeng, Ji Wushuang, the mysterious Man in the Bamboo Hat and all those martial artists at the foot of the volcano.

They were all staring at Zhang Han.

It was the last second before the ruins would close.

Zhang Han was levitating above the surging evil spirit.

He was still calm.

And then, suddenly, he stretched out his right hand.

With one swipe, he grasped the serene world stone!

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