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Chapter 511 The Audition in Full Swing

As their relationship intensified, the life of Zi Yan and Zhang Han had gotten more and more interesting.

What is love

It is said that after entering the period of passionate love, both men and women begin to know each other deeply in their long-term company, so that after three to five months, they would not be as curious or very dependent on each other as before.

Love has a shelf life, and it cant be fresh forever.

It is said that all ones life is devoted to love, and the key lies in how both men and women adjust their passion.

It is said that no matter how long or short the period of passionate love is, we dont need to care about it, because learning to enjoy the dull period is the most important thing.

But Zhang Han felt that their love was long term, no matter whether they were in the period of passionate love or not, and now it was just beginning.

Although he had a heavy burden on himself, his life attitude was still optimistic and upward.

Even if the small world was coming, all he could do was face it, because worrying too much was not in line with his character.

Therefore, in the remaining half year, although Zhang Han would not miss any remains worth exploring, he also planned to accompany Zi Yan and Mengmeng as much as possible.

In addition, Zhang Han didnt slack off on the road of cultivation.

Still greater efforts were needed before he could attain his goal.

As soon as his soul sense recovered, he began stretching the clouds above his sense sea.

Twice, the third time, the fourth time…

Gradually, by the fifth time, Zhang Han could hold on for 20 seconds.

He got the same kind of feeling as when Zhao Feng was learning the Big Dark Devil Shadow.

He kept on cultivating and persisting.

Although he felt a little uncomfortable, the growth of the clouds was considerable.

Seeing that the dark clouds had been connected into a large area, he knew that there would be thunder and lightning soon.

Zhang Han knew that when he advanced to the Innateness stage and totally changed his soul sense, it would be time to get the harvest.

Two days passed in a flash.

In the past two days, the news about Chinese New Voice had been widely known.

The show was set for December 5th.

Among the four mentors, Zuo Dong, a rapper, and Da Hua, a Chinese singer, once again formed a team.

The first group was tutored by Gu Fan, who was now very popular, while the third group was tutored by Zi Yan, the beautiful goddess with a lot of fans and topics.

In order to attract more attention, the program team even released news that Zi Yan and Hanyang had a good relationship.

Although Hanyang had never appeared in public, he had more than 70 million Weibo fans, and had caused a public opinion war among major fan groups, which had left a deep impression on everyone.

Whats more, Hanyang was the symbol of high-quality songs, so if they joined Zi Yans team, maybe they would get a chance.

But they didnt know that Hanyang was Zi Yans husband, let alone that he could come to the show in person in such a complex environment.

Even so, the hype of Chinese New Voice had produced the desired effect of the program team.

Even on the last day of the online primary audition, many famous entertainers in the entertainment circle were still signing up to join the show.

Time flew.

Today was Monday the 15th.

At about seven oclock in the morning, Zi Yan and Mengmeng got up to wash up.

“Honey, honey.”

After washing, both the mother and girl put on their formal clothes and went into the corridor.

Zi Yan called Zhang Han as she walked to the kitchen on the right.

“Im here.

The food will be ready soon.” Zhang Hans voice came from the kitchen.

His wife and daughter went into the kitchen happily.

Zhang Han was making the last dish.

The kitchen was relatively large, so it would not be crowded even if more people were here.

“It smells good.” Mengmeng sniffed the air.

“Well, lets have breakfast.” Zhang Han put the last dish on the plate, then walked to the side restaurant with two dishes and rice.

“Were ready.” Zi Yan helped to serve some dishes.

Now, they had a nutritious breakfast in front of them.

Three kinds of vegetables, milk, boiled eggs, eight-treasured rice porridge, and milk-flavored steamed buns that Mengmeng liked.

Since Zi Qiang made milk-flavored steamed buns for Mengmeng, Zhang Han had learned about all kinds of relevant ingredients and managed to make better steamed buns and get Mengmengs praise.

“Lets have breakfast.” Mengmeng cheered, climbed onto a large chair, and sat down.

Mengmeng was unable to eat much, just a few bites of each one were almost enough.

“Its half-past seven.

Lets eat quickly.

Ill dress you up after eating,” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said.

“Huh MaMa, how do you dress PaPa” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“PaPa is very handsome, is it necessary to dress him up”

“Ill arrange a set of clothes for your PaPa,” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

“Great, great.

PaPa, please eat it quickly.” Mengmengs big, clear eyes lit up with excitement.

It was like she was going to dress up her PaPa.

“Okay, Im full.”

Zhang Han put down his chopsticks and waited for Mengmeng to finish the last bite before he said, “PaPa will clean up the table first.”

Zhang Han put the tableware in the tray, took it to the kitchen, and then walked to the fitting room with his wife and daughter.

Zhang Hans fingers moved slightly as he walked toward the room.

The faucet in the kitchen turned on automatically, and the small waterfall-like water doused all the tableware that has just been used, making them very clean.

Then the kitchen cupboard opened and the cutlery flew back under Zhang Hans control.

Generally speaking, when he was free, Zhang Han would clean up the dishes by himself.

For him, to enjoy life was to enjoy every step of life.

But they were in a hurry today, so he chose this fast method.

The family of three entered the fitting room.

To be exact, it was Zhang Hans fitting room.

Since they had moved into the castle, the fitting room had been on the third floor.

There were three fitting rooms in total—belonging to Zi Yan, Zhang Han, and Mengmeng.

Because of Zi Yans efforts, every fitting room was full of clothes.

Such a large-scale purchase made her happy yet sorry for her lost money.

The effect of such a shopping spree was the rich and colorful fitting rooms, each of which was divided into a coat area, pants area, and a whole wall area of shoes, not to mention the matching mirrors and chairs.

Though Zi Yan already had a lot of clothes, she didnt mind buying more.

At this time, she was wearing a white sweater, dark-red trendy jeans, and a pair of white shoes.

Zhang Han was wearing casual clothes.

He would go to the audition later, and Zi Yan would definitely design his appearance herself.

“Youd better go in hip-hop style.”

Zi Yan paced back and forth in Zhang Hans fitting room.

“Would you like to wear a hoodie Lets choose from these white ones.

How about this one As for pants, how about this red one Dislike it This one, or that one…”

It seemed to be hard for them to pick out satisfactory clothes in a short time.

Fortunately, Zi Yan was good at matching clothes, and it only took her two minutes to make the final decision.

“Wear this dark blue one, this pair of red and white shoes, this white cap, a belt, and a pair of socks.

Well, go and change.”

After the selection, Zi Yan put a whole set of clothes on the sofa.

“Come on, PaPa, change your clothes,” urged Mengmeng, who kept following Zi Yan like a happy bird.

Zhang Han changed into the suit and put on his cap.

“You look nice and fashionable.” Zi Yan looked Zhang Han up and down, and then nodded with satisfaction.

“My husband has a standard model build and looks handsome in everything.”

“Yes, PaPa, you look as handsome and fashionable as a model.

So good-looking.” As a little fan of her PaPa, Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han adoringly.


Looking at the stylish young man in the mirror, Zhang Han found himself not in his familiar casual or formal style.

He looked more like a cool and sparky big boy.

“Oh! You need a pair of sunglasses.

Try these.” Zi Yan picked out a black pair from more than 40 pairs of sunglasses after a 10-second selection on the nearby sunglasses shelf.

Zhang Han looked even cooler with the sunglasses.

Although his face was half-covered by the cap and sunglasses, the lower half of his face was still attractive.

“OK, lets go,” Zi Yan said contentedly.

The family of three went downstairs, got in the panda car, and took Mengmeng to school.

At about nine oclock in the morning, Zhang Han and Zi Yan went back to the company in New Moon Bay, boarded the helicopter at the rear apron, and flew to the shooting site in Shenzhen.

Zhou Fei and Leng Yue also accompanied Zhang Han and Zi Yan to Shenzhen.

Zhao Feng had already arrived in Shenzhen by helicopter and rented a villa near the shooting site for a month, which would be the temporary residence of Zhang Han and Zi Yan during the show.

Because part of the show would be recorded at night, Zi Yan had to go home late after the shooting was finished, and Zhang Han would go back earlier to pick up Mengmeng.

“Among these mentors, Gu Fan, the coldest, was originally a member of an idol group, who has been questioned by many people about his qualification to be a mentor, so he will certainly be stricter on the show.

While Zuo Dong is an easy-going rapper, its said that mentor Da Hua used to be very strict.

The arrangement of the program team is very scientific, for Da Hua, Zuo Dong, Gu Fan, and Sister Yan all have their own advantages, and there wont be a one-sided situation when the students are grouped.”

After the brief analysis, Zhou Fei couldnt help laughing.

Then she turned to look at Zhang Han and said, “But they didnt expect that you, brother-in-law, a famous lyricist, would come.

If the students knew your identity, Im afraid they would all choose Sister Yan.”

“Thats why I gave him a stage name and dressed him up like this.

He wont be recognized at the beginning of the show.” Zi Yan smiled.

She did not know that she underestimated the imagination of others.

“Whats his stage name” Zhou Fei asked curiously.

“It is… I wont tell you now.

It will be revealed when the time is right.” Zi Yan covered her mouth and laughed.

Zhang Han shook his head helplessly.

He wanted to laugh actually, because Zi Yan was really not good at naming.

“Come on, Sister Yan.

Dont keep me guessing, or Ill die from curiosity, you know.” Zhou Fei was not willing to give up.

“OK, Ill tell you,” Zi Yan pursed her lips and said with a smile, “Im Cute.”

“What do you mean” Zhou Fei was confused, “Sister Yang, you are cute”

“No! His stage name isIm Cute!”

“Pfft… Hahahaha…”

Zi Yan successfully amused Zhou Fei, who laughed until tears came.

Zhang Han smiled helplessly for a second time.

One minute later, Zhou Fei stopped laughing and said, “Sister Yan, youre a genius.

What a… a wonderful name! It suits my brother-in-law well.”

“Anyway, hell be recognized after two or three rounds of competitions, and his stage name will be of no use then,” Zi Yan shook her head and said.

Later that day, Zi Yan thought about it carefully, and discussed it with Zhang Han, telling him that if he was unwilling to take part in this show, he didnt have to go.

Because as long as Zhang Han sang several songs, it would be easy for the audience to recognize him as “Hanyang”, and Zi Yan didnt know if Zhang Han wanted to become the focus of the public.

To be honest, Zi Yan had been looking forward to this show for many days, and she would feel a little disappointed if Zhang Han missed it.

To her delight, Zhang Han promised to accompany her without hesitation, which greatly moved her.

The helicopter soon reached the tarmac of the villa, where Zhao Feng was already waiting for them with two prepared cars.

“Ill test you later.

Hmm, come on.”

Zi Yan kissed Zhang Han on the cheek and got in the car.

Leng Yue drove her and Zhou Fei to the program team.

Zhao Feng and Zhang Han drove slowly behind them.

“Master, if the martial arts world knew that you were coming to an entertainment show, all the martial artists would be surprised,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Maybe,” Zhang Han replied.

“Master, out of every man Ive met, youre the one who loves his children and wife the most.

As my idol, you are an example to me, cough…” Zhao Feng said while looking carefully at Zhang Hans expression.

Zhang Han was amused and took a glance at Zhao Feng.

“Stop fawning over me.

Do you have any requests”

“Hehe, master, your eyes are indeed shining,” Zhao Feng grinned and said, “Remember the batch of elixirs you gave me last time 60% of them was given to the security team, 20% was given to the Wang family, and the remaining 20% was given to the Wolf Head detachment.

While Im going to advance to the Heaven Stage, Instructor Liu, Xu Yong, Elder Meng, and Ah Hu have all advanced to the Earth Stage and are close to the Heaven Stage now.

However, we cant go any further now, for the Big Dark Devil Shadow is too profound for us to understand.”

“Its because youre just beginning to take the path of cultivation.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Spend more time cultivating every night, and your skill will catch up with your cultivation in two or three months.”

“Oh, Im relieved to hear that its normal.” Zhao Feng sighed in relief.

“Just like studying, cultivating is like sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind.

Though the natural rule seems simple, you still have to go a long way to get close to the truth.

All these principles need to be understood slowly.

Although I have led you to find the direction, you need to rely on yourself to move forward and find your ultimate goal.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Ill keep it in mind, Master,” Zhao Feng replied seriously.

They soon arrived at the recording site of the show.

After getting out, Zhao Feng got a pass and was ready to be an audience member.

According to Zhang Hans number plate, he was performer No.

188 today.

There were a thousand people who took part in the audition, so the mentors of each team would enjoy the performances of 330 people.

The advantage of Zuo Dong and Da Hua was that their audition speed was relatively fast, so they could use the rest of their time to communicate with their top-seeded contestants and persuade them to choose their team in the official competition.

The recording site was a large factory building, in front of which there was a large square, and the sign of Chinese New Voice had been hung on the gate.

The old factory building, which had been renovated in a few days, now looked very magnificent.

After all, the show was well-funded.

There were a lot of people at the entrance.

While Zhao Feng entered through the staff passage, Zhang Han began to line up with the other competitors.

There were many seats around the square, making it more like a football field.

70 to 80 people were standing in the center of the square, who were in the first round of auditions, while the competitors who got a number for the second round were waiting on the platform around the field.

There were many people here, which made the venue noisy.

Some of them seemed to be familiar with each other, and they soon gathered together to discuss the competition.

Zhang Han, wearing sunglasses and sitting alone, had attracted many peoples attention.

He was a little confused.

“Do they recognize me Why are they looking at me”

Soon after, at 10 oclock, nearly a thousand people had gathered in the meeting place.

The actual number of people present was not the official 1,000, because there were dozens of people unable to attend for various reasons.

“Welcome to the show of the first season of Chinese New Voice.

Im Cheng Xu, the chief director.

First of all, lets welcome the four-star mentors!”

On the small stage to the right, Cheng Xu finished his opening speech with the microphone, and more than 20 pieces of video recording equipment began to operate.

At the same time, several lenses were aimed at the baffle at the back of Cheng Xu.

The four-star mentors entered the arena one after another.

“Lets welcome Zuo Dong, the rap star, Da Hua, the famous singer, Gu Fan, the new star, and Zi Yan, the pop diva! Welcome these four-star mentors!”

Cheng Xu spoke in a low voice.



“Clatter, clatter!”

As the performers entered, the whole venue seemed to be lit up.

Screams, shouts, and exclamations were all over the place.

Zhang Han even heard a lot of girls screams.

“Wow, Gu Fan is so handsome! He is the best-looking man!”

But Zhang Han heard more of the mens exclamations.

“Oh, Zi Yan is pretty.

She looks more beautiful than in the pictures.”

“She is a real goddess.”

“Oh, I fell in love with her!”




“She is my wife!”

Zhang Han pushed his glasses up with his fingers.

Turning to look at Zi Yan, he smiled slightly yet happily.

Zi Yans dress was very fashionable today.

She curled up her hair, leaving only a few strands of hair scattered on her forehead, showing a messy beauty.

Her long neck and beautiful face were really eye-catching.

“Next, lets start the second round of auditions directly.

The four mentors will assess the performers in the square and present the golden chain to the winners, which is the same as the chain Im holding now.”

Cheng Xu announced as he held up the chain, which looked like a necklace pendant and was engraved with the Chinese characters for “Chinese New Voice”.

“I want to emphasize that there are only a hundred golden chains! That is to say, only 100 of the nearly 1,000 people present can advance to the next level of competition.

While Gu Fan and Zi Yan both have 33 golden chains in their hands, Zuo Dong and Da Hua have 34 respectively.

Well, the second round of auditions begins!”

With the voice of Cheng Xu, the discussion in the venue gradually stopped.

Everyone realized that todays audition would be very difficult, because only one out of 10 people could get through.

So the four mentors began to assess the performers.

The performers sang, rapped, or danced while singing to show their talents as much as possible.

But there were still very few people who could pass the examination.

Gu Fan kept calm all the time and listened carefully to the contestants singing.

Suddenly, as he began to examine a man, he heard some shrieks from the audience.

“Fen Zheng is sure to pass the assessment and advance to the next round.”

“Yes, his last single had 30 million hits a year.

Hes very popular.”

“He is a strong singer, and I think he will be one of the candidates for the championship.”


Many contestants began to talk about it, which was recorded clearly by the camera.

But the truth was more interesting.

Facing Gu Fan, Fen Zheng couldnt help swallowing nervously.

He felt nervous.

So nervous.

Therefore, when he started singing, he went out of tune.

Gu Fan frowned, shook his head slightly, and went to the next contestant.

“Sorry, Im so nervous.

May I have another chance” Fen Zhengs face was pale.

His mistakes caused many sighs and discussions.

“It would be unfair to the others if I gave you another chance.

Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.” Gu Fan stopped and said calmly, “Obviously, you are not prepared for it.”

Then he went forward, leaving Fen Zheng in regret.

The rest of the contestants were shocked and became more nervous.

“Gu Fan is really strict.”

“As long as I make a mistake, I will never have another chance.

Ill try my best later.

Perhaps I should close my eyes while singing!”

“But we cant help feeling nervous when getting so close to them, who are often seen on TV.

Its so stressful!”

If they made mistakes, they would be eliminated like Fen Zheng.

In the first round of selections, there were a lot of performers who were expected to advance to the next stage, but they were so nervous that they made mistakes frequently in their performance and were eliminated.

After all, some people were only suitable for singing in the studio, not for live performance.

About an hour later…

At the end of the first round of selections, the results of the contestants were not satisfactory.

Zi Yan sent out three golden chains, Zuo Dong and Da Hua sent out five in total, and Gu Fan sent only one.

“Now, lets welcome the second group of performers, from No.

90 to No.


Hearing the hosts words, Zhang Han stood up and went to the center of the venue.

As he walked, he again attracted many audience members attention.

At the beginning of the assessment, Zi Yan specially chose the direction of Zhang Hans side to assess from the edge.

She soon approached Zhang Han.

All of a sudden, Zhang Han heard a faint voice.

“Hello, handsome boy.

You seem to be rich, arent you”

Zhang Han turned around and found a 1.6-meter-tall girl with a round face, who was a little nervous.

Zhang Han was surprised to see her.

He knew the girl, Tong Jiajia, who had become a famous singer in the world of his previous life.

“Why did you say that” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Well, all your clothes are expensive.

OFF-WHITE top, AJ1 THE10 limited shoes, Dior sunglasses and pants, Gucci cap… The total price of your clothes is at least over 100,000 yuan.

Even the mentors clothes are not as expensive as yours,” Tong Jiajia said shyly.

“Huh I see.” Zhang Han was surprised and then smiled.

“Are you nervous” Looking at Zi Yan, who was approaching them, Tong Jiajia gulped anxiously and then comforted Zhang Han.

“Dont worry, just try your best when its your turn.

I found that as long as you can perform normally, you are likely to pass the examination.”


Zhang Han took a glance at the girl and couldnt help laughing.

Obviously, the girl was more nervous, and she was actually comforting herself with what she had told Zhang Han.

Thinking for a while, Zhang Han said, “Your voice is very good, and Im sure you can show your real strength.”

“Really” Tong Jiajias eyes lit up.


“Thank you, I feel better now after hearing your words.

May you have good luck, too.

You are handsome, and I heard that a good appearance will win you more favor from the mentors.” As an outgoing girl, Tong Jiajia approached Zhang Han and compared her height with his.

“By the way, you are taller than 1.8 meters, right A tall handsome boy will get even more favor.”

Zhang Han smiled and nodded at the girl.

When he turned around, he found Zi Yan glaring at him with anger in her eyes.

“It seems that she is going to kill me.

“All right.

“A handsome boy will gain more favor.

“But Im afraid Im dead now, young sister.”

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