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Chapter 513 The Busy Preparation Room

“Wow, I love you, PaPa!”

Mengmeng almost danced with joy and threw Zhang Han a kiss.

After cheering for a while, Mengmeng stopped and asked Zhang Han in confusion, “PaPa.”

“Yes” Zhang Han didnt know what the little girl was thinking about.

“PaPa, do you think the ice cream will be more delicious if we eat it with potato chips”

Mengmeng suggested with a serious look.

“I dont think so,” Zhang Han said deliberately.


Mengmeng was stunned and even forgot to blink her big eyes.

She looked at Zhang Han in confusion.

“What is going on”

“Why, how could they be not delicious…” Mengmeng tried to persuade Zhang Han.

Before she finished speaking, Zhang Han cleared his throat and said, “I think it will be more delicious to be eaten with shrimp-flavored chips, seaweed, and chicken-flavored potato circles instead of merely potato chips.”

“Well,” Mengmeng was again stunned, and then her eyes lit up, “really”

“Of course.” Zhang Han burst out laughing.

“Wow, PaPa is great.

Lets go buy them!” Mengmeng cheered in excitement.

She was overjoyed.

“But you can only have small packages of each snack.” Zhang Han warned her.

“I see.

I wont eat too much.” Mengmeng was clever and nodded to Zhang Han.

“Then… lets go shopping!”

Zhang Han started the car.

“Lets go!”

Mengmeng reached out her little hand and made a gesture of charging forward.

Zhang Han drove back to New Moon Bay and stopped at a supermarket in a shopping mall.

It was a shopping spree.

The big bag of snacks made Mengmeng very happy.

When they went back to the third floor of Cold Immortal School, Zhang Han took out three snacks and ice cream, and then went to watch Boonie Bears with Mengmeng in the movie hall.

They enjoyed the snacks while watching the movie.

They would wait for Zi Yan to come back for dinner, so it didnt matter if he let Mengmeng have some snacks first.

At about six oclock in the afternoon, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the back mountain, where she had a good time with Big Hei and Little Hei.

Zhang Han drank tea while watching them play.


Zhao Feng went over to Zhang Han, sat down, and said, “Ah Hu was so lucky.

He encountered five Profound-stage Masters this time, and would have been killed if I hadnt sent him some elixirs.

He killed one master, badly injured one master, and slightly hurt three masters.”

“I see.”

Zhang Han nodded and said calmly, “He would have dealt with them even if he hadnt advanced to a higher stage, because sometimes, a terrible life-and-death battle will enlighten a cultivator.

Besides, the method I taught him would help him a lot.”

“I see.” Zhang Feng grinned and said, “I called him several times and heard Miss Lius voice.

They seem to be good friends now, but Im a little worried about him…”

“It doesnt matter as long as they treat each other sincerely.

As a member of our security team, he is as good as anyone else.” Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng, who was in the pet area, and smiled happily.

The whole security group was well-organized and trained, and all the members would soon advance to the Grand Master stage.

Then the Cold Immortal School would be virtually impregnable.

Maybe it would develop into a powerful force or an influential sect.

Zhang Han finally understood how to make a sect rise.

This kind of thing actually came naturally, and its core was “family”.

“You are right, Master.” Zhao Feng scratched his head and said with an embarrassed look, “Ive already had such an experience.

Mengqis family is in favor of our relationship, but Mengqi hasnt promised me yet, and Im confused about her attitude.

But our relationship is steadily improving.”

“This period…”

Zhang Han smiled at Zhao Feng and said, “Its a kind of special experience.

Enjoy it and stop following me all day.”

“I enjoy my life now and dont want to change it.” Zhao Feng replied, “Going to watch my brothers training in the company every day, and then coming here to have a rest before practicing the Big Dark Devil Shadow.

At night, I usually get together with Mengqi and her family.

My life is wonderful, which I dared not imagine not long ago.”

Zhao Feng sighed with emotion and then fell into silence.

Two seconds later, he realized that he had something to tell Zhang Han.

“Master, Uncle Zi Qiang and Director Liu will go to Xinjin, their last destination, and come back in two or three days,” Zhao Feng said.

“I see.” Zhang Han was worried and shook his head slightly.

“Im afraid I wont have much time to play Go with him this time.”

Zi Qiang would be disappointed if he knew it.

How lucky Zi Yan was to get a well-matched rival, and he had never expected Zhang Han to be absent because of his daughters show when he came back.


Zhang Han would be free at night.

At seven oclock in the afternoon, Zi Yan called Zhang Han, telling him that she had got on the helicopter and would arrive in 40 minutes.

So Zhang Han began to prepare the ingredients for the hotpot in advance.

Zi Yan loved hotpot and so did Mengmeng.

Therefore, the three of them often had hotpot at home.

After a while, Zi Yan went back in Zhou Feis Bugatti, and they directly went upstairs to the fifth floor.

“Is everything ready Hmph.”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han like a queen, but she failed to hide the smile on her face.

After making a comment, she went to wash her hands with Zhou Fei.

Zhang Han hurried to stand up when Zi Yan again appeared.

He pulled Zi Yans chair out a little and said in a low voice, “Sit down please, my queen.”

“Er” Mengmeng was confused and looked up at Zi Yan.

“MaMa, when did you become a queen Then who am I”

“You… you are my princess.” Zhang Han made a bow with hands folded in front.

“So, my PaPa is the king! You are the king! Sit down please.” Mengmeng waved her small hands, and it seemed that she enjoyed the drama so much.

“Haha…” Zi Yan burst out laughing and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

Then they began enjoying the dinner.

Zi Yan slowed down when she was half-full.

“Guess who I encountered today” Zi Yan asked Zhang Han.

“Who” Zhang Han turned his gaze at Zi Yan in confusion.

“One of your old classmates”

It might be an excellent old classmate of Zi Yan who came to pursue her and looked down on Zhang Han.

However, as long as Zhang Han showed some of his strength, the old classmate would be scared by him and apologize to him.

It was a boring farce in Zhang Hans eyes.

It was not interesting at all.

Zhang Han would throw that man away without listening to him.

“What are you thinking about” Zi Yan shook her head.


“Great, it is different from what I thought.”

“Lu Ze of Dynasty Entertainment,” Zi Yan replied directly without keeping Zhang Han guessing.

“Who is Lu Ze” Zhang Han asked.

“He helped me a lot last time.

What a coincidence that I encountered him today during the assessment.

But he was in Gu Fans area and passed his strict examination, which proved his strength.” Zi Yan smiled.

“How did he help you” Zhang Han put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a piece of tissue.

“He told me the company planned to sell your song to another singer, so I went to ask Aunt Tang and Uncle Hong to confirm it, who told me that he was my fan and his words were true.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

He understood it.

“After youd left, I tested Sun Dongheng in the last round of assessments.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “He did a good job and advanced successfully.”

“Brother-in-law, youll take part in the single competition tomorrow and you should choose a song.”

Zhou Fei notified them, “It is actually another round of selection, and youll pass the examination if you are favored by two or three mentors, or be eliminated if none of them vote for you.

If you get only one vote, youll be pending.”

“Ive discussed with the other three mentors and the director, who thought highly of Gu Fans strict style and hoped that he would keep it.

Therefore, he may refuse a lot of contestants tomorrow.”

The controversial star mentors were also under a lot of pressure.

Because once they made a mistake, their shortcomings would be magnified.

All the mentors, including Zi Yan, had made full preparation before taking part in the show and tried to be as professional as possible.

“Well, PaPa, MaMa, Im full.”

Mengmeng finished the last prawn that Zhang Han had offered her, put down her chopsticks, and mumbled.

“Shall we have a rest How about if we watch a film, How to Train Your Dragon It is just been released,” Zi Yan suggested.

“What is How to Train Your Dragon” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Its an animated movie.”

“Wow, PaPa, lets watch it.”

Then the three of them went to the movie hall on the third floor with Zhou Fei to watch How to Train Your Dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon is a high-quality animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation at a cost of $165 million.

It was well-received and had a high box office return in Hong Kong.

Zi Yan had planned to see the film two days ago, but until today she had been very busy.

Therefore, the task of cleaning the table fell to Zhang Hans magic.

Before they left the dining room, Zhang Han snapped his fingers to order all the utensils to return to their original positions.

In the movie hall, while the family of three seated themselves on the middle sofa, Zhou Fei chose her favored sofa in the back.

While watching the movie, Zhou Fei couldnt help frequently turning her gaze at the family of three.

She envied them.

“But when can I find my partner”

Zhou Fei recalled the old days when she was in junior high school, as well as that thin yet charming boy.

There were always some periods, some memories, some things, and some friends that were unforgettable.

Zhou Fei realized that she had already fallen in love with that boy, and she could also feel his love.

But she was too young then to admit and face it.

She would think of the boy occasionally, who was still a teenager in her memory.

She didnt know what that boy looked like now, and it might be difficult for her to recognize him if they encountered each other one day.

It was 10 oclock in the evening when they finished watching the movie.

After seeing Zhou Fei off, the family of three went back to their own house and fell asleep during Zhang Hans bedtime story.

After putting Mengmeng in her own small bed, Zhang Han went back to his king-sized bed.

Zi Yan was lying with her back to him.

He hugged Zi Yan from behind, leaned against her, and kissed her on the neck.

“Hmph.” Zi Yan pouted, turned around, and mumbled, “I was jealous of that girl.

Do you think Im too sensitive”

“No, youre so cute,” Zhang Han scratched Zi Yans nose slightly and replied.

“Am I cute” Zi Yans eyes widened as she grumbled coyly, “Dont you know that the wordcute is equal tostupid orignorant for modern women”

“Yes, I meant it,” Zhang Han replied frankly.

“You, Ill bite you!” Zi Yan began twisting her body, pretending that she was a snake.

“She is so hot.”

He hugged Zi Yan and enjoyed her graceful posture and charming expression.

“Ill eat you, little fox.” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

Zi Yan let her eyes wander on Zhang Han, and then stuck out her tongue to lick her lips.

“What… do you want me… to eat” she said in a charming voice.


Zhang Han couldnt remain calm anymore.

“Glck…” He struggled to gulp.

Carrying Zi Yan in his arms, he went into another bedroom, closed the door, and began enjoying his feast.

Zhang Han was so excited now.

Zi Yan was really a versatile wife.

After the one-month training…

Zi Yan was no longer a green-hand.

They tried lots of skills and positions, which greatly satisfied Zhang Han.

She was a feast for him alone.

The next day…

In addition to changing his coat into a cowboy hoodie, Zi Yan dressed Zhang Han in a style similar to yesterday.

After sending Mengmeng to school, they went back to their company and then flew to the shooting site with Zhou Fei and Zhao Feng by helicopter.

When Zhang Han arrived at the site, most of the other 99 performers were already there.

Sun Dongheng hurried to welcome Zhang Han as soon as he appeared.

“Boss, I passed the assessment too,” Sun Dongheng said excitedly.

“The song Im going to sing today was composed and written by some of my fans, and Im sure it will be successful.”

“Well, come on.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Then he sat down with Sun Dongheng at the corner of the waiting area.

They were in a hall with step seats designed to hold 150 people, so there was enough room for the 100 competitors here.

The assessment area was in the front of the hall and they could see a large screen and three sofas on the stage.

“Attention please.

The assessment today is single competition.

The mentors will press the red button for songs that dont satisfy them, and the wordfailure will appear on the corresponding top electronic screen.

And if they dont press the button, the screen will showpass.

While the players who get two or threepasses will pass the assessment directly, those get nopasses will be eliminated.

As for those get onepass, they will be pending.

Now lets welcome the four mentors!”

The four mentors stepped onto the stage one by one.

While Zuo Dong and Dahua shared one sofa, Gu Fan and Zi Yan got a small sofa respectively.

After the four of them sat down, Cheng Xu, the director, announced, “Before the competition, I want to thank XXX200 smartphone, our exclusive sponsor, and Felling DEET and Rhinitis Doctor, our special sponsors.

Okay, the single competition begins!”

After he finished speaking, the audience members heard another mans low voice similar to that of the male radio host.

“The first performer is Ah Lan, a famous livestreamer from Little Bear Platform, who has nine million fans.

Okay, lets welcome Ah Lan.”

As soon as he finished introducing him, laughter burst out from the preparation room.

A man with long hair walked to the side door with a slightly unhappy look.

Then he went down the steps to the stage on the first floor.

When he walked toward the stage, lots of people began teasing him.

“A livestreamer Wow!”

“Nine million fans Im frightened.”

“How dare he take part in the show”

“Its useless.”

Ah Lans face changed many times before he stared back at the other performers, and then he strode out of the waiting area.

His expression provoked the other contestants.

A short-haired man with a flat head and thick lips sneered, “The show needs cannon fodder like him.”

Hearing what he had said, two of the cameramen aimed their camera at him, who was happily interviewed.

Looking at the camera, he curled his lips and complained, “For all the livestreamers, I advise you not to take part in this show and shame yourself.

Do you know music Why not stay in your room and sing for your fans”

He paused and then said in a louder voice, “I also want to tell all the idols, models in the hall, as well as those who possess widespread society resources, remember that it is a competition and wait for me to kick your ass.”

All the contestants and audience members fell into silence after hearing what he had said.

Many of the professional singers turned their gaze at the idols in the hall, whose faces darkened.

It was common to see professional singers exclude those not in their circle.

“Whats wrong with the livestreamers He is even not qualified to be a livestreamer.”

Sun Dongheng sneered and then whispered in Zhang Hans ear, “Boss, that short-haired man is Ah Yan.

He is a famous singer in their circle with great strength, and lots of people believe that he will be the champion.”

“I see,” Zhang Han replied.

He was here to accompany Zi Yan, and he didnt care who would win the championship.

“The man on his left is TQ, Ah Yans worst enemy.

TQ is also powerful, and this time he will compete against Ah Yan for the championship.

But neither of them is better than my boss.

That man wearing a headscarf is Lu Ze, the best-known idol.

How dare they tease all the idols including Lu Ze They are so arrogant.”

Sun Donghuan complained angrily.

When Sun Dongheng was about to introduce the other candidates for Zhang Han, Ah Lan stepped onto the stage and the audience calmed down.

After Ah Lan greeted all the mentors, Zuo Dong picked up a microphone and asked him, “How long have you been a livestreamer”

“Three and a half years.” Ah Lan was so nervous that there was sweat on his palms.

He suddenly felt thirsty.

“Youve been singing, right” Zuo Dong was interested in the young man.

“Yes,” Ah Lan replied.

“How much do you know about the ABCs of singing” Da Hua took over the microphone and asked.

“Well,” Ah Lan hesitated for a while, and then told the truth, “Ive learned a little, and Im still studying it.”

He was not very confident, and all the mentors realized that he had just begun to learn the relevant knowledge recently.

“Okay, Im looking forward to your performance.”

Da Hua lost his interest in Ah Lan and signaled for the young man to begin.

Ah Lan chose Xue Qians Actor.

He was going to sing a revised version of this song with his special skill.

However, as soon as he began singing…

“Be simple.

Make it simple when you tell me…”

Before he reached the high-pitched part of this song…

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The three groups of mentors pressed their button almost at the same time, and three “eliminated” signs on the screen above their seats were lit up.

Ah Lan left the stage with a pale face.

“He sang faster than the music.”

“His voice was shaking, and he failed to control his rhythm.”


Then the four mentors gave their brief comments.

In the preparation room…

Ah Yan patted his forehead and said sarcastically, “Shame for this livestreamer.”

“He might as well have not come here.”

“He was terrible.”

The other performers near Ah Yan echoed him.

Soon after, the hosts low voice sounded again on the stage.

“Lets welcome the second singer, Ah Yan.

He comes from…”

There was cheering in the preparation room.

Ah Yan stood up and walked out of the room.

At the door, he looked back and said loudly, “Look at me, you livestreamers and idols!”

He was so arrogant.

Sun Dongheng almost jumped up.

If Zhang Han were not here, he would have begun cursing Ah Yan.

On the stage, Ah Yan pretended to be a quiet young man when he greeted the mentors and chatted with them.

Then he sang See the World Indifferently.

He did a good job and all the mentors kept nodding while listening to him.

However, when Ah Yan was about to finish the song, Gu Fan frowned and then pressed his button.

Finally, Ah Yan passed with two votes, while Gu Fan thought his last line was out of tune.


“Isnt he too strict”

“They are not in a studio.

Is it necessary to be so strict”

Many people in the preparation room felt pity for Ah Yan, who should have passed the examination with all three votes.

Ah Yan didnt say much about the result because he did make mistakes while singing the last line.

The next group of 12 competitors stepped onto the stage one by one.

Unfortunately, none of the 12 singers performed well.

While eight of them got one vote, three of them were eliminated directly, and only one passed the assessment with two votes.

None of them pass with three votes.

Many people in the preparation room began worrying about themselves.

Gu Fan almost refused all the singers, who made the competition more difficult than they had thought.


They once again heard the hosts voice.

“Lets welcome the 15th performer, Im Cute.

He is so secretive that we didnt get any information about him.”

So he just introduced Zhang Han with a few words.

The competitors in the preparation room began looking around and discussing with the others.

“Im Cute She must be a girl.”

“What a special name.”

“The show is so amazing that I have never seen so many weird people before.”


Most of the curious performers regarded Im Cute as a cute girl.

Therefore, when Zhang Han stood up and went downstairs, they were all stunned.

Even TQ, who was in silence all the time, took a glance at the young man in confusion.

Zhang Han was wearing sunglasses and a cap, so they could only see part of his face and guessed that he might be handsome.

Almost all the audience was focusing on Zhang Han because of his name.

After Zhang Han left the room, Ah Yan frowned.

“Another funny idol Im afraid that he will be eliminated as soon as he opens his mouth.”

“You are talking the greatest nonsense.”

Sun Dongheng stood up and pointed at Ah Yan.

“When can you stop teasing others”

“Are you talking to me” Ah Yan widened his eyes and also stood up along with three of his friends.

“Sit down, please!” The staff member in the room scolded them.

“You are in a competition! Please mind your words and behavior!”

Though Sun Dongheng and Ah Yan were forced to sit down, they kept staring at each other.

Tong Jiajia bit her lips and then said, “His voice was nice, and it was Mentor Zi Yan who put the golden chain around his neck herself.

Even Mentor Zuo Dong attempted to steal him from Mentor Zi Yan.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Her words changed many peoples faces.

Ah Yan calmed down and decided to re-judge the young man.

Though he was arrogant, he respected every rival well-matched in strength with him.

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