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Chapter 514 The Burning Stage

However… did this young man deserve Ah Yans respect

Ah Yan was still doubtful about Im Cutes strength.

“Zi Yan put the golden chain around his neck

“Zuo Dong tried to steal him from Zi Yan

“Well, maybe he also possesses widespread society resources.”

TQ, the cool man sitting on the innermost side, also lost his interest in that weird young man.

One of his friends sitting near him had the same idea as Ah Yan.

He whispered in TQs ears, “Maybe he possesses widespread society resources and thus attracted Mentor Zuo Dong.”

“Society resources” TQ smiled indifferently.

He didnt want to talk about this topic anymore.

“Everyone here has his or her own society resource, more or less.”

There were few people or things that could interest him, but he seemed to be attracted by Zi Yan and took a few more looks at her.

Resting in the back seat, Lu Zhe looked at Zhang Hans back and was in a daze.

“Have I ever seen him before… Wait, Mr.


Lu Ze had once seen part of Zhang Hans face and back in his company, and he heard that Zi Yan had gotten married to Mr.

Zhang, who was respected by every executive of his company.

It was said that Mr.

Zhangs position was very high.

“Maybe my eyes my eyes deceived me.”

Lu Ze slightly shook his head.

He denied his idea.

“Why would Mr.

Zhang come to an entertainment show”

That was how he missed the truth.

Seeing Zhang Hans face on the screen, everyone in the preparation room calmed down.

After going out from the right-side door of the preparation room, Zhang Han went through another room, went down the stairs, and came to the door leading to the stage.

On the right side of the stage door, there was a small cabinet with a microphone on it.

Zhang Han picked up the microphone and waited for three seconds before the door opened.

“Glad to see you, Mentors.” Zhang Han stepped onto the stage, walked toward the center of it, and greeted the four mentors.

“Happy to see you again.” Zuo Dong took the lead to reply to him with a smile, and then said, “Im Cute, your name is so special.

But it sounds like a girls name, so I wonder if you chose the name yourself.”

“Well…” Zhang Han turned his gaze to Zi Yan and said slowly, “I got this name after a serious discussion.”

Zi Yan was the only one who could feel the warmth in his eyes, which were blocked by his sunglasses.

She pursed her lips and smiled.

“Why did you get this name” Zuo Dong was amused by Zhang Han.

Zuo Dong liked Zhang Han and planned to give him more time to show his charm to the audience through talking for a little longer with him.

“Because my family members are cute, or cute and a little stupid, and I love them so much,” Zhang Han chuckled and replied.

Zi Yan rubbed her nose in embarrassment.


“Mengmeng is cute, and Im a little stupid.

He must mean that.”

“I wonder if your voice is as cute as your name,” Da Hua said calmly.

Obviously, Da Hua wanted Zhang Han to show his real strength.

Zuo Dong smiled again and then turned his gaze at Da Hua.

“He is a strong singer.

I heard his song in the audition and Im sure he is a dark horse.”

Many people in the preparation room were surprised by his words.

Even Gu Fan raised his head.

“Since Mentor Zuo Dong spoke highly of you, Im more curious about your real strength.

You are going to sing I Love You, right Ive read the lyrics and they are pretty good.

But I have never heard this song before, did you write it yourself or is it someone elses song”

“To some extent, I wrote it myself.”

Zhang Han gave him an ambiguous answer.

Though he copied the song from someone in his previous existence, he did write it down by himself.

On the other side, Zi Yan was attracted by the name of this song.

“I Love You A song for me”

Zi Yan had tried in vain to get the name of Zhang Hans new song, and Zhang Han asked her to wait until the proper time.

“It looks like… This guy wants to be romantic again.”

Thinking about it, Zi Yan couldnt help taking over the microphone and smiling at Zhang Han.

“Im looking forward to your performance.

You can start now.”

Hearing Zi Yans words, Zuo Dong gave up talking with Zhang Han and signaled to him to start his performance.

Zhang Han remained calm with the microphone in his hand.


He turned his gaze at the DJ on the right.


A melodious short interlude.

The happy melody brought happiness to everyone present.

Then they head Zhang Hans charming voice.

“No matter where I go, I cant stop thinking about you, honey.

No one is more beautiful than you in my eyes.

Singing do-re-mi, I wrote down this song for you, letting the star solve the mystery in fairy tales.”

Zhang Han walked back and forth on the stage while singing the song.

Anyone with a little bit of musical foundation could tell the difference between a good song and a bad one.

Therefore, everyone realized that Zhang Han was a good singer as soon as he sang the first line.

Besides, the melody of this song was very comfortable.

All the singers in the preparation room fell into silence, including TQ and Ah Yan, who were all focusing on the screen.

Knowing the song was a gift for her, Zi Yan felt as if she had fallen into a honey jar.

She couldnt help blinking her big eyes and looking at Zhang Han with love.

While singing his song, Zhang Han slowly approached Zi Yan.

Before the next line, Zhang Han struck forward and pointed at Zi Yan with his right hand.

Everyone was stunned by his behavior.

Zhang Han ignored them and continued to sing: “Oh my God, Ive fallen in love with her and Im expressing my feelings now.

It is like magic and I keep hanging out on the street…”

As Zhang Han sang, he gently shook his arm toward Zi Yan.

“You are the cute girl I love so much.

Ill fetch the stars for you, Ill pay all your bills…”

Zhang Han had remained calm while talking with the mentors, but now he turned into an outgoing big boy, who had captured Zi Yans attention with his moves and voice.

Zi Yan felt as if she was dreaming.

She kept blinking her eyes in disbelief and covering her mouth with her right hand.

She was shocked.

But her eyes were lit up, which showed that she was overjoyed.

“How happy and sweet my life is with his company.”

At the same time, the whole preparation room was boiling.

“Oh, my God!”

“He is great!”


“So cool!”


Almost 90% of the singers felt their blood boiling and couldnt help screaming in excitement.

Im Cutes song was nice, and he was singing toward Mentor Zi Yan, which was so amazing!

Even Ah Yan, who looked down on almost all the singers, could not help applauding and cheering for Zhang Han.

The whole stage and even the whole hall were burning.

Such a successful stage performance was rare.

It represented absolute strength, precise control over stage performance, and the high quality of the song.

“Follow me to hang out, hat askew.

You are the only one I love in the world, and Ill never change my mind.

I love you!”

Zhang Han finished the last line.

The accompaniment stopped.


Da Hua, Zuo Dong, Gu Fan, and Zi Yan all began applauding.

Zhang Han passed the assessment with three votes!

However, no one cared whether Zhang Han would pass the assessment.

Gradually, Da Hua, Zuo Dong, and Gu Fan stood up while continuing to applaud.

Zi Yan hesitated for a while and didnt follow them.

Instead, she looked at Zhang Han with shining eyes.

She was sending speechless messages.

“Ill reward you tonight.”

Zhang Han slightly raised his eyebrows.

“Whats the reward”

Zi Yan gave him a meaningful smile.

Zhang Han was cheered up and replied with a smile.

“Got it!”

Zhang Hans effort was not in vain.

The others didnt notice the silent communication of the couple.

The whole preparation room was burning.

“Just as I said, he is amazing! What a powerful singer! He is the first one to pass the assessment with three votes!” Tong Jiajia stood up and applauded.

“Boss, good job!” Sun Dongheng cheered.

Hearing Sun Donghengs words, Lu Ze took a glance at him and was astonished.

“Thats Mr.

Zhang! My God! How could Mr.

Zhang sing so well No wonder he succeeded in chasing Sister Zi Yan.

Hes amazing!”

At the same time, TQ, Ah Yan, and their followers felt the pressure of being Im Cutes rival while applauding for him.

The mentors on the stage were also sighing with emotion.

After a while, Da Hua picked up the microphone and made his comments.

“Im surprised by this song.

Everything was perfect, the wonderful song, his performance, and his singing skill.

Just as Zuo said, you are a dark horse, and we felt as if it was your solo concert just now.

I admire you and Im willing to applaud for you!”

As soon as Da Hua finished speaking, Gu Fan took over the microphone and said, “You are not cute at all!”

He paused for two seconds and then continued with a louder voice, “Maybe you should change your name toIm Strong.

The song was wonderful and I totally forgot it was a competition.


He couldnt help praising Zhang Han and again applauded for him.

Looking at the other mentors, Zuo Dong smiled proudly.

“I told you that he was amazing.

But it turned out that he was even better than I had expected.

In the first round of assessments yesterday, I tried in vain to persuade him to join my team, though he hadnt received Zi Yans golden chain then.

Now I know its true that hes come here for Zi Yan.

So whats the meaning of your song Were you trying to express your love for Zi Yan just now Could you please tell us the truth”

All the mentors and audience members in the hall forgot the time including the cameramen of the program team, who were busy capturing everyones facial expression.

Cheng Xu realized that he had found the theme of the first episode of the show, the breaking news!

Hearing Zuo Dongs question, everyone in the preparation room widened their eyes.

Under everyones eyes, Zhang Han picked up the microphone and replied, “I was not expressing my love for her.

We just wanted to show off in front of you.”

No,” Zuo Dong smiled and shook his head, “You cant saywe unless you are Zi Yans boyfriend…”

All of a sudden…

Zuo Dong was stunned!

Da Hua was stunned!

And following them, Gu Fan was stunned as well!

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