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Zhang Han stared at both Dahei and Little Hei and nodded with a smile.

He muttered to himself irresolutely and thought, “The trip to the relic site in Nanxing was quite rewarding.”

However, as for the spiritual treasures for refining precious medicines, the refined medicinal pellets were not beneficial to Dahei and Little Hei.

At that time, he would ask Zhao Feng to hand them out.

Moreover, since these two were spiritual beasts at the initial stage of Grand Master, they needed many resources.


“Is the Golden Armor suitable for Dahei or not”

Zhang Han took a glimpse at Dahei.

Dahei had a large body, more than three meters tall.

If Dahei was dressed in the suit of Golden Armor, it would probably look formidable and awe-inspiring.

However, it was somewhat difficult to make the Golden Armor acknowledge Dahei as its owner.

After all, the Golden Armor had been refined for many years with Ye Longyuans authentic spiritual blood.

It was very difficult to drive Ye Longyuans authentic spiritual blood completely out of the armor.

In Zhang Hans opinion, if he intended to get it done forcibly, the loss would outweigh the gain.

Although the Golden Armor was a fourth-stage spirit treasure, Daheis skin was almost the same as a third-stage spirit treasure.

The same was true for Little Heis teeth.

This beast consumed the jade stone directly and resolutely, never fearing that its teeth would get hurt.

Consequently, Dahei and Little Hei did not need other spirit treasures to support them specifically.

After Wang Zhanpeng saw Zhang Han taking out the five elements furnace, he asked, “Han, does it bother you if I stand over here and watch”

Some masters of refining precious medicine would not like to have standers-by on the scene.

He wondered if Zhang Han had any rules while refining the holy objects and if he would be too shy to speak his mind.

Consequently, he took the initiative to ask.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly as he replied, “No, it doesnt.”

Normally, it would take several days to refine the precious medicine if there was a fourth-stage spirit treasure.

However, if Zhang Han intended to refine the serene world stone completely, one day would be barely enough.

Zhang Han responded and waved his right hand.

The serene world stone in Wang Zhanpengs hands floated, landed on the upper mouth of the five elements furnace, and stuck there.

After all, the size of the stone was too large.

It could not get into the furnace.

The fiery stone was on fire.

As Zhang Han exerted his spiritual force and soul sense, the process of refining began.

Soon, a drop of liquid dripped from the bottom of the serene world stone.

This was the first step of the refining process, namely, transforming the serene world stone into a liquid state.

Zhang Han would continue refining the stone until it became an essence, whose size was the same as that of the nails of three pinky fingers.

After that, he would blend a quite complicated special formation into it and refine it with his authentic spiritual blood.

In the end, he would divide it into three pieces and assign one to each of his family members.

If anything happened, Zhang Han could control the stones and generate a gateway.

However, the distance the gateway could reach was limited.

As for how far it could reach, that would depend on to what extent Zhang Han could refine the serene world stone.

If the serene world stone was refined to the fourth stage, Zhang Han estimated that the gateway could reach as far as the whole Hong Kong region.

Zhang Han sat with legs crossed beneath the thunder yang tree and began refining the stone.

Dahei sat behind Zhang Han directly, leaned on the trunk of the thunder yang tree, and took a nap.

Little Hei sat by his side, looking vigorous.

Wang Zhanpeng did not know what he should do.

He observed for a while and did not see any changes.

Consequently, he sneaked to the back mountain to go fishing.

Meanwhile, in Class 5 in an academic building of Saint Kindergarten…

Lu Guo stood on the platform and said smilingly, “Classmates, this is Teacher Deng, who is new here.

Teacher Deng will preside over your Cantonese courses.

Moreover, Teacher Deng will play some interesting games with you when you are engaged in outdoor activities.

Everyone, lets applaud and welcome Teacher Deng.”

As the voice of Lu Guo faded away, all the students applauded.

Lu Guo was a teacher who took personal charge of the work shifts.

She also taught Mandarin and knew a lot.

Previously, two teachers who were in charge of the Cantonese and English courses were also females.

That was because the previous male teacher had resigned.

Normally, each class would be assigned with two female teachers and one male teacher.

Among the three teachers, one would take personal charge of the work shifts.

As for the other two, they normally would be by the students side all day or half of the day.

In the field related to childrens education, the experts once reported that the childrens character cultivation and quality formation was the same as taking in food.

Nutrition should be balanced.

Only the co-existence of both male and female and harmony between Yin and Yang was the real meaning.

It was especially true in the phases of kindergarten and primary school.

This was because it was a formative phase for the childrens behavior and habits.

Every action and every word of the teacher would affect the children, helping them form their characters.

Consequently, Saint Kindergarten had been following this way to assign the teachers to each class.

However, there not enough amazing male teachers.

Though there were many high-end kindergartens, the kind of authentically amazing male teacher was quite popular.

Deng Bo, who stood in front of the students, was a perfect example.

Though he was only 27 years old, he was an expert on childrens education.

His annual salary was above millions of dollars.

As for how much it was in total, nobody knew.

That was because the contract he had signed was only signed between the principal and himself.

Upon seeing everybody applauding, Deng Bo, who had short hair and looked somewhat energetic, nodded smilingly, and said, “Hello, everyone.

Thanks for applauding.

Thats enough, thats enough.

Stop applauding.

If you clap your hands until it hurts you, I will feel guilty about it.

Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Deng Bo.

You can call me Teacher Deng.

On usual days, I will take care of your Cantonese courses.

Since you have taken part in the Cantonese courses several times and have some basic understanding of Cantonese, I will test you soon and see whether you are smart or not…”

Deng Bo started the lesson of the Cantonese course directly.

While Deng Bo was teaching, he stared at the students, who were studying conscientiously and actively.

A hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

As expected, Saint Kindergartens reputation was well-deserved.

As Deng Bo was teaching, Lu Guo sat in the front seat for several minutes and then went to the rear of the classroom.

She sat in a chair, took out the famous English novel Gone with the Wind from the side, and started looking through it.

Aili, the English teacher, was sitting in a chair on the left edge of the platform.

She glimpsed at the students and Deng Bo from time to time.

Her first impression of this young and amazing Teacher Deng was quite good.

She intended to get to know him.

Consequently, after the class was over, Deng Bo sat in a chair in the front row and stared at the students smilingly, who were hanging around in the classroom.

Aili grabbed a chair, walked over, and sat by his side as she said, “Hello, Deng Bo.

My name is Aili.”

“Hello.” Deng Bo shook hands with Aili and nodded politely.

After that, he stared at the students, who were playing with each other, and smiled as he said, “They are all quite smart.”

“Yes, they are.” Aili, who agreed with Deng Bo, nodded and said, “Some students are familiar with two languages.

Some even know English, Mandarin, and Cantonese at the same time.

For example, the golden-haired child, whose name is Stefen, is quite adept in Mandarin and knows some basic Cantonese.

Besides, the cute and lovely Mengmeng is pretty good at both English and Mandarin.

She also knows some Cantonese and is studying it now.”

Several children who were playing by their side took notice of what their teacher had said.

As Mengmeng and Stefen heard their teacher mentioning their names, they looked over curiously.

Deng Bo nodded approvingly.

“Since the students are picked out after layer upon layer of selection, they are indeed capable.”

Aili thought of what had happened this morning and found it funny.

Consequently, she told Deng Bo what she had seen in the morning in detail.

“When I arrived here this morning, I came across Mengmengs father, who drove a panda car here.

The panda car is very cute, which had two ears on it.

Her father looks masculine.

Originally, I had thought he would drive a huge SUV.”

Deng Bo was confused and asked, “What is a panda car”

Aili replied, “It is a kind of very small car, which looks pretty cute.”

“Does it look like a panda Oh, is it the kind of Geely Panda, whose price is tens of thousands of dollars”

“It seems it is.”

Deng Bo smiled gently, chatted with Aili, and said, “The kind of car does look pretty cute.”

He would not look down upon nor think highly of his students based on whether their families were rich or not.

In some ways, people were equal.

At least, that would be the case in his courses.

Though they did not talk loudly, several students still overheard their conversation.

A plump boy who stood in front of Mengmeng while holding a small car toy took a glimpse at Mengmeng, walked to in front of her, and said, “Mengmeng, why does your father drive a car that is only worth thousands of dollars”

“Ah” Mengmeng was at a loss as she said, “I dont know.”

The fair-skinned and plump boy said solemnly, “Could it be that your family is not rich My small car even costs several thousands of dollars.

Mengmeng, I am Wang Kai.

You can be my good friend so that I can ask my father to give your father an expensive car as a gift, is that OK”

“Huh” Mengmeng was at a loss again and said, “My PaPa is rich.

My PaPa is the most amazing.”

Wang Kai just intended to make friends with Mengmeng.

However, he was not good at expressing himself.

His words made Mengmeng slightly feel that he looked down upon her PaPa, which made her feel somewhat uncomfortable inside.

“As for that…” Wang Kai scratched his head and became somewhat anxious as he said, “What you said is not right.

My father is a big boss and quite rich.

According to my father, the poor are not smart and are incapable.

Your father runs a small-sized restaurant and does not make much money.

If you play with me, I will ask my father to send a car to your father as a gift.”

“Its not like that!” Mengmeng felt wronged in an instant.

Her voice raised three decibels.

She said, “I will not be your friend.

I hate you! My father is the best!”

After Mengmeng finished her words, she burst out crying.


Lu Guo, Deng Bo, and Aili, who had been staring at the students from the back row, all stood up and walked in Mengmengs direction with quick paces.

Wang Yihan, who was behind Mengmeng, responded the quickest as she said, “Mengmeng, why are you crying Wang Kai, you dare to bully Mengmeng!”

She put down her toy in a hurry and saw Wang Kai standing in front of Mengmeng.

She ran over and knocked Wang Kai down on the floor firmly.

Wang Kai, who was confused, cried out immediately.

Consequently, the situation became somewhat messy.

Lu Guo squatted down and comforted Mengmeng gently as she said, “Mengmeng, dont cry.

Whats going on Didnt you talk with Wang Kai happily Tell me the details…”

Upon seeing the scene, Deng Bo pulled Wang Kai over and comforted him gently.

It was not until Mengmeng had been comforted for one minute that she sobbed as she said, “He said that PaPa is incapable and stupid.

Its not true.

My PaPa is the best! I hate him.

I want my PaPa! I want to look for my PaPa…”

Lu Guo had experience with this kind of situation.

As she agreed with Mengmeng, she comforted her.

It was not until two minutes later that Mengmeng stopped crying.

At this moment, she turned her head back and saw that Deng Bo had successfully comforted Wang Kai.

Lu Guo waved her hands, indicating that Deng Bo should bring Wang Kai to her side.

She said, “Wang Kai, did you say that Mengmengs father was not smart”

“Teacher, I didnt.

I just wanted to play with Mengmeng.

Since her father only drives a car worth thousands of dollars, I want my father to send a good car to her father as a gift.”

Lu Guo was confused slightly.

She thought for a while and said, “Mengmeng, he did not mean that.

He expressed his meaning in the wrong way.

Wang Kai, you did not express your meaning clearly.

So, how is it now”

Wang Kai lowered his head as he said, “I, I… feel so sorry, Mengmeng.”

“Hmph!” Mengmeng turned her head back and did not want to pay attention to him.

Lu Guo chuckled as she said, “Mengmeng, Wang Kai said he was sorry.

What should you say”

Under Lu Guos staring, Mengmeng said, “Its OK.”

“All right.

It is a misunderstanding.

Next time, Mengmeng, you should turn to your teachers first.

Well, Wang Yihan,” Lu Guo saw Wang Yihan standing behind Wang Yihan, smiled helplessly, and waved her hands as she said, “you come to the teachers side.”

Upon hearing her teachers words, Wang Yihan walked over with small steps.

“You should be friendly with your classmates.

How can you push your classmates You should…”

Before Lu Guo finished her words, Wang Yihan replied, “Whoever bullies Mengmeng, I will beat them.”

Upon hearing Wang Yihans reply, the corner of Lu Guos lips shuddered slightly.

Several students, including Stefen, Martin, and Muen, said one after another, “Yes.

Mengmeng is so good.

Its all Wang Kais fault.”

Lu Guo was at a loss again.

Though Mengmeng was just new in the class, how did she even have a team of protection guards

However, upon seeing that Wang Kai was going to cry again, Lu Guo alleviated the situation in a hurry.

In the end, Wang Yihan apologized, calling an end to the scene.

Deng Bo and Aili also advised Lu Guo that they had not paid attention to the conversation.

Lu Guo did not say anything at all.

In her opinion, the root cause of the issue lay on the parents side.

As she was about to have a lunch break, she called Wang Kais father.

Influenced by what they constantly had seen or heard in their environment, children would learn some knowledge, including both good things and bad things.

The same was true with an amazing education.

An amazing education would amplify the good things infinitely and compress the bad things unlimitedly.

Since Wang Kai had these kinds of thoughts, in Lu Guos opinion, the problem was serious.

She had to have a good conversation with his father.

Childrens sentiment came and went fast.

Soon, the students started the second course.

At four oclock in the afternoon…

The whole piece of serene world stone was refined into some liquid, which was still being condensed continuously.

Gradually, when the size of the stone was almost the same as that of a palm, the stone became a thin and glistening sheet, whose energy was quite strong.

Another hour passed by.

The sheet was divided into three pieces.

The size of each piece was the same as that of a pinky nail.

Zhang Han started engraving and recording the formation tricks with more effort.


At almost four oclock…

“The formation is done!”

Zhang Han opened his eyes.

A green light flashed across his eyes.

The refining was done successfully!

He waved his palm.

Three transparent sheets flew out of the furnace.

The whole process went stably.

No fluctuation of energy was thus caused.

However, there was a function inside the delicate and transparent sheet that Zhang Han valued very much.

After all, it was a treasure that many talents from the worldlet had been fighting for.

If Ye Longyuan or Mu Xue had attained enlightenment, both the Golden Armor and Demon Dancing Sword would have been elevated to holy objects.

What was a holy object

Someone even said that if a martial artist at the Grand Master Late-stage held a holy object in their hand, they could fight with God State Strong ones.

A holy object was equivalent to an assistant at the Divine Realm.

The way the people in the secular world saw it, it would be completely unbelievable.

The holy object could exert all of its functions in the hands of a God State Strong one.

However, the lower the state the holder was at, the more limited the function of the holy object would be exerted.

“Han, are you done with the refining”

Both Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Ming, who were at the back mountain, ran over.

When Wang Ming had come here this afternoon, he had checked on Zhang Han then went fishing with Wang Zhanpeng.

Dahei could not put up with the loneliness.

After it had been sleeping behind Zhang Han for two hours, it got up, played, and rolled on the back mountain.

Little Hei was by its side.

They had gone to the dense forest to barbecue something.

Others did not need to be concerned about their food and drink.

They knew how to use fragrant wood.

They got down to barbeque without adding any other flavoring at all.

Speaking of drinking, they drunk the spirit water.

Since they did not need to worry about food and drink, they were fit and happy.

At this moment, after Zhang Han heard the question, he nodded and said, “Yes.”

Wang Zhanpeng looked around and asked, “Why cant I see anything at all”

“Thats because the precious medicine is transparent, which cant be seen with naked eyes,” Zhang Han replied.

Before they asked further questions, Zhang Han said, “Its late.

I have to hurry to pick up Mengmeng.”

Wang Zhanpeng felt somewhat ticklish as he said, “Then, you should go quickly.

Well,” after he had been staring at him for two seconds gaspingly, he said in the end, “Han, as for the Hundred-formation Image you mentioned…”

“Tomorrow morning,” Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “prepare 999 pieces of jade stones.

Ordinary quality jade stones will do.

I dont need them to be high-quality.”

Wang Zhanpeng nodded as he said, “OK.

Then, I will ask someone to prepare the jade stones.

There are hundreds of stones at home.

It will suffice if we buy some more.”

“OK,” Zhang Han responded and took a stride to leave.

After he got in the panda car, he drove out quickly.

As Zhang Han just drove from New Moon Bay, his cell phone rang.

“Honey, are you done with your chores Did you pick up Mengmeng or not”

“Im on my way.

I just drove out of New Moon Bay and will arrive there within 20 minutes,” Zhang Han replied.

“When will you finish your chores”

“About 6 oclock.

I will be occupied for three consecutive days since the task needs to be finished urgently.”

Zhang Han smiled as he said, “OK.

Then, I will cook for dinner after I get home.

Though you are busy, you should not be exhausted.”

“I wont.


By the way, honey, I… I got pink news!”

Zhang Han was confused and asked, “Ah What is it”

“The pink news is about us.

When we took Mengmeng to kindergarten, we were spotted in the car.

The news was just spread in Hong Kong.

Feifei held a meeting with the public relations department and decided that we should leave the pink news alone temporarily.”

As the saying goes, gossip always goes around the popular guys.

Gossip means traffic flow in the Internet era.

If there is not any news about one, it indicates that one will be doomed.

Zhang Han replied, “Its like this.

You dont need to bother with the news.

It doesnt concern you.”

“OK, OK.

Go to pick up Mengmeng.

I will attend to my chores first.”

After a few words, they hung up the phone.

Soon, Zhang Han arrived at Saint Kindergarten, then stood in line and picked Mengmeng up.

After they got in the car, Mengmeng sat in the back seat.

After she told Zhang Han about the Cantonese that she had learned today, she thought of the issue, pouted her lips, and said, “PaPa, I dont like Wang Kai.”

If he were Zi Yan, he would have asked: “Why What is the reason You should be friendly with your classmates and help each other.” Zi Yan would say something like that.

However, Zhang Han chuckled as he said, “If you dont like him, you can just ignore him.”

Mengmeng said earnestly, “Hmph.

I did not talk to him today.

He said that Papa was not rich since you ran a small-sized restaurant.

He said according to his father, if one is not rich, one is stupid and incapable.

He also wanted to give you an expensive car as a gift.

I felt unhappy about that.

Later on, he said that he did not mean that.

He said so because he wanted to play with me.

He also apologized to me.

Even so, I am still unhappy.

PaPa is the best.”

“Oh, oh.

Mengmeng, you can play with the ones you like.

If you dont like someone, just ignore them.

You dont need to care about others opinions.”

Mengmeng pouted her tender lips as she said, “It wont do.

PaPa, you are the best.

I wont allow others to judge you no matter who they are.”

Mengmengs words made Zhang Han feel gratified.

He felt somewhat peculiar inwardly.

Was it the feeling of being caressed

In some ways, he was being caressed.

Zhang Han smiled as he said, “Haha.

All right.

I will be obedient to your words.”

“Hmph.” Mengmeng sat up all of a sudden and said, “PaPa, Yihan pushed Wang Kai down and cried too.”

“That cute plump girl.” Zhang Han smiled, shook his head, and said, “Then, you should tell her that I will give her a few more pieces of meat tomorrow.”


She definitely will be very happy.” Mengmeng imagined what Wang Yihans expression would look like tomorrow and smiled happily.

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